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General Council 2021

The General Council consists of not more than fourteen members elected by a postal ballot of The Society’s membership and they manage the affairs of The Society – the election for General Council members takes place every three years.

They meet several times a year either face to face or zoom and elect from its members, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of The Society plus other officers and members for committees.

Minutes of all its meetings are fully recorded and a summarised report published in The Society’s magazine – ‘The Budgerigar’ and on the Society website and social media site.

Ghalib Al-Nasser
Pentlow, Essex
Joined Budgerigar Society 1971
Elected to the General Council 1989
BS Representative to the NCA
London & Southern Counties BS Chairman, Shows Organiser, Editor & Publicity Officer
Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies Chairman, Sec & Publicity Officer.
01787 282332

To be part of the General Council comes commitment to work and take an active part in the development and progression of this great Society; my historical contribution gives indication of that commitment, as it’s not fancy words that get the work done.

I have always been a very active fancier at all levels, serving my area society in many capacities since 1984 (10 years retirement in between). At national level, I contribute tirelessly to the progress of the specialist societies. At local level I am in contact with the grass roots of the hobby, encouraging newcomers to make the right steps in their early days. On the show side I am show organiser/manager of many shows including the national Specialist & Rare Variety Show since 1988.

My aim is to continue to promote the hobby, and the Budgerigar Society, at every opportunity to as wide an audience as possible.

Janice Al-Nasser
Pentlow, Essex
Joined Budgerigar Society 1983
Elected to General Council 1994
London & Southern Counties BS Shows Patronage Secretary
Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies Treasurer
01787 282332

The Budgerigar Society has been a major part of my life for many years. I enjoy taking an active part in all aspects and levels of the hobby as I believe the more you give, the more you gain.

I feel it is up to every one of us to encourage and assist newcomers to the hobby, to take on roles at local grass roots level and listen to the ideas and aspirations of others within the fancy. The way to progress this is by being an integral part of the Budgerigar Society General Council. I am always prepared to help, not only as a BS Councillor, at shows and events all round the country, specialist societies, area societies and local clubs etc.

I aim to continue to work for the good of the fancy as a whole and to do my utmost to promote the hobby at every opportunity.

John Cosby
Sandbach, Cheshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1991
Elected to General Council 2009
BS Club Show Patronage Secretary
BS Representative to NCA
Lancs. Cheshire & North Wales BS Chairman, Show Secretary & Patronage Secretary
Association of Specialist Budgerigar Societies Editor
01270 526308

Having worked tirelessly for the last twelve years as a General Council Member, attending all shows in my area, working to ensure all members are consulted on every issue brought before the council, I want to continue this work in the future. I feel it is important that every member has a voice on the council through the representatives – and I believe I will continue to represent the hobby at the “grass roots level”.

We need to continue to provide advice, support and guidance to all keepers of Budgerigars, be they pet keepers or exhibition breeders. This will ensure that the hobby continues to grow, reaching into the community and the local clubs and making a difference where it really matters.

Let me be your voice, putting forward your concerns, raising your questions and bringing you the answers that you want to hear.

Grant Findlay
Blairgowrie, Perthshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1969
Elected to General Council 2021
BS Vice-chairman
BS Club Show Committee Member.
BS Delegate to WBO.
WBO Vice-chairman.
Scottish BS Honorary President,
ASBS Life Vice President
07889 07146

I am retiring from the Society Administrator role, a role in which I have enjoyed working for you the members. I would still like to contribute to the progression of the Society that I love and by standing for the GC I feel I can do this and provide continuity for the benefit of all members in these challenging times.

I have served the Society as Vice Chairman (6 years), Chairman (10 years) and recently as Administrator (8 years). During this time, I have worked tirelessly to improve the Society and hobby.

I was instrumental in introducing ideas including the two year new members deal and we need to continue to attract new members to our wonderful hobby and at the same time offer an attractive and forward thinking Society to retain our existing members. If elected, this will be at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

Bob Francis
Neath, West Glamorgan
Joined Budgerigar Society 1978
Elected to General Council 1985
Welsh BS Secretary, Treasurer & Subscription Secretary.
01639 770296

I have been in the hobby for more than 50 years. In that time I have been a continuous member of the Budgerigar Society General Council for the last 36 years.

I am an HLM, Panel Judge and Past President of the Society. I have been a member on all BS Committees except the Show Committee. I am currently Secretary/Treasurer of the Welsh Budgerigar Society (last 28 years) but have held all positions except Chairman over 40 years.

I can always be found helping out around the shows, and through being Secretary of the Welsh BS I get lots of phone calls/emails asking for advice from members, new starters and members of the general public who have got my address from both the Welsh BS and my personal website, and I am always willing and available to give that advice.

Richard Miller
Burgh by Sands, Cumbria
Joined Budgerigar Society 1994
Elected to General Council 2012
BS Club Show Assistant Show Manager
01228 576037

I am incredibly grateful for the friendships, life skills and experiences that this wonderful hobby has given me and see it as my duty to do all that I can to support, promote and serve the Budgerigar Society. As a Partner in a leading law firm in the UK and the owner/director of a number of successful family businesses (ranging from commercial property, self-storage to drive-thru retail), I have a unique skill set which I use to the best of my ability as a member of the General Council.

An organisation that stands still will go backwards. Therefore, the adaptation of the Society to the modern world is essential for the survival and prosperity of our hobby. Engