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Showing History

Here you will find historical show results from Clubs and Societies in the UK that have received Budgerigar Society Patronage plus details of registered Champion birds.

  • Super League 2022

    Super league Looks at top four exhibitors in Breeder Section at each shows and the competion in the section and points are awarded per the matrix

    Date last Up-Dated   11th December  2022

    Terheege PartnershipTA1268Champion1
    S AndrewBLOND1256Novice2
    J GingeGINGE1239Junior3
    F C & J McGovernFCJM1209Champion4
    J ScammellS6915202Intermediate5
    J NewallN1708192Champion6
    C VaseyVASEY1148Novice7
    G MorganGAR1147Novice8
    S RichR3671144Champion9
    I WeeksWEEK5135Champion10
    G HawthornH6068134Novice11
    T & A LukeTL1117Champion12
    D NormanN1717111Novice13
    White Rose PartnershipWRP496Intermediate14
    S HornerH554295Novice15
    S & R RobertsSTU294Novice16
    P & S StevensS694893Intermediate17
    G & J Al-NasserAA108890Champion18
    J RossJRO184Champion19
    R H FordRHF479Intermediate20
    G KaneK213675Novice21
    Z & H JohnsonZOE172Junior22
    T & P LeedhamL321567Intermediate23
    Ackers & BirdNICKY166Champion24
    R WattsWATT566Champion24
    A & D WoanWOAN163Champion26
    J FairbridgeFC37560Novice27
    A & C WoodW625857Novice28
    A & C WoodW627157Novice28
    R ClementsC463857Intermediate28
    R NichollsN143555Intermediate31
    J & D FaramFC55754Novice32
    S CoxC356454Champion32
    K & B BateyB396053Champion34
    S GageSGS145Champion35
    J WrightonW626044Novice36
    R VallisV44443Intermediate37
    A PiperPC60741Champion38
    J SweetS666141Intermediate38
    R MaddyM599041Intermediate38
    S LevittL327041Novice38
    A & G AdamsADAM540Champion44
    A BrooksB671440Novice44
    A BrooksB751240Novice44
    A HaynesH384339Champion47
    G BallGBA1139Intermediate47
    A PearsonPE75838Novice49
    A WilkinsonW552638Intermediate49
    A WilkinsonW617038Intermediate49
    S PlattsPLAT137Intermediate52
    J Allford-WilliamsA106135Junior53
    L UnderwoodU20535Novice53
    R WilsonW533535Novice53
    G BowleyB268834Champion56
    G WilliamsW428134Champion56
    T JacksonJ284934Intermediate56
    I LaddL330033Novice59
    C ClarkeCHRI532Novice60
    K TartT215132Champion60
    I HamiltonH608431Junior62
    K LewisL316631Intermediate62
    P ReaneyR251431Champion62
    S WestW610031Intermediate62
    M JarroldJ254730Champion66
    A MoretonMAD329Novice67
    J LeMarquandL314829Intermediate67
    L ThomsonT281429Champion67
    R & M MillerMIL129Champion67
    R RogersonR180029Champion67
    D SturzakerS584228Champion72
    G JonesGJ0528Novice72
    J MooreM405928Champion72
    G CarterC503727Champion75
    J & T BairdB752827Novice75
    J C ClarkJCC127Junior75
    K AllfordA96527Intermediate75
    L McIntoshM612526Junior79
    M StrongS711226Novice79
    G SimmonsS690625Intermediate81
    H KnapmanGK125Novice81
    H KnapmanK211325Novice81
    A OliverO95624Intermediate84
    E LittlehalesL235424Intermediate84
    M HibbsH574124Novice84
    M TariqT326923Intermediate87
    P MerrittM581823Champion87
    A SutherlandS690422Novice89
    C VernallV47422Intermediate89
    J MouldJEM122Intermediate89
    M BurnsB754122Novice89
    M BurnsMB74622Novice89
    M KiffK165022Champion89
    P & A PartnershipPE73122Intermediate89
    D FairholmFC58321Novice96
    L DaviesD409521Intermediate96
    A ThomasT334019Intermediate98
    J BurnsWB2219Champion98
    P AdesA105719Novice98
    S BodyB736619Novice98
    T & S HaywoodTH11119Champion98
    Miss T NewsonN175818Junior105
    D HarrisonH515317Intermediate106
    K HumphriesKH117Champion106
    R McCabeM397617Champion106
    T SadlerS545117Champion106
    I & S AinleyISA116Champion110
    Jones & HughesH537516Champion110
    T PopeCP116Champion110
    T SmithS652316Novice110
    J GibbensG389715Intermediate114
    A PricePE39214Champion115
    Julien & YuleJY114Novice115
    P WhiteW376614Champion115
    I HammiltonH608413Junior118
    J WheelerW626513Intermediate118
    G KitchenerK31112Intermediate120
    G RadfordR297812Novice120
    R StaigS399012Champion120
    T WilkinsonW617012Intermediate120
    C & K BellowsB702711Novice124
    D BruceDAB2311Novice124
    D BushB458811Champion124
    D GillardG355311Intermediate124
    G JacksonJACK011Novice124
    G WillsW554111Champion124
    I StandleyS540911Champion124
    J AshbyJDA111Intermediate124
    J BennB645211Champion124
    J GibbonsG389711Intermediate124
    M & D RobertsR 372211Intermediate124
    M BannisterB737011Intermediate124
    P WattsW399911Champion124
    R HooperRH111Champion124
    S BaileyB3411Champion124
    s RobertsH574111Novice124
    C& M SnellSNE1110Champion140
    D CollinsC601610Novice140
    Ellis & MathewsTJE110Champion140
    G & A AllenALLEN510Novice140
    Hutt & O’ReillyB365510Champion140
    I CooperC533110Novice140
    K HulbertH606910Novice140
    K StruthKJS410Novice140
    L DaileyD450510Junior140
    L PitcherPE78310Junior140
    M McGeeM615010Novice140
    P HardenPH110Intermediate140
    R MarstonM546010Champion140
    R RamplinR392210Intermediate140
    S & B SquiresS688810Champion140
    S AdamsA97210Novice140
    A BakerB54749Champion156
    A BillingtonASB19Intermediate156
    A WoodW62589Novice156
    C GreenG39589Novice156
    C McAleeseM60919Novice156
    C RogersR41589Novice156
    D BrownH60759Novice156
    D MoffatLMJD79Novice156
    I C StandleyS54099Champion156
    J GamblesG38279Novice156
    J JulienJ30349Novice156
    J PurvisJSP29Novice156
    K PestellP19Intermediate156
    K WhiteW53319Intermediate156
    M HemmingwayHEM19Intermediate156
    P BarberB57449Champion156
    P DennisonD44179Novice156
    R PaynePD1769Champion156
    S ClementsCW49Novice156
    A WilliamsA10617Junior175
    Gilmartin & HarrisonGH197Intermediate175
    K FewlassKF17Intermediate175
    M GeorgeG38987Intermediate175
    D WhiteheadW60036Intermediate179
    E VaseyEMILY16Junior179
    J JohnsonJ26736Novice179
    Z & N JohnsonZOE16Junior179
    M WoodfieldMICK25Intermediate183
    Swan & FordSUE25Intermediate183
    A MansfieldAIDAN14Novice185
    D MossM58824Intermediate185


  • Super League 2019

    This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

    Last updated 23rd December 2019

    N Bird441Novice1
    G Morgan423Novice2
    The Terheege Partnership349Champion3
    J Burns297Intermediate4
    J Ginge294Junior5
    F C & J McGovern268Champion6
    J Scammell253Intermediate7
    S Rich228Champion8
    G & J Al-Nasser226Champion9
    A & D Woan210Champion10
    I Weeks207Champion11
    D Tutty168Champion12
    J Wrighton164Novice13
    J Benn156Champion14
    Z & H Johnson155Junior15
    A Lovack144Intermediate16
    S Geary130Novice17
    S Platts126Novice18
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks117Junior19
    J Buick112Intermediate20
    J Folly110Intermediate21
    K Lewis110Intermediate21
    Shepherdson & Adamson109Champion23
    P Barber108Champion24
    A Perks105Novice25
    Newall & Black102Champion26
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell99Champion27
    Tuplin & Edwards99Champion27
    B Reese98Champion29
    R Ford96Novice30
    K Cocks93Novice31
    M Bannister89Intermediate32
    R Marston82Intermediate33
    R Nicholls82Intermediate33
    A Fraser78Novice35
    C Thorne77Champion36
    R Staig76Champion37
    D Harrison74Novice38
    F Clemens74Intermediate38
    P Merritt73Champion40
    A Piper72Champion41
    A Sutherland71Novice42
    R Redden71Novice42
    A Moreton70Novice44
    G Carter70Champion44
    K Felvus70Junior44
    K Tart69Champion47
    A Thorpe66Champion48
    Smith & Price66Champion48
    Briggs & Williams65Novice50
    J & D Lindsey65Intermediate50
    R Sutton64Junior52
    J Gambles61Novice53
    P Robinson61Intermediate53
    W Thorogood59Novice55
    J & D Faram57Novice56
    J Ashby57Novice56
    D Norman56Novice58
    C & K Bellows55Novice59
    P & S Stevens55Intermediate59
    J & T Ross54Champion61
    J Moir54Novice61
    I & S Ainley52Champion63
    T & S Haywood49Champion64
    B Smith47Intermediate65
    A & G Adams46Champion66
    G Pringle46Novice66
    Heptinstall & Wheeler46Intermediate66
    A Young45Intermediate69
    M Tariq45Novice69
    M Gray44Intermediate71
    T & A Luke44Champion71
    D Walton42Novice73
    J Gillan42Intermediate73
    K Lambourne42Novice73
    D Hart40Intermediate76
    G Paine40Novice76
    I Cooper40Novice76
    S McFayden39Novice79
    S & S Cowling38Novice80
    G Ball37Intermediate81
    B Sweeting36Champion82
    Brettell & Atkinson36Intermediate82
    E Olbison36Novice82
    K & T Walker35Novice85
    S & J Gillan35Intermediate85
    T Barron35Novice85
    T & P Leedham34Novice88
    J Johnson33Novice89
    J Moore33Champion89
    J Mould33Novice89
    Julien & Yule33Novice89
    R White33Champion89
    P Reaney32Champion94
    T Buckett32Intermediate94
    B Close31Champion96
    E Anwar31Novice96
    G T Williams31Champion96
    F Wright30Champion99
    G Whittington30Novice99
    J Purvis30Novice99
    I Thorogood29Champion102
    P White29Champion102
    R Warrender29Champion102
    J Clark28Junior105
    J Griffiths27Intermediate106
    J Davis26Champion107
    J Davis26Intermediate107
    M Bingham26Intermediate107
    P Harden26Intermediate107
    G Kane25Novice111
    J Dixon25Novice111
    M Cooper25Novice111
    D & V Avo24Champion114
    E Currie24Junior114
    J Wesson24Novice114
    D Whitehead23Intermediate117
    N Cawley23Intermediate117
    R Richardson23Novice117
    R Watkins23Champion117
    G Hawthorn22Novice121
    L Rochester22Junior121
    P & G Pidd22Novice121
    T Newson22Junior121
    Ellis & Purdue21Champion125
    G Bird21Intermediate125
    G Mellor21Intermediate125
    L McIntosh21Junior125
    S West21Intermediate125
    S Wilson21Champion125
    T Ross21Novice125
    A Thomson20Novice132
    D Bruce20Novice132
    J Le Marquand20Intermediate132
    R Clements20Intermediate132
    C Vernall19Intermediate136
    D Black19Novice136
    J McLeman19Champion136
    R J & W Bowker19Champion136
    G Stones18Novice140
    Horton & James18Intermediate140
    I Voce18Intermediate140
    P & T Dye18Champion140
    R Watts18Champion140
    S Adams18Novice140
    Flintham, Clay & Crow17Intermediate146
    J Davies17Intermediate146
    A Wilkinson16Intermediate148
    C Harvey16Novice148
    M & K Spencer16Intermediate148
    M Hemingway16Intermediate148
    R Stancliffe16Champion148
    The Holland Stud16Champion148
    Barton & Mann15Champion154
    D Page15Champion154
    L Cooper15Junior154
    L Thompson15Intermediate154
    R C Ward15Champion154
    S & L Roberts15Champion154
    T Gee15Champion154
    C & M Snell14Champion161
    C Little14Intermediate161
    D Evans14Novice161
    D Randell14Champion161
    G & P Norris14Champion161
    G Williams14Champion161
    J Lawrie14Champion161
    M & N Arrowsmith14Champion161
    S & N Wildes14Champion161
    S Lambert14Champion161
    D Snell13Intermediate171
    R Tickle13Champion171
    S McGrath13Intermediate171
    C & T O’Connor12Novice174
    C Matthews12Novice174
    D Foulstone12Novice174
    H Wind12Champion174
    J Bowey12Champion174
    J Lund12Champion174
    K Fewlass12Intermediate174
    N McMillan12Novice174
    S Bailey12Champion174
    A Andrews11Intermediate183
    A Harris11Novice183
    A Haynes11Champion183
    C Vernell11Intermediate183
    D & P Herring11Champion183
    D Sturzaker11Champion183
    E Edwards11Junior183
    G Gormley11Novice183
    G Smith11Champion183
    J R Jarvis11Intermediate183
    K Barnes11Novice183
    K Eckersall11Novice183
    O Staples11Junior183
    P Redford11Champion183
    P Tiller11Intermediate183
    R & M Miller11Champion183
    W Bailey11Champion183
    C Hickman10Champion200
    C Potter10Champion200
    D Leadbetter10Champion200
    D Swann10Champion200
    Findlay & Flavell10Champion200
    G & A Moore10Champion200
    G Jackson10Novice200
    J & D Buchan10Novice200
    L Pennick10Champion200
    R Maddy10Novice200
    S Levitt10Novice200
    A Hardy9Novice211
    A Stevens9Champion211
    D Burnett9Champion211
    D Dyson9Intermediate211
    D Horton9Novice211
    D Hurford9Novice211
    D Martin9Novice211
    G Capes9Champion211
    G Carr9Champion211
    G Knowles9Novice211
    G Warren9Champion211
    J Fordham9Novice211
    J Robinson9Novice211
    K Palmer9Novice211
    K Struth9Novice211
    M & B Roberts9Junior211
    M Casson9Novice211
    M Rothlisberger9Champion211
    M Small9Intermediate211
    M Thomson9Champion211
    N Johnson9Intermediate211
    N Wind9Champion211
    R Buck9Intermediate211
    R Ramplin9Novice211
    Rogerson Brothers9Champion211
    S Clements9Novice211
    S Kinninmonth9Intermediate211
    Swain & Ford9Intermediate211
    D McRoberts7Junior239
    K White7Intermediate239
    C Gibson6Junior241
    D Forbes6Intermediate241
    D Scott6Novice241
    Jones Hughes & Ackers6Champion241
    C & L Newson5Intermediate245
    D Jukes5Intermediate245
    D Staples5Junior245
    I Hawthorn5Junior245
    L Davis5Intermediate245
    R Brokenshire5Intermediate245
    A Varcoe4Junior251
    J Hamilton4Junior251
    N R Porter4Intermediate251
    W Smith4Junior251


  • Super League 2018

    This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

    Last updated 19th December 2018

    T & A Luke374Champion1
    G Morgan250Beginner2
    G Carter234Champion3
    M Bannister231Novice4
    N Bird229Beginner5
    J Burns218Intermediate6
    R Ford212Beginner7
    J & D Faram202Novice8
    A & D Woan180Champion9
    Terheege Partnership180Champion9
    A Haynes175Champion11
    J Scammell175Intermediate11
    T Jeffrey169Beginner13
    T Jeffrey169Intermediate13
    Smith & Price167Intermediate15
    Z Johnson158Junior16
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks157Junior17
    N Watson149Beginner18
    R Nicholls125Novice19
    S Platts125Beginner19
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell123Champion21
    S Gage123Champion21
    H & D Hockaday119Champion23
    J McLeman119Champion23
    S Rich111Champion25
    V Wills109Champion26
    A & C Wood106Beginner27
    J Buick104Intermediate28
    K Cocks104Novice28
    G Simpson103Beginner30
    J Folly100Intermediate31
    M Milton97Novice32
    S Geary97Beginner32
    G Stones96Beginner34
    A Lovack93Intermediate35
    Widdowson & Wilson93Champion35
    C Hickman92Champion37
    S West87Intermediate38
    Ellis & Matthews83Champion39
    J Dixon83Beginner39
    J Newall83Champion39
    P Barber82Champion42
    A Edden80Champion43
    J Ashby80Novice43
    T & S Haywood78Champion45
    D Sturzaker77Champion46
    A Moreton76Beginner47
    M & K Spencer74Novice48
    G Paine73Novice49
    P & S Stevens73Intermediate49
    D Norman70Novice51
    G & A Moore68Champion52
    J Benn68Champion52
    R J & W Bowker68Champion52
    J Wrighton65Beginner55
    A Piper63Champion56
    R & M Miller63Champion56
    R Nawarauckas61Champion58
    A Wilkinson58Novice59
    Thomas & Wall58Champion59
    M Norquet57Beginner61
    G & P Norris56Champion62
    W Thorogood56Beginner62
    A Fraser54Beginner64
    J Edwards54Intermediate64
    K Shorthouse54Beginner64
    M T Hameed54Beginner64
    A Perks53Novice68
    B Smith53Intermediate68
    D Whitehead51Intermediate70
    J Clark51Junior70
    C Major48Beginner72
    C Major48Junior72
    D Harrison48Novice72
    F Glennie48Junior72
    Freakley & Ainley48Champion72
    G N Turner48Champion72
    K Lewis48Intermediate72
    G Mellor47Intermediate79
    F Clements46Novice80
    G Pringle46Beginner80
    Rogerson Brothers46Champion80
    S & J Gillan46Intermediate80
    Holland Stud45Champion84
    J R Jarvis45Novice84
    L Main45Novice84
    P Robinson45Intermediate84
    P White45Champion84
    Heptinstall & Wheeler44Intermediate89
    P Wood44Beginner89
    D Leadbetter43Champion91
    G Kane43Beginner91
    Huxley & Marchant43Champion91
    M Small43Novice91
    V Sands43Beginner91
    G E Mellor42Intermediate96
    G Whittington42Novice96
    J Moir42Beginner96
    K Shillings42Champion96
    T Ross42Beginner96
    B Sweeting41Champion101
    M Strong41Beginner101
    P & G Pidd41Beginner101
    R Steele41Champion101
    R Toon41Intermediate101
    S Lambert41Champion101
    A Watson40Novice107
    D Snell40Intermediate107
    Gilbert & Knapman40Beginner107
    J & T Ross39Champion110
    L Cooper39Junior110
    F C & J McGovern38Champion112
    G Hughes38Champion112
    P Dennison38Beginner112
    R Marston38Intermediate112
    T Buckett38Intermediate112
    G BAll37Novice117
    G Capes37Champion117
    R Stancliffe37Champion117
    S Clements36Beginner120
    R Thwaite35Intermediate121
    T & P Leedham35Novice121
    D Black34Beginner123
    M & B Roberts34Junior123
    R Sutton33Junior125
    S Stirling33Beginner125
    D Evans32Novice127
    D Martin32Beginner127
    K Lambourne32Beginner127
    P Merritt32Intermediate127
    C Sutton31Novice131
    G Warren31Champion131
    M Briggs31Beginner131
    O & S Williams31Beginner131
    S & C McFayden31Beginner131
    T Campbell31Intermediate131
    Tuplin & Edwards31Champion131
    C Thorne30Champion138
    L Thompson30Intermediate138
    M Freeborn30Champion138
    N Fawsett30Novice138
    T Clarkson30Champion138
    P Harden29Intermediate143
    A Oliver28Intermediate144
    D Hart28Intermediate144
    G Hale28Champion144
    W Palfrey28Novice144
    E Olbison27Beginner148
    K Featherstone26Novice149
    L McIntosh26Beginner149
    L McIntosh26Junior149
    C & L Newson25Intermediate152
    D Jukes25Intermediate152
    D Starling25Champion152
    J Gambles25Novice152
    M Simpson25Intermediate152
    R Tickle25Champion152
    G Cairns24Junior158
    J Johnson24Novice158
    J Le Marquand24Novice158
    M Bingham24Intermediate158
    P Redford24Champion158
    B & S Wright23Beginner163
    D Randell23Intermediate163
    O Staples23Junior163
    S Cowling23Beginner163
    A Reid22Beginner167
    A Varcoe22Junior167
    C Rosser22Beginner167
    D Hurford22Novice167
    J Garratt22Novice167
    K & B Batey22Champion167
    K Barnes22Beginner167
    K Handy22Novice167
    Neilson & Steele22Novice167
    A Scott21Beginner176
    G E Chadwick21Novice176
    I Cooper21Beginner176
    N Cawley21Novice176
    R McCrone21Junior176
    S & N Wildes21Champion176
    V Mansfield21Junior176
    J Lawrie20Champion183
    Brettell & Atkinson19Intermediate184
    G Jackson19Beginner184
    M Lewis19Novice184
    N Morriss19Novice184
    B Reese18Champion188
    Flintham & Clay18Intermediate188
    G Sutton18Junior188
    K Crow18Beginner188
    K Felvus18Junior188
    A Thomas17Novice193
    D Page17Champion193
    G Wincomb17Novice193
    M Hemingway17Intermediate193
    R Warrender17Champion193
    S Adams17Beginner193
    B Greenway16Champion199
    F Clemens16Novice199
    M George16Beginner199
    A Fawcett15Novice202
    B Richardson15Intermediate202
    C & L Dailey15Intermediate202
    J Punchard15Champion202
    M Hemmingway15Intermediate202
    M Lambert15Beginner202
    M Stringer15Champion202
    S & J Blakey15Champion202
    S Smith15Novice202
    The Holland Stud15Champion202
    A Benton14Novice212
    E Chadwick14Novice212
    F Thomas14Champion212
    J Kilkenny14Champion212
    R Payne14Champion212
    G Kenealy13Junior217
    J Griffiths13Intermediate217
    Julien & Yule13Beginner217
    M Grubey13Novice217
    A Andrews12Novice221
    A J Higgins12Champion221
    A McNutt12Novice221
    C Matthews12Beginner221
    D Ham12Beginner221
    J & L McGeeham12Champion221
    K Sykes12Intermediate221
    M Berry12Champion221
    M Fitchett12Beginner221
    Mr & Mrs R Whatley12Beginner221
    N Phillips12Champion221
    R Fern12Champion221
    A J Andrews11Novice233
    C Bowman11Champion233
    C Hastie11Intermediate233
    C Mathews11Beginner233
    D & V Avo11Champion233
    D Critchlow11Champion233
    D Harrold11Novice233
    D McGovern11Beginner233
    D Randle11Intermediate233
    J Bailey11Beginner233
    K Groves11Intermediate233
    L Underwood11Beginner233
    P & T Dye11Champion233
    P Hogben11Beginner233
    Swain & Ford11Intermediate233
    A E Poole10Novice248
    A Good10Intermediate248
    D Bush10Champion248
    D Moffat10Beginner248
    D Scott10Champion248
    J Wesson10Beginner248
    K Hulbert10Beginner248
    M Hockey10Novice248
    N Fawcett10Novice248
    N Johnson10Novice248
    P McHale10Intermediate248
    P Watts10Champion248
    R Brokenshire10Intermediate248
    R Taylor10Champion248
    S & B Squires10Champion248
    T & L Jukes10Champion248
    T Baron10Beginner248
    B & K Scott9Champion265
    D Costello9Beginner265
    G Watts9Beginner265
    J Cox9Champion265
    J Raw9Beginner265
    J Sweet9Novice265
    J Wheeler9Novice265
    Jones Hughes & Ackers9Champion265
    K Struth9Beginner265
    K White9Intermediate265
    Lee & Bird9Beginner265
    M Levett9Beginner265
    M Lock9Novice265
    M Rebaudo9Intermediate265
    N McMillan9Beginner265
    Napier & White9Intermediate265
    P James9Novice265
    R & R Whatley9Beginner265
    R Hooper9Champion265
    R Willmore9Novice265
    T Jackson9Intermediate265
    T Pope9Champion265
    A Brooks7Intermediate287
    A McKendrick7Intermediate287
    A Sutherland7Novice287
    B Spendley7Novice287
    C Little7Intermediate287
    D Short7Novice287
    E Edwards7Junior287
    Horton & James7Novice287
    J Jarvi7Novice287
    M & T Dell7Beginner287
    S Levitt7Beginner287
    A Brian6Novice298
    D & J Browne6Novice298
    E Davies6Junior298
    J Maginn6Beginner298
    J Scott6Beginner298
    L Davis6Intermediate298
    M Turner6Novice298
    P Lea6Novice298
    R Boaler6Beginner298
    R Redden6Beginner298
    A Kidger5Intermediate308
    A White5Intermediate308
    C & K Bellows5Beginner308
    D Hill5Novice308
    E Littlehales5Intermediate308
    G Tickle5Intermediate308
    J & D Buchan5Novice308
    J Charlton5Novice308
    K Fewlass5Intermediate308
    L Dell5Junior308
    L Rochester5Junior308
    M Tariq5Novice308
    S Kinninmonth5Novice308
    S Newsome5Novice308
    T Gaur5Beginner308
    T Kellow5Novice308
    B Lander4Intermediate324
    E Currie4Junior324
    J Purvis4Novice324
    N Henderson4Beginner324
    P J Scott4Novice324
    T Llewellyn4Novice324

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  • Patronage Application 2023 & Results

    Last Updated 21st January 2024

    ** indicates a Two Day Show
    ***  indicates a Three Day Show

    # indicates an Area Invitation Gold Show

    Table 2023

    SocietyStatusNoteShow Date 2023Week NumberVenuePatronage SecretaryTelephoneJudge 1Judge 2Judge 3Judge 4Judge 5 
    South Hampshire BS Young Stock ShowRosette 05/05/202318 A Thorpe07783 708 825N Johnson     
    Yorkshire BS (YSS)Rosette 11/06/202322G;asshoughton CastlefordMr S Smith  G Willcocks     
    ***The Royal Cornwall A SRosette 8/9/10 June 202323 R Hancock07714 618 089A Piper     
    WBS ConventionRosette 10/06/202323Morriston SwanseaR Francis07766 375 216D Wall     
    L C N W B SArea S & RV 11/06/202323CreweP Fielding07563 691 110S ClarkeB Taylor    
    South Midlands BSArea S & RV 18/06/202324Tillage Hall WaterbeachMrs B A Hutt01223 515 670      
    W C B & FBS Area S & RV 18/06/202324Pool RedruthB Reese01776 754 136D Guppy     
    *The Specialist & Rare Variety ShowBS S & R V* 24/06/202325BugbrookeJ Al-Nasser01787 282 332M ChapmanK LeedhamC SnellC Ramps (Portugal)  
    Lliw Valley BSGOLD# 01/07/202326MorristonA Avo01792 474651B ReeseM Roberts    
    Northern BSArea 02/07/202326BowburnD Harrison07932 801 990G FindlayR StaigD CairnsJ Rogers  
    Leeds BS 75th Aniversary Gold Show 2023 Gold Aniv 7575th Aniversary02/07/202326RothwellR M Simpson07484 326 984G AdamsJ CosbyA Adams  
    Edinburgh BSSilver 08/07/202327 W Orr01506 843681G WilliamsJ CosbyD Cotterell   
    West Norfolk BSSilver 09/07/202327FinchamM Chapman07876 407 367G BartonT JukesL Jukes   
    Worcester BSGold 15/07/202328Wolverley High SchoolG Staples07881 362 481A AdamsG AdamsJ CosbyR Bowker  
    Dorset & District BSSilver 16/07/202328West MoorsN Johnson07804 093 759R HooperD GuppyS Rich   
    Doncaster BSSilver 16/07/202328 R M Simpson07484 326 984J NewallG CorserC Snell   
    Aberdeen BS
    show Cancelled due to Bird Flu in area
    Silver 16/07/202328AberdeenW Stephen01358 721 550R CampbellR EllisA Michael   
    South Midlands BSArea 16/07/202328Cottenham Village HallMrs B A Hutt01223 515 670R WattsG CarterI Standley   
    Land O Burns BSGold 22/07/202329HurlfordR Wilson07707 589 179R CampbellG CorserJ CosbyJ Newall  
    Heads of the Valleys BS #Silver 22/07/202329AberbargoedR J Taylor01495 226048R BowkerA AdamsG AdamsJ Cosby  
    South Durham & Tees Valley ClassicSilver 23/07/202329DarlingtonD Harison07932 801 990D CairnsG MooreG N Turner   
    Plymouth & Torbay Combined BSSilver 23/07/202329Kennford ExeterS West07785 582 502 T TerheegeeA Terheeg   
    LEA BSArea Plus Colour Budgies  23/07/202329CleethorpesMrs L Flintham07876 407 367G BowleyJ LeesB HuttL O’Reiley  

    L S C B S Combinde


    Area S & R V + YSS 23/07/202329SmallfieldB Scott01892 662 240R HooperS Rich    
    Ipswich B SSilver 30/07/202330Great Blakingham IpswichS Squires07771 978 575C SnellMrs B HuttMrs L O’Reiley   
    Yorkshire BSArea 30/07/202330Wigginton YorkR M Simpson07484 326 984R WattsD CritchlowB ReeseM Roberts  
    Tayside BSGold 30/07/202330Well Bank Village HallA Patterson01382 350 298A MichaelJ Spemcer    
    M B AGold S & RV 30/07/202330MarkfieldM B Greenway02478 592 996P SmithR Keeber    
    Somerset BSGold 30/07/202330Bridgwater SomersetR Hooper07793 030 139M BagnallM HollandS HollandB TaylorG Tilson 
    L C N W B SArea 30/07/202330CreweP Fielding07563 691 110P HutchinsonG WarrenD WallJ LeesG Bowley 
    Southend & District BSSilver 06/08/202331HawkwellJ Al-Nasser01787 282 332P DyeB McCabeT Sadler   
    Castleford BSSilver 06/08/202331CastlefordMrs S Smith01977 780 102P ReaneyD CritchlowT Terheege   
    South West Lancs BSGold 06/08/202331WarringtonE Giibons07879 678 178G MooreC SnellM WiddowsonB HuttL O’Reilley 
    N W Leicester BSSilver 06/08/202331MarkfieldJ Moore01509 733 058R CarsonT JukesL JukesG Williams  
    Bristol B SGold 06/08/202331Saltford BristolR Ramplin07748 740 794M BagnallG CarterA ThorpeG TillsonR Watts 
    Birmingham BSGold 12/08/202332SolihullM Greenway02476 592 996D AvoV AvoD WallG Waren  
    South Cheshire BSGold 13/08/202332CrewJ Cosby01220 526 306R MillerJ BowieJ RogersI ClarkeA Richards 
    Norwich & Norfolk BSSilver Plus Colour Budgies 13/08/202332Norwich CityD Leadbetter01760 724 620B TaylorA EddenG Sutton   
    South Hampshire BSGOLD Plus Colour Budgies 13/08/202332RomseyA Thorpe07783 708 825G CarterI StandleyM GulleyB ReeseM Roberts 
    North Staffs BSSilver 20/08/202333ChestertonA Wood07854 354 714G CorserP HutchinsonG Williams   
    Hastings BSSilver 20/08/202333NorthianB Scott01892 662 240C SnellP ReaneyG TuplinK Brockwell  
    North East NationalGold # 20/08/202333SunderlandJ M Cook01915 347 691R Campbell;T McCrindleG TurnerR Carson  
    Cornwall BSSilver Plus Colour Budgies 20/08/202333RedruthB Reese01776 754 136R AplinMrs B HuttMrs L O’Reiley   
    Northamptonshire BSSilver 20/08/202333BugbrookR Clarke01536 791 132R KeeberJ PunchardW BloxhamS Gage  
    Sheffield BSSilver 20/08/202333SheffieldN Porter07772 254 731K LeedhamG MooreN Beevers   
    West Lothian & District BSSilver 20/08/202334BlackburnN Watson07887 986 510T JukesL JukesA Michael   
    Trent Valley BSPlatinum Plus Colour Budgies 26/08/202334SwadlincoteJ Lees01283 295 242D SturzakerG CorserG WilliamsD CotterellR Carr 
    Dunbartonshire BSSilver 26/08/202334DumbartonR A Ellis07806 777 098R CampbellT McCrindle    
    Southern Classic (Sussex BS)Silver 27/08/202334Dial PostB Scott01892 662 240R PearceP SmithA Thorpe   
    Cambridge BSSilver 27/08/202334Cottenham Village HallMrs B A Hutt01223 515 670W BloxhamJ PunchardG Tillson   
    WBSArea 27/08/202334NewportR Francis07766 375 216F WrightS CoxN JohnsonD Guppy  
    York & District BSSilver 27/08/202334YorkD McKeown01765 278 025G AdamsA AdamsJ Cosby   

    Scottish BS

    ( Tayside BS)

    Area Gold  S & RV 03/09/202335WellBank Village HallJ McGeegan01698 342 234 J SpencerR Staig     
    Gateshead & Newcastle BSSilver 02/09/202335GatesheadG Pringle07864 038223A RichardsG TuplinK Brockwell   
    Gwynedd BSPlatinum Plus Colour Budgies  03/09/202335Bangor Universaty GwyneddR Hughes07775 753 210R WattsS GageJ ThorogoodG BowleyJ LeesT Sadler
    Peterborough & South Lincs BSGold Aniv 2525 Aniversary03/09/202335Gedney HillM Chapman07876 407 367G Al-NasserJ Al-NasserR CarsonP Reaney  
    M B AArea 09/09/202336SolihullM B Greenway02478 592 996A AdamsG AdamsK LeedhamM Widdowson  
    Swindon BSGold 09/09/202336SwindonP G Smith01285 851 772R McCabeA ThorpeB TaylorT Gee  
    Mid Essex BSGold 10/09/202336Blackmore IngatestoneK Eckersall07480 125 684B ReeseM GullyS RichR HooperB Taylor 
    Forth Valley BSSilver 16/09/202337Bow House Community CentreJohn Fairbridge01776 840 675J SpencerJ BoweyJ Rodges   
    Northern BS


    S & RV

     17/09/202337BowburnD Harrison07932 801 990N BeeversJ Newall    
    South Eastern BCSilver Plus Colour Budgies 17/09/202337SmallfieldB Scott01892 662 240I ThorogoodA TerheegeT Terheege   
    Budgerigar Society Club Show**BS Club Show 23/09/202338The Dome Doncaster        
    Western Counties B & FBSArea 01/10/202339KenfordR Hooper07793 030 139D GuppyM GulleyS Rich   
    NationalPlatinum 01/10/202339StaffordJ Cosby01220 526 306G WarrenD wallD AvoVavo  
    South Hampshire BS Members ShowRosette 06/10/202340 A Thorpe07783 708 825      
    Aberystwyth BSSilver 07/10/202340AberystwythR Hughes07775 753 210A AdamsG AdamsB Reese  
    Ipswich BS (LEA S & RV)Area S & RV + Colour Budgerigar Pack 07/10/202340 Risby J Al-Nasser 01787 282 332 S Clarke B Taylor    
    SBSArea 07/10/202340 Bowhouse Community Centre  GrangemouthJ Fairbridge 07919 146175G Bowley J Lees L O’Rieley  S Wildes  
    Yorkshire BSArea S & RV 08/10/202340Glassougton CastlefordR M Simpson07484 326 984G SuttonP Reaney    
    Scottish NationalPlatinum 08/10/23 40Bo’ness Recreation CentreJ Newall07841 478272 R CampbellR Elliss     

    Riviera Bird Club


    Bronze 15/10/202341Kenn Centre KennfordP Paintain07488 285 441S Rich     
    Ollerton & Bevercotes CBSSilver 15/10/202341OllertonP White01159 203 774S WildesJ LeesG Bowley   
    L S C B SArea 15/10/202341SmallfieldB Scott01892 662 240A Terheege T TerheegeM WiddowsonBjorn Johansson ( Sweden) 
    WBS YSSRosette 15/10/202341Morriston SwanseaR Francis07766 375 216G Morgan     
    North Walsham ASBronze 15/10/202341Spixworth Village HallN Humby01692 500376 G Barton    
    The Duchy Open BSBronze Plus Colour Budgies 22/10/202342Pool RedruthB Reese01776 754 136D AvoV Avo    
    Halesowen & Dist B & FBSBronze 22/10/202342Brierly HillMrs L Thompson01214 221 360S HollandM Holland    
    North West Leicestershire BSRosette 22/10/202342MarkfieldS Lansdowne01530 460 319B Greenwaay     
    Grangemouth CBSRosette 22/10/202342GrangemouthA Fleming       
    Kernow A.S
    Bronze 29/10/2343TruroD Bates01209 717 011R Hooper     
    Norwich AllianceBronze 05/11/202344Norwich 01603 860469      
    Mid Cornwall CBSRosette 05/11/202344 R Hancock07714 618 089A Piper   
    Havant and Solent CBSRosette 12/11/202345FarehamS Sprags07904 083 806R Aplin   

    Hayle CBS

    Show Cancelled

    Rosette 18/11/2346HaleD Bates01209 717 011M Gulley   
    Nuneaton CBS Show CancelledBronze Plus Colour Budgies 2/12/202348BedworthV Williams02476 365 339T GeeB Taylor  
    Oxford & District 1910 CBSRosette 09/12/202349OxfordA Brian07384 747 975   
    High Wycombe CBSRosette 10/12/202349       


  • Champion Birds

    History of Recorded Champion Budgerigars
    Colour Champion Bird Certificates – 6 Challenge Certificates or 21 points gained with a minimum of 3 Challenge Certificates.
    Grand Champion Bird Certificates – 21 points from a minimum of 3 Best in Show Certificates.
    Supreme Champion Bird Certificates – 21 points from a minimum of 3 Best in Show Certificates with a young bird.

    Last Up-Dated  8th March 2024

    Supreme Champion
    ExhibitorVariety/Colour/SexRing NoRegistered NameYear
    J NewallLight Green CockN1708-84-22Diggle’s Green Pride2021
    Huxley & MarchantSpangle Cobalt CockH3889-23-15`Potters Overlocker2020
    Norwood StudGrey HenJP111 9 10New Star2010
    J DonovanSpangle Double Factor Yellow CockD3004 27 102010
    Grand Champion
    ExhibitorVariety/Colour/SexRing NoRegistered NameYear
    T & A LukeCinnamon Grey CockTL1-303-21Andy Cap2023
    G & J Al-NasserCinnamon Skyblue CockAA1088-151-20Evenstar’s Covid Prince2023
    R H FordYellow Face Cobalt CockRHF4-104-20Stranger comes to town Steve Harley2022
    J NewallSkyblue CockN1708-118-21Diggle’s Blue Pride2022
    Huxley & MarchantSpangle Cobalt CockH3889-23-15`Potters Overlocker2020
    P MerrittCinnamon Grey CockM5818-40-17The Pride of Wellow2019
    S & J GillanCobalt CockSJG1-127-16The Dark Knight Returns2019
    S & J GillanSkyblue CockSJG1-97-16Ringo2019
    Terheege & PartnersCinnamon Light Green HenTA1-79-17Tudor Princess2018
    S RichGrey CockR3671-106-16Strong Bow2018
    T & A LukeGrey CockTL1-165-17The Owl2018
    D LeadbetterSpangle GoldenFace Grey CockL3088-62-16Watbetter “Edie’s” GoldenFace Spangle2018
    B ReeseSpangle Grey CockR3563-8-17The Boy Max2018
    R WarrenderCinnamon Grey CockMW500 14 11MW500 Tommy Tucker2016
    A & D WoanSpangle Dark Green CockWOAN1 113 15Aldawn Spangle Dark Beauty2016
    J RogersGrey Green CockR3288 6 13Logan Cole2015
    S & J GillanCobalt CockSJG1 38 14The Dark Knight2015
    B GreenwayCinnamon Grey HenMBG1 13 14Lady Jane2015
    G HughesGrey Green CockLH1786 129 12Anglesey Boy2015
    A AdeySpangle Grey Green CockAAA1 82 13Prestwood Achilles2015
    J McLemanGrey Green CockM5803 143 11Braehead Grey Green Mel2015
    R WatkinsSpangle Double Factor White CockW4927 81 12ADERYN GWYN2014
    D LeadbetterSkyblue CockL3088 26 11“Watbetter” Lotties Blue2014
    G & J Al-NasserCinnamon Grey Green CockAA1088 137 11Evenstar’s Pride & Joy2013
    G & P NorrisGrey Green CockN438 38 11Moulton Dream2013
    War & RogersCinnamon Grey Green CockW6137 4 10Noddy2013
    B WisemanCinnamon Dark Green CockW5079 83 10Woodlea’s Pride2011/12
    T & A LukeYellowface Blue HenTL1 89 09Goosenargh’s Yellowface Lady2011/12
    G HughesYellowface Skyblue CockLH1786 19 10Beny Boy2011/12
    P WhiteSkyblue CockW3766 28 07Sherwood Raffles2010
    Norwood StudDark Green CockJP111 68 09Dark Mischief2010
    J DonovanSpangle Light Green CockD3004 160 072010
    P & D SpruceGrey Green CockSPUG1 77 08Cheyenne2009
    P WhiteSkyblue CockW3766 28 07Sherwood Raffles2009
    J DonovanSpangle Skyblue CockD3004 108 072008
    D BurnettGrey Green CockB5050 68 06Donlyn’s “Chieftan”2008
    D BurnettGrey Green CockB5050 69 06Donlyn’s “The Hurricane”2008
    A WynessSkyblue CockW5206 52 07“Buchan Boy”2008
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Light Green HenTL1 90 05“Lady Caroline II”2007
    M & M ChapmanGrey Green CockVMC1 72 05“Marvic Bertie’s Delight”2006
    A & D WoanGrey Green CockW4027 112 05“Aldawn Grand Slam”2006
    A WynessGrey Green CockW5206 64 04“Allan’s Boy”2006
    B SweetingCobalt CockS5555 66 05“Arlington Dick Whittington”2006
    B SweetingGrey Green CockS5555 201 04“Arlington Harry Potter”2006
    Burne & CrooksLight Green HenJCB1 24 03“Gunters Girl”2005
    C DewGrey CockD3412 13 03“Ted’s Dream (Sir Les)”2005
    Burne & CrooksSpangle Light Green CockJCB1 26 03“Big Mac”2005
    Colour Champion
    ExhibitorVariety/Colour/SexRing NoRegistered NameYear
    R WattsSpangle Grey CockWATT5-5-22“Harriet’s Prince Charming”@Willingdon Manor2024
    R WatkinsSpangle Grey CockW4927-112-21Valley Boy2024
    G D FindlayFull Circular Skyblue Crest CockFA75-12-20Laylandii Ringo Fire2024
    Terheege PartnershipRecessive Pied Goldenface Cobalt CockEMM4-68-22Oakley’s Premier Golden Prince2023
    White Rose PartnershipDouble Factor Spangle Green CockWRP4-17-23White Rose Harvest Moon2023
    White Rose PartnershipGrey Green CockM6102-18-21White Rose Saxon Warrior2023
    White Rose PartnershipCinnamon Blue CockM6102-5-22White Rose Joe’s Pride2023
    White Rose PartnershipRecessive Pied CockIDH1-7-22White Rose Star Bright2023
    White Rose PartnershipSpangle Green CockM6102-53-19White Rose Dancing Brave2023
    Terheege PartnershipAlbino HenTA1-169-21Snowy Bosworth2023
    Terheege PartnershipSpangle Light Green CockTA1-33-23Richard 12023
    Terheege PartnershipSpangle Light Green CockTA1-8-23Oakley’s Sunflower Meadow2023
    Terheege PartnershipCinnamon Grey Green HenTA1-21-23European Princess2023
    Terheege PartnershipDark Green CockTA1-9-23Bosworth Treasure2023
    S & N WildesColour Budgerigar Dark Green CockSAM1-10-23Forest Gump from The Firs2023
    G & J Al-NasserGrey CockAA1088-77-21Evenstar’s Thunder2023
    G & J Al-NasserTexas Clearbody Opaline Light Green CockAA1088-123-22Evenstar’s Texas Springtime2023
    T & A LukeLight Green CockTL1-95-20Asby Suprise2023
    T & A LukeCinnamon Grey CockTL1-303-21Andy Cap2023
    T & A LukeAlbino HenTL1-122-21Lily White2023
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Grey Green HenTL1-154-21Lady CarolineV2023
    T & A LukeSpangle Cinnamon Grey CockTL1-88-19Proper Spots2023
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Light Green CockTL1-59-20New supprise2023
    T & A LukeDouble Factor Spangle White CockTL1-34-20Andy’s White2023
    T & A LukeLacewing Yellow CockTL1-299-20Buttercup2023
    T & A LukeCinnamon Grey CockTL1-31-23Tom’s Boy2023
    T & A LukeDark Green CockTL1-260-22Big Ben II2023
    T & A LukeLutino CockTL1-440-22Yellow Surprise2023
    T & A LukeLacewing Yellow CockTL1-29-22Reinhard2023
    T & A LukeAlbino CockTL1-242-22White  Wonder2023
    T & A LukeYellowface Grey CockTL1-184-20Norman2023
    T & A LukeLight Green CockTL1-142-23South Cheshire Boy2023
    T & A LukeCinnamon Grey Green CockTL1-16-23Andy Smart One2023
    T & A LukeYellowface Grey CockTL1-488-21Yellowface Big Boy2023
    T & A LukeGrey Green CockTL1-40-23The Big Fellow2023
    S & R Clarke Colour Budgerigar Cobalt CockC4637-1-20Broughton Little Boy Cobalt2023
    Terheege PartnershipRecessive Pied Olive CockEMM4-22-22Oakley’s Chameleon Count2023
    Terheege PartnershipBlue White CockEMM4-13-22Oakley’s Ice Maiden2023
    Terheege PartnershipFull Circular Crest Cobalt HenTA1-56-23Ad’s Guilty Pleasure”Amethyst”2023
    Terheege PartnershipLight Green CockTA1- 93-22Bosworth Knight 112023
    Terheege PartnershipLight Green CockTA1- 53-23Bosworth Knight 1112023
    Terheege PartnershipOpaline Cinnamon Grey HenTA1-132-22Smoking Cocktail Lass2023
    J & D LindsaySpangle Yellowface Grey  CockL2448-76-21Jo-Do’s Misty Sunshine2023
    B TaylorFull Circular Crest Cobalt CockT2993-127-21Tove Valley Sun2023
    I WeeksWhite Grey CockWEEK5-34-23Ty Cement Delight2023
    I WeeksGrey CockWEEK5-52-20Ty Cement Greyman2023
    G & J Al-NasserColour Budgerigar Half Circular Crest Lutino HenAA1088-105-22Evenstar’s Mini Ha-Ha.2023
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt CockAA1088-172-18Evenstar’s Boy Blue2023
    C VaseyAlbino HenVASEY1-48-23White Rose of Yorkshire2023
    G WilliamsYellowface Cobalt CockW4281-24-22Pencampewr Tegid2023
    G WilliamsFull Circular Skyblue  Crest CockW4281-48-21Crest cynta Tegid2023
    G WilliamsFull Circular Dark Green Crest CockW4281-139-22Crest Yr ail Tegid2023
    G WilliamsDominant Pied Violet CockW4281-26-23Pied lliwgar Tegid2023
    G HawthornSpangle Cinnamon Skyblue HenH6068-55-22Summerhill Blue Star2023
    S MagdzinskiYellow-wing Dark Green CockM6092-69-22Magic Cymru 22023
    C VaseyClearbody Violet HenVASEY1-133-22Lady Violet2023
    R RamplinAlbino CockR3922-49-21Colonel Snowdrop2023
    P WhiteOpaline Grey Green HenY390-43-20Serwood Kingsway Star2023
    I WeeksGrey Green CockWEEK5-46-22Ty Cement terror2023
    C ThorneLutino HenCT1-9-22Daisy2023
    G & J Al-NasserGoldenface  Grey CockAA1088 -127-20Evenstar’s Golden Storm2023
    G & J Al-NasserCinnamon Skyblue CockAA1088-151-20Evenstar’s Covid Prince2023
    K & V ShorthouseFull Circular Cobalt Crest CockS6954-140-20Oakdene Spud2023
    G HawthornYellowface Cinnamon Skyblue CockH6068-45-21Summerhill Davy2023
    G & J Al-NasserDominant Pied Goldenface Cinnamon Sky Blue CockAA1088-50-20Evenstar’s Goden Sunrise2023
    M StrongCinnamon Light Green CockS7112-35-21Buddy2023
    R RamplinLutino CockR3922-124-21Colonel Buttercup2023
    A & G AdamsWhitewing Violet CockADAM5-345-21King Eric2023
    A & G AdamsCinnamon Light Green CockADAM5-263-19Henhullwood Legend2023
    A & G AdamsGrey CockADAM5-234-21Henhullwood Superstar2023
    R H FordGrey Green CockKS11-9-21Friend for Life Steve Harley2022
    S & R ClarkeCrested Dark Green CockSRC1-56-21Broughton Blake2022
    Terheege PartnershipSpangle Grey CockTA1-184-20Frost Baron of West Sussex2022
    Terheege PartnershipClearbody Light Green CockTA1-21-22Bosworth Warrior2022
    Terheege PartnershipOpaline Dark Green HenTA1-3-22Bosworth Rose2022
    Terheege PartnershipCinnamon Light Green HenTA1-159-22Dutches of Bosworth2022
    Terheege PartnershipSkyblue CockTA1-271-21Bosworth Sky2022
    Terheege PartnershipDark Green CockTA1-221-19Bosworth Green2022
    Terheege PartnershipDominant Pied Cobalt CockTA1-245-21Richard 1112022
    Terheege PartnershipOpaline Cinnamon Light Green HenTA1-85-21Bosworth Princess2022
    Terheege PartnershipLight Green CockTA1-193-20Bosworth Knight2022
    Terheege PartnershipDouble Factor Spangle White CockTA1-171-22Ambion Crown2022
    G & J Al-NasserAlbino HenAA1088-21-22Evenstar’s Snowball2022
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt CockAA1088-45-21Evenstar’s April Skies2022
    Terheege PartnershipSpangle Grey Green CockTA1-228-18Terry’s Legacy2022
    R H FordYellow Face Cobalt CockRHF4-104-20Stranger comes to town Steve Harley2022
    G PringleYellow wing Dark Green CockPE387-126-21Conquet Emerald2022
    G PringleWhitewing Cobalt CockPE387-15-21Conquet Azure2022
    G PringleRainbow CockPE397-149-21Conquet Rainbow2022
    J GingeFull Circular Dark Green CockGINGE1-76-22Gingemeister simply the Crest2022
    G HawthornSlate HenH6068-55-20Summerhill Clean Slate2022
    C Y ThorneLutino HenCT1-27-20Little Sarah2022
    G & J Al-NasserOpaline Cobalt CockAA1088-10-18Evenstar’s Gentian2022
    G & J Al-NasserEasley Clearbody Cobalt CockAA1088-66-21Evenstar’s Mazarine2022
    G & J Al-NasserSlate CockAA1088-96-20Evenstar’s Saxony2022
    G & J Al-NasserGoldenface Cinnamon Skyblue CockAA1088-53-20Evenstar’s Cerulean Sunset2022
    G & J Al-NasserColour Budgerigar Circular Crest Dominant Pied Dark Green CockAA1088-124-19Evenstar’s Mini Ivy2022
    G & J Al-NasserYellow-wing Dark Green HenAA1088-99-20Evenstar’s Emerald2022
    S RichClearbody Cinnamon Grey CockR3671-110-20Enyas Boy2022
    S RichClearbody Cinnamon Grey Green CockR3671-44-22Phoebe Boy2022
    S & N WildesEnglish Fallow Light Green CockSAM1-143-21Fallow your Dreams from The Firs2022
    S & N WildesSlate HenSAM1-54-22Wipe the Slate clean, from The Firs2022
    Terheege PartnershipRainbow CockTA1-238-21Rainbow2022
    Terheege PartnershipSpangle Light Green HenTA1-58-22Bedford’s Unlikely Heroine2022
    Terheege PartnershipOpaline Grey Green HenEMM4-29-21Oakley’s Emerald Duchess2022
    Terheege PartnershipNormal Cobalt CockTA1-283-20Norfolk’s Revival King2022
    Terheege PartnershipRecessive Pied Cobalt CockEMM4-12-22Oakley’s Belgian Heir2022
    G TillsonOpaline Grey CockT2585-85-20Aggborough Hero2022
    I & S AinleyLutino cockISA-121-21Bertie The Bino2022
    White Rose PartnershipSpangle Cinnamon Grey Green CockM6102-16-22White Rose Georgie Boy2022
    G CarterDouble Factor Yellow Spangle CockC5037-85-21Samlin Super D/F Spangle Yellow2022
    G HawthornYellowface Slate HenH6068-1-22Summerhill Negative Nancy2022
    A & C WoodSpangle Cinnamon Grey CockW6258-13-21Tigh Na Eun, Liath MacBuidhe2022
    A & G AdamsFull Circular Crest Light Green CockADAM5-23-18Crested Pogba2021
    A & G AdamsYellow-Wing Olive CockADAM5-236-18R.V.P.2021
    Smith & PriceAlbino CockTER1-11-18Ghost2020
    S & N WildesRecessive Pied Cinnamon Violet CockSAM1-65-18Mr Pretty Boy from the Firs2020
    D SpruceOpaline Cobalt CockSPUG1-73-08Bauld Eagle2020
    D SpruceCinnamon Grey HenSPUG1-112-08SIOUX2020
    The Terheege PartnershipCinnamon Cobalt CockTA1-154-1Shepherd’s Night Sky2020
    Huxley & MarchantSpangle Cobalt CockH3889-23-15`Potters Overlocker2020
    G T WilliamsLight Green CockW4281-53-17Ann Tegai2019
    J A BakerDark Green  CockB496-56-16Kingston Pride2019
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Light Green  CockAA1088-85-18Evenstar’s Jade Crown Prince2019
    S PlattsDominant Pied Cinnamon Yellowface Grey CockPLAT1-5-17Yardbirds Yellow Leadbetter2019
    M & K SpencerFull Circular Crested Skyblue CockS7035-26-16Cresty McCresterson2019
    P WhiteWhitewing Skyblue HenW3766-2-18Sherwood Celeste Princess2019
    A EddenCinnamon Grey CockANDY5-107-17Ashfield King George2019
    P WhiteSkyblue CockW3766-1-17Sherwood Super Trouper2019
    S & R ClarkeNormal Slate CockSRC1-54-18Broughton Andy2019
    S & L RobertsDouble Factor Spangle White CockSJR1-76-17Denise’s Shining Star2019
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt CockAA1088-25-18Evenstar’s Jasper2019
    G & J Al-NasserSlate CockAA1088-178-18Evenstar’s Smokey Joe2019
    J MitchellAlbino CockJIM5-80-14Shirley’s Boy2019
    The Terheege PartnershipDominant Pied Cobalt CockTA!-25-18Royal Lavender Aka Purple Sheep2019
    The Terheege PartnershipDark Green  CockTA1-357-17Tudor Knight2019
    The Terheege PartnershipYellow Face Grey CockTA1-13-18Henry Tudor2019
    The Terheege PartnershipLight Green CockTA1-267-16Tudor Glory2019
    N BirdYellow Face Grey CockNICKY1-130-17King Mufasa2019
    T Kinninmonth-WicksAlbino HenK2122-9-18Misty White Princess Tia2019
    A & D WoanSuffused Yellow CockWOAN1-52-18Aldawn Best Yellow2019
    A & D WoanGrey Green  HenWOAN1-2-18Aldawn Best Girl2019
    A & D WoanOpaline Cinnamon Dark Green HenWOAN1-17-19Aldawn Dusky Lady2019
    A & D WoanLight Green  CockWOAN1-69-18Aldawn Green Emerald2019
    A & D WoanYellow-Wing Light Green HenWOAN1-51-19Aldawn Clear Gem2019
    J GingeFull Circular Crested Light GreenGINGE1-30-19Gingemeister The Dennis2019
    J MooreCinnamon Skyblue HenM4059 -71-18Hawthorne Cinnamon Sky Lady2019
    The Terheege PartnershipOpaline Cinnamon Grey CockTA1-200-17Misty Moon Light2019
    The Terheege PartnershipViolet Recessive Pied CockEMM4-23-19Bedford Wisteria Knight2019
    The Terheege PartnershipCobalt Recessive Pied CockEMM4-8-18Neptune’s White Knight2019
    N BirdOpaline White Skyblue CockNICKY1-59-19King Dilute2019
    T & A LukeOpaline Cobalt CockTL1-219-17Frank Lorne2019
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Cobalt CockTL1-142-16Bob2019
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Skyblue  CockAA1088-3-19Evenstar’s Autumn Sky2019
    A MoretonDominant Pied Grey Green CockMAD3-23-18Jan’s Pretty Boy2019
    M GulleyTexas Clearbody Grey Green CockG3720-37-17Pirates”Lonestar”2019
    C D & S SharpeDominant Pied Sky Blue  CockS6936-7-17Bombay Blue Flash.2019
    Cy ThorneSpangle Grey Green  HenCT1-12-19Ginge 22019
    J WrightonAlbino HenW6260-25-18Snowiecott Snowdrop2019
    O & S WilliamsYellow-wing Dark GreenFWH1-38-15Go Frank-ly the Yellowing2019
    O & S WilliamsTexas Clearbody Mauve  Colour BudgerigarW6262-80-18Tex Oh So Mini2019
    G & J Al-NasserCinnamon Cobalt HenAA1088-35-19Evenstar’s Lavender Lady2019
    G & J Al-NasserDominant Pied Yellow Face CobaltAA1088-41-19Evenstar’s Sundowner2019
    G & J Al-NasserSlate HenAA1088-13-19Evenstar’s Aconite2019
    D TuttyDark Green  CockDT100-54-17Hamlet2019
    P WhiteYellow-wing Light GreenW3766-41-17Sherwood Prince Nimrod2019
    J & D LindseySpangle Grey GreenL2448-25-19Jo.Do’s Misty Emerald Green Spangle2019
    M JarroldDark Green   HenJ2547-41-16Harlequin-Bonnie Emerald2019
    M JarroldOpaline Cobalt   HenJ2547-34-14Harlequin-Azura Princess2019
    M JarroldCobalt  CockJ2547-91-04Harlequin-Turquoise Prince2019
    M JarroldCinnamon Grey Green   CockJ2547-35-13Harlequin-Sage Suitor2019
    G & J Al-NasserAlbino CockAA1088-64-19Evenstar’s Snowman.2019
    The Terheege PartnershipLutino HenTA1-71-19Tudor Dawn2019
    The Terheege PartnershipGrey Green CockTA1-45-19Tudor Warrior2019
    The Terheege PartnershipSkyblue CockTA1-167-18Tudor Sky2019
    I ThorogoodTexas Clearbody Light Green CockT2816-63-17Clearbody Soldier2019
    S MagdzinskiWhitewing Violet CockM6092- 4-18Magic Cymru 12019
    S PlattsGrey   CockPLAT1-66-17Vallino Holly Smoke2019
    H W & M HoughDouble Factor Spangle YellowH2568-45-18Golden Emperor of Gresley2019
    G CarterLight Green CockC5037-56-18Samlin Super Light Green The Second2019
    G CarterOpaline Dark Green HenC5037-15-14Samlin Opaline Dark Green2018
    G CarterLight Green HenC5037-84-17Samlin Super Light Green2018
    P WhiteYellowing Light Green HenW3766-68-14Sherwood Jade Czarina2018
    C.D & S SharpeWhite Wing Cobalt CockR3697-39-15Big Eddie2018
    G  PaineSpangle Light Green CockPE731-15-17Trebor2018
    J RogersYellow Face Grey CockR3288-12-15Finlay Jack2018
    A & D WoanGrey Yellow CockWOAN1-148-15Aldawn Yellow Duke2018
    A & D WoanSpangle Grey CockWOAN1-169-15Aldawn Spangle Count2018
    A & D WoanCobalt CockWOAN1-85-15Aldawn Cobalt King2018
    D TuttyCinnamon Light Green CockDT100-148-16Gonzalo2018
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Skyblue CockAA1088-41-17Evenstar’s Sky Belle2018
    S GageLutino HenSGS1-17-18The Duchess2018
    G & J Al-NasserLutino CockAA1088-63-15Evenstar’s Molten  Gold2018
    G & J Al-NasserCobalt CockAA1088-6-17Evenstar’s Wonder Boy2018
    G & J Al-NasserCinnamon Grey CockAA1088-28-17Evenstar’s Welton Silver2018
    A & C WoodDouble Factor Spangle Yellow CockW6271-14-18Tigh Na Eun, Gille Buidhe2018
    Terheege PartnershipGrey Green CockTA1-127-17Tudor Crown2018
    Terheege PartnershipOpaline Dark Green HenTA1-23-16Tudor Green2018
    C BrickellWhitewing Cobalt CockB7145-23-16Severn Prince2018
    J BurnsDouble Factor Spangle White CockWB22-22-16Gabriel2018
    CY ThorneOpaline Slate HenCT1-45-18Zodiac2018
    T & A LukeGrey CockTL1-165-17The Owl2018
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Cobalt HenTL1-56-18Miranda2018
    T & A LukeCinnamon Grey Green  CockTL1-22-18Old Pete2018
    T & A LukeDominant Pied Yellow Face Grey HenTL1-62-18Harlequin2018
    T & A LukeOpaline Blue HenTL1-99-17Sophie2018
    T & A LukeLacewing White CockTL1-250-17Andy’s White2018
    T & A LukeLacewing White HenTL1-30-18Scilla2018
    T & A LukeSpangle Grey CockTL1-36-18Heinz2018
    T & A LukeCinnamon Cobalt CockTL1-12-17Dave2018
    G CarterGrey  HenC5037-68-18Samlin Super Grey2018
    G CarterOpaline Cobalt HenC5037-71-18Samlin Super Opaline Cobalt2018
    D LeadbetterSpangle GoldenFace Grey CockL3088-62-16Watbetter “Edie’s” GoldenFace Spangle2018
    D LeadbetterGrey CockL3088-38-14Watbetter “John’s” Grey2018
    D LeadbetterSpangle Grey Green CockL3088-3-18Watbetter “Joe’s” Grey Green Spangle2018
    R BrockenshireOpaline Grey Green CockCEB1-58-13Cyril’s Boy2018
    M BannisterLacewing Yellow HenB7370-47-18Lady Lacey2018
    G SimpsonLutino CockS7093-22-17Buttercup Boy 12018
    J LeesWhitewing Cobalt CockLEE5-11-16Lord of Mercia2018
    Terheege PartnershipRecessive Pied Dark Green CockEMM4-14-16Summers Meadow Knight2018
    Terheege PartnershipYellow Face Cinnamon Skyblue HenTA1-95-17Tudor Lady2018
    Terheege Partnership Recessive Pied Cobalt CockEMM4-22-18Winters Arctic Knight2018
    Terheege PartnershipLacewing Yellow HenTA1-111-18Callahans Yellow2018
    Smith & PriceLight Green CockP866-7-16Champion Oliver2018
    J McLemanGrey CockM5803-36-14Braehead Normal Grey David2018
    B TaylorWhitewing Cobalt CockT2993-58-16Tove Valley Star2018
    G & P NorrisRecessive Pied Cinnamon Light Green  CockN438-68-17Roman General2018
    G & P NorrisRecessive Pied Light Green   CockN438-36-17Roman Court Jester2018
    G & J Al-NasserYellow-wing Light Green  HenAA1088-69-18Evenstar’s Primrose2018
    A & D WoanDark Green CockWOAN1-28-17Aldawn Dark Green Prince2018
    CY ThorneTexas Clearbody Yellow Face Skyblue HenCT!-51-16Minnie2018
    A Haynes Dominant Pied Cinnamon Grey HenH3843-33-18Shakespeare’s Dominant Pied Princess2018
    T & P LeedhamOpaline Skyblue  CockL3215-6-15Prydonian Opaline’2018
    B ReeseSpangle Grey  CockR3563-8-17The Boy Max2018
    B ReeseDouble Factor Spangle White HenR3563-35-15The Gunwalloe Princess2018
    M ChapmanYellowface Cinnamon Skyblue CockVMC1-4-17Marvic Ray of Sunlight2018
    M ChapmanTexas Clearbody Opaline Skyblue CockVMC1-100-15Marvic Texan Boy 1112018
    R WarrenderOpaline Grey   CockMW500-49-18Simple Simon2018
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt CockAA1088 83 16Evenstar’s Wedgewood Blue2017
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Opaline Skyblue CockAA1088 40 16Evenstar’s Blue Moon2017
    G WincombLutino CockW6176 7 14Gaz’s Buttercup Boy2017
    S & R ClarkeEasley Clearbody Skyblue CockSRC1 39 14Broughton Christopher2017
    C D & S SharpeCircular Crest Yellow Face Skyblue CockJ2998 8 14Bombay Cresty Boy2017
    James JohnsonOpaline Grey Green CockJ2673-9-14Hillcrest Opal Tourmaline2017
    Gavin CarterDominant Pied Cinnamon Skyblue  CockC5037-30-16Samlin Super Dominant Pied SkyBlue2017
    Dave LeadbetterCinnamon Light Green CockL3088-76-15Watbetter J.I.M. Cinnamon Green2017
    S & J GillanCobalt CockSJG1-127-16The Dark Knight Returns2017
    Huxley & MarchantGrey  CockPOTT5-371-16Potters Newport Nemesis2017
    W GordonDark Green CockG3684-6-16Gordon’s Dark Highlander2017
    CY ThorneTexas Clearbody Grey HenCT1-30-15Lightening2017
    A LovackLight Green CockADY1-11-17East Coast Emerald Boy2017
    D NormanTexas Clearbody Cobalt CockN1717-68-13Hurricane2017
    D NormanTexas Clearbody Grey HenN1717-108-16Blizzard2017
    AR & TR TerheegeOpaline Grey CockTA1-161 14Grey Mist2017
    S & R ClarkeFull Circular Light Green Crest CockSRC1-14-14Broughton Daniel2017
    S & R ClarkeSlate HenSRC1-9-17Broughton Alice2017
    J FollyTexas Clearbody Cinnamon Grey  HenFOLL1-67-16‘Chinnor View’ Texas Tabitha2017
    AR & TR TerheegeBlue White CockEMM4-25-16Winters Pastel Saint2017
    AR & TR TerheegeOpaline Cinnamon Skyblue CockTA1-30-17Bedfordshire’s Daybreak Prince2017
    AR & TR TerheegeDouble Factor Spangle White HenTA1-26-17Snow Queen of the Dordogne2017
    R BrokenshireFull Circular Yellow face Skyblue Crest CockB6281-97-15Devon Starlight2017
    G CarterOpaline Spangle Light Green CockC5037-1-16Samlin Super Spangle Light Green2017
    M BannisterAlbino CockB7370-2-17Blanco2017
    G & J Al-NasserSpangle Grey CockAA1088-12-17Evenstar’s Pearly King.2017
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt HenAA1088-43-16Evenstar’s Silver Lining2017
    Blade StevensRecessive Pied Skyblue CockPS1-29-12Bodenham Gift2017
    S & R ClarkeSlate HenSRC1-1-17Broughton Jacqu2017
    T & A LukeSlyblue CockTL1-65-17Frank2017
    T & A LukeDominant Pied Cinnamon Light Green HenTL1-13-17Jodie2017
    T & A LukeLacewing Opaline Yellow CockTL1-59-17Gary U.S.A.2017
    T & A LukeOpalne Skyblue HenTL1-197-17Blue Mist2017
    P WhiteWhitewing Skyblue HenW3766-60-14Sherwood Amalfi Princess2017
    P WhiteOpaline Grey Green CockJG11-45-14Sherwood Brummie Boy2017
    R BrokenshireWhitewing Cobalt CockDD2-88-15Devon Sky2017
    D TuttyCinnamon Grey HenDT100-5-15Bianca2017
    D TuttyGrey Green CockDT100-108-15Falstaff2017
    CY ThorneTexas Clearbody Opaline Yellow Face Skyblue HenCT1-33-16Rio2017
    S & J GillanSkyblue CockSJG1-97-16Ringo2017
    T McCrindleAlbino CockTMC1-31-16Tams White Gold2017
    R NawarauckasDouble factor Spangle White CockRN1-46-16Turangi’s Sparkling White2017
    C, D & S SharpeSlate HenS6936-49-15Bombay Misty Girl2017
    R WattsAlbino CockWATT5-48-14WMHQ “Chalky White”2017
    S RichCinnamon Dark Green HenR3671-27-16Enya Girl2017
    S RichDominant Pied Grey HenR3671-16-17Phoebe Girl2017
    S RichGrey CockR3671-106-16Strong Bow-12017
    S RichDominant Pied Texas Clearbody Violet HenR3671-77-15Ellis Girl2017
    A ThorpeDouble Factor Spangle White CockAND1-83-15Solent Snowflake2017
    M & D WalkerLutino CockMDW1-23-16Woodsford  Aureus2017
    M & D WalkerYellow-wing Dark Green CockMDW1-42-15Woodsford Clarius Victor2017
    K LeedhamDominant Pied Grey Green CockL1833-145-15Longdon Pied Grey Green2017
    J BuchanSpangle grey Green HenB7345-84-14Green Goddess2017
    AR & TR TerheegeOpaline Lacewing Yellow CockTA1-161-17Tudor Gold2017
    J ProtheroRecessive Pied Dark Green CockSAM1-82-15Bellaport Supreme2017
    R WarrenderCinnamon Grey CockMW500 14 11MW500 Tommy Tucker2016
    R WarrenderOpaline Cinnamon Grey CockMW500 115 11MW500 Georgie Porgie2016
    M GulleyYellowface Cobalt CockB7196 59 13Pirates “Bennetts Lad”2016
    S & J GillanCobalt  CockSJG1 43 14Dark Knight Rise’s2016
    P & T DyeSpangle Grey Green CockD4013 29 13Tarrazzo You’ve Been Spangled2016
    S & N WildesFull Circular Crest Grey CockSAM1 40 14Fifty Shades of Crest2016
    J BakerWhite -Wing Cobalt CockB4967 15 14Mr Johnny Blue-it2016
    J SoppLacewing White CockS6536 12 13Beau Blanc2016
    A StevensDouble Factor Yellow Spangle CockARN13 73 14Harvest Gold2016
    S & R ClarkeSlate Hen CockSRC1 11 14Broughton Clara Lottie2016
    G & J Al-NasserYellowface Cinnamon Skyblue HenAA1088 33 14Evenstar’s Summer Sky2016
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Opaline Skyblue CockAA1088 3 14Evenstar’s Ermine Coronet2016
    S & J GillanDark Green HenSJG1 41 15Harly Quinn2016
    J D DavisGrey Green CockD3407 23 14Seaton Star2016
    A LovackLight Green CockADY1 129 15East Coast Emerald Lad2016
    L PennickSpangle Cinnamon Skyblue CockPEN1 46 14Hot Cinnamon2016
    G & J Al-NasserGrey  CockAA1088 39 14Evenstar’s Steely Wonder2016
    A & D WoanSpangle Dark Green  CockWOAN1 113 15Aldawn Spangle Dark Beauty2016
    G CapesCinnamon Sky Blue CockGC1 78 13Fenland Blue Boy the 1st2016
    G CapesCinnamon Grey CockGC1 70 13Fenland Grey Boy the 1st2016
    R MellingGrey Green HenMEL1 4 16Bensham Beauty “First Lady”2016
    A R & T R TerheegeRecessive Pied Dark Green CockTA1 264 15Autumn’s Patchwork Knight2016
    M AnzaraFull Circular Crest Grey CockA796 36 15Prince of Orange2016
    M AnzaraFull Circular Crest Cinnamon Cobalt HenA796 5 16Richhill June2016
    C ThorneWhitewing Violet CockG421 52 15Violet Surprise2016
    P WhiteYellow-wing Light Green CockW3766 71 14Sherwood Heart of Oak2016
    P WhiteDouble Factor White Spangle CockW3766 12 11Sherwood Ice King2016
    P WhiteDominant Pied Cinnamon SkyW3766 13 13The Sherwood Harlequin2016
    D & L RafisYellow-wing Dark Green HenR3697 7 16Angel of Suffolk2016
    P & T DyeGreywing Light Green  CockD4013 47 15Tarrazzo Earl Grey2016
    P & T DyeGreywing Dark Green CockD4013 26 15Tarrazzo Grey Earl2016
    P & T DyeAlbinoD4013 98 14Tarrazzo Snowstorm2016
    P & T DyeOpaline Cinnamon Dark GreenD4013 79 15Tarrazzo Emerald2016
    G WilliamsCinnamon Light GreenW4281 112 15Brenin Glyn Tegid2016
    S & R ClarkeSlate HenSRC1 16 15Broughton Debbie Jane2016
    T & A LukeLutino HenTL1 34 16Goosnarghs Lutino Queen2016
    T & A LukeLacewing Opaline White CockTL1 141 13Goosnarghs White Star2016
    T & A LukeOpaline Grey Green  HenTL1 100 15Goosnarghs Opaline Lady2016
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Grey CockTL1 13 16Goosnarghs Rock2016
    T & A LukeLacewing Opaline White HenTL1 44 16Goosnarghs White Lady2016
    T & A LukeOpaline Dark Green CockTL1 9 16Goosnarghs Dark Destroyer2016
    T & A LukeCinnamon Sky Blue HenTL1 54 16Goosnarghs Worstershire Sauce2016
    T & A LukeCobalt  CockTL1 144 16Goosnarghs Cobalt Warrior2016
    T & A LukeCinnamon Grey CockTL1 67 14Goosnarghs Dumfries Lad2016
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Grey HenTL1 29 16Goosnarghs Best Lady2016
    P HensonOpaline Sky Blue CockPEL4 7 13Hello Me Darling!2016
    S & J GillanOpaline Grey Green  CockSJG1 11 15Krptonite2016
    S & J GillanDominant Pied Cinnamon Grey Green CockSJG1 121 15Merlin2016
    S & J GillanDominant Pied Dark Green CockSJG1 88 12The King of Sandringham2016
    D TuttyTexas Clearbody Grey Green HenDT100 140 14Adriana2016
    N HumbyTufted Crest Dark Green CockH5729 2 12Kendall Boy2016
    N HumbyWhitewing Skyblue CockDT100 17 08Kendall Skyblue2016
    A HaynesOpaline Cinnamon Light Green HenH3843 34 12Shakespeare’s First Lady2016
    A & G AdamsCircular Crest Yellowface Skyblue CockADAM5 101 13Double Dream2016
    A & G AdamsSkyblue CockADAM5 39 13Little Man2016
    A & G AdamsDark Green HenADAM5 284 14Dark Queen2016
    P ReaneyGrey CockR2514 108 12Garland Shadow2015
    C BrickellYellow-Wing Dark Green HenB7145 24 13Severn Princess2015
    J RogersGrey HenR3288 7 12Felicity Star2015
    S RobertsDouble Factor Spangle Yellow CockSJR1 31 12Brookes Yellow Budgie2015
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Skyblue HenAA1088 48 14Evenstar’s Azure Beauty2015
    S & J GillanYellowface Grey CockSJG1 163 13Son of Boom Boom2015
    M GulleyLacewing Yellow HenPS1 336 13Pirates “Hillbilly Sunshine”2015
    R BrokenshireRecessive Pied Light Green CockPD537 14 10Pasty Man2015
    G TillsonTexas Clearbody Grey CockT2585 20 13Aggborough Star2015
    T & A LukeRecessive Pied Opaline Cinnamon Skyblue CockTL1 39 14The Duffer2015
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Light Green CockTL1 32 13Gossnargh’s Charlie Boy2015
    Thorne & FinlaysonTexas Clearbody Skyblue HenCT1 10 15Jet2015
    S RobertsOpaline Grey Green CockSJR1 33 13Millies Scruffs Nephew2015
    T PriceCinnamon Light Green HenP866 10 14Arwen2015
    T PriceLight Green CockP866 6 14George B2015
    A & D WoanOpaline Cinnamon Grey Green HenWOAN1 151 13Aldawn Opaline Cinnamon Queen2015
    A & D WoanGrey Green Spangle CockWOAN1 191 13Aldawn Spangle Duke2015
    A & D WoanGrey White HenWOAN1 138 12Aldawn White Supreme2015
    G & J Al-NasserOpaline Grey CockAA1088 151 13Evenstar’s Silver Cloud2015
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Spangle Opaline Grey Green CockAA1088 56 14Evenstar’s Sea Foam2015
    W OrrWhitewing Skyblue CockWORR1 45 10Worr Oor Willie’s Blue Dun2015
    W OrrYellow Wing Grey Green CockWORR1 41 13Worr Oor Willie’s Professor2015
    S & J GillanDouble Factor Spangle Yellow CockSJG1 161 12Sunset2015
    M & M ChapmanTexas Clearbody Grey CockVMC1 10 15Marvic Texan Boy III2015
    G HughesGrey Green CockLH1786 129 12Anglesey Boy2015
    P & T DyeGreywing Light Green CockD4013 29 14Tarrazzo Overcast2015
    J McLemanGrey Green CockM5803 143 11Braehead Grey Green Mel2015
    M AnzaraSlate Cobalt HenA796 50 12Lilo Lil2014
    M & M ChapmanTexas Clearbody Light Green CockVMC1 4 13Marvic Texan Boy II2014
    R WattsDouble Factor Spangle Yellow CockWATT5 171 11WMHQ “TopGun”2014
    AR & TR TerheegeNormal Y/F Sky Blue CockTA1 533 13Bedfordshire’s Sunrise Prince2014
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Spangle Opaline Grey Green CockAA1088 125 12Evenstars Dandy Corona2014
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Spangle Cobalt CockAA1088 3 13Evenstars Regal Star2014
    M & M ChapmanOpaline Cinnamon Light Green CockVMC1 31 13Marvic Golden Shadow2014
    M & M ChapmanTexas Clearbody Y/F Cinnamon Cobalt HenVMC1 54 14Marvic Texan Girl2014
    M & M ChapmanRecessive Pied Violet CockVMC1 3 14Marvic Mickeys Dream2014
    R BrokenshireFull Circular Crested Grey Green CockB6281 51 13Devon Starburst2014
    P WhiteDark Green CockJP111 167 10Sherwood Tomatony Boy2014
    H W & M HoughCobalt CockH2568 67 03Katies Mr Blue Sky2014
    H W & M HoughSpangle Double Factor Yellow CockH2568 66 01Goldfinger2014
    H W & M HoughSpangle Double Factor Yellow CockH2568 50 13Sunbeam Boy Of Gresley2014
    M & M ChapmanAlbino HenVMC1 53 14Marvic Snow Princess2014
    S & R ClarkeSlate HenSRC1 33 14Broughton Susan Jane2014
    McAuley & RossSpangle Double Factor Yellow CockJTR1 11 14Mcauley & Ross Mellow Yellow2014
    AR & TR TerheegeOpaline Cinnamon Sky Blue HenTA1 279 13Adriatic Blue2014
    AR & TR TerheegeNormal Yellow Face Cobalt HenTA1 50 13Bedfordshire’s Moonlight Princess2014
    P WhiteSpangle Double Factor White CockW3766 19 11Sherwood Chalicies Diamond2014
    G & J Al-NasserHalf Circular Crest Spangle Skyblue CockAA1088 86 12Evenstar’s Azure Coronet2014
    Foulstone & EddenCinnamon Skyblue CockFE1 24 12Newark Sales Day Special2014
    A J ArcherGrey Green CockA867 15 10Manor Groft Emarald2014
    M GulleyDouble Factor Spangle White CockG3720 32 13Pirates Li’l Hillbilly2014
    T & A LukeSky Blue CockTL1 4 13Tom’s Blue2014
    T & A LukeSky Blue CockTL1 23 14Big Ben2014
    T & A LukeDark Green CockTL1 39 12Goosnarghs What Am I2014
    I FordhamLutino CockLSF345 17 082014
    D TuttyCinnamon Grey CockDT100 7 13ESCALUS2014
    R HooperTexas Clearbody Cobalt HenRH1 34 14Newhouse Texas Lady2014
    R HooperOpaline Grey Green HenRH1 75 12Newhouse Lass2014
    S & J GillanCobalt CockSJG1 38 14The Dark Knight2014
    I SaundersLutino CockSZ599 26 12Sunlight2014
    I SaundersLutino CockSZ599 53 13Sunstroke2014
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt  HenAA1088 114 13Evenstar’s Cobalt Queen2014
    D LeadbetterSkyblue CockL3088 40 11“Watbetter” Henry’s Blue2014
    P RedfordLight Green CockRAD1 21 13RAD 2 Kensington King2014
    P RedfordCinnamon Grey Green CockRAD1 57 12RAD 3 Kensington Prince2014
    P RedfordSpangle Cobalt CockNR38 31 12RAD 4 Kensington Duke2014
    P RedfordCinnamon Grey Green CockNR38 35 08RAD 5 Kensington Lord2014
    P RedfordDominant Pied Dark Green CockRAD1 71 13RAD 6 Kensington Earl2014
    P RedfordDominant Pied Light Green CockRAD1 45 12RAD 7 Kensington Sire2014
    P & T DyeNormal Grey Green CockD4013 117 11Tarrazzo Pistachio2014
    B TaylorWhitewing Cobalt  CockT2993 16 13Towcester Lad2014
    G & P NorrisAlbino HenN438 23 11Snow Queen2013
    G & P NorrisRecessive Pied Dark Green CockN438 37 11Roman Sea God2013
    G & P NorrisRecessive Pied Dark Green CockN438 48 09Roman Sea Serpent2013
    B GreenwayDominant Pied Skyblue CockMBG1 136 09Blue Diamond2013
    M & M ChapmanViolet CockC5842 2 12Marvic Houndini III2013
    R BrockenshireFull Circular Crest Cobalt CockB6281 117 11Devon Big Boy2013
    G & J Al-NasserWhitewing Cobalt Hen CockAA1088 30 12Evenstar’s Nigella Damascena2013
    M & M ChapmanRecessive Pied Dark Green HenVMC1 69 13Marvic Three times a lady2013
    D LeadbetterSkyblue CockL3088 26 11“Watbetter” Lotties Blue2013
    M & M ChapmanYellow-wing Light Green CockVMC1 6 12Marvic Nice Little Mistake2013
    Cheatley & AlcornFull Circular Dominat Pied Skyblue CockC5701 1 09Jack The Lad2013
    Cheatley & AlcornSkyblue Tuft CockC5701 62 10Isobel’s Fancy2013
    Cheatley & AlcornOpaline Skyblue HenC5701 76 11Mis-ster Beach.2013
    AR & TR TerheegeNormal Cinnamon Yellow CockTA1 504 12Oakley’s Golden Duke2013
    D NormanFull Circular Normal Skyblue CockN1717 34 12Lightening2013
    T & A LukeSpangle Skyblue HenTL1 48 12Goosnarghs Spangle Queen2013
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Grey Green HenTL1 2 13Lady Caroline V2013
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Light Green  CockTL1 180 11Goosnargh Split2013
    T & A LukeOpaline Grey CockTL1 308 10Big Brother2013
    T & A LukeOpaline Grey CockTL1 5 11Big Brothers Little Brother2013
    T & A LukeOpaline Grey CockTL1 67 13Big Brothers Son2013
    W OrrWhitewing Cobalt CockWORR1 9 11Oor Willies New Yorker2013
    J FollyYellow Face Grey  CockFOLL1 18 11Chinnor View’ Monty’s Pride2013
    K SykesCinnamon Grey Spangle CockB7162 49 10Brickies Running Man2013
    S SandersonOpaline Cinnamon Grey CockS6487 4 13Pudsey’s Finest2013
    AR & TR TerheegeOpaline Cinnamon Sky Blue CockTA1 31 12Tudor Blue2013
    D NormanFull Circular Crest Cobalt CockN1717 54 13Thunder2013
    G & P NorrisEasley Clearbody Grey Green CockN438 49 12Rare Rebel2013
    G & P NorrisLutino CockN438 150 12Solar Lad2013
    G & P NorrisDominant Pied Yellow Face Skyblue CockN438 37 12Roman Rainbow2013
    Ward & RogersLutino HenW6137 44 12Buttercup2013
    P & T DyeSpangle Cinnamon Light Green CockD4013 49 09Tarrazzo Thyme2013
    P & T DyeOpaline Cinnamon Cobalt CockD4013 39 11Tarrazzo True Blue2013
    K LeedhamOpaline Skyblue CockL1833 46 11Longdon Opal Blue2013
    A AdeyOpaline Grey Yellow CockAAA1 10 08Prestwood Peleus2013
    A AdeyWhitewing Skyblue CockAAA1 117 08Prestwood Helenus2013
    P WhiteYellow-wing Light Green CockB4844 74 12Sherwood Shrimp2013
    G HughesYellowface Skyblue CockLH1786 19 10Beny Boy2011/12
    J GrubbSpangle Opa Grey Green  CockJG11 79 09Bluecoat Sammy of Brrokfield2011/12
    G & J Al-NasserLutino CockAA1088 71 11Evenstar Sunshine2011/12
    D MossCirc Crest Spangle Op Green CockM4631 70 10Lui Boy2011/12
    D MossCircular Crest Grey CockM4631 60 11Trumpet Boy2011/12
    Thorne & FinlaysonWhitewing Violet CockCT1 46 092011/12
    I & P FieldingRec Pied Dk Green CkIF1 50 09Fielding Recessive Joy2011/12
    I & P FieldingDark Eyed Clear Yell CkIF1 3 08Southport Sunshine Boy2011/12
    M HumphreysGrey White CockMSH6 124 10Gentle Man of Verona2011/12
    P DyeLight Green CockD4013 127 99Tarrazzo Ever Green2011/12
    G & J Al-NasserF/Circ Crest DF Spangle Yell HnAA1088 1 12Evenstar’s Buttercup Halo2011/12
    G & J Al-NasserCinnamon Grey Green CkAA1088 137 11Evenstar’s Pride & Joy2011/12
    G & J Al-NasserEnglish Fallow Grey Green CockAA1088 72 10Evenstar’s Fallow Premiere2011/12
    Smith & JenningsOpaline Dark Green CockNB21 120 09Charlie’s Angel2011/12
    T & A WilsonRecessive Pied Dark Green CockW6044 32 08Bramley Charlie Boy2011/12
    M & M ChapmanWhitewing Skyblue HenVMC1 160 10Marvic Annie’s Girl2011/12
    M & M ChapmanRecessive Pied G/Face Violet CockVMC1 29 10Marvic Annie’s Boy2011/12
    M & M ChapmanOpaline Grey CockVMC1 51 09Marvic Grey Shadow2011/12
    M & M ChapmanViolet CockVMC1 24 10Marvis Son of Houndini2011/12
    M & M ChapmanTexas Clearbody Y/Face Cobalt CockVMC1 59 10Marvic Texan Boy2011/12
    A KellyLutino CockARK1 44 08Jalna’s Fourth Yellow2011/12
    A & G AdamsF/Circ Op Cinn L Green CockADAM5 72 102011/12
    P DyeCinnamon Skyblue CockD4013 111 06Tarrazzo Pacific Blue2011/12
    T & A LukeLacewing Opal Yellow CockTL1 155 10Goosnargh’s Lacewing Yellow2011/12
    T & A LukeLacewing Opaline White CockTL1 210 09Goosenargh’s Lacewing White2011/12
    T & A LukeDark Green CockTL1 269 08Goosenargh’s Dark Destroyer2011/12
    T & A LukeDom Pied Grey Green CockTL1 115 09Goosenargh’s Pied DG2011/12
    T & A LukeOp Cinn Grey Green CockTL1 318 10Goosenargh’s Prince2011/12
    T & A LukeOp Cinn Grey CockTL1 135 06Goosenargh’s Warrior2011/12
    A & D WoanSpangle Light GreenWOAN1 78 10Aldawn Spangle Green2011/12
    D BurnettSpangle Grey Green CockB5050 65 10Donlyn’s Tiny Tim2011/12
    D BurnettGrey Green CockB5050 6 11Donlyn’s Jolly Green Giant2011/12
    D & L RafisF Circ Op Cinn Grey CkR3697 7 10Cookie of Suffolk2011/12
    Foulston & EddenOpaline Cobalt CockE1872 36 09Ashfield prince2011/12
    M HearnGoldenface Grey CockH3528 10 091st BSG 7 Champwacdem2011/12
    Chadwick & RossCinnamon Grey CockNL1 54 08Rocky 72011/12
    J ProtheroRecessive Pied Violet HenPD525 53 10Brookfield First lady2011/12
    P ReaneyAlbino HenR2514 43 10Garland Ice Queen2011/12
    R & M MillerCobalt CockMIL1 55 09Orchard Gold2011/12
    G & J Al-NasserYellow-wing Light Green HenMBG1 106 09Evenstsar’s Celandine2011/12
    B WisemanViolet CockW5079 63 09Woodlea’s Choice2011/12
    K LeedhamLight Green CockL1833 48 10Longdon Green2011/12
    K LeedhamGrey CockL1833 2 10Longdon Delight2011/12
    I SaundersLutino HenSZ599 96 11Sunshine Style2011/12
    A PunterLacewing Yellow CockPD17 2 10Beryl’s Choice2011/12
    P ReaneyGoldenface Dilute Grey CKR2514 42 10Garland Goldentop2011/12
    P ReaneyOpaline Grey Green CkR2514 49 10Garland Little Gem2011/12
    P ReaneyCinn Yel/Face Skyblue CkR2514 102 11Garland Banoffee2011/12
    M & M ChapmanOpaline Grey CockVMC1 109 11Marvic Grey Cloud2011/12
    M & M ChapmanOp Span Light Green CkVMC1 27 12Marvic Green Emerald2011/12
    R WattsDom Pied Skyblue CkWATT5 28 10The Tiddler2011/12
    G W JonesSpangle Cinn G/Green HnJ2793 8 10Princess Meir2011/12
    G W JonesSpangle Grey Green CkJ2793 106 06Jonesy2011/12
    T & A LukeLacewing Yellow CkTL1 77 11Lace Yellow II2011/12
    T & A LukeOp Cinn Grey Green CkTL1 113 11Billy2011/12
    T & A LukeCinnamon Light Green CkTL1 292 10Trojan2011/12
    T & A LukeCinnamon Light Green HnTl1 65 11Lady Caroline IV2011/12
    D TuttyOpaline Grey Green CockDT100 164 10Demetrius2011/12
    P & T DyeGrey Green CockD4013 21 10Tarrazzo Green with Envy2011/12
    A & D WoanOpaline Light Green CockWOAN1 42 11Aldawn Opaline Prince2011/12
    G & P NorrisLutino CockN438 33 11Sun God2011/12
    G & P NorrisAlbino CockN438 139 11Ice King2011/12
    G & P NorrisDom Pied Grey Green CKN438 79 11Moulton Posh2011/12
    G & P NorrisDom Pied Grey CockN438 12 11Moulton Domino2011/12
    G & P NorrisGrey Green CockN438 12 12Moulton Evergreen2011/12
    G & P NorrisAnthracite CockN438 56 10Black Knight2011/12
    W OrrYellow-Wing Light Green CKM3684 133 10Our Willies Green Highlander2011/12
    A HaynesGrey Green CockH3843 20 11Shakespeare’s Grey Green Boy2011/12
    J DonovanLutino HenD3004 39 102011/12
    J DonovanGrey CockD3004 69 112011/12
    D BurnettGrey Green HenB5050 68 08Donlyn’s Orchid2010
    A & D WoanDominant Pied Grey Green HenWOAN1 196 09Aldawn Dominant Queen2010
    A & D WoanCinnamon Grey Green CockWOAN1 31 08Aldawn Cinnamon Charm2010
    P ReaneyDominant Pied Grey CockR2514 90 09Garland Piper2010
    P ReaneyRecessive Pied Skyblue CockR2514 159 08Darland Don2010
    P ReaneyCobalt CockR2514 51 09Garland Danube2010
    D Austin Opaline Grey Yellow CockA654 22 98North Park Old Gold2010
    D AustinCinnamon Light Green CockA654 91 08North Park Incini Prince2010
    D AustinGrey CockA654 23 05North Park pagan King2010
    D AustinDominant Pied Grey Green CockA654 34 06North Park Druid Highpriest2010
    S BennettOpaline Cinnamon Light Green CockB7196 20 07Cinnamon Boy of Conner Downs2010
    S & R ClarkeLutino CockSRC1 64 07Broughton Davie2010
    T & A LukeLight Green CockTL1 118 09Goosenargh Big Spots2010
    T & A LukeYellowface Skyblue HenTL1 98 09Goosenargh Yellowface Lady2010
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Skyblue HenTL1 103 10Lady Caroline IV2010
    T & A LukeOpaline Dark Green CockTL1 8 09Goosenargh Opaline DG2010
    Ward & RogersCinnamon Grey Green CockW6137 4 10Noddy2010
    G & P NorrisFull Circular Cinnamon Light Green CockN2000 39 06Roman Top Knot2010
    D TuttySpangle Dominant Pied Grey CockDT100 43 08Benvolio of Bedfield2010
    D TuttyGrey Green CockDT100 87 08Ceaser of Bedfield2010
    A KellyLutino CockARK1 13 09Jalna’s Third Yellow2010
    P DyeOpaline Cobalt CockD4013 25 09Tarrazzo Mood Indigo2010
    P DyeYellow Face Cobalt CockD4013 45 08Tarrazzo Rising Sun2010
    F SmithRecessive Pied CockC5475 58 07Frans Sexy GT2010
    B WilsonSpangle Skyblue CockW5963 12 08Son of Norfolk Yellow`2010
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Skyblue CockAA1008 150 09Evenstars Azure Corona2010
    D & L RafisTexas Clearbody Grey CockR3697 5 09CC of Norfolk2010
    B WilsonSpangle Doublr Factor CockW5963 35 07Norfolk Yellow2010
    R DochertyYellow wing CockM3684 96 08Belmont Road Exile2010
    R WiltshireYellow CockWW49 100 08Cory Boy2010
    Freakley & AinleySpangle Cinnamon Grey CockFA1 91 07Eddie2010
    Norwood StudClearbody Light GreenJP111 189 09Classic Chic2010
    Norwood StudTexas Clearbody Sky BlueJP111 9 09Silver Ace2010
    Norwood StudGrey Green CockJP111 149 09Norwoods Sizzler2010
    Norwood StudDark Green CockJP111 68 09Dark Mischief2010
    D GameAlbino CockGAME1 74 09Tywysog Gwyn y Bryn2010
    A KellyLutino CockARK1 13 07Jalna’s Second Yellow2010
    D BurnettSkyblue CockB5050 65 07Donlyn’s Blue Dawn2010
    P & D SpruceOpaline Cobalt CockSPUG1 73 08Bald Eagle2010
    A & G AdamsRecessive Pied Dark Green CockADAM5 118 072010
    A & G AdamsGoldenface Greywing CockADAM5 47 082010
    John NewallOpaline Cinnamon Blue CockN1708 12 09Blue Pride of the Dale2010
    R Docherty Whitewing Skyblue CockD4243 3 07Laird of Lochgelly2010
    R & J Taylor & SonTexas Clearbody Grey CockT3000 22 09Taypool Silver Shadow2010
    J Donovan SpangleOpaline Light Green CockD3004 158 072010
    J DonovanSpangle Light Green CockD3004 160 072010
    J DonovanLutino HenD3004 19 092010
    C DewAlbino HenD3412 24 08Phil’s last laugh “Snow White”2010
    A & T WilsonRecessive Pied Yellowface Cobalt CockW6044 51 07Bramley Farm’s Yorky Boy2010
    A & T Wilson Yellow Wing Light Green CockW6044 63 07Bramley Farm’s Dave Boy2010
    A & T WilsonLight Green HenW6044 91 07Bramley Farm’s Ethel Rose Petal2010
    P FieldSkyblue CockFC436 110 07Vine Hall Blue Max2010
    J BullimentDark Green CockB6333 53 06Bully’s Pride2010
    G & P NorrisSkyblue CockN438 33 06Roman Blue Boy2010
    G & P NorrisDominant Pied Yellow Face Cobalt CockN438 41 07Roman Harlequin2010
    G & P NorrisYellow face Grey CockN438 137 07Roman Little Ceaser2010
    T & A LukeOpaline Skyblue HenTL1 10 09Goosnargh Belle2010
    Norwood StudDark Green CockJP111 68 09Dark Mischief2010
    Pooley & MeneerRecessive Pied Dark Green CockPD537 21 08Penmead Pride2010
    S BennettDominant Pied Dark Green CockB7196 14 08Pied Piper of Conner Down2010
    Knight & Gordon kLutino CockK1818 56 05Edgemoor Gold Dust2010
    Knight & GordonLight Green CockK1818 38 08Edgemoor Emerald2010
    K LeedhamOpaline Light Green CockL1833 17 06Longdon Pride2010
    P & D SpruceGrey Green CockSPUG1 77 08Cheyenne2010
    T & A LukeOpline Cinnamon Grey Green CockTL1 84 07Goosnargh Bow2010
    S BennettSpangle Grey CockB7196 16 08Spangle Prince of Connor Downs2010
    R NawarauckasGrey CockRN1 23 08Grey Prince of the Larg2010
    M Rothlisberger Dark Green CockROTH1 13 07Grimmy2010
    C ThorneLutino CockCT1 3 07Sizzles Golden Wonder2010
    S & R ClarkeSlate Grey HenSRC1 101 06Broughton Hazel Doreen2010
    J & G Al-NasserOpaline Grey CockAA1088 163 07Evenstar’s Silver Pearl2010
    P WhiteSkyblue CockW3766 28 07Sherwood Raffles2010
    R DochertyWhitewing Skyblue CockD4243 3 07Laird O’Lochgelly2009
    R & J Taylor & SonTexas Clearbody Grey CockT3000 22 09Taypool Silver Shadow2009
    J DonovanSpangle Opaine Light Green CockD3004 158 072009
    J DonovanSpangle Light Green CockD3004 160 072009
    J DonovanLutino HenD3004 19 092009
    C DewAlbino HenD3412 24 08Phil’s last laugh “Snow White”2009
    A & T WilsonRecessive Pied Yellowface Cobalt CockW6044 51 07Bramley Farm’s Yorky Boy2009
    A & T WilsonYellow-wing Light Green CockW6044 63 07Bramley Farm’s Dave Boy2009
    A & T WilsonLight Green HenW6044 91 07Bramley Farm’s Ethel Rose Petal2009
    P FieldSkyblue CockFC436 110 07Vine Hall Blue Max2009
    J BullementDark Green CockB6333 53 06Bully’s Pride2009
    G & P NorrisSkyblue CockN438 33 06Roman Blue Boy2009
    G & P NorrisDominant Pied Yellow Face Cobalt CockN438 41 07Roman Harlequin2009
    G & P NorrisYellow Face Grey CockN438 137 07Roman Little Ceaser2009
    G & P NorrisFull Circular Cinnamon Light Green CockN2000 39 06Roman Top Knot2009
    T & A LukeOpaline Skyblue HenTL1 10 09Goosnargh Belle2009
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Grey Green CockTL1 84 07Goosnargh Bow2009
    Norwood StudDark Green CockJP111 68 09Dark Mischief2009
    A & D WoanCinnamon Grey Green CockWOAN1 31 08Aldawn Cinnamon Charm2009
    Pooley & MeneerRecessive Pied Dark Green CockPD537 21 08Penmead Pride2009
    S BennettDominant Pied Dark Green CockB7196 14 08Pied Piper of Conner Down2009
    Knight & GordonLutino CockK1818 56 05Edgemoor Gold Dust2009
    Knight & GordonLight Green CockK1818 38 08Edgemoor Emerald2009
    K LeedhamOpaline Light Green CockL1833 17 06Longdon Pride2009
    P & D SpruceGrey Green CockSPUG1 77 08Cheyenne2009
    P WhiteSkyblue CockW3766 28 07Sherwood Raffles2009
    S BennettSpangle Grey CockB7196 16 08Spangle Prince of Connor Downs2009
    R NawarauckasGrey CockRN1 23 08Grey Prince of The Larg2009
    M RothlisbergerDark Green CockROTH1 13 07Grimmy2009
    Cy ThorneLutino CockCT1 3 07Sizzles Golden Wonder2009
    S & R ClarkeSlate Grey HenSRC1 101 06Broughton Hazel Doreen2009
    G & J Al-NasserOpaline Grey CockAA1088 163 07Evenstar’s Silver Pearl2009
    T & A LukeCinnamon Skyblue HenTL1 8 08“Goosenarghs Cinnamon Blue Lady”2008
    Freakley & AinleyDominant Pied Green CockFA1 31 07“Dude”2008
    D MossCircular Crest Albino HenM4631 26 08“Marguerite – Snow White”2008
    Thorpe & StanleyOpaline Skyblue HenLAD1 106 07“Ladi sings the Blue’s”2008
    Thorpe & StanleyLAD1 12 07“Buttercup Ladi”2008
    Thorpe & StanleyLAD1 17 07“Spicey Ladi”2008
    P DyeOpaline Grey Green CockD4013 64 07“Tarrazzo Opal Line Dancer”2008
    J DonovanGrey CockD3004 46 072008
    J DonovanSpangle Light Green CockD3004 64 082008
    Cheatley & AlcornFull Circular Crested Skyblue CockC5701 21 07“Dulcies Sunshine”2008
    R & M GoldsmithWhitewing Cobalt HenG3220 61 07“Suffolk Violet”2008
    P & R DyeOpaline Cinnamon Grey Green CockD4013 137“Tarrazzo Sinner Man”2008
    S & R ClarkeFull Circular Crested Skyblue CockMOP1 11 05“Broughton George”2008
    A HawksworthWhitewing Skyblue CockH5331 159 05“Blue Brothers”2008
    M & M ChapmanGreywing Light Green HenVMC1 10 08Marvic “That’s my Girl”2008
    W Orr WhitewingCobalt CockWORR1 32 06Orr Willies”Chaleur Son of Cloveridge Boy”2008
    Devey & WrightGrey Green CockDW100 29 06“Coppice Lad”2008
    A & D WoanOpaline Light Green CockWOAN1 26 07“Aldawn Opaline King”2008
    A & D Woan Dark Green CockWOAN1 66 06“Aldawn Dark Dream”2008
    A & D WoanGrey Yellow CockWOAN1 27 07“Aldawn Yellow Charmer”2008
    A & D WoanCinnamon Grey CockWOAN1 59 07“Aldawn Cinnamon Duke”2008
    J DonovanCinnamon Light Green CockD3004 20 052008
    J DonovanDominant Pied Light Green CockD3004 28 062008
    J DonovanSpangle Light Green CockD3004 25 062008
    J DonovanYellow Face Skyblue CockD3004 9 032008
    J DonovanDouble Factor Spangle Yellow HenD3004 46 062008
    J DonovanSpangle Skyblue CockD3004 108 072008
    D BurnettLight Green HenB5050 31 06Donlyn’s “Green Lady”2008
    D BurnettSkyblue CockB5050 65 07Donlyn’s “Blue Lady”2008
    D BurnettSkyblue CockB5050 94 02Donlyn’s “Man O’ War”2008
    D BurnettOpaline Grey Green CockB5050 98 04Donlyn’s “Green Elegance”2008
    D BurnettGrey CockB5050 35 06Donlyn’s “Grey Warrior”2008
    D BurnettOpaline Cobalt HenB5050 33 06Donlyn’s “Dancing Queen”2008
    D BurnettYellowface Grey HenB5050 75 05`Donlyn’s “Misty May”2008
    Norwood StudDark Green CockJP111 56 08“Dark Secret”2008
    D BurnettGrey Green CockB5050 68 06Donlyn’s “Chieftan”2008
    D BurnettGrey Green CockB5050 69 06Donlyn’s “The Hurricane”2008
    G & J Al-NasserSaddleback Violet Dark Green CockAA1088 17 08“Crofters’ Saddle”2008
    A WynessSkyblue CockW5206 52 07“Buchan Boy”2008
    Marshall & ShottonYellowface Skyblue HenLMDS1 37 07“Woodside Ray of Suunshine”2008
    Marshall & ShottonWhitewing Skyblue CockM4466 58 03“Woodside Little Big Man”2008
    D CurryOpaline Grey Green CockC4112 16 05“Pandanton Lucky Star”2008
    Freakley & AinleySpangle Grey Green CockFA1 124 06“Casper”2008
    Devey & WrightSkyblue CockDW100 134 07“Hatherton Star”2008
    J B HarveyOpaline Grey CockH5402 5 062008
    D SpruceYellowface Grey CockSPUG1 36 07“Apache”2008
    Cheatley & AlcornFull Circular Opaline Skyblue Dominant Pied CockC5701 102 05“Lennons Air”2008
    B SweetingGrey Green CockS5555 50 08Arlington Hamlet2008
    B SweetingLight Green CockS5555 97 07Arlington Oberon2008
    B SweetingSkyblue CockS5555 122 07Arlington Shylock2008
    B SweetingOpaline Grey CockS5555 125 06Arlington Macbeth2008
    B SweetingCinnamon Grey Green CockS5555 123 05Arlington Romeo2008
    B SweetingOpaline Grey Green CockS5555 53 05Arlington Othello2008
    B SweetingOpaline Cinnamon Light Green CockS5555 81 05Arlington King Lear2008
    B SweetingGrey Green CockS5555 238 04Arlington Sweeney Todd2008
    B SweetingSkyblue CockS5555 31 05Arlington Long John Silver2008
    B SweetingDominant Pied Cinnamon Skyblue CockS5555 192 05Arlington Jack Hawkins2008
    Newton & ShepherdsonOpaline Grey HenN1635 10 08Dairycoates Airlie Bird2008
    A & D WoanWhitewing Skyblue HenWOAN1 176 06“Aldawn Whitewing Queen”2007
    A & D WoanWOAN1 12 06“Aldawn Dominant Duchess”2007
    J A Oxby Opaline Dark Green CockO1027 109 05“St Peters Opaline Princess”2007
    I FordhamLSF345 147 052007
    I FordhamLSF345 42 072007
    A KellyOpaline Grey CockARK1 18 05“Jalna’s First Grey”2007
    W OrrWhitewing Cobalt CockWORR1 66 03Oor Willies “Clover Ridge Boy”2007
    S WildesAlbino CockW5786 33 00“Burtons Best al Snow from the firs”2007
    S WildesAlbino CockSAM1 13 04“Sam’s Finest Snowdrop from the firs”2007
    RA & MD GoldsmithWhitewing Cobalt HenG3220 2 05“Suffolk Bluebell”2007
    D AustinDominant Pied Skyblue CockA654 60 06“North Park Harlequin Blue”2007
    R Day Yellow Wing Dark Green CockD3640 113 05“Grenonrae Bally Duff”2007
    R DayAlbino CockD3640 21 05“Grenonrae Snowstorm”2007
    Norwood StudSpangle Grey Green CockJP111 71 04Norwoods “Star Appeal”2007
    M & M ChapmanDark Green Recessive Pied CockVMC1 137 05“Marvic Ace of Spades”2007
    M & M ChapmanCirc Crested Light Green CocKRU55 40 04“Charlemont Harry Potter”2007
    G WarrenLight Green CockW4792 71 03“Bryngwyn Delted”2007
    Huxley & MarchantGrey CockLH1546 126 04“Potters Ironstone Invincible”2007
    C & M WixonWhitewing Cobalt HenW1 16 04“Hera XVL”2007
    C & M WixonDark Green CockW1 191 04“Zeus CXC1”2007
    C & M WixonRecessive Pied Cobalt CockW1 5 04“Hermes V”2007
    Knight & GordonLutino CockK1818 48 06“Edgemoor Golden Pearl”2007
    C ThorneTexas Clearbody Light Green CockCT1 44 07“Sizzle’s Texan Big Boy”2007
    P & R DyeAlbino CockD4013 9 07“Tarrazzo White Knight”2007
    French & RatcliffeClearbody Grey CockGF2 13 06“Clearly George”2007
    French & RatcliffeClearbody Grey HenGF2 2 05“Clearly Kate”2007
    R & D GoldsmithYellow-Wing Dark Green CocKG3220 16 05“Suffolk Rose”2007
    G & J Al-NasserTufted Crest Skyblue CockAA1088 67 05“Crofters’ Presidential Jewel”2007
    P WhiteWhitewing Skyblue CockW3766 30 05“Sherwood Chameleon”2007
    M & M ChapmanRecessive Pied Sky Blue HenVMC1 7 06“Marvic Harlequin Princess”2007
    M & M ChapmanRecessive Pied Cobalt CockVMC1 59 06“Marvic Polka Dot King”2007
    R BrayWhitewing Cobalt CockROB1 106 05“Kingsholm Cobalt Sinbad”2007
    K FaganGrey CockKF1 2 07“The Stoatwobbler of Goose Green”2007
    K FaganGrey CockKF1 16 06“Jimbo of Goose Green”2007
    K FaganGrey Green CockKF1 61 06“Zinadine Zidane of Goose Green”2007
    K FaganOpaline Cinnamon Grey HenKF1 11 06“Ohalrightjustonemorepintthen of Goose Green”2007
    I SaundersLutino CockSZ599 3 05“Sunshine Gem”2007
    Huxley & MarchantOpaline Light Green Spangle CockLH1546 74 05“Potters Jasper Jollier”2007
    Huxley & MarchantDominant Pied Sky Blue CockH3889 59 05“Potters Kiln Fired King”2007
    Huxley & MarchantCinnamon Yell/face Grey CocKH3889 55 05“Potters Lythographer Lad”2007
    Huxley & MarchantYelowface Grey CockPOTT5 45 05“Potters Moorcraft Maarvel”2007
    Huxley & MarchantGrey CockLH1546 126 04“Potters Ironstone Invincible”2007
    A HawksworthWhitewing Skyblue CockH5331 118 05“Scouter Blue”2007
    T Neil GreywingLight Green CockN1588 44 05“Prince of Shanklin 2”2007
    R WattsYellowface Skyblue CockLSW1214 152 02“Woodham Bright Fletch”2007
    A & D WoanLight Green CockW4027 63 02Aldawn Emerald Prince”2007
    A & D WoanSpangle Skyblue HenW4027 87 05Aldawn Spangle Queen”2007
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Light Green HenTL1 90 05“Lady Caroline II”2007
    T & A LukeOpaline Cinnamon Light Green HenTL1 49 06“Lady Caroline III”2007
    T & A LukeGrey CockTL1 70 06“Goosnargh Grey”2007
    C N ParsonsCinnamon Skyblue CockPC999 53 03“Winterbourne Wonder”2007
    D EdwardsSkyblue CockE1613 45 04“Edwardian Mr Blue Sky”2006
    J NeilsonAlbino CockN1441 10 05“Ratho Mist”2006
    Thorpe & StanleyOpaline Cinnamon Light Green HenLAD1 85 05“Foxy Ladi”2006
    Thorpe & StanleyOpaline Grey CockLAD1 187 05“Ladi Killer”2006
    Thorpe & StanleyOpaline Grey White CockLAD1 19 05“Lazy Ladi Boy”2006
    C & D JonesGrey Green Full Circular CockCDJ1 7 04“Big John”2006
    C & D JonesSpangle Light Green CockCDJ1 163 03“Bardon Super Showman”2006
    C & D JonesDominant Pied Grey Green CockCDJ1 7 03“Bardon Big Boy”2006
    C & D JonesGrey CockCDJ1 87 03“Bardon Proud Boy”2006
    C & D JonesOpaline Grey CockCDJ1 107 02“Bardon Grafter”2006
    G & P NorrisEasley Light Green CockN438 18 06“Roman Jewel”2006
    R & M Miller Violet HenMIL1 16 05“Orchard Violet”2006
    D.T.DobsonOpaline Cinnamon Grey GreenYD363 34 01“Ayots Opaline Cinnamon Grey Green”2006
    Huxley & MarchantGrey CockH3889 99 04“Potters Heritage Harmony”2006
    K FaganDom Pied Op Grey Green CockKF1 33 05“Paul Daniels of Goose Green”2006
    B WilsonDom Pied Skyblue CockW5963 91 03“Norfolk Gem”2006
    A & D WoanGrey Green CockW4027 65 04“Aldawn Best Son”2006
    A & D WoanWhite Sky Blue CockW4027 13 05“Aldawn White Gem”2006
    G & P NorrisEasley Grey Green CockN438 66 04“King Tutt”2006
    G & P NorrisSky Blue CockN438 145 04“Just Blue”2006
    G & P NorrisLight Green CockN438 100 05“Moulton Enchantment”2006
    G & P NorrisYellowface Cinnamon Cobalt CockN438 31 05“Moulton Masterpiece”2006
    G & P NorrisYellowface Cinnamon Grey CockN438 33 05“Moulton Magic”2006
    G & P NorrisLutino HenN438 15 06“Grens All Gold”2006
    G & P NorrisLight Green CockN2000 34 05“Moulton Goliath”2006
    R & J Taylor & SonTexas Clearbody Skyblue HenT3000 135 04Taypool “Blue Mist”2006
    R & J Taylor & SonGrey Green CockT3000 29 04Taypool “Jam e Dodger”2006
    J DonovanOpaline Light Green Spangle CockD3004 153 042006
    M & M ChapmanRecessive Pied Dark Green CockVMC1 68 03“Marie Harlequin Prince”2006
    K FaganGrey CockKF1 13 06“Earl of Goose Green”2006
    A & A NewshamSpangle Light Green CockN1676 108 03“Cherrytree Chief”2006
    B SweetingOpaline Dark Green CockS5555 19 05“Arlington Peter Piper”2006
    B SweetingCinnamon Sky Blue HenS5555 107 04“Arlington Queen of Hearts”2006
    B SweetingLight Green CockS5555 186 05“Arlington Robin Hood”2006
    B SweetingDominant Pied Sky Blue CockS5555 36 04“Arlington Fagan”2006
    P WhiteCinnamon Light Green HenW3766 13 05“Sherwood Star”2006
    WS & L BancroftRecessive Pied Grey Green CockB845 5 01“Maundale Monarch”2006
    Huxley & MarchantGrey CockH3889 99 04“Potters Heritage Harmony”2006
    K FaganDom Pied Op Grey Green CockKF1 33 05“Paul Daniels of Goose Green”2006
    B WilsonDom Pied Skyblue CockW5963 91 03“Norfolk Gem”2006
    M & M ChapmanGrey Green CockVMC1 72 05“Marvic Bertie’s Delight”2006
    R WiltshireGrey Yellow CockWW49 103 03“Lucky Boy”2006
    K FaganGolden Face Grey CockKF1 225 06“Dudleys’s Midas Touch of Goose Green”2006
    K FaganOpaline Grey CockKF1 51 06“Billy the Kidder of Goose Green”2006
    K FaganGrey Green CockKF1 61 06“Zinedine Zidane of Goose Green”2006
    K FaganGrey CockKF1 16 06“Jimbo of Goose Green”2006
    Ritchie, Quigley & WatsonGrey Green Dom Pied CockBW1 53 03“RQW3 – Pride of Woodside”2006
    M & D PriceOpaline Light Green CockPE210 4 01“The Green Mile”2006
    Norwood StudOpaline Grey Green CockJP111 235 03Norwood’s “What a Cracker”2005
    S & R ClarkeLutino CockJ2726 92 01Broughton Raymondo2005
    M MisterLight Green CockM5402 44 01Hercules Mr Green2005
    E KnightLutino CockK1818 66 03“Edgemoor Golden Boy”2005
    J T LundLutino CockNL4 56 01“Holmedale Ted”2005
    J & L McGeehanDominant Pied Grey Green CockJLM1 61 01“Whistling Jock”2005
    J & L McGeehanSpangle Light Green CockJLM1 16 02Mariona “Braemar Prince”2005
    G & J Al-NasserYellow-wing Dark Green CockAA1088 109 02“Crofters Clear Delight”2005
    D & E BurnettLight Green CockB5050 17 05Donlyn’s “Green Sensation”2005
    D & E BurnettGrey Green CockB5050 93 04Donlyn’s “Dark Destroyer”2005
    D & E BurnettGrey CockB5050 107 04Donlyn’s “Grey Storm”2005
    D & E BurnettGreywing Light Green CockB5050 2 05Donlyn’s “The Joker”2005
    A & D WoanDominant Pied Light Green CockW4027 78 03“Aldawn Dominant Duke”2005
    A & D WoanOpaline Grey Green CockW4027 34 01“Aldawn Opaline Gem”2005
    A & D WoanOpaline White Sky Blue CockW4027 95 02“Aldawn White Delight”2005
    Thorpe & StanleyOpaline Light Green HenLAD1 38 04“Lad1bird”2005
    M & M ChapmanGrey Green CockVMC1 77 03“Marvic Black Prince”2005
    AR & TR TerheegeCinnamon Sky Blue CockT2968 126 03“Hemingsford Lad”2005
    AR & TR TerheegeOp Cinnamon Light Green CockTA1 67 04“Confetti Bliss”2005
    G WarrenLight Green CockW4792 71 03“Bryngwyn Deleted”2005
    Burne & CrooksGrey CockB2996 106 03“Stormin Norman”2005
    B SweetingLight Green Dominant Pied CockS5555 93 02“Arlington Davy Crocket”2005
    B SweetingGrey Dominant Pied HenS5555 28 05“Arlington Princess Leah”2005
    B SweetingGrey CockS5555 137 04“Arlington Artful Dodger”2005
    B SweetingD/F Spangle Yellow CockS5555 15 05“Arlington Luke Skywalker”2005
    B SweetingLutino CockS5555 108 02“Arlington Oliver Twist”2005
    B SweetingGrey Green CockS5555 201 04“Arlington Darth Vader”2005
    T & A LukeD/F Spangle White CockTL1 35 03“Goosnarghs Tailess Wonder”2005
    T & A LukeGrey Green CockTL1 18 04“Goosnarghs Pride”2005
    T & A LukeSpangle Grey CockTL1 13 03“Goosnarghs Flying Scotsman”2005
    T & A LukeOpaline Grey CockTL1 72 04“Goosnarghs Opal”2005
    A McPhailOpaline Skyblue CockSM316 25 02“Lawfield Flying Scotsman”2005
    I SaundersLutino CockSZ599 3 05“Sunshine Gem”2005
    J GrubbGreywing Grey Green CocKJG11 14 03“Bluecoat Sammy of Doncaster”2005
    A CameronOp/Cin/ D Green Crest CockCDJ1 108 00“The Jones Boy”2005
    G & P NorrisGrey CockN438 29 05“Moulton Victory”2005
    G & P NorrisLutino CockN2000 31 02“Moulton Yellow Perfection”2005
    G & J Al-NasserCircular Crest Dark Green CockAA1088 9 03“Crofters Malachite”2005


  • Breeder of the Year 2022

    Last Up-Dated  11th December 2022

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    F C & J McGovern  FCJM1981
    J Newall  N1708892
    Terheege Partnership  TA1883
    Ackers & Bird  NICKY1404
    G Williams  W4281404
    I Weeks  WEEK5386
    K & B Batey B3960357
    S Cox  C3564338
    G & J al-Nasser   AA1088319
    D Sturzaker  S58422510
    S Rich  R36712311
    G Bowley  B26882311
    A & D Woan  WOAN12013
    S & N Wildes  SAM12013
    J Ross  JR011615
    R Watts  WATT51615
    T & A Luke  TL11517
    P Reaney  R25141517
    R Staig  S39901517
    R McCabe  M39761020
    T Sadler  S54511020
    T & S Haywood  TH1111020
    R & M Miller  MIL11020
    B Blackmore  BGB11020
    R Aplin  RA461020
    M Jarrold  LSJ3451020
    S & R Clarke  SRC11020
    J Cosby C50991020
    K Humphries  KH1829
    A Haynes  H3843829
    P Merritt  M5815829
    K Tart  T2151829
    A Piper PC607829
    M Kiff  K1650534
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Scammell  S69151381
    White Rose Partnership  WRP4452
    K Lewis  L3166403
    P & S Stevens  S6948354
    A Wilkinson  W6170305
    R H Ford  RHF4256
    S Platts   PLAT1256
    T & P Leedham  L3215256
    J LeMarquand  L3148209
    R Nichols  N14351510
    C Vernall  V4741510
    L Davies  D40951012
    E Littlehales  L23541012
    G Kitchener  KB11012
    Gilmartin & Harrison  G4191012
    T Jackson  J28491012
    J Mould  JEM11012
    M Tarq  T32691012
    C Brickell  B71451012
    P & A Partnership  PE7311012
    R Clements  C4638821
    K Fewlass  KT1522
    R Vallis  V444522
    S West  W6100522
    D Harrison  H5153522
    M George G3898522
    K Allford  A958522
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    G Morgan  GAR1651
    C Vasey   VASEY1452
    S Andrews  BLOND1403
    D Norman  N1717384
    S Horner  H5542355
    S & R Roberts  STU2306
    A & C Wood  W6258257
    G Hawthorn  H6068208
    R Wilson  W5335208
    G Kane  K2136208
    A Pearson  PE758208
    D Moody  M60971812
    C Clarke  CHRI51513
    J & D Faram  FC5571513
    J Wrighton  W62601315
    L Underwood  U2051016
    I Ladd  L33001016
    M Burns  MB7461016
    M Strong  S7112519
    G Radford  R2978519
    A Sutherland  S6904519
    J & T Baird  B7528519
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Ginge GINGE11001
    Z & H Johnson  ZOE1802
    Miss E Vasey  EMILY1353
    J C Clark  JCC1254
    L McIntosh  M6125254
    J Allford-Williams  A1061156
    I Hamilton   H6084156
    Miss T Newson  N1758108
    A Williams  A1061108


  • Breeder of The Year 2019

    League Tables

    Updated on the 23rd December 2019

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    F C & J McGovern FCJM11741
    S Rich R36711072
    G & J Al-Nasser AA10881053
    The Terheege Partnership TA11053
    A & D Woan WOAN1905
    D Tutty DT100476
    P Barber B5744437
    R Staig S3990388
    R Heylen HMN1359
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell DF12910
    Tuplin & Edwards ET12511
    I & S Ainley ISA12511
    J Lund L27572511
    T & A Luke TA12314
    A Thorpe AND12314
    R & M Miller MIL12016
    Newall & Black N17081717
    J & T Ross JTR11618
    C Thorne CT11519
    J Cosby C50991519
    M & D Walker MDW11519
    R Warrender MW5001519
    Shepherdson & Adamson SHEP61323
    I Weeks WEEK51323
    K Tart T21511323
    P White W37661226
    J Benn B64521027
    B Reese R3563928
    J Moore M4059829
    T& S Haywood TH111829
    A & G Adams ADAM5829
    S Bailey B34829
    I Thorogood T2816829
    G Carter C5037829
    H Wind WIND1535
    J Bowey B5589535
    B Carter C5793535
    D Page PE269535
    S Beach B4596535
    G Williams W4381535
    P Reaney R2514241
    A Piper PC607241
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Burns B72861081
    J Scammell S6915672
    A Lovack ADY1593
    M Bannister B7370554
    J & D Lindsey L2448465
    J Gillan SJG1306
    T Jackson J2849306
    K Lewis L3166278
    J Folly FOLL1269
    P Robinson PR12510
    R Nichols N14352011
    P & S Stevens S69482011
    M Gray G28201513
    G Ball GBA111513
    A Young Y4111513
    K White W53311513
    Smith & Price NEAL11513
    Heptinstall & Wheeler IDH11318
    B Smith S54311019
    N Cawley C55011019
    D Hart H60131019
    N R Porter PE2001019
    J Buick B7201623
    Flintham, Clay & Crow FC554623
    S & J Gillan SJG1623
    K Fewlass FC450526
    I Voce V434526
    J Griffiths G3526526
    S McGrath GRAF4526
    Brettell & Atkinson MAA51526
    P Harden PH1526
    P Tiller T3103526
    D Whitehead W6003526
    T Buckett B7288526
    M Bingham M5775526
    M & K Spencer MK5526
    B Merrison MER1526
    C W Brickell526
    M Anzara A796526
    R M Hemingway H5159526
    R Marston   M5460526
    F Clemens C5862242
    J Davies D4165143
    S West W6100143
    D Horton H5475143
    D Snell S6146143
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    N Bird NICKY11241
    G Morgan M6093982
    S Platts PLAT1493
    A Perks PE441354
    S Geary G3916285
    R Ford RHF4256
    J Ashby JDA1256
    Briggs & Williams TIM1208
    A Fraser FC601208
    M Tariq T3269208
    S & S Cowling C6121208
    T Barron ATB1231512
    R Redden RMR111512
    J & D Faram FC5571512
    C & T O’Connor O1111512
    S McFayden MC11512
    C Thorne CT11512
    G Paine PE7311512
    R Richardson R41081512
    J Wrighton W62601320
    A Sutherland S69041121
    C & K Bellows B70271022
    J Moir M60371022
    D Harrison H51531022
    C Matthews CMM11022
    G Whittington W62281022
    K Smith S63931022
    S Magdzinski M60921022
    D Foulstone FC584829
    J Gambles G3827730
    K Cocks C5881631
    J Mould JEM1532
    G Pringle PE387532
    N McMillan M6048532
    K Lambourne L3227532
    D Walton DW2532
    G Hawthorn H6068532
    B Bruce B7016532
    D Norman N1717532
    J Fordham FC618532
    J Wesson W6223532
    O & S Williams W6208532
    R Willmore W6199532
    T & M Barfoot B7466532
    A Moreton MAD3145
    J Johnson JGJ13145
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Ginge GINGE11851
    Z & H Johnson ZOE1912
    J Clark JCC1803
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks K2122784
    R Sutton S7097385
    K Felvus FC602306
    E Currie C6101207
    L McIntosh N6125168
    T Newson N1758159
    D Huws H6041159
    C Gibson GIB1611
    L Cooper C6065512
    M Cochrane SC666512
    G Cairns NC29512
    D McRoberts M6124512
    L Rochester R4142216
    E Edwards E2238117
    L Leinweber L3302117

  • Breeder of The Year 2018

    League Tables

    Updated on the 19th December 2018  (Includes Club Show Points)

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    T & A Luke TL11641
    G Carter C50371172
    R & M Miller   MIL11003
    H & D Hockaday HOCK1534
    G & P Norris   N438455
    G & A Moore M4684426
    A Haynes H3843407
    Widdowson & Wilson W3553407
    A & D Woan WOAN1389
    V Wills   VW13510
    D Sturzaker S58423311
    R Warrender MW5003012
    S Rich R36713012
    R J & W Bowker BOWK53012
    C Hickman H55263012
    F C & J McGovern FCJM13012
    J McLeman M58032417
    G Hale H54282318
    S Gage SGS12318
    Thomas & Wall TW11720
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell DF11621
    R Aplin RA461522
    R J Allen RJA11522
    D G Bowley   B26881522
    G & J Al-Nasser AA10881522
    R Nawarauckas RN11326
    J Benn B64521326
    Terheege Parnership TA11128
    D Page PE269829
    T & S Haywood   TH111829
    A Piper   PC607829
    N Philips   NORMA1829
    J Newall N1708733
    A Edden ANDY5634
    Rodgerson Brothers R1800535
    Huxley & Marchant POTT5535
    R Stancliffe RS1535
    J & L McGeecham JML1535
    Freakley & Ainley   FA1535
    B Greenway   G3323535
    J Davis   D3407535
    P D White W2766535
    A & G Adams ADAM5535
    S Lambert L2328535
    A J Higgins   H5514535
    P White   W3766535
    D Leadbetter   L3088347
    G Warren W4792248
    M Berry B4686248
    R Fern   FS1248
    B Reese R3563248
    Tuplin & Edwards WAVE7248
    G T Hughes   H5695248
    K Shillings   S5715248
    G Capes   GC1155
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Burns B7286721
    T Jeffrey J2919382
    R Thwaite   T2834382
    Smith & Price P866364
    A Lovack ADY1355
    P Robinson PR1355
    J Folly FOLL1355
    J Buick B7021338
    A Oliver O956309
    G E Mellor M42062510
    D Hart H60132510
    J Scammell S69152412
    P & S Stevens   S69482213
    L Thompson T28142114
    J Edwards WAVE72015
    M Bingham B56242015
    T Jackson   J28492015
    Flintham & Clay FC5541718
    D Snell S61461619
    D Jukes J29601520
    Cheatley & Alcorn C57011520
    Heptinstall & Wheeler IDH11022
    S & J Gillan SJG11022
    R Marston M54601022
    B Smith S54311022
    D Randall R21022
    A McKendrick ASM11022
    G Mellor M42061022
    T Buckett B72881022
    K Sykes   KS11830
    S West   W6100731
    C Little L2969532
    K Lewis L3166532
    T Campbell TC46532
    J Griffiths G3526532
    Swain & Ford   SUE2532
    A Kidger K2113532
    C Brickell B7145532
    N R Porter PE200532
    R Hemingway H5159532
    M Anzara   A796532
    B Merrison MER1532
    C & L Dailey CLD1532
    D Whitehead   W6003144
    A Brooks   B6714144
    M Hemingway H5159144
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    M Bannister B73701051
    J & D Faram FC557982
    D Norman N1717373
    G E Chadwick C5955364
    J Ashby JDA1355
    K Cocks C5881355
    D Harrison H5153287
    M Milton MM1278
    A Andrews AJA1259
    T & P Leedham L32152010
    J R Jarvis J29552010
    C Sutton S68762010
    R Nicholls N14351513
    J Gambles G38271513
    M Small S61451513
    J Johnson   JGJ131513
    M & K Spencer MKS171017
    A Watson W62051017
    L Main LE5881017
    M Gruby G33331017
    D Short DG5221017
    A Perks PE4411017
    S Smith S51821017
    W Palfrey WAP1824
    G Paine PE731625
    G Whitington W6228625
    G Ball GBA11527
    D Evans DE1527
    J LeMarquand L3148527
    Neilson & Steel N1701527
    A Sutherland S6904527
    B Spendley   S7085527
    A Wilkinson W6170527
    K Featherstone   KF4527
    J Purvis SP365527
    G Ball BA11527
    R Spencer S6771527
    A McNutt   M6932527
    D Collins C6016339
    F Clemens   C5862240
    J Jarvis J2955141
    D Horton H5475141
    E Chadwick C5955141
    P Lea L2805141
    K Handy   H5941141
    J Garratt G3811141
    A Thomas T3340141
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    G Morgan WM55711
    A & C Wood W6271602
    R Ford RHF4443
    N Bird NICKY1404
    S Platts PLAT1375
    M Noquet N1770306
    W Thorogood WEND1257
    S Clements CW4257
    M Fitchett FC585239
    G Stones GFS12010
    D Black B60842010
    S Geary   G39162010
    A Moreton MAD31613
    G Simpson S70931514
    S Levitt   L32701514
    O & S Williams W62081216
    E Olbison O11301017
    J Dixon JD21017
    S Adams A9721017
    D Ham   H58131017
    M Hameed H60761017
    N Watson W62661017
    C Matthews M60511017
    J Wesson W62231017
    J Wrighton W6260725
    G Kane   K2136626
    P & G Pidd   PE659626
    Julien & Yule JY1528
    A Fraser FC601528
    J Moir M6037528
    S & C McFayden MC1528
    C Rosser CJR1528
    D Martin M5958528
    B & S Wright   BSW1528
    A Scott S6986528
    S Stirling S6927528
    J Scott   S7158528
    M Strong   S7112528
    V Sands   S7076528
    B Hill   H5172528
    F Ockerby O1139528
    S Magdzinski M6092528
    J Morrow M5353528
    S Cowling   C5814528
    P Wood PW81245
    M George   G3898146
    Gilbert & Knapman146
    K Crow   C4420146
    K Barnes   B7417146
    M & T Dell   D4411146
    P Denison   D4417146
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    Z Johnson ZOE11101
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks K21221032
    L Cooper C6065953
    R Sutton S7097624
    T Newson N1758505
    J Clark JCC1406
    C Major M6039207
    F Glennie G3921158
    L McIntosh M6125158
    M & B Roberts MBR1158
    O Staples S70421011
    R McCrone M6121512
    V Mansfield M5112512
    E Currie C6101512
    G Kenealy K2134512
    L Rochester R4096216
    A Varcoe   V596117
    E Edwards   E2238117
    L Dell D4466117

  • Breeder of The Year 2017

    League Tables

    Updated on the 21st December 2017

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    F C & J McGovern  FCJM11841
    FishShep & Partners   832
    AR & TR Terheege  TA1733
    C Hickman   H5526634
    S Rich   R3671555
    A & D Woan  WOAN1486
    P & A Barber  B5744486
    R Steele    S2225478
    Ellis & Mathews   TJE1478
    T & A Luke     TL14510
    J Newall  N17084011
    G & J Al-Nasser  AA10883912
    Huxley & Marchant  POTT53813
    G & P Norris   N4383813
    Smith & Price  NEAL13813
    D Guppy DD23016
    G Hughes  H56952517
    R & M Miller   MIL12318
    K & B Batey   B39602019
    K Tart   T21511520
    G T Williams  W42811520
    R Aplin   RA461520
    D Critchlow  C55661520
    R Payne  PD1761520
    Freakley & Ainley FA11325
    D Starling  DS11226
    G & K Wills    W55411127
    A Haynes  H3843828
    T & S Hatwood  TH111828
    Thomas & Wall  TW1828
    R J & W Bowker   BOWK5828
    R Nawarackas   RN1828
    M Frost  FB754828
    K Morrison   KIRK1828
    P White   W3766828
    J Bullement  B6333536
     M Freeborn  FREB0536
    D Scott  S6516536
    J Benn   B6452536
    S & R Clarke SRC1536
    B Reese   R3563341
    R Fern    FS1242
    D Leadbetter  L3088242
    D Tutty   DT100242
    K Shilling   S5715242
    A Piper   PC607242
    S & J Blakey   B6766147
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    A Lovack  ADY11381
    B & F Mills  M5090632
    P & S Stevens  S6948613
    P Merritt   M5818504
    P Robinson      PR1405
    Smith & Price  NEAL1386
    J Scammell  S6915367
    J Burns   B7286278
    G Ludlow  L2606209
    S & J Gillan   SJG11710
    A Kidger  K21171511
    E Littlehales   L23541511
    Cheatley & Alcorn   C57011511
    G D Quiney  Q821114
    R Brockenshire   B62811114
    G & A Hill    GAM11016
    M Dean D35131016
    M Thomson   T33021016
    J Folly   FOLL11016
    A & D White W54881016
    R Marston   M54601016
    G Mellor  M42061016
    K Fewlass    FC450823
    C & L Newson   CLN1624
    N Clark   C5476525
    R Melling   MEL1525
    J Buick  B7201525
    W Howie   H5854525
    A D White  W5488525
    D Jukes   J2960525
    T Jeffrey   J2919525
    Brettell & Atkinson   MAAS1525
    M Anzara   A796525
    P Burgess   B6463525
    C & L Dailey   CLD1525
    J & D Lindsay   L2448525
    D McKeown   SKY5525
    B Merrison   MER1525
    G & C Dean   D4288139
    R Carson  C5887139
    G Treneery   T3014139
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    M Bannister  B7370801
    C Bruton  CB1602
    Flintham & Clay  FC554593
    M Milton  MM1574
    D & J Faram  FC557555
    Heptinstall & Wheeler  IDH1456
    J & D Buchan   B7345327
    B Smith S5431308
    G Ball  GBA11308
    J Edwards   WAVE72110
    M Hockey   H58612011
    N Masham   M49832011
    N Cawley  C55011513
    K Lewis   L31661513
    J Johnson   J26731513
    S Smith   S771513
    M Hemingway    H51591513
    D Sutherland  S69851018
    J Gambles   G38271018
    N Carman   C47891018
    K Featherstone  KF41018
    R McGlynn   M1011018
    S Smith   S51821018
    W Mear    M55821018
    K Bettney    KEV1525
    C Little      L2969525
    J Le-Marquand  L3148525
    B Taylor   BEN10525
    N Fawcett   FC556525
    D Taylor   T3242525
    G Simmons   S6906525
    J Ashby   JDA1525
    P Harden  (PH1)525
    N Wheatley   W6167525
    C Brickell   B7145525
    S Kinninmouth-Wicks   K2083525
    G Whittington   W6228525
    M Lewis   L2880238
    A Harris    H5823139
    P Roberts   R3991139
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    W Gordon  WPG1901
    G Paine   PE731662
    D Norman  N1717553
    R Ford   RHF4404
    M Briggs  MJB1355
    K & T Walker  KTW1355
    S Platts    PLAT1307
    J Dixon  JD2258
    A Moreton   MAD3258
    T & P Leedham   L3215258
    M Fitchett  FC5852011
    K Crow   C44201812
    A Perks  PE4411513
    A & C Woods   W62711513
    N Watson   W62661015
    G Critchley   GC531015
    M Cooper   C55891015
    C Pellowe   PE7521015
    K Bolwell  BOL11015
    P & G Pidd   PE659620
    J Kilkenny   K2115521
    G Stanley   S6807521
    R Willmore  W6199521
    G Griffiths G3909521
    Julian & Yule  J3034521
    K Lyons   L3261521
    D Black   B6084521
    A Reid   R4068521
    J McKenna   M6002521
    P Senior   S7016521
    K Dixon   D4446521
    B Fysh   FC567521
    J Wheeler   W6265521
    Roberts & Williams   RAW1521
    N Holt   NEA1521
    K Adamson  A985521
    F Pilbeam   PE709521
    R Willmore   W6199521
    J Wrighton  W6260239
    G Morgan  WM35140
    P Wood   PW81140
    Gilbert & Knapman   GK1140
    G Knapman   GK1140
    T Cole    C5870140
    W Palfrey   WAP1140
    W Wrihton   W6260140
    J Garratt   G3811140
    P Curtis   P909140
    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Clark  C6006901
    L Cooper  C6065652
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks K2122553
    G Cairns   C6089454
    O Williams  W6208425
    T Newson   N1758366
    A & R Sutton  S7097366
    B Stevens   S7066338
    E Reid   R4085259
    J Evans Lee   E2231259
    Z Johnson   ZOE12011
    C Gibson   G39101012
    M Roberts   MBR11012
    C Major  M60391012
    C Moir   M60961012
    C Elliott   CE11012
    C Sutton   S7046517
    A Varcoe   V596517
    E Edwards   E2238119
    J Berry   B7460119

  • Breeder of The Year 2016

    Final League Tables

    Updated on the 20/2/17

    Champion Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    T & A Luke TL12251
    C Hickman H55261362
    F,C&J McGovern FCJM11003
    Fisher & Shepherdson DF1614
    A & D Woan Woan1385

    Intermediate Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    S & J Gillan SJG1671
    S & B Squires S6888552
    J Burns B7286473
    Smith & Price P866434
    D Jukes D2960405

    Novice Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    Heptinstall & Wheeler IDH1761
    A J Andrews AJA1402
    P & S Stevens S6948353
    R Melling MEL1353
    D Sutherland S6985315
    K Lewis L3166315

    Beginner Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    D Norman N1717751
    J Buchan B7345552
    B Taylor BEN10403
    A Perks PE441403
    G Paine PE731325

    Junior Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    Z Johnson ZOE11101
    A Sutton S7097802
    O Williams W6208623
    J Clark C6006554
    M Hubbuck H6012255
    L Cooper C6065255
    C Wood W6271255
    E Reid R4085255

  • Breeder of The Year 2015

    Final Table

    Champion Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    A & D Woan WOAN11021
    G Corser G2580732
    Huxley & Marchant POTT5633
    R & M Miller MIL1554
    A Piper PC607465

    Intermediate Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    S & B Squires S68881291
    J & C Huxley JCH7832
    T Price P866503
    B & F Mills M5090434
    S Wilson W6085305
    M Anzara305

    Novice Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    S & J Gillan SJG1921
    A Andrews AJA1712
    Hepinstall & Wheeler IDH1383
    B Buckley B7273354
    W Howie H5854354

    Beginner Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Sawyer S70381111
    M Milton MM1502
    J Kilkenny K2115502
    J & D Faram FC557404
    G Black B7435385

    Junior Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    C Wood W62711151
    M Hubbock H6012502
    B Stevens S7066423
    A Bird B7425404
    O Williams W6208365

  • Breeder of The Year 2014

    Final Tables

    Champion Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    R & M Milller MIL1861
    A & J Newall N1708522
    A Piper PC607513
    R, J & W Bowker BOWK5504
    R Winsper RW2485

    Intermediate Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J McGovern JOMC71431
    S & B Squires S68881012
    R Hooper RH1653
    J Mcleman M5803544
    B & F Mills M5090405

    Novice Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    S & J Gillan SJG11421
    B Buckley B7273582
    T Price P866433
    J Buick B7201364
    J Edwards WAVE7355

    Beginner Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    D & J Faram FC5571201
    A Andrews AJA1952
    J Buchan B7345403
    D Harding DH7304
    N Fawcett FC556275

    Junior Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    D Norman N17171251
    A & O Hickman H5859952
    S Finlay FC507753
    O Williams W6208464
    O Edwards E2214355

  • Breeder of The Year 2013

    Final League Tables

    Champion Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    J Rogers R32881131
    Thomas & Wall TW1812
    Rowell & Heighton R2736803
    G & A Moore M4684774
    P Redford RAD1755

    Intermediate Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    B & F Mills M5090631
    G Shepherdson SHEP6502
    K Moorhouse KVM1453
    R J & W Bowker BOWK5454
    S Sanderson S6487405
    S Wilson W6085406

    Novice Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    S & B Squires S68881211
    J & C Huxley JCH7802
    Ward & Rogers W6137503
    J Scammell S6915305
    A Whitman AJW1305
    B Lowe BKL1305

    Beginner Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    R Cartridge RCD76651
    J Edwards WAVE7582
    C Bruton B7280513
    W Moore M5926404
    M Newsome N1741355

    Junior Section

    Name & Exhibitors CodePointsRank
    S Finlay FC507901
    D Norman N1717802
    H Elliott E2200503
    J Buchan B7345404
    A Cluckie C5892265

  • 2019 CC Tables

    League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.(except Pairs & Teams)

    LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED 24th December 2019

    Light Greens
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Rich1111
    A & D Woan512
    Smith & Price502
    P Barber404
    D Burnett404
    A Piper404
    J Wrighton404
    G Carter308
    Huxley & Marchant308
    G T Williams308
    A Lovack308
    J Scammell308
    J Burns308
    J Benn2114
    Shepherdson & Adamson2014
    P Robinson2014
    The Terheege Partnership2014
    Newall & Black2014
    G Paine2014
    R Tickle2014
    F C & J McGovern2014
    I Thorogood2014
    P Reaney1023
    M & D Walker1023
    S & B Squires1023
    R Watkins1023
    J & D Faram1023
    P Wood1023
    J & D Buchan1023
    T & A Luke1023
    J Lawrie1023
    R Nicholls1023
    D Leadbetter1023
    J Ashby1023
    G Smith1023
    G Bowley1023
    T Buckett1023
    S Clements1023
    T & S Haywood1023
    Rogerson Brothers1023
    B Toon1023
    K Burnett1023
    N Bird1023
    B Reese1023
    F Wright1023
    K Lewis1023
    Dark Factor Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Buick801
    The Terheege Partnership712
    I Weeks663
    G Carter524
    B Close514
    F C & J McGovern446
    Jones Hughes & Ackers406
    D Tutty406
    D Hart339
    N Bird339
    K & T Walker2211
    C Hickman2211
    T & P Leedham2211
    A Dutton2111
    A & G Adams2111
    S & J Gillan2011
    J & D Lindsey2011
    A & D Woan2011
    J Lawrie2011
    R Campbell2011
    G T Williams2011
    P White2011
    R G Ward1123
    R Nicholls1123
    R Sutton1123
    T & S Haywood1123
    Julien & Yule1123
    B K & A Scott1123
    A Piper1123
    A Moreton1123
    P Barber1123
    Newall & Black1123
    J A Baker1023
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks1023
    S & B Squires1023
    P Redford1023
    S Kinninmonth1023
    W Bailey1023
    B Reese1023
    T Neil1023
    R Nawarauckas1023
    Briggs & Williams1023
    Z & H Johnson1023
    D & V Avo1023
    Gilbert & Knapman1023
    J Burns1023
    D Ham1023
    Tuplin & Edwards1023
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    The Terheege Partnership1151
    A & D Woan512
    J Burns443
    F C & J McGovern423
    Newall & Black423
    A & G Adams403
    P Barber337
    J Benn327
    D Leadbetter307
    P Merritt307
    R Nawarauckas307
    S Rich2212
    A Moreton2212
    R Tickle2112
    Tuplin & Edwards2112
    K Lewis2112
    R & M Miller2112
    K Burnett2112
    P White2012
    T & S Haywood2012
    Gilbert & Knapman2012
    J Gillan2012
    D Burnett2012
    S Wilson1124
    Jones Hughes & Ackers1124
    J Scammell1124
    G Morgan1124
    I Weeks1124
    C Bonnett1124
    J & T Ross1124
    Briggs & Williams1124
    J Bowey1124
    I Standley1124
    G Capes1024
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1024
    C Hickman1024
    J Bishop1024
    N Wheatley1024
    R Allen1024
    D Hurford1024
    J Le Marquand1024
    N Bird1024
    G Smith1024
    S Clements1024
    D Norman1024
    R Fern1024
    D Rowell1024
    I & S Ainley1024
    G Carter1024
    P Reaney1024
    L Pennick1024
    T Jeffrey1024
    D Swann1024
    P & M Harvey1024
    R Townsend1024
    J Folly1024
    S & J Gillan1024
    Dark Factor Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    N Bird1201
    P White622
    The Terheege Partnership443
    P Merritt403
    J Wrighton335
    F C & J McGovern315
    K & T Walker315
    A Haynes305
    B Reese305
    Jones Hughes & Ackers305
    A & D Woan2211
    Ellis & Purdue2211
    S Bailey2111
    S & J Gillan2011
    T & L Jukes2011
    D Hurford2011
    J Gillan2011
    D & P Herring2011
    G T Williams1119
    G D Quiney1119
    M Strong1119
    B Sweeting1119
    R Warrender1119
    R Cozens1119
    T & S Haywood1119
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks1119
    Z & H Johnson1119
    T Pope1119
    I & S Ainley1119
    A Dicker1119
    P Barber1119
    H Wind1119
    F Clemens1119
    T & P Leedham1119
    R Nicholls1119
    J Ginge1119
    L & S Devaney1019
    G Smith1019
    R McGlynn1019
    I Voce1019
    R & M Miller1019
    A McPhail1019
    G Carter1019
    A Edden1019
    K & B Batey1019
    M Freeborn1019
    E Spenceley1019
    D Forbes1019
    M Jarrold1019
    Rogerson Brothers1019
    Julien & Yule1019
    J & T Ross1019
    S & J Blakey1019
    G Carr1019
    R Redden1019
    K Shillings1019
    Dark Factor Specialist & Rare Shows
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & P Norris201
    D & L Rafis201
    S & R Clarke113
    R Ford113
    Julien & Yule103
    D Game103
    D Whitehead103
    J Prothero103
    J Cosby103
    Grey Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    The Terheege Partnership12101
    A & D Woan932
    J Scammell653
    F C & J McGovern424
    B Reese424
    G Carter336
    D Leadbetter336
    R & M Miller316
    R Ford306
    J Davies306
    S Bailey306
    Tuplin & Edwards2212
    I & S Ainley2212
    Newall & Black2212
    F Wright2212
    D Bush2212
    D Collins2012
    Huxley & Marchant2012
    M Small2012
    D Tutty2012
    P Barber1121
    T & S Haywood1121
    C & K Bellows1121
    T & A Luke1121
    J & T Ross1121
    S Geary1121
    K Tart1121
    J Gambles1121
    P Reaney1121
    A Lovack1121
    P White1121
    J Ginge1121
    D Sturzaker1021
    A McPhail1021
    R Fern1021
    F Thomas1021
    D Burnett1021
    Thomas & Wall1021
    B Smith1021
    J McLeman1021
    P Redford1021
    P Robinson1021
    F Clemens1021
    K Leedham1021
    Ulyatt & Warman1021
    Smith & Price1021
    M Kiff1021
    G T Williams1021
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Rich811
    A & D Woan811
    J Burns663
    F C & J McGovern643
    D Tutty555
    I & S Ainley515
    S Platts427
    C Hickman407
    D Leadbetter407
    J Lawrie407
    R Staig3311
    H Wind3111
    J McLeman3011
    J Scammell3011
    A Piper3011
    D Burnett3011
    K Lewis2217
    A Thorpe2217
    G Morgan2217
    P Barber2017
    Smith & Price2017
    W Bailey2017
    J Moir1123
    T & A Luke1123
    R Sutton1123
    K Cocks1123
    P Merritt1123
    M Gulley1123
    N Bird1123
    J Stainforth1023
    R McGlynn1023
    B Greenway1023
    Huxley & Marchant1023
    G Mellor1023
    G Carter1023
    A Young1023
    J & T Ross1023
    K Tart1023
    Rogerson Brothers1023
    P Watts1023
    G Murrells1023
    J Folly1023
    T & P Leedham1023
    Opaline Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    N Bird771
    K Cocks662
    T & A Luke612
    I Weeks602
    A & D Woan445
    A Lovack445
    N fawcett405
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell338
    P & T Dye338
    The Terheege Partnership318
    A Edden308
    J McLeman308
    P Robinson308
    M Frost308
    F C & J McGovern2215
    R Warrender2215
    W & K Aitken2215
    R Winsper2215
    J & T Ross2215
    Flintham, Clay & Crow2015
    M Freeborn2015
    R Marston2015
    A Perks1123
    R J Allen1123
    Shepherdson & Adamson1123
    S & B Squires1123
    M Barber1123
    P Barber1023
    F Ockerby1023
    R Payne1023
    S Adams1023
    B Sweeting1023
    R Aplin1023
    A Easdon1023
    J & D Faram1023
    O Staples1023
    M Freakley1023
    M Chapman1023
    R Ford1023
    R Millan1023
    K & B Batey1023
    G Murrells1023
    I Standley1023
    N Beevers1023
    S Platts1023
    J & D Lindsey1023
    I Wooldridge1023
    Opaline Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke611
    G Carter601
    R Warrender433
    F C & J McGovern413
    R Nawarauckas403
    S Adams336
    N Bird336
    D Leadbetter326
    Heptinstall & Wheeler316
    J Buick316
    S Geary306
    Jones Hughes & Ackers306
    T Jackson2213
    I Weeks2213
    K Cocks2213
    Smith & Price2213
    A & D Woan2113
    P Barber2013
    The Terheege Partnership2013
    B Forbes2013
    S Clements2013
    M Bagnall2013
    J Prothero2013
    P & S Stevens2013
    D Sturzaker1125
    A & G Adams1125
    L & D Stanley1125
    G Sutton1125
    B Pake1125
    R Campbell1125
    S Platts1125
    J Bowey1125
    M Roberts1125
    R Redden1125
    K Bernett1025
    A Edden1025
    A Fretton1025
    C Sutton1025
    N fawcett1025
    Pringle & Shepherd1025
    R Hill1025
    R McCabe1025
    D Whitehead1025
    S & N Wildes1025
    K Burnett1025
    T Ross1025
    A Brooks1025
    C Lamb1025
    S & S Seabury1025
    J & D Lindsey1025
    Newall & Black1025
    A Thorpe1025
    I Wooldridge1025
    Normal Cinnamon Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    D Tutty661
    The Terheege Partnership621
    J Burns621
    A & D Woan504
    Shepherdson & Adamson415
    T & A Luke415
    R Watkins415
    R Staig405
    S Rich339
    S Platts339
    N Bird329
    J & T Ross319
    A Brown319
    A Haynes309
    K & B Batey309
    A Young2216
    A Thorpe2216
    J & D Faram2016
    R Nicholls2016
    P Reaney2016
    J Sopp2016
    A Moreton2016
    G Stones1123
    G T Williams1123
    R Winsper1123
    G Hale1123
    J Buick1123
    G Carter1123
    R Warrender1123
    R Millan1123
    L Pennick1123
    R Maddy1123
    A & G Adams1023
    G Chadwick1023
    R Payne1023
    M & J Freakley1023
    F C & J McGovern1023
    J Moore1023
    G E Chadwick1023
    J Davis1023
    J Folly1023
    D Harrison1023
    Gilbert & Knapman1023
    M Chapman1023
    R Ramplin1023
    Attwood & Gilbert1023
    P Barber1023
    G Sutton1023
    J Scammell1023
    K Lewis1023
    E Anwar1023
    R Marston1023
    D Snell1023
    B & S Wright1023
    F Wright1023
    Normal Cinnamon Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser871
    S Rich831
    P Merritt703
    I & S Ainley634
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell445
    J Moore405
    P Barber337
    R Staig337
    S Platts307
    J McLeman307
    Newall & Black307
    N Bird307
    A Piper307
    G Morgan2214
    J Burns2214
    B Sweeting2214
    R Warrender2214
    I Weeks2214
    The Terheege Partnership2114
    M Bannister2014
    K Tart2014
    D Leadbetter2014
    J Wrighton2014
    J Staziker1124
    F C & J McGovern1124
    Smith & Price1124
    S Geary1124
    A & G Adams1124
    C Matthews1124
    A Harris1124
    L Pennick1124
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1124
    J R Jarvis1024
    D Norman1024
    H W & M Hough1024
    J Stazicker1024
    A Edden1024
    S & N Wildes1024
    R J & W Bowker1024
    G & A Moore1024
    J Scammell1024
    D Page1024
    D Sturzaker1024
    B Smith1024
    C Bruton1024
    Rogerson brothers1024
    G Capes1024
    K & B Batey1024
    E Anwar1024
    J D Davis1024
    R Bostock1024
    Opaline Cinnamon
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    A & D Woan761
    J Benn652
    T & A Luke622
    The Terheege Partnership612
    K & B Batey612
    D Leadbetter506
    F C & J McGovern447
    J Davies407
    Heptinstall & Wheeler339
    M Bannister339
    R McCabe319
    J Moore309
    A Piper309
    S Adams2214
    K Eckersall2214
    Newall & Black2114
    A Macaulay2114
    Shepherdson & Adamson2014
    R Payne2014
    Julien & Yule2014
    T & L Jukes1121
    A Pearson1121
    P Henson1121
    T & S Haywood1121
    K Burnett1121
    W Thorogood1121
    R Hooper1121
    G Warren1121
    G Whittington1121
    T Buckett1121
    A Dutton1121
    W & K Aitken1121
    A Moreton1121
    R Heylen1121
    D Martin1121
    S & R Clarke1121
    J Bailey1121
    R Watts1021
    Brettell & Atkinson1021
    B Anderson1021
    D Roberts1021
    A & G Adams1021
    R Aplin1021
    A Perks1021
    G Sutton1021
    D Snell1021
    M Frost1021
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    F C & J McGovern1151
    The Terheege Partnership1092
    J Scammell713
    A Piper604
    G & P Norris445
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks425
    G Simpson405
    R Hill328
    D Critchlow328
    R Ramplin328
    R Carr328
    D A Turner318
    J & T Ross308
    P & T Dye308
    G Bowley308
    J Griffiths2216
    J Lund2216
    S & N Wildes2116
    S Cox2116
    S & S Cowling2116
    J Wrighton2116
    S & L Roberts2016
    S Gage2016
    R Hooper2016
    R Watts2016
    W Bailey2016
    The Holland Stud1127
    T Gee1127
    K Hulbert1127
    N Johnson1127
    O & S Williams1127
    D Dolton1027
    K & V Shorthouse1027
    J T Lund1027
    D Hussell1027
    G Ball1027
    M Lewis1027
    A & B Pfleger1027
    Ellis & Purdue1027
    M Hockey1027
    N Phillips1027
    E Anwar1027
    J & D Lindsey1027
    A Kelly1027
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    F C & J McGovern1071
    G & J Al-Nasser1061
    J Buick1001
    Smith & Price814
    A Piper755
    M Bannister626
    A Thorpe557
    J Wrighton507
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks507
    A Stevens507
    S & N Wildes4011
    R Cozens3212
    G Bowley3012
    W Bailey2214
    R Campbell2114
    P Hickton-Collins2014
    K & B Batey2014
    J Mitchell2014
    S Kinninmonth1119
    A Edden1119
    A & R Derricutt1119
    M Chapman1119
    J Griffiths1119
    C & L Dailey1119
    R Ramplin1119
    The Holland Stud1119
    J Benn1119
    R & K Francis1019
    P Merritt1019
    D & P Herring1019
    T Buckett1019
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1019
    J K Plummer1019
    J & K Kime1019
    G Simpson1019
    P Lea1019
    A Kelly1019
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    D Guppy1461
    G Pringle1222
    A & D Woan11113
    A & G Adams824
    G & J Al-Nasser814
    S Magdzinski536
    P White506
    G Gormley448
    D Harris319
    P Scott2210
    Z & H Johnson2210
    M Lewis2110
    White & Duke2010
    C D & S Sharpe2010
    I Thorogood2010
    B Taylor2010
    D Parry1117
    M & P Freemantle1117
    M & D Walker1117
    D & L Rafis1017
    D S Parry1017
    S Somerville1017
    C Brickell1017
    R Day1017
    J Lees1017
    J Somerville1017
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser1781
    G Pringle1352
    S Magdzinski953
    T Jackson824
    M Lewis625
    D Guppy506
    J Lees417
    P White407
    R Cozens229
    B Taylor219
    White & Duke1111
    M & P Freemantle1111
    R Day1111
    A Hoskins1011
    J A Baker1011
    D S Parry1011
    S Somerville1011
    M Illsley1011
    K Groves1011
    I Thorogood1011
    Z & H Johnson1011
    G Gormley1011
    D & L Rafis1011
    C W Brickwell1011
    M & D Walker1011
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1011
    J Morrow1011
    Crest / Tuft
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Ginge11111
    G & J Al-Nasser1002
    A & G Adams703
    K & V Shorthouse644
    Z & H Johnson555
    G T Williams545
    R Hooper417
    Findlay & Flavell417
    D Norman407
    G Clarke407
    M & K Spencer3011
    D & L Rafis2212
    D McGovern2212
    S & R Clarke2212
    D Raffis2212
    A Brown2012
    D Bruton2012
    S Smith2012
    H & S Wadley1119
    J Dixon1019
    M Hemingway1019
    B Bruce1019
    M Mansfield1019
    R Brokenshire1019
    B Spendley1019
    C & L Dailey1019
    S W Beach1019
    Spangle Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Burns1481
    C Thorne772
    J & D Lindsey663
    A Piper603
    J Scammell505
    G Simpson406
    B Close406
    S & L Roberts318
    D Leadbetter318
    G N Turner308
    C Potter308
    R J & W Bowker308
    J Lawrie308
    K Shillings308
    J McLeman308
    G Carter308
    G Morgan2217
    Findlay & Flavell2117
    T & A Luke2117
    A & D Woan2117
    D Sturzaker2017
    R Tickle2017
    J & D Faram2017
    The Terheege Partnership2017
    P & T Dye2017
    B Singleton1126
    G Ball1126
    J Moore1126
    Gilbert & Knapman1126
    J Benn1126
    G Carr1126
    S Geary1126
    F Wright1126
    D Scott1026
    A Dutton1026
    D Norman1026
    P & G Pidd1026
    The Holland Stud1026
    J Buick1026
    B Reese1026
    J Springthorpe1026
    R Nawarauckas1026
    K & B Batey1026
    R Stancliffe1026
    G & A Moore1026
    B & S Wright1026
    D Collins1026
    Spangle Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G Morgan771
    B Reese602
    F C & J McGovern513
    G & P Norris503
    J Burns503
    M Widdowson406
    J Moore327
    A Thorpe327
    G & J Al-Nasser317
    G & A Moore317
    Newall & Black307
    D Leadbetter307
    I Standley307
    A Perks2214
    P & T Dye2214
    B Pake2014
    S Rich2014
    K & B Batey2014
    R Stancliffe2014
    J Folly2014
    S McFayden2014
    S & N Wildes2014
    B Close2014
    K Morrison2014
    M Rothlisberger1125
    The Terheege Partnership1125
    J Purvis1125
    R Hooper1125
    J Bowey1125
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1125
    G Carter1125
    G Carr1125
    P & S Stevens1125
    R Nicholls1125
    D Swann1125
    J & D Lindsey1125
    J Gillan1125
    D Critchlow1025
    J Davies1025
    J McLeman1025
    R Keeber1025
    K Lewis1025
    R & M Miller1025
    T Buckett1025
    H W & M Hough1025
    S Platts1025
    G Hale1025
    R J & W Bowker1025
    J Mitchell1025
    D Burnett1025
    The Holland Stud1025
    Gilbert & Knapman1025
    T Ross1025
    Horton & James1025
    L Pennick1025
    A Piper1025
    T & P Leedham1025
    D Jukes1025
    G Paine1025
    L Thompson1025
    J Cox1025
    A & D Woan1025
    Double Factor Spangle
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G Morgan1091
    A Stevens732
    F C & J McGovern722
    Gilbert & Knapman614
    J Scammell555
    R Tickle505
    S & L Roberts505
    M Freeborn408
    M Widdowson408
    H W & M Hough408
    G Carter3311
    White & Duke3011
    G & A Moore3011
    Briggs & Williams2214
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2214
    The Terheege Partnership2214
    G Paine2214
    A & C Wood2014
    J Lawrie2014
    K Lewis2014
    R Nawarauckas2014
    W & M Hough2014
    P White2014
    P & S Stevens1124
    D Swann1124
    J Johnson1124
    J Bishop1124
    P Redford1124
    W Thorogood1124
    M Roberts1124
    P & T Dye1124
    S Geary1124
    T Williams1124
    D Burnett1024
    J Burns1024
    D Bush1024
    Clarke & Phillips1024
    Newall & Black1024
    D Hussell1024
    Rogerson Brothers1024
    T & L Jukes1024
    B Pake1024
    J Prothero1024
    J Springthorpe1024
    J Scott1024
    C Thorne1024
    P Reaney1024
    Dominant Pied
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    The Terheege Partnership601
    T & A Luke601
    G & J Al-Nasser553
    I Weeks553
    A Moreton503
    A Haynes503
    S Platts503
    J Lawrie418
    G Carter408
    J Ginge3310
    P Redford3110
    R Marston3110
    K Shillings3010
    S Rich3010
    R J & W Bowker2215
    I & S Ainley2115
    J Scammell2115
    G Mellor2115
    G & A Moore2015
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks2015
    P White2015
    S Lambert2015
    K Morrison2015
    A & D Woan2015
    D Collins2015
    T Barron1126
    J & D Faram1126
    C & K Bellows1126
    R G Ward1126
    D Hurford1126
    K Palmer1126
    J Bishop1126
    R Brokenshire1126
    T Pope1126
    R Millan1126
    J Ashby1126
    Briggs & Williams1126
    g Ball1126
    Findlay & Flavell1026
    K Bernett1026
    G Smith1026
    K Leedham1026
    J Davis1026
    B Reese1026
    S & N Wildes1026
    D & P Herring1026
    G & P Norris1026
    M Jarrold1026
    G Capes1026
    G L Capes1026
    T Jeffrey1026
    D Leadbetter1026
    Recessive Pied
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    The Terheege Partnership19111
    A & G Adams1262
    G & P Norris1003
    T Jackson634
    White & Duke545
    Johnson & Chubb525
    M Hemingway407
    T Jeffrey338
    D Moss338
    M Roberts318
    J Prothero318
    M & K Spencer308
    S & N Wildes308
    Ellis & Purdue308
    P Smith2215
    A & N Michael2015
    A Oliver2015
    T Ross2015
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1119
    P Barber1119
    E Anwar1119
    R, H & E Fordham1119
    D Jones1019
    J Cosby1019
    W & H Bien1019
    C Pritchard1019
    C Marsh1019
    K Eatwell1019
    D & J Browne1019
    M Lewis1019
    S & R Clarke1019
    Yellow Face
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    N Bird711
    J Buick602
    The Terheege Partnership602
    F C & J McGovern534
    D Critchlow504
    A & G Adams504
    P Barber317
    M Widdowson307
    J Rogers307
    C Hickman307
    T Jeffrey307
    S Rich307
    D Tutty307
    P White2214
    P Merritt2214
    J Gillan2214
    T & P Leedham2214
    G Carter2114
    J Davies2014
    G Simpson2014
    J McLeman2014
    G Bowley2014
    Huxley & Marchant2014
    M Casson2014
    S Smith1125
    G T Williams1125
    The Holland Stud1125
    J Bishop1125
    S Lambert1125
    R Stancliffe1125
    G Corser1125
    P Redford1125
    D Swann1125
    Z & H Johnson1125
    C Vernell1125
    J & T Ross1125
    Newall & Black1125
    M Tariq1125
    R Redden1125
    D Snell1125
    L Thompson1125
    G & J Al-Nasser1025
    J & D Faram1025
    W Peacock1025
    S & B Squires1025
    C Vernall1025
    R Taylor1025
    M & N Arrowsmith1025
    J Wilson1025
    A Harris1025
    A Richards1025
    T Ross1025
    Rogerson Brothers1025
    Julien & Yule1025
    P Reaney1025
    M Roberts1025
    A & D Woan1025
    Rare Variety
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser1471
    S & R Clarke1222
    Z & H Johnson883
    R J Allen534
    G Pringle415
    M Roberts405
    J A Baker405
    D Bruton338
    Ellis & Purdue318
    R & M Miller318
    Roberts & Williams308
    Humby Whitaker & Wright2312
    O & S Williams2212
    White & Duke2012
    D Mullee2012
    K Featherstone1016
    R Day1016
    B Greenway1016
    M Widdowson1016
    Newall & Black1016
    N Beevers1016
    J Hill1016
    R Carson1016
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S & R Clarke871
    F C & J McGovern851
    D A Turner713
    S Rich664
    M Gulley515
    I Thorogood505
    D Tutty427
    S & N Wildes417
    White & Duke417
    G French3310
    The Terheege Partnership3310
    D Norman3010
    W Orr3010
    C Thorne3010
    P Curtis2215
    P Hickton-Collins2015
    P Reaney2015
    G Clarke2015
    G Bowley2015
    G Tillson2015
    Harvey & Jackson1121
    Findlay & Flavell1121
    E Anwar1121
    R M Simpson1121
    g Ball1121
    G & P Norris1021
    D Game1021
    G Paine1021
    Swain & Ford1021
    W Miller1021
    J & D Buchan1021
    J Cosby1021
    C Marsh1021
    J & T Ross1021
    M Chapman1021
    Julien & Yule1021
    G T Williams1021
    Lee & Bird1021
    Lacewings (S & RV)
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    The Terheege Partnership441
    Z Johnson112
    M & K Spencer102
    Clarke & Phillips102
    J Sopp102
    M Simpson102
    Any Other Colour
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    A & D Woan1121
    N Bird992
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell623
    The Terheege Partnership613
    F C & J McGovern515
    T & A Luke505
    D Guppy447
    M Gulley427
    M Hacker407
    J Wrighton407
    Shepherdson & Adamson3311
    P & S Stevens3011
    White & Duke3011
    T Jeffrey3011
    J & T Ross2215
    W & K Aitken2115
    M Bannister2015
    Newall & Black2015
    S & N Wildes2015
    R Aplin2015
    B Toon2015
    L Thompson2015
    J Ashby1123
    J Sweet1123
    Z & H Johnson1123
    J & D Buchan1123
    I & S Ainley1123
    N Cawley1123
    T Jackson1123
    A Thorpe1123
    A Piper1123
    J Folly1123
    B Taylor1123
    R Watts1023
    R & K Francis1023
    G Bowley1023
    K Tart1023
    E Anwar1023
    D Huws1023
    Colour Budgerigars
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    O & S Williams2061
    J Cosby1382
    Z & H Johnson773
    G & J Al-Nasser644
    G Clarke445
    M Jarrold415
    C D & S Sharpe405
    Julien & Yule405
    S & S Cowling339
    M Roberts319
    T & M Barfoot319
    Findlay & Flavell309
    R Brokenshire309
    F Percy2214
    Lee & Bird2214
    F Pilbeam2014
    W Shephard1117
    Harpper & Melvin1117
    S & R Clarke1117
    Harper & Melvin1117
    R Bell1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser701
    S Platts602
    Rogerson Brothers503
    Newall & Black404
    J Burns404
    S & N Wildes404
    P Merritt404
    C Thorne308
    L Rochester308
    G Ball2010
    N Watson2010
    G & A Moore2010
    R J & W Bowker2010
    F Bremner2010
    J Wrighton2010
    B Pake1017
    R Cozens1017
    A Moreton1017
    J Gibbons1017
    G Carter1017
    C Potter1017
    Barton & Mann1017
    G D Quiney1017
    J Bailey1017
    G Morgan1017
    G Stones1017
    W Pake1017
    G Capes1017
    B Sweeting1017
    G Warren1017
    G Carr1017
    R Cartlidge1017
    R McCabe1017
    G Simpson1017
    L McIntosh1017
    J Benn1017
    T Jackson1017
    M Lewis1017
    R Sutton1017
    P Reaney1017
    D Page1017
    A Wilkinson1017
    S Sanderson1017
    G Sutton1017
    J Mould1017
    S & R Clarke1017
    M Gulley1017
    D Bush1017
    D Jukes1017
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks1017
    The Terheege Partnership1017
    T Jeffrey1017
    A & D Woan1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser701
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell502
    Smith & Price502
    P Barber502
    S Platts405
    M George306
    G Ball306
    T Jeffrey306
    G Carter209
    J Cosby209
    D & V Avo209
    I Weeks209
    B Greenway209
    T Jackson209
    J & D Lindsey209
    G Gormley209
    S & R Clarke209
    Humby Whitaker & Wright209
    N McMillan1019
    C Randall1019
    S & L Roberts1019
    S & N Wildes1019
    I & S Ainley1019
    J Melling1019
    B Sweeting1019
    Swain & Ford1019
    R J & W Bowker1019
    R Ramplin1019
    G Carr1019
    G Bowley1019
    T & A Luke1019
    Rogerson Brothers1019
    G Tillson1019
    R M Simpson1019
    J Mitchell1019
    Z & H Johnson1019
    M Bagnall1019
    J Wrighton1019
    S Kinninmonth1019
    P Merritt1019
    A & D Woan1019
    Colour Budgerigar Pairs
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    O & S Williams1701
    G & J Al-Nasser502
    Z & H Johnson403
    J Garrat304
    Findlay & Flavell105
    D Cottrell105
    R J & W Bowker105
    S & S Cowling105
    F Percy105
    S & S Andrews105
    Colour Budgerigar Teams
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    O & S Williams1801
    Z & H Johnson302
    S & S Andrews103

  • 2018 CC Tables

    League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.(except Pairs & Teams)

    LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED 30th December 2018

    Overall League Table
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege PartnershipTA1130631
    T & A LukeTL1107462
    G & J Al-NasserAA108866183
    G CarterC503748274
    A & D WoanWOAN145325
    A PiperPC60739116
    S RichR367136187
    F C & J McGovernFCJM136107
    P BarberB574435199
    G & P NorrisN43835109
    V WillsVW1322311
    J CosbyC5099291312
    J NewallN1708291212
    G PringlePE38729912
    J McLemanM580328315
    J BurnsWB22271916
    M BannisterB7370271116
    D LeadbetterL308826918
    Ellis & MatthewsNJM1241419
    D GuppyDD2231420
    Smith & PriceTER1231120
    P WhiteW376623620
    C ThorneCT1221423
    Fisher, McCrindle & CampbellDF122723
    G PainePE73121125
    Widdowson & WilsonW5963191226
    S & R ClarkeSRC119726
    B ReeseR356319426
    H & D HockadayHOCK118929
    S & N WildesNIGE118729
    G BallGBA1118329
    R J & W BowkerBOWK517932
    Huxley & MarchantPOTT517432
    R NawarauckasRN117432
    P MerrittM581817332
    R WarrenderW4435161436
    A HaynesH384316536
    S PlattsPLAT116436
    G & A MooreM468416336
    O & S WilliamsW626215540
    A & G AdamsADAM515440
    Johnson & ChubbC576715240
    Freakley & AinleyFA115240
    S MagdzinskiM609214844
    I WeeksWEEK514744
    J & D FaramFC55714744
    J & T RossJTR114544
    R & M MillerMIL114544
    S GageSGS1131349
    T JacksonT2849131049
    D SturzakerS584213849
    A EddenANDY513549
    R AplinRA4613349
    G BowleyB268812554
    I ThorogoodT281612254
    J ScammellS691512254
    D BurnettB505012054
    Rogerson BrothersR180011658
    M & K SpencerS703511658
    R PaynePD17611558
    R BrokenshireB628111458
    G T WilliamsW428111358
    J FollyFOLL111358
    D A TurnerT87511158
    P ReaneyR251411058
    J BennB645210866
    J BuickB720110366
    M MiltonMM110266
    Findlay & FlavellFB47610166
    J A BakerB496710066
    K LeedhamL183310066
    R HooperRH19672
    R SteeleS22259472
    D NormanN17179272
    W OrrWORR19272
    A ThorpeAND19172
    K MorrisonKIRK19172
    M GulleyG37209172
    A & C WoodW62718879
    S & B SquiresS68888679
    Thomas & WallTW18679
    G HughesH56958579
    Humby Whitaker & WrightH57298579
    M LewisL28808479
    K & B BateyB39608379
    B TaylorT29938379
    J EdwardsWAVE78379
    H W & M HoughH25688279
    G SimpsonS70938279
    P & S StevensS69488179
    Ellis & PurdueRAE18079
    M HemingwayH51598079
    J LeesLEE58079
    G N TurnerGNT17495
    T & S HaywoodTH1117395
    P Hickton-CollinsPC17395
    D SnellS61467295
    D TuttyDT1007295
    A LovackADY17195
    R FernFS17195
    C BrickellB71457195
    J RogersR32887195
    G MurrellsM33977095
    C HickmanH552666105
    R FordRHF466105
    M FitchettFC58566105
    G MorganM609366105
    R WinsperRW264105
    J ProtheroPD52563105
    T JeffreyJ291963105
    Heptinstall & WheelerIDH162105
    J DixonJD262105
    Jones Hughes & AckersJ279362105
    K ShillingsS571562105
    M RobertsR162105
    T & P LeedhamL321561105
    P WattsW399961105
    K LewisL316661105
    D HoggH228560105
    J KilkennyK211555121
    Swain & FordSUE254121
    D & L RafisR369753121
    J WrightonW626053121
    F S & K EatwellFSK153121
    Flintham & ClayFC55453121
    D HartH601352121
    A OliverO95652121
    A MoretonMAD352121
    D HussellH223552121
    N BirdNICKY151121
    J MooreM405951121
    S & J GillanSJG151121
    J LawrieL282251121
    M FreebornFREB051121
    P & T DyeD401351121
    M & D WalkerMDW150121
    McPhail & WilsonAYR150121
    J MuirJM150121
    B CloseBC250121
    V ShorthouseS706545141
    R NichollsN143544141
    R HillH321843141
    M HackerW143141
    T Kinninmonth-WicksWK943141
    N JohnsonTASH143141
    A AndrewsAJA143141
    S WestW610043141
    G Williams#N/A43141
    Cheatley & AlcornC570142141
    S & L RobertsSJR142141
    A WilkinsonW552642141
    M HockeyH586142141
    G MellorM420642141
    S ClementsCW442141
    D WhiteheadW600342141
    J GarrattG381142141
    Hutt & O’ReillyB365542141
    S & J BlakeyB676642141
    C HawkinsH407742141
    D BushB458842141
    T SadlerS545141141
    R CozensC357941141
    S CowlingC581441141
    Clarke & PhillipsCAL941141
    J ClarkC600641141
    D BrutonB564741141
    D HurfordH585641141
    M FrostFB75441141
    P & G PiddPE65941141
    J BishopBISH141141
    M BerryB468641141
    M ChapmanVMC140141
    A DuttonD292740141
    M & N ArrowsmithAA177140141
    R G WardW333340141
    T BuckettB728840141
    J SoppS653640141
    R KeeberK136840141
    J MitchellJIM540141
    G SmithBUDG140141
    R McCabeM397640141
    R J AllenRJA133183
    R TaylorWT133183
    S GearyG391633183
    M SmallS614533183
    K TartT215133183
    F WrightW273833183
    M BriggsMJB132183
    G WarrenW479232183
    J MorrowM535332183
    R StancliffeRS132183
    T PopeCP132183
    K BurnettKJB132183
    G E ChadwickC595532183
    Tuplin & EdwardsWAVE732183
    S SmithS518131183
    P RobinsonPR131183
    A KellyARK131183
    S SomervilleS702531183
    G WincombW617631183
    A ShoosmithS616731183
    K WhiteW533131183
    T ClarksonC355131183
    J R JarvisJ295531183
    D CritchlowC556631183
    A BakerB547431183
    K BarnesB741731183
    F ThomasT230231183
    N PhillipsNORMA131183
    G TuplinGT130183
    S BaileyB3430183
    D DoltonD399130183
    I & P FieldingIF130183
    B SmithS543130183
    D GameGAME130183
    I StandleyS540930183
    M & P FreemantleFA76730183
    G LudlowL260630183
    C D & S SharpeS693630183
    P & M HarveyH453130183
    A & M DigbyD406530183
    Holland StudHB82622223
    G HaleH542822223
    B SweetingS555522223
    R AllenRJA122223
    Hutt & O’ReileyB365522223
    C BowmanNB2122223
    A StevensARN1322223
    R SteeleS222521223
    W MillerM368421223
    B AndersonA62821223
    P LoreyL317521223
    G CapesGC121223
    J PunchardP94821223
    G SuttonS593921223
    V SandsS707621223
    S WilsonW608521223
    Jones & HughesJ279321223
    C ParsonsPC99921223
    J & D LindseyL244821223
    M SaundersMRS121223
    R WattsWATT521223
    R ThwaiteT283421223
    A WhiteW548821223
    L ThompsonT281421223
    R RamplinR392221223
    N CawleyC550121223
    F ClemensC586221223
    G AllenA94221223
    J BowieB558921223
    J T LundNL421223
    J CoxC543621223
    A PerksPE44120223
    Napier & WhiteW548820223
    C BalfourBAL420223
    T & L JukesJUKE520223
    A PricePE39220223
    T BarkerB487820223
    Jesson & BloxhamGJ120223
    D CollinsC601620223
    J ThorogoodT281620223
    S StirlingS692720223
    C McDonaldM538920223
    P RedfordNR3820223
    K FeatherstoneKF420223
    D HarrisonH515320223
    G CorserLC50820223
    A DukeLMD5120223
    R TickleT261820223
    N BeeversB582620223
    W PalfreyWAP120223
    D RobertsR275520223
    W & M HoughH256820223
    R DayD364020223
    K GrovesG308720223
    J & D BuchanB734520223
    D MulleeM503320223
    D & P HerringH136720223
    G ClarkeNC2120223
    B & K ScottS720223
    K SykesKS1120223
    P LeaL280520223
    M & A DigbyD486520223
    D HarrisH497520223
    Mr & Mrs T BarfootB746611286
    S SandersonS648711286
    Z JohnsonZOE111286
    R StaigS399011286
    D StarlingDS111286
    K FewlassFC45011286
    K ShorthouseS706511286
    P HensonPEL411286
    F PercyPE75911286
    D PagePE26911286
    C & L DaileyCLD111286
    Mr & Mrs R WhatleyW465311286
    L RochesterR409611286
    Gilbert & AttwoodG319211286
    Gilbert & KnapmanK211311286
    G TillsonT258511286
    P SmithS650811286
    D & V AvoAVO111286
    S MurdockM575511286
    A McKendrickASM111286
    D BlackB608411286
    S WhiteW548811286
    The Holland StudHB82611286
    A ParkerPE75411286
    G GormleyG386911286
    W ThorogoodWEND111286
    B GreenwayMBG111286
    J WessonW622311286
    M StringerS669511286
    M StrongS711211286
    J & L McGeehamJLM111286
    D QuineyQ8211286
    Forbes & BarrettFB111286
    A DuckD402311286
    P BakerB748811286
    M GeorgeG389811286
    S LambertL232811286
    G CarrCARR111286
    D MoffatLMJD711286
    C SuttonS687611286
    S LevittL327011286
    S & S CowlingC581411286
    T GaurG389511286
    J AshbyJDA110286
    N ClarkC547610286
    C & M SnellSNE1110286
    A & N MichaelMICA110286
    G WhittingtonW622810286
    N R PorterPE20010286
    S CoxC356410286
    C BrutonCB110286
    W & K AitkenBKA9210286
    B BruceB701610286
    Julien & YuleJY110286
    S KinninmonthK208310286
    G JacksonJACK010286
    J A JarvisJ295510286
    J StainforthJOE210286
    B HewittH601810286
    A ShillingsS571510286
    M BakerB543410286
    W & H BienWHB110286
    A ThomsonT331010286
    R CampbellRC4710286
    A WatsonW620510286
    P WoodPW8110286
    W PeacockPE66510286
    T CampbellTC4610286
    J WilsonW470910286
    J DavisD340710286
    M A & J DigbyD406510286
    D MartinM595810286
    D RandellR210286
    T RossRO5510286
    S OrmerodO111310286
    J BuckB720110286
    H WindWIND110286
    S RobertsSJR110286
    G StonesGFS110286
    N WheatleyW616710286
    G McMillanGEM110286
    D MossM588210286
    R MarstonM546010286
    S WarringtonSW2910286
    T WilliamsTIM110286
    P TaplinT312810286
    D BruceJTR110286
    T KellowK204110286
    M HemmingwayWH1810286
    M WoodfieldMICK210286
    S AdamsA97210286
    T LewisL208810286
    D BarnsBA33810286
    M CassonCAS110286
    M ThompsonMHT110286
    Pringle & SheperdS364210286
    P MessengerM269210286
    J Le MarquandL314810286
    D SwannS528910286
    D JukesJ296010286
    W BaileyB516610286
    P McHaleM548110286
    C MarshM367810286
    E EasdonE206410286
    J HillH534410286
    Horton & JamesH547510286
    K BrockwellKB110286
    Attwood & GilbertG319210286
    K CocksC588110286
    F BremnerB729110286
    G JenkinsMG110286
    M ThomsonMHT110286
    Neilson & SteeleN170110286
    B ForbesBF710286
    M BagnallMB12310286
    M MansfieldM604310286
    E KissaneK212610286
    S TownTOWN110286
    J SpencerS674610286
    B & K AitkenBKA9210286
    B SpendleyS708510286
    F PilbeamPE70910286
    P HardenPH110286
    J WheelerW626510286
    J SmithS692210286
    F OckerbyO113910286
    A J PearsonYP4410286
    R BostockB718810286
    K & V ShorthouseS706510286
    N CarmanC478910286
    M SimpsonS700510286
    A BrooksB671410286
    Light Greens
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G Carter1021
    Terheege Partnership802
    G T Williams703
    S Rich634
    A Lovack624
    Smith & Price406
    M Milton327
    H & D Hockaday317
    Hutt & O’Reilly317
    T Buckett307
    T & A Luke2211
    G & A Moore2211
    S Gage2111
    D Hurford2011
    A Piper2011
    Huxley & Marchant2011
    P White2011
    B Reese2011
    Ellis & Matthews1119
    J Moore1119
    J & D Faram1119
    Hutt & O’Reiley1119
    N Bird1119
    J Ashby1019
    P Robinson1019
    Freakley & Ainley1019
    W Peacock1019
    T Barker1019
    P & G Pidd1019
    G Smith1019
    K Lewis1019
    A Andrews1019
    J Edwards1019
    D Hogg1019
    J Punchard1019
    J Scammell1019
    A & C Wood1019
    D Burnett1019
    I Standley1019
    R Ramplin1019
    R & M Miller1019
    S Clements1019
    Rogerson Brothers1019
    P Barber1019
    D Leadbetter1019
    N Johnson1019
    V Wills1019
    F Clemens1019
    Dark Factor Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege Partnership631
    J Burns552
    F C & J McGovern433
    G Carter423
    Ellis & Matthews403
    J Scammell403
    S Gage337
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell337
    B Reese327
    T & S Haywood317
    S & B Squires317
    J A Baker307
    A Edden2213
    J & D Faram2213
    F Wright2213
    V Wills2213
    M Briggs2113
    A & D Woan2113
    B Close2113
    J Buick2013
    Freakley & Ainley2013
    Jesson & Bloxham2013
    K Featherstone2013
    R Winsper2013
    G Ludlow2013
    P White2013
    D Leadbetter2013
    A Piper1128
    S Platts1128
    J McLeman1128
    D Moffat1128
    G T Williams1128
    N Bird1028
    D Hurford1028
    A Wilkinson1028
    T Campbell1028
    G Stones1028
    T Williams1028
    J & D Lindsey1028
    J Bishop1028
    J Lawrie1028
    J Le Marquand1028
    J Edwards1028
    K Groves1028
    R Stancliffe1028
    D Guppy1028
    F Bremner1028
    J Benn1028
    Jones Hughes & Ackers1028
    S Smith1028
    Tuplin & Edwards1028
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke831
    R J & W Bowker632
    A & D Woan543
    R Fern503
    Terheege Partnership445
    V Wills445
    P White405
    G Ball318
    A Piper318
    R Steele318
    T Jeffrey318
    S Rich318
    D Burnett308
    P Barber2214
    H & D Hockaday2214
    T Clarkson2114
    K Lewis2114
    Rogerson Brothers2014
    J McLeman2014
    R & M Miller2014
    J Folly2014
    P & S Stevens2014
    A Haynes1123
    G Tuplin1123
    Jones & Hughes1123
    J Edwards1123
    B Sweeting1123
    K Burnett1123
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1123
    K Tart1123
    J Benn1123
    Smith & Price1123
    R Steele1023
    M Hacker1023
    M Frost1023
    R Nawarauckas1023
    J Moore1023
    J Wilson1023
    Widdowson & Wilson1023
    S & J Gillan1023
    N Wheatley1023
    R Marston1023
    D Leadbetter1023
    W Palfrey1023
    P Reaney1023
    P Merritt1023
    Horton & James1023
    Attwood & Gilbert1023
    J & T Ross1023
    J Newall1023
    G Smith1023
    G T Williams1023
    P Harden1023
    T & P Leedham1023
    M & A Digby1023
    Dark Factor Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke901
    G & J Al-Nasser602
    J Newall553
    V Wills553
    A Haynes513
    K Leedham406
    A Wilkinson227
    R Ford227
    R Nicholls227
    Ellis & Matthews227
    S & J Blakey227
    A Edden227
    R Steele217
    G Mellor217
    D Norman207
    Smith & Price207
    P Barber207
    T & L Jukes207
    S & J Gillan207
    A Piper207
    R Staig1121
    J & T Ross1121
    S & B Squires1121
    D Hurford1121
    J Dixon1121
    J Prothero1121
    Swain & Ford1121
    D & V Avo1121
    J Benn1121
    R Stancliffe1121
    T Pope1121
    M & K Spencer1121
    S Rich1121
    S Gage1121
    G Carr1121
    T & P Leedham1121
    D Hussell1121
    J Clark1021
    S Bailey1021
    A & D Woan1021
    P Reaney1021
    J Edwards1021
    J Bishop1021
    M Freeborn1021
    J Sopp1021
    T Jackson1021
    K Cocks1021
    R Thwaite1021
    Neilson & Steele1021
    G Smith1021
    N Bird1021
    R McCabe1021
    B Reese1021
    Rogerson Brothers1021
    J A Baker1021
    P Merritt1021
    D Leadbetter1021
    Dark Factor Specialist & Rare Shows
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Prothero111
    A Piper111
    A & D Woan111
    D & L Rafis101
    P Watts101
    Julien & Yule101
    Terheege Partnership101
    D Game101
    J A Baker101
    J Cosby101
    Grey Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege Partnership701
    Huxley & Marchant622
    D Burnett503
    J McLeman424
    H & D Hockaday414
    G & A Moore404
    R Ford337
    M Small337
    A & D Woan327
    A Piper327
    G Murrells307
    V Wills307
    Widdowson & Wilson2313
    A Andrews2213
    R & M Miller2213
    J Edwards2113
    F Thomas2113
    S Bailey2013
    D Collins2013
    T & S Haywood1120
    Ellis & Matthews1120
    R J & W Bowker1120
    Thomas & Wall1120
    G Sutton1120
    G Hughes1120
    Smith & Price1120
    J Folly1120
    F Clemens1120
    C Bowman1120
    C Hickman1120
    D Bush1120
    B Reese1120
    C Thorne1120
    McPhail & Wilson1020
    F C & J McGovern1020
    D Martin1020
    V Sands1020
    G McMillan1020
    J Bishop1020
    M Milton1020
    P Merritt1020
    W Bailey1020
    D A Turner1020
    K & B Batey1020
    R Fern1020
    S Stirling1020
    N Cawley1020
    K Sykes1020
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Rich901
    T & A Luke832
    G Carter773
    D Leadbetter514
    F C & J McGovern415
    Huxley & Marchant415
    S Platts405
    Smith & Price405
    G Paine405
    A Piper3110
    Freakley & Ainley3010
    S & N Wildes3010
    C Hickman2213
    R J & W Bowker2213
    R Taylor2213
    G Morgan2213
    P Barber2213
    G & P Norris2213
    A Edden2113
    J Lawrie2113
    R & M Miller2113
    J McLeman2013
    A & D Woan2013
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1124
    G Mellor1124
    R Steele1124
    V Wills1124
    J Newall1124
    J & L McGeeham1124
    J Bowie1124
    R Fern1124
    S West1124
    Tuplin & Edwards1124
    McPhail & Wilson1024
    J Davis1024
    H Wind1024
    J Edwards1024
    Thomas & Wall1024
    T Clarkson1024
    T Jeffrey1024
    A Haynes1024
    Opaline Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1101
    Terheege Partnership752
    J Benn333
    I Weeks333
    R Warrender333
    Flintham & Clay333
    Freakley & Ainley313
    R Aplin303
    J McLeman303
    G Murrells303
    J & D Faram303
    M Freeborn303
    K & B Batey2213
    A & D Woan2213
    Swain & Ford2213
    N Bird2013
    K Morrison2013
    I Standley2013
    J Rogers2013
    P Henson1120
    M Fitchett1120
    P Robinson1120
    G Tillson1120
    R Ford1120
    J Newall1120
    G Morgan1120
    S Geary1120
    J Scammell1120
    A Baker1120
    R J & W Bowker1120
    C Bowman1120
    S & B Squires1120
    C & M Snell1020
    G Whittington1020
    G Jackson1020
    A Thomson1020
    J Lees1020
    M Hemingway1020
    C Balfour1020
    R Payne1020
    I Thorogood1020
    C Parsons1020
    S Platts1020
    S Adams1020
    Pringle & Sheperd1020
    M & N Arrowsmith1020
    J & D Buchan1020
    A Haynes1020
    F Ockerby1020
    P & M Harvey1020
    Opaline Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke811
    G Carter772
    A & D Woan663
    R Warrender663
    P Barber633
    R Nawarauckas506
    V Wills447
    S Clements338
    T & P Leedham308
    J & D Faram308
    G Paine308
    R Winsper2212
    R Hill2112
    K Burnett2112
    F C & J McGovern2012
    M & N Arrowsmith2012
    D Leadbetter2012
    R McCabe2012
    N Clark1119
    R Hooper1119
    J R Jarvis1119
    B Sweeting1119
    J Benn1119
    S Geary1119
    C Sutton1119
    J Clark1019
    J Buick1019
    M Milton1019
    G Murrells1019
    A Wilkinson1019
    D Randell1019
    H & D Hockaday1019
    D Burnett1019
    D Whitehead1019
    A Lovack1019
    E Easdon1019
    A Edden1019
    G Jenkins1019
    B Forbes1019
    M Bagnall1019
    D Norman1019
    B & K Scott1019
    A J Pearson1019
    R Brokenshire1019
    P & M Harvey1019
    A Moreton1019
    A Brooks1019
    Normal Cinnamon Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke13131
    Terheege Partnership1022
    R Payne423
    G Carter413
    J & T Ross403
    J Burns336
    P Barber336
    D Snell316
    F C & J McGovern306
    P Merritt306
    J Newall306
    G E Chadwick2212
    M Fitchett2212
    D Harrison2012
    J Folly2012
    D Tutty2012
    Heptinstall & Wheeler2012
    K Leedham2012
    K Fewlass1119
    D Page1119
    J Edwards1119
    Smith & Price1119
    J Bishop1119
    T Pope1119
    S Rich1119
    R Thwaite1119
    C Parsons1119
    J Wrighton1119
    M Berry1119
    N Phillips1119
    R Nicholls1119
    A Edden1119
    S & B Squires1119
    Tuplin & Edwards1119
    N R Porter1019
    C Bruton1019
    McPhail & Wilson1019
    Freakley & Ainley1019
    J Benn1019
    Widdowson & Wilson1019
    T Barker1019
    R J & W Bowker1019
    D Hussell1019
    P Redford1019
    W Palfrey1019
    D Swann1019
    P McHale1019
    P Reaney1019
    A Dutton1019
    N Carman1019
    K Lewis1019
    G Paine1019
    Normal Cinnamon Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    H & D Hockaday621
    P Barber522
    A Edden512
    P Merritt502
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell405
    G & J Al-Nasser405
    S Rich337
    Ellis & Matthews337
    R Payne317
    T & A Luke317
    J McLeman307
    B Smith307
    A Piper307
    Terheege Partnership307
    R Winsper2215
    D Sturzaker2215
    G Warren2215
    D Norman2215
    K Morrison2115
    R & M Miller2115
    F C & J McGovern2015
    P Reaney2015
    J R Jarvis2015
    R Warrender2015
    M Bannister2015
    I Weeks1126
    G Capes1126
    Gilbert & Attwood1126
    R Steele1126
    D Black1126
    B Greenway1126
    K Tart1126
    V Sands1126
    F Wright1126
    S Levitt1126
    J Cox1126
    A Haynes1026
    J A Jarvis1026
    R J & W Bowker1026
    C Balfour1026
    P Watts1026
    D Hussell1026
    G E Chadwick1026
    P Hickton-Collins1026
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1026
    D Snell1026
    M Milton1026
    Flintham & Clay1026
    J Muir1026
    G N Turner1026
    R Bostock1026
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1026
    A Baker1026
    Opaline Cinnamon
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1581
    Terheege Partnership1112
    R Aplin633
    P Barber633
    R Warrender555
    J Newall416
    T & S Haywood337
    A Piper337
    K & B Batey317
    Smith & Price307
    J Benn2211
    S West2211
    J Moore2011
    A Price2011
    D Roberts2011
    J Punchard1116
    A & D Woan1116
    S Sanderson1116
    A Andrews1116
    A Haynes1116
    D Snell1116
    M Bannister1116
    R Hooper1116
    W Miller1016
    G Warren1016
    I Thorogood1016
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1016
    B Anderson1016
    J Folly1016
    J & D Faram1016
    K Lewis1016
    R McCabe1016
    M Thompson1016
    P Merritt1016
    P Reaney1016
    M Thomson1016
    K Morrison1016
    E Kissane1016
    B & K Scott1016
    R Payne1016
    J Bowie1016
    N Phillips1016
    G Sutton1016
    M & A Digby1016
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Gage771
    F C & J McGovern721
    G Ball523
    S Cowling414
    A Piper414
    Ellis & Purdue404
    G & P Norris404
    M Bannister328
    D A Turner308
    G & J Al-Nasser308
    D Dolton308
    J Scammell308
    S & L Roberts2213
    G Bowley2113
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks2113
    M Hockey2113
    D Hussell2113
    P & T Dye2113
    J T Lund2113
    R Hill2013
    G Wincomb2013
    J Garratt2013
    G N Turner2013
    G Simpson2013
    R Steele1125
    D Whitehead1125
    Swain & Ford1125
    V Shorthouse1125
    W Orr1125
    Hutt & O’Reiley1125
    R Steele1125
    Thomas & Wall1125
    S & N Wildes1125
    R Hooper1125
    J Wesson1125
    R Ramplin1125
    M George1125
    J & D Lindsey1125
    S & S Cowling1125
    S Kinninmonth1025
    M & K Spencer1025
    S Warrington1025
    D Critchlow1025
    S Cox1025
    P Messenger1025
    R Watts1025
    D & P Herring1025
    N Phillips1025
    P Lea1025
    A Baker1025
    P Hickton-Collins1025
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    M Bannister1421
    Smith & Price782
    A Piper603
    S & N Wildes514
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell504
    F C & J McGovern426
    J Newall406
    P Merritt338
    G & J Al-Nasser328
    G Bowley318
    A Kelly318
    J Mitchell308
    J & T Ross2213
    P Barber2213
    J Garratt2213
    J Buick2213
    A Stevens2213
    T Sadler2113
    M Hockey2113
    R G Ward2013
    Freakley & Ainley2013
    G Simpson2013
    P & T Dye2013
    G Hale1124
    Terheege Partnership1124
    J Wrighton1124
    R Cozens1124
    G Wincomb1124
    D Whitehead1124
    C & L Dailey1124
    D Quiney1124
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks1124
    G N Turner1124
    R Campbell1024
    P Taplin1024
    T Lewis1024
    Hutt & O’Reilly1024
    Thomas & Wall1024
    J Spencer1024
    J Wheeler1024
    P Lea1024
    P Hickton-Collins1024
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    D Guppy1471
    G Pringle1232
    G & J Al-Nasser953
    S Magdzinski634
    P White505
    B Taylor426
    M & D Walker416
    Humby Whitaker & Wright328
    M Lewis328
    J Lees308
    M Fitchett2211
    A & G Adams2211
    J A Baker2011
    C Brickell2011
    A Shoosmith2011
    I Thorogood2011
    S Somerville1017
    J Thorogood1017
    S Ormerod1017
    C McDonald1017
    G Corser1017
    K White1017
    M Saunders1017
    R Day1017
    W Orr1017
    R Cozens1017
    M Berry1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser1561
    G Pringle712
    T Jackson673
    S Magdzinski643
    P White555
    M Lewis525
    C Brickell515
    J Lees408
    D Guppy329
    W Orr309
    B Taylor309
    S Somerville2112
    K White2112
    J A Baker2012
    I Thorogood2012
    M Roberts2012
    M & P Freemantle2012
    M Saunders1118
    G Gormley1118
    M Fitchett1118
    J Morrow1118
    J Cosby1018
    M & D Walker1018
    J Thorogood1018
    C McDonald1018
    R Cozens1018
    R Day1018
    J Smith1018
    Crest / Tuft
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    A & G Adams701
    R Brokenshire612
    Widdowson & Wilson533
    F S & K Eatwell533
    R Hooper523
    J Dixon513
    G & J Al-Nasser437
    Cheatley & Alcorn427
    V Shorthouse349
    Humby Whitaker & Wright339
    C Hawkins319
    D Bruton309
    M & K Spencer309
    G T Williams2214
    S & N Wildes2214
    O & S Williams2114
    Findlay & Flavell2114
    S & R Clarke2014
    M Hemingway2014
    G Clarke2014
    K Shorthouse1121
    M Stringer1121
    P Baker1121
    S Smith1121
    T Gaur1121
    B Hewitt1021
    M Baker1021
    J Morrow1021
    J Hill1021
    M Mansfield1021
    B Spendley1021
    M Berry1021
    K & V Shorthouse1021
    P & M Harvey1021
    Spangle Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    D Leadbetter871
    G Carter821
    D Sturzaker723
    G Paine604
    A Piper604
    D Hogg506
    J Newall506
    R Nawarauckas448
    J McLeman408
    H W & M Hough408
    M Milton408
    A & D Woan3312
    B Close3212
    P & G Pidd3112
    Thomas & Wall2215
    Widdowson & Wilson2215
    J & D Faram2215
    G & A Moore2215
    R Payne2215
    K & B Batey2015
    J Lawrie2015
    S & J Blakey2015
    A & C Wood1123
    R J & W Bowker1123
    S Geary1123
    P Smith1123
    R Nicholls1123
    J Burns1123
    H & D Hockaday1123
    G Hale1123
    J Folly1123
    Gilbert & Knapman1123
    J Buick1023
    A Shillings1023
    P White1023
    K Shillings1023
    P Redford1023
    A Dutton1023
    W & M Hough1023
    Flintham & Clay1023
    K Brockwell1023
    G Ludlow1023
    F Thomas1023
    P Hickton-Collins1023
    B Reese1023
    V Wills1023
    Spangle Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    B Reese701
    Ellis & Matthews612
    T & A Luke553
    J Burns553
    D Leadbetter513
    D Sturzaker446
    Terheege Partnership416
    G & J Al-Nasser406
    J McLeman406
    Widdowson & Wilson3410
    Rogerson Brothers3110
    F C & J McGovern3010
    A Thorpe3010
    Holland Stud2214
    A Oliver2214
    J Folly2114
    G & A Moore2014
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2014
    R Keeber2014
    R Nawarauckas2014
    P & S Stevens2014
    A Perks2014
    A Duke2014
    R Tickle2014
    G & P Norris2014
    R Cozens1126
    Freakley & Ainley1126
    R Hooper1126
    G Morgan1126
    J Clark1126
    J & D Faram1126
    J Newall1126
    D Starling1126
    R J & W Bowker1126
    A Piper1126
    S & B Squires1126
    S Rich1126
    L Thompson1126
    S Platts1026
    Clarke & Phillips1026
    J Stainforth1026
    J Moore1026
    J Mitchell1026
    P Watts1026
    D Barns1026
    W & M Hough1026
    G Simpson1026
    P White1026
    R & M Miller1026
    D Norman1026
    K Lewis1026
    T & P Leedham1026
    K Sykes1026
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1026
    Double Factor Spangle
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Burns1141
    A & C Wood662
    G & P Norris632
    V Wills632
    A Thorpe612
    G & A Moore602
    R Nawarauckas507
    Ellis & Matthews448
    Widdowson & Wilson418
    J & T Ross408
    P Barber408
    C Thorne3312
    P Watts3112
    R J & W Bowker3012
    G Ball3012
    P Reaney3012
    B Reese3012
    J Newall2218
    Rogerson Brothers2218
    Terheege Partnership2118
    H W & M Hough2118
    A Dutton2018
    Clarke & Phillips2018
    D Burnett2018
    S & L Roberts2018
    K Shillings1126
    Mr & Mrs R Whatley1126
    F C & J McGovern1126
    R Stancliffe1126
    The Holland Stud1126
    W Thorogood1126
    M Freeborn1126
    S & B Squires1126
    P White1026
    S Roberts1026
    T Kellow1026
    D Jukes1026
    S West1026
    S Town1026
    D Bush1026
    J Cox1026
    Dominant Pied
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege Partnership1181
    T & A Luke852
    S Platts822
    G Carter754
    S Rich744
    A Haynes666
    I Weeks417
    K Morrison407
    K Leedham407
    A Moreton3210
    J Buick3010
    G Paine3010
    G N Turner2213
    T Jeffrey2213
    D Hart2213
    G & P Norris2113
    M Frost2013
    McPhail & Wilson2013
    G Ball2013
    D Snell2013
    V Wills2013
    R G Ward2013
    J Scammell2013
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1124
    B Anderson1124
    Huxley & Marchant1124
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell1124
    S Lambert1124
    P White1124
    F C & J McGovern1024
    G Mellor1024
    Freakley & Ainley1024
    J Buck1024
    S Wilson1024
    S & J Gillan1024
    M Woodfield1024
    T Pope1024
    D & P Herring1024
    J McLeman1024
    G Capes1024
    A & G Adams1024
    B Reese1024
    D Leadbetter1024
    Recessive Pied
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege Partnership18101
    G & P Norris1752
    Johnson & Chubb1223
    J Prothero414
    Ellis & Purdue404
    S & N Wildes336
    J Cosby326
    T Jackson316
    A & G Adams306
    I & P Fielding306
    A Oliver306
    M & K Spencer2312
    Thomas & Wall2212
    Rogerson Brothers2212
    Ellis & Matthews2112
    Napier & White2012
    M Hemingway2012
    M Briggs1118
    R Taylor1118
    Forbes & Barrett1118
    C Hawkins1118
    M Roberts1118
    A & N Michael1018
    B Bruce1018
    W & H Bien1018
    A Watson1018
    D Moss1018
    M Hemmingway1018
    C Marsh1018
    K Groves1018
    A White1018
    M Berry1018
    S Smith1018
    Yellow Face
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege Partnership961
    G & J Al-Nasser712
    J Rogers513
    G Hughes444
    Huxley & Marchant404
    I Weeks404
    J Muir404
    J McLeman404
    D Guppy339
    G Simpson329
    V Wills329
    D Hart309
    P & S Stevens309
    Johnson & Chubb309
    A & G Adams2215
    C Hickman2215
    M Chapman2115
    D Critchlow2115
    H W & M Hough2115
    P Barber2115
    G Tuplin2015
    R Keeber2015
    A & D Woan2015
    P Merritt2015
    Ellis & Matthews1125
    S & J Gillan1125
    S Rich1125
    A McKendrick1125
    J Buick1125
    A Parker1125
    J Newall1125
    G N Turner1125
    S & R Clarke1125
    A Duck1125
    S Platts1125
    J Clark1025
    G Carter1025
    T Buckett1025
    Jones Hughes & Ackers1025
    M A & J Digby1025
    T Ross1025
    G Corser1025
    Jones & Hughes1025
    G Smith1025
    D Whitehead1025
    A Piper1025
    M Casson1025
    Widdowson & Wilson1025
    P White1025
    J & D Buchan1025
    R & M Miller1025
    J Scammell1025
    R Brokenshire1025
    L Thompson1025
    Rare Variety
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S & R Clarke1561
    G Pringle1052
    C Thorne773
    G Ball504
    R J Allen335
    D & L Rafis325
    Findlay & Flavell305
    G & J Al-Nasser305
    R Allen229
    P Lorey219
    T Sadler219
    N Beevers209
    D Mullee209
    R & M Miller209
    A Shoosmith1116
    D Bruton1116
    K Barnes1116
    M Roberts1116
    A Moreton1016
    J A Baker1016
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1016
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Cosby1051
    C Thorne922
    I Thorogood623
    M Gulley613
    G Bowley545
    G Paine416
    F C & J McGovern416
    D A Turner416
    W ORR416
    S Rich406
    P Hickton-Collins3311
    Terheege Partnership3211
    D Norman3011
    R Aplin3011
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell3011
    J & T Ross2216
    N Johnson2216
    G & P Norris2116
    D Game2016
    Findlay & Flavell2016
    P Reaney2016
    M Chapman2016
    J Folly2016
    K Barnes2016
    W Miller1126
    J Morrow1126
    S White1126
    A White1126
    S & N Wildes1026
    Swain & Ford1026
    M Hemingway1026
    D Tutty1026
    Lacewings (S & RV)
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Terheege Partnership321
    J Sopp102
    M & K Spencer102
    M Hemingway102
    M & N Arrowsmith102
    M Simpson102
    Any Other Colour
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1651
    A & D Woan1072
    Terheege Partnership1052
    M Bannister764
    J Kilkenny555
    M Hacker336
    T Jackson326
    M & K Spencer326
    S & N Wildes306
    D A Turner306
    M Gulley306
    D Guppy2212
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell2212
    G Bowley2012
    J Sopp2012
    S Wilson1116
    M Frost1116
    Clarke & Phillips1116
    R Watts1116
    Z Johnson1116
    N Cawley1116
    K Tart1116
    P & S Stevens1116
    P Robinson1016
    R Aplin1016
    P Wood1016
    S Stirling1016
    H & D Hockaday1016
    D Bruce1016
    N Johnson1016
    M & P Freemantle1016
    R Steele1016
    J Newall1016
    W & K Aitken1016
    B & K Aitken1016
    J Cosby1016
    Colour Budgerigars
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Cosby1261
    O & S Williams1242
    G & J Al-Nasser823
    Terheege Partnership444
    R Brokenshire335
    Findlay & Flavell305
    C D & S Sharpe305
    G Allen218
    M Roberts208
    Mr & Mrs T Barfoot1111
    F Percy1111
    L Rochester1111
    S Murdock1111
    D & L Rafis1111
    M Roberts (G Walberton)1011
    F Pilbeam1011
    G Wallbutton1011
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    V Wills801
    Rogerson Brothers502
    G & J Al-Nasser303
    O & S Williams303
    J Newall303
    Humby Whitaker & Wright303
    S & R Clarke303
    G Paine303
    D Leadbetter209
    G Ball209
    D Page209
    P Merritt209
    Pringle & Sheperd209
    S & N Wildes209
    D Jukes209
    Terheege Partnership209
    S Sanderson1017
    G Sealey1017
    Jones Hughes & Ackers1017
    S Cox1017
    W & K Aitken1017
    Julien & Yule1017
    D Starling1017
    C Balfour1017
    I Weeks1017
    G Sutton1017
    J Prothero1017
    C Thorne1017
    Freakley & Ainley1017
    S Gage1017
    R M Simpson1017
    Jones & Hughes1017
    J Benn1017
    D Game1017
    J Garatt1017
    R Cozens1017
    J & D Lindsey1017
    A Evans1017
    N R Porter1017
    R Watts1017
    G & A Moore1017
    A Price1017
    K Morrison1017
    Melvin & Harper1017
    L Thompson1017
    G T Williams1017
    B & K Aitken1017
    G Carter1017
    R McCabe1017
    J Wheeler1017
    D Dyson1017
    R Boaler1017
    A Haynes1017
    T Williams1017
    D Bush1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    P Barber601
    G & J Al-Nasser502
    Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell502
    G Ball404
    S & N Wildes404
    S & R Clarke404
    J Newall307
    Rogerson Brothers307
    M & K Spencer209
    D Starling209
    T Jeffrey209
    J Garratt209
    J Cosby1014
    D Evans1014
    A Perks1014
    D & J Browne1014
    G T Williams1014
    Z Johnson1014
    S & L Roberts1014
    A Benton1014
    C & L Dailey1014
    S Roberts1014
    T & L Jukes1014
    Julien & Yule1014
    C Randall1014
    J Sweet1014
    R Nicholls1014
    J A Baker1014
    G Carter1014
    S & J Blakey1014
    V Wills1014
    J Doyle1014
    D & P Herring1014
    S Kinninmonth1014
    B & K Aitken1014
    G Simpson1014
    R McCabe1014
    K Barnes1014
    S Sanderson1014
    A Haynes1014
    R Brokenshire1014
    G Sealey1014
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1014
    L Thompson1014

  • 2017 CC Tables

    League Tables are for Owner Bred Birds Only.

    LEAGUE TABLE UPDATED  21st December 2017

    Overall League Table
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke104411
    AR & TR Terheege82522
    FishShep & Partners68223
    G & J Al-Nasser66194
    B & F Mills53385
    F C & J McGovern50216
    G & P Norris4167
    J Newall40178
    A & D Woan38189
    S Rich371310
    S & J Gillan37510
    S & R Clarke331912
    A Piper32513
    Huxley & Marchant28714
    G Carter261115
    Widdowson & Wilson231016
    D Tutty221417
    R Nawarauckas211218
    R & M Miller21618
    D Leadbetter21218
    M Freeborn201421
    J Scammell20521
    D Guppy191323
    G Pringle19623
    J Benn181725
    Johnson & Chubb18725
    R J & W Bowker17927
    A Edden17327
    J Folly17227
    P & S Stevens16530
    K Leedham16030
    P White15432
    I Weeks14633
    M Bannister131034
    G Paine131034
    A Lovack13734
    P & A Barber13634
    W Gordon13434
    K Morrison13134
    Ellis & Matthews12940
    J & D Buchan12840
    A Brown12540
    C Hickman12540
    G Hughes12440
    B Reese12240
    M & D Walker12140
    J Mitchell12040
    T Jeffrey12040
    G T Williams11849
    S & J Blakey11749
    J Edwards11549
    R Brokenshire11449
    D Starling11449
    M Lewis11349
    D Norman11249
    A & G Adams11149
    D & L Rafis11049
    M Roberts11049
    G Ball10659
    J Burns10359
    P Henson10359
    P Hickton-Collins10359
    Smith & Price10259
    D & J Faram10159
    W Palfrey10159
    G Smith10059
    G Murrells10059
    I Thorogood9868
    R Steele9568
    D Whitehead9368
    M Milton9368
    Ellis & Purdue9368
    Findlay & Flavell9268
    D Hogg9168
    C Thorne9168
    Humby Whitaker & Wright9168
    G Corser8677
    R Cozens8577
    A Thorpe8477
    D Farrimond8477
    K Shillings8477
    S & N Wildes8477
    P Merritt8477
    R Warrender8377
    K Lewis8377
    S Wilson8277
    A Andrews8277
    G N Turner8177
    J McLeman8177
    P Watts8077
    J Rogers8077
    J Prothero7792
    M Frost7692
    L Pennick7592
    Flintham & Clay7492
    K & B Batey7392
    Rogerson Brothers7392
    B Taylor7392
    C Potter7292
    D A Turner7192
    S Gage7192
    D Hussell7192
    G & A Moore7092
    G & K Wills66104
    J Cosby63104
    A Shoosmith63104
    A Hoskins63104
    A Moreton63104
    G Simpson63104
    J & T Ross63104
    W Orr62104
    M Chapman62104
    R Aplin62104
    J Smith61104
    G Tuplin61104
    McPhail & Wilson61104
    Fisher & Shepherdson60104
    C D & S Sharpe60104
    D & P Herring60104
    M Gulley55120
    A Haynes54120
    P & T Dye54120
    R Winsper53120
    The Holland Stud53120
    S Somerville53120
    M Smith53120
    H W & M Hough53120
    P Redford52120
    M Hemmingway52120
    M Hockey52120
    Heptinstall & Wheeler52120
    R Payne52120
    J Lees52120
    R Carr52120
    A & N Michael51120
    T & S Haywood51120
    D Burnett51120
    J Lawrie51120
    M Bagnall50120
    Archibald & Spencer50120
    J Dixon44141
    R Hooper44141
    K Crow44141
    R Campbell44141
    D Bruton43141
    T Jackson43141
    R G Ward43141
    D Sturzaker43141
    H & D Hockaday43141
    N Clark42141
    D Scott42141
    B Smith41141
    Clarke & Phillips41141
    M Briggs41141
    J Gambles41141
    D Snell41141
    A Kelly41141
    P Robinson41141
    P Taplin41141
    B Close40141
    W Bailey40141
    D Mullee40141
    M Peel40141
    H & S Wadley40141
    D Bush40141
    S Ormerod40141
    N Wheatley40141
    P Reaney40141
    R Watts40141
    I Woolridge40141
    B Anderson33172
    R Stancliffe33172
    S Magdzinski33172
    M Illsley33172
    S Smith32172
    D Critchlow32172
    Buckley & Birchall32172
    R Fern32172
    C Hawkins32172
    M Rothlisberger31172
    R Hill31172
    S Cox31172
    Gilbert & Attwood31172
    S Platts31172
    V A Rutter31172
    C Bruton31172
    T Lewis31172
    T & P Leedham31172
    G Mellor31172
    A Kidger31172
    Gilbert & Knapman31172
    K White31172
    G Capes31172
    J Johnson31172
    Devey & Wright31172
    B McCabe31172
    A Oliver30172
    M & P Freemantle30172
    S Williams30172
    N R Porter30172
    J Punchard30172
    M Dean30172
    D Game30172
    G McMillan30172
    A Pavis30172
    G Jenkins30172
    J Davis30172
    A D White30172
    B Greenway30172
    A Harris30172
    L Thompson30172
    S & B Squires30172
    G Wincomb30172
    A Price30172
    R McCabe30172
    K Cocks30172
    R Carson23218
    K Fewlass22218
    Freakley & Ainley22218
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks22218
    B Bruce22218
    J Jones22218
    F S & K Eatwell22218
    T Cash22218
    L Cutler22218
    C Coulthard21218
    B Francis21218
    Cooke & Rusted21218
    Thomas & Wall21218
    G D Quiney21218
    J Moore21218
    G Clarke21218
    R Melling21218
    R Ramplin21218
    T & L Jukes21218
    P Hutchinson21218
    B Blackmore21218
    E Kissane21218
    N Carman21218
    J Clark21218
    Jones & Hughes21218
    J Hunter21218
    Cheatley & Alcorn21218
    S West21218
    T McCrindle20218
    S Roberts20218
    G Guntrip20218
    C Brickell20218
    L & S Devaney20218
    J Kilkenny20218
    C Kirk20218
    S Bailey20218
    T Ross20218
    J A Baker20218
    D Turner20218
    J Ashby20218
    V Wills20218
    B & K Scott20218
    S & T Landsdowne20218
    G Bowley20218
    M Anzara20218
    K Bennett20218
    G Whittington20218
    J & D Lindsey20218
    D & V Avo20218
    G Tillson20218
    R J Payne20218
    M & N Arrowsmith20218
    J Spencer20218
    W Miller20218
    A Duke20218
    J Cunningham20218
    T Campbell20218
    T Sadler20218
    L Rochester20218
    R Day20218
    M Rebaudo20218
    D Swann20218
    S Town20218
    W & M Hough20218
    Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer20218
    G Treneery20218
    E Spenceley20218
    S White20218
    Jesson & Bloxham20218
    G Wallbutton20218
    Light Greens
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    A Lovack931
    G T Williams622
    G Carter533
    Huxley & Marchant523
    B & F Mills415
    A Edden405
    P & S Stevens405
    M Freeborn318
    D Leadbetter308
    FishShep & Partners308
    G Smith308
    Ellis & Purdue308
    J Edwards308
    R & M Miller308
    G Paine2115
    J Newall2115
    B Smith2015
    D Starling2015
    A Andrews2015
    C Hickman2015
    J Scammell2015
    K Leedham2015
    A Price2015
    A Piper2015
    M Briggs1125
    R Steele1125
    T Pope1125
    S Rich1125
    G Tuplin1125
    D Hogg1025
    F C & J McGovern1025
    W Palfrey1025
    G McMillan1025
    McPhail & Wilson1025
    R G Ward1025
    S & B Squires1025
    S Wilson1025
    Jones & Hughes1025
    P Robinson1025
    P Hickton-Collins1025
    W Gordon1025
    Widdowson & Wilson1025
    Jesson & Bloxham1025
    P White1025
    G Murrells1025
    M Smith1025
    B Reese1025
    K Lewis1025
    R Fern1025
    J & D Buchan1025
    K Shillings1025
    AR & TR Terheege1025
    Dark Factor Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    W Gordon901
    J Edwards532
    A & D Woan522
    D Tutty444
    S Gage404
    R Winsper336
    G T Williams336
    S Wilson326
    J Gambles316
    A & G Adams306
    Buckley & Birchall2211
    I Thorogood2211
    G Carter2211
    J Benn2211
    AR & TR Terheege2211
    D Hogg2011
    G Paine2011
    D Scott2011
    T Campbell2011
    A Piper2011
    J Burns2011
    K Leedham2011
    J Dixon1123
    T & S Haywood1123
    Freakley & Ainley1123
    T Cash1123
    Ellis & Purdue1123
    J Newall1123
    N Carman1123
    L Cutler1123
    Winsper & Knight1123
    M Bannister1123
    J Berry1123
    D Leadbetter1023
    M Briggs1023
    J A Baker1023
    K Featherstone1023
    G Nunns1023
    A Stevens1023
    J Scammell1023
    B Sweeting1023
    S Town1023
    S & B Squires1023
    R Clements1023
    P & G Pidd1023
    T Young1023
    S & J Gillan1023
    Widdowson & Wilson1023
    P White1023
    S Smith1023
    C Hickman1023
    B Reese1023
    G D Quiney1023
    P Dennison1023
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke981
    S & J Gillan802
    FishShep & Partners513
    A & D Woan424
    D Burnett404
    J & D Buchan336
    S Rich316
    N Clark316
    P & S Stevens316
    A Piper316
    R & M Miller316
    F C & J McGovern306
    M Milton306
    L Pennick2214
    W Palfrey2014
    J Lawrie2014
    R J & W Bowker2014
    G & P Norris2014
    R Watts2014
    J & T Ross2014
    T Jeffrey2014
    R J Allen1122
    M Freeborn1122
    B & F Mills1122
    A Edden1122
    J Newall1122
    R Allen1122
    Widdowson & Wilson1122
    P White1122
    M Smith1122
    B McCabe1122
    L & S Devaney1022
    M Dean1022
    Smith & Price1022
    K Morrison1022
    T & S Haywood1022
    R Nawarauckas1022
    R Steele1022
    B Hudson1022
    E Kissane1022
    Rogerson Brothers1022
    J Scammell1022
    G Tuplin1022
    K & B Batey1022
    G Capes1022
    J Johnson1022
    D Leadbetter1022
    G Hughes1022
    Jesson & Bloxham1022
    K Lewis1022
    D Snell1022
    K Shillings1022
    A Moreton1022
    B Greenway1022
    Dark Factor Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S & J Gillan1121
    T & A Luke702
    G & J Al-Nasser533=
    A & D Woan533=
    J Benn445
    B & F Mills435
    G Carter405
    W Bailey405
    R J & W Bowker329
    Rogerson Brothers329
    S Wilson309
    G Jenkins309
    K Cocks309
    R Fern2214
    A Piper2214
    M Freeborn2214
    C Potter2214
    A Edden2014
    R Carr2014
    R M Simpson1120
    McPhail & Wilson1120
    D Farrimond1120
    D Norman1120
    G Mellor1120
    A Andrews1120
    J Prothero1120
    J Folly1120
    C Lawrenson1120
    P & A Barber1120
    S & J Blakey1120
    D Whitehead1120
    AR & TR Terheege1020
    Smith & Price1020
    Neilson & Steele1020
    Johnson & Chubb1020
    F C & J McGovern1020
    S Bailey1020
    G & P Norris1020
    T & P Leedham1020
    K Tart1020
    M Bashford1020
    M Bagnall1020
    Grey Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    B & F Mills881
    G Hughes742
    Huxley & Marchant723
    D Tutty424
    AR & TR Terheege335
    FishShep & Partners325
    M Freeborn315
    A Edden305
    K Morrison305
    P Watts305
    G Murrells305
    A Lovack2212
    T & A Luke2112
    Widdowson & Wilson2012
    P Hickton-Collins2012
    G McMillan2012
    Smith & Price2012
    J Davis2012
    McPhail & Wilson2012
    M Rebaudo2012
    G & P Norris2012
    A Piper2012
    H & D Hockaday1123
    R Melling1123
    B Blackmore1123
    D Burnett1123
    J Burns1123
    R & M Miller1123
    Devey & Wright1123
    F C & J McGovern1123
    G & A Hill1123
    K Crow1123
    G Simpson1123
    Thomas & Wall1123
    J Kilkenny1023
    G & A Moore1023
    D Turner1023
    S & T Landsdowne1023
    R J & W Bowker1023
    D Hussell1023
    G Hale1023
    M Thompson1023
    M & N Arrowsmith1023
    D Critchlow1023
    Horton & James1023
    A Andrews1023
    J McLeman1023
    J Clark1023
    M Smith1023
    J Edwards1023
    G Ludlow1023
    J Lawrie1023
    T Jeffrey1023
    B Reese1023
    J Wrighton1023
    S & J Gillan1023
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Huxley & Marchant1021
    S Rich922
    FishShep & Partners423=
    A & D Woan423=
    D Leadbetter413
    T & A Luke413
    S & J Gillan413
    F C & J McGovern338
    The Holland Stud328
    Smith & Price318
    R & M Miller318
    C Hickman318
    R Nawarauckas2213
    J Benn2213
    D Starling2213
    J Edwards2213
    P White2213
    A Moreton2113
    J Folly2013
    R Payne2013
    J McLeman2013
    Widdowson & Wilson2013
    R Tonks1123
    D Farrimond1123
    D Scott1123
    T & L Jukes1123
    K Crow1123
    Ellis & Matthews1123
    J Clark1123
    P Harden1123
    C Randall1123
    D Whitehead1123
    Fisher & Shepherdson1023
    T & S Haywood1023
    P & S Stevens1023
    J Moore1023
    D Thompson1023
    Ellis & Purdue1023
    G & A Moore1023
    N Wheatley1023
    S White1023
    G Hughes1023
    G Murrells1023
    A Harris1023
    AR & TR Terheege1023
    Opaline Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1101
    J Newall762
    M Freeborn443
    L Pennick334
    FishShep & Partners314
    D & J Faram304
    P & S Stevens304
    G Murrells304
    B & F Mills229
    R Warrender229
    A & D Woan229
    M Rothlisberger209
    G Whittington209
    M Milton209
    W Palfrey209
    K Morrison209
    D Snell209
    G Simpson209
    B Greenway209
    A Haynes1120
    J Le Marquand1120
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks1120
    B Sincock1120
    C N Parsons1120
    C Bonnett1120
    A Grice1120
    B Pakc1120
    D Martin1120
    B Francis1120
    J Benn1120
    AR & TR Terheege1120
    K & B Batey1120
    M Bannister1120
    G Carter1120
    J Kilkenny1020
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1020
    M Kiff1020
    D Cairns1020
    Cooke & Rusted1020
    A Thomson1020
    B E Blackmore1020
    R Aplin1020
    D A Turner1020
    Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer1020
    G Treneery1020
    J Johnson1020
    B Blackmore1020
    R Redden1020
    B Reese1020
    S & J Gillan1020
    I Woolridge1020
    G Paine1020
    G Wallbutton1020
    Opaline Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1261
    B & F Mills1162
    P Henson703
    AR & TR Terheege514
    F C & J McGovern435
    A & D Woan415
    R Nawarauckas337
    A Edden307
    J & T Ross229
    P & S Stevens229
    M Bagnall209
    Flintham & Clay209
    P Merritt209
    H & D Hockaday1114
    Cooke & Rusted1114
    B Forbes1114
    N Clark1114
    K Burnett1114
    M Fitchett1114
    G Simmons1114
    Smith & Price1114
    J Prothero1114
    L Cutler1114
    M Hacker1114
    D Leadbetter1114
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1114
    A & N Michael1114
    Johnson & Chubb1114
    A Moreton1114
    C Kirk1014
    A Easdon1014
    T Ross1014
    Thomas & Wall1014
    K Shillings1014
    M & N Arrowsmith1014
    H Wind1014
    D & J Faram1014
    S & T Landsdowne1014
    A D White1014
    S Sanderson1014
    P Reaney1014
    A Wilkinson1014
    J Lawrie1014
    R Warrender1014
    G Mellor1014
    T & P Leedham1014
    N Carman1014
    P Hutchinson1014
    Pringle & Shepard1014
    S & B Squires1014
    Devey & Wright1014
    I Woolridge1014
    Normal Cinnamon Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Rich801
    F C & J McGovern722
    AR & TR Terheege653
    D Tutty514
    K & B Batey415
    J Benn336
    T & A Luke326
    R Warrender316
    M Milton229
    G T Williams229
    S Gage219
    R Aplin219
    Gilbert & Knapman219
    J Punchard209
    K Leedham209
    Smith & Price209
    G Tuplin209
    J Newall209
    D Leadbetter209
    Rogerson Brothers209
    S & J Gillan209
    G D Quiney1122
    R Stancliffe1122
    C Bruton1122
    Flintham & Clay1122
    A & D Woan1122
    Gilbert & Attwood1122
    M Masham1122
    J Smith1122
    G & K Wills1122
    K Lewis1122
    J Mear1122
    E Kissane1122
    A Haynes1122
    J & D Buchan1122
    G Paine1122
    Widdowson & Wilson1022
    H & D Hockaday1022
    R J Payne1022
    Heptinstall & Wheeler1022
    G Gillan1022
    A D White1022
    A E Poole1022
    P Reaney1022
    D Swann1022
    J Scammell1022
    J Ashby1022
    N Wheatley1022
    K Morrison1022
    A Edden1022
    T Jeffrey1022
    P Redford1022
    R J & W Bowker1022
    The Holland Stud1022
    J & T Ross1022
    S White1022
    W Palfrey1022
    A Price1022
    Normal Cinnamon Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1361
    FishShep & Partners642
    P Merritt423
    R Steele413
    A Piper403
    F C & J McGovern326
    AR & TR Terheege326
    M Freeborn316
    P & A Barber316
    K Morrison316
    D Tutty316
    D Leadbetter306
    C Hickman2213
    K Crow2213
    G & J Al-Nasser2213
    G & K Wills2213
    B Smith2113
    J Newall2113
    R J & W Bowker2013
    C Bruton2013
    A Harris2013
    R & M Miller2013
    J & D Buchan2013
    K Lewis1124
    M Frost1124
    R Payne1124
    R Nawarauckas1124
    G Capes1124
    J Scammell1124
    R Hooper1124
    P & S Stevens1124
    C Kirk1024
    T & S Haywood1024
    J Punchard1024
    D Page1024
    C & M Snell1024
    R Winsper1024
    W Palfrey1024
    G & A Moore1024
    S & N Wildes1024
    P Watts1024
    G N Turner1024
    R Warrender1024
    P Tiller1024
    P Hickton-Collins1024
    T Jeffrey1024
    E Spenceley1024
    A & D Woan1024
    M Milton1024
    B McCabe1024
    Opaline Cinnamon
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1551
    AR & TR Terheege13132
    D Tutty553
    J Newall513
    J Benn335
    G & K Wills335
    A Haynes325
    J Rogers305
    F C & J McGovern229
    M Smith229
    J & D Buchan229
    Heptinstall & Wheeler219
    R Payne219
    J & D Lindsey209
    P Taplin209
    P & A Barber209
    B & F Mills1117
    P Henson1117
    B Anderson1117
    S Rich1117
    A Edden1117
    R J & W Bowker1117
    K Lewis1117
    FishShep & Partners1117
    R Aplin1117
    S West1117
    M A & J Digby1117
    Fisher & Shepherdson1017
    S Bailey1017
    R J Payne1017
    D Sutherland1017
    D Starling1017
    B & K Scott1017
    D Leadbetter1017
    Gilbert & Knapman1017
    Trinity Stud1017
    Mr & Mrs D Vandepeer1017
    R McCabe1017
    G & Y Sutton1017
    G Sutton1017
    Knapman & Gilbert1017
    J Folly1017
    B McCabe1017
    M Roberts1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    T & A Luke1301
    J Scammell732
    D Whitehead713
    G & P Norris604
    S & J Blakey555
    G & J Al-Nasser505
    G Ball337
    R Hill317
    S Cox317
    G N Turner307
    D Critchlow2211
    M Hockey2211
    G Simpson2211
    D A Turner2111
    A Kidger2111
    D Hussell2011
    R Watts2011
    G Wincomb2011
    M Bannister2011
    M & D Walker2011
    S Kinninmonth-Wicks1221
    Ellis & Purdue1121
    R Ramplin1121
    R Carr1121
    A Brown1121
    C & L Dailey1121
    Melvin & Harper1121
    S & G Cox1121
    R Campbell1121
    T Kinninmonth-Wicks1121
    P & T Dye1121
    D Tutty1121
    J Garratt1121
    J Benn1021
    F C & J McGovern1021
    D & P Herring1021
    G Bowley1021
    I Brough1021
    C Breckon1021
    W Miller1021
    J Cunningham1021
    M Viner1021
    J Durber1021
    A Kelly1021
    T Llewellyn1021
    R McCabe1021
    A & N Michael1021
    D Turner1021
    L Thompson1021
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Mitchell1101
    A Piper712
    T Jeffrey703=
    FishShep & Partners703=
    M Bannister665
    R G Ward336
    S & N Wildes326
    I Weeks326
    A Kelly316
    A Pavis306
    R Cozens2211
    J Benn2211
    AR & TR Terheege2211
    R Campbell2211
    P & T Dye2211
    C Coulthard2111
    F C & J McGovern2111
    R Carr2111
    M Hockey2011
    D Hussell2011
    T Lewis2011
    N Wheatley2011
    L Thompson2011
    G & P Norris2011
    A & G Adams1125
    Freakley & Ainley1125
    T Cash1125
    J T Lund1125
    P Hickton-Collins1125
    T McCrindle1025
    G Bowley1025
    E & R Sumerfield1025
    J Spencer1025
    W Miller1025
    A Derricutt1025
    B Miller1025
    D Taylor1025
    G Wincomb1025
    J Rogers1025
    G Pringle1025
    P Taplin1025
    A Kidger1025
    P Lea1025
    I Woolridge1025
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    D Guppy1371
    G Pringle822
    D & L Rafis703=
    M & D Walker703
    Humby Whitaker & Wright415
    A Hoskins336
    M Lewis316
    A Shoosmith316
    B Taylor316
    J Newall306
    P White306
    W Orr306
    G Corser2213
    I Thorogood2213
    S Magdzinski2213
    J Lees2113
    S Somerville2113
    M & P Freemantle2013
    S Ormerod2013
    M Roberts2013
    Z Johnson1021
    R Day1021
    C McDonald1021
    K White1021
    M Hockey1021
    J Cosby1021
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser1401
    M Lewis722
    D Guppy663
    G Pringle534
    J Newall405
    G Corser336
    S Somerville326
    J Lees316
    B Taylor316
    J Smith306
    P White306
    M Roberts306
    I Thorogood2213
    R Cozens2113
    K White2113
    S Ormerod2013
    M & D Walker2013
    Clarke & Phillips1118
    L Cooper1118
    M Illsley1118
    S Magdzinski1118
    M & N Saunders1018
    C D & S Sharpe1018
    W Orr1018
    A Hoskins1018
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1018
    C Brickell1018
    J & K Kime1018
    J Cosby1018
    M & P Freemantle1018
    D Harris1018
    Crest / Tuft
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser1031
    Widdowson & Wilson952
    A Brown923
    R Brokenshire744
    S & R Clarke615
    A & G Adams506
    H & S Wadley407
    J Dixon338
    D Bruton328
    M Hemmingway308
    C D & S Sharpe308
    J Jones2212
    F S & K Eatwell2212
    J Hunter2112
    Cheatley & Alcorn2112
    M Anzara2012
    D Norman2012
    S Smith1118
    R Hooper1118
    G Clarke1018
    M Baker1018
    M Roberts1018
    Archibald & Spencer1018
    P & M Harvey1018
    Sealey & Zeebroek1018
    Humby Whitaker & Wright1018
    Spangle Green
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    A Piper711
    G Paine552
    G Carter503=
    K Leedham503=
    A & D Woan435
    D Farrimond415
    B Close405
    J Burns328
    D Sturzaker328
    M Freeborn328
    F C & J McGovern318
    J Newall318
    C Thorne308
    G N Turner308
    FishShep & Partners308
    J McLeman308
    P & A Barber2217
    K Shillings2217
    P Redford2117
    S & J Blakey2117
    S Roberts2017
    Clarke & Phillips2017
    C Hickman2017
    G Hughes2017
    J & D Buchan2017
    Widdowson & Wilson1126
    D Hogg1126
    K Fewlass1126
    D Scott1126
    P White1126
    R Stancliffe1126
    J Scammell1126
    M Milton1126
    F Thomas1126
    K & B Batey1126
    J Moore1126
    Rogerson Brothers1126
    N & J East1126
    J Prothero1126
    T & A Luke1126
    G Jackson1026
    D Stephenson1026
    A Duke1026
    R Ramplin1026
    D & J Faram1026
    Flintham & Clay1026
    R Winsper1026
    C Potter1026
    G Simpson1026
    L Pennick1026
    M & T Rogers1026
    M Bannister1026
    K Handy1026
    S West1026
    P & T Dye1026
    Spangle Blue
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    B & F Mills881
    G & P Norris812
    G & J Al-Nasser773
    Ellis & Matthews654
    R Nawarauckas644
    FishShep & Partners526
    F C & J McGovern506
    AR & TR Terheege428
    D Starling408
    Flintham & Clay3310
    A & D Woan3110
    D Hogg3010
    K Lewis3010
    D Leadbetter3010
    R J & W Bowker2215
    P Watts2015
    V Wills2015
    G Smith2015
    D Norman2015
    A Piper2015
    R & M Miller2015
    D Bush2015
    K Fewlass1123
    A Thorpe1123
    D Sturzaker1123
    D Hussell1123
    P Hutchinson1123
    S Rich1123
    A Lovack1123
    P Redford1123
    J Lawrie1123
    T & P Leedham1123
    B Reese1123
    K Shillings1123
    Fisher & Shepherdson1023
    J Burns1023
    C Potter1023
    R Keeber1023
    A Perks1023
    R Tickle1023
    L Pennick1023
    R Melling1023
    Findlay & Flavell1023
    R Cozens1023
    G & A Moore1023
    D Farrimond1023
    A Duke1023
    W & M Hough1023
    J Newall1023
    G Hughes1023
    E Spenceley1023
    P & S Stevens1023
    H W & M Hough1023
    P White1023
    Double Factor Spangle
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    AR & TR Terheege1071
    R Nawarauckas822
    A Thorpe733
    G & P Norris604
    R J & W Bowker445
    B & F Mills445
    J Newall415
    B Reese405
    Widdowson & Wilson329
    F C & J McGovern309
    G & A Moore309
    J Burns309
    P & A Barber2213
    D Starling2213
    I Weeks2213
    W Gordon2213
    C Hickman2213
    H W & M Hough2113
    K Shillings2013
    J Scammell2013
    Ellis & Matthews2013
    D Leadbetter2013
    R & M Miller2013
    C Potter2013
    B Whitlock1125
    R Cozens1125
    R Stancliffe1125
    M Rothlisberger1125
    T Lewis1125
    N Watson1125
    D Bush1125
    M Gulley1125
    P Watts1025
    Buckley & Birchall1025
    T & L Jukes1025
    P Reaney1025
    D Swann1025
    S Town1025
    J Springthorpe1025
    W & M Hough1025
    D Hussell1025
    Clarke & Phillips1025
    G Smith1025
    W Pake1025
    Dominant Pied
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Rich1151
    B & F Mills712
    S & J Gillan603
    AR & TR Terheege554
    M Frost554
    T & A Luke554
    D & P Herring504
    K Leedham504
    F C & J McGovern409
    J Scammell409
    G Carter3111
    S Platts3111
    I Weeks3111
    N R Porter3011
    G Paine2215
    H W & M Hough2215
    G & J Al-Nasser2015
    P & A Barber2015
    S & J Blakey2015
    G Smith2015
    McPhail & Wilson2015
    K Morrison2015
    G L Capes1123
    G Ball1123
    H & D Hockaday1123
    D Snell1123
    N Masham1123
    G & P Norris1123
    P Taplin1123
    Huxley & Marchant1123
    J McLeman1123
    W Gordon1123
    W Palfrey1123
    P Redford1023
    B Francis1023
    L & S Devaney1023
    J Ashby1023
    S Wilson1023
    D & J Faram1023
    G Mellor1023
    D & J Vandepeer1023
    R Warrender1023
    R J & W Bowker1023
    Devey & Wright1023
    B Reese1023
    D Bush1023
    A Moreton1023
    A & D Woan1023
    Recessive Pied
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    Johnson & Chubb1361
    G & P Norris1132
    AR & TR Terheege603
    J Prothero444
    Ellis & Matthews335
    Ellis & Purdue315
    M Chapman315
    A & N Michael305
    A Oliver305
    M Hemmingway2210
    C Hawkins2210
    G Corser2110
    S & N Wildes2110
    K Bennett2010
    Archibald & Spencer2010
    D & V Avo2010
    A Hoskins2010
    M Briggs2010
    I & P Fielding1119
    Searle & Knott1119
    J Cosby1119
    A Brown1119
    B Taylor1119
    T Ross1019
    B & K Scott1019
    J A Baker1019
    L Main1019
    A White1019
    W Pritchard1019
    A D White1019
    D Dyson1019
    C Wakeman1019
    C Marsh1019
    J Spencer1019
    K Groves1019
    T Williams1019
    G Capes1019
    A & G Adams1019
    M Lewis1019
    S & R Clarke1019
    Yellow Face
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    FishShep & Partners851
    G & J Al-Nasser831
    I Weeks613
    Huxley & Marchant504
    G Carter435
    J Rogers405
    J Newall337
    AR & TR Terheege337
    Johnson & Chubb307
    P Henson2210
    B Anderson2210
    P Merritt2210
    S & J Gillan2110
    R & M Miller2110
    Fisher & Shepherdson2010
    Widdowson & Wilson2010
    D Hogg2010
    Gilbert & Attwood2010
    M Dean2010
    W Palfrey2010
    G Tuplin2010
    G Smith2010
    G Murrells2010
    P White2010
    The Holland Stud1125
    G N Turner1125
    D Farrimond1125
    R Walker1125
    D & J Faram1125
    Roberts & Williams1125
    M Bingham1125
    M Gulley1125
    B Granger1125
    Jones & Hughes1125
    J Johnson1125
    M Chapman1125
    B Reese1125
    P & S Stevens1125
    M A J Digby1125
    M & D Walker1125
    G Hickman1025
    P Wood1025
    F C & J McGovern1025
    K Morrison1025
    T & S Haywood1025
    J Davis1025
    G Ball1025
    N Marsham1025
    J Davies1025
    S & J Blakey1025
    J Wilson1025
    J McLeman1025
    J Cunningham1025
    J Gambles1025
    J Folly1025
    B & F Mills1025
    A Young1025
    D & C White1025
    R Brokenshire1025
    T Neil1025
    G Wallbutton1025
    Rare Variety
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S & R Clarke19171
    G Ball522
    G & J Al-Nasser513
    Findlay & Flavell502
    G Pringle415
    D & L Rafis405
    D Mullee405
    A Shoosmith328
    V A Rutter318
    R & M Miller318
    R Carson2311
    G Guntrip2011
    T Sadler2011
    D Bruton1114
    D C Bruton1114
    S Smith1114
    R Day1014
    J Burton1014
    Ellis & Prudue1014
    C D & S Sharpe1014
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    J Folly911
    F C & J McGovern662
    C Thorne613=
    S & R Clarke613=
    P Hickton-Collins525
    FishShep & Partners515
    M Peel407
    D Norman407
    M Gulley339
    I Thorogood329
    J Cosby329
    S Rich329
    D Game309
    W Orr2214
    B Bruce2214
    R Hooper2214
    Findlay & Flavell2214
    M Illsley2214
    G & P Norris2114
    M Chapman2014
    G Tillson2014
    J Smith2014
    R J Hooper1123
    A Brown1123
    S & N Wildes1123
    G Clarke1123
    G French1123
    M Gully1123
    T McCrindle1023
    D A Turner1023
    D S Game1023
    R Aplin1023
    J Mitchell1023
    P Reaney1023
    Any Other Colour
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    AR & TR Terheege1651
    FishShep & Partners1542
    T & A Luke963
    T Jackson434
    A & D Woan414
    A Andrews414
    M Roberts404
    R Steele338
    D A Turner308
    D & J Faram308
    P Robinson308
    J Folly308
    M Bannister2213
    D Norman2113
    Archibald & Spencer2013
    J Newall2013
    A Edden2013
    R Cozens1118
    J & T Ross1118
    R Campbell1118
    P & T Dye1118
    S & J Gillan1118
    Fisher & Shepherdson1018
    C Brickell1018
    P Watts1018
    R Aplin1018
    A Piper1018
    G Carter1018
    G Corser1018
    J Doyle1018
    S & N Wildes1018
    A Lovack1018
    J Sweet1018
    M Frost1018
    A & G Adams1018
    J Griffiths1018
    J Sopp1018
    G Pringle1018
    C Hawkins1018
    R Brokenshire1018
    I Woolridge1018
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser1101
    S Platts502
    AR & TR Terheege503=
    J Newall503=
    FishShep & Partners405
    B & F Mills405
    G Hughes307
    G Ball307
    M Freeborn209
    B Reese209
    R Cozens209
    D Bush209
    D Jukes209
    M Bagnall209
    Rogerson Brothers209
    Humby Whitaker & Wright209
    D S Game1017
    Cooke & Rusted1017
    S Gage1017
    N Impey1017
    J Burns1017
    S Cowling1017
    K Morrison1017
    D Game1017
    A Lovack1017
    B Kasper1017
    B Sweeting1017
    G Walker1017
    A Bird1017
    B & L Hutt1017
    D Starling1017
    M Lewis1017
    J Garratt1017
    Johnson & Chubb1017
    Pringle & Shepard1017
    C Thorne1017
    P White1017
    R Boaler1017
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    G & J Al-Nasser501
    N Watson402=
    B Greenway402=
    G Ball304
    P & A Barber304
    G Bowley304
    J Newall304
    T Jeffrey304
    S Roberts209
    C Potter209
    C & M Snell209
    S & N Wildes209
    J Garratt209
    Humby Whitaker & Wright209
    S & R Clarke209
    K Kinninmonth-Wicks1017
    G Carter1017
    J A Baker1017
    A Perks1017
    D & V Avo1017
    T Jackson1017
    R G Ward1017
    Archibald & Spencer1017
    H Woodrow1017
    E Robertson1017
    R Ramplin1017
    G Paine1017
    R M Simpson1017
    G & A Moore1017
    G Corser1017
    M Freeborn1017
    D & P Herring1017
    G T Williams1017
    Rogerson Brothers1017
    Pringle & Shepard1017
    R McCabe1017
    FishShep & Partners1017
    J Cosby1017
    Sealey & Zeebroek1017
    R Brokenshire1017
    G Treneery1017
    M Bagnall1017
    Colour Budgerigars
    NameTotal CC’sYB CC’sPosition
    S Williams1301
    J Cosby1202
    Findlay & Flavell603=
    G & J Al-Nasser603=
    C D & S Sharpe405
    R Brokenshire405
    L Rochester405
    T & M Barfoot208
    A Moreton109
    S Cox109
    A Bird109
    M Roberts109
    R Carson109
    R Trebillcock109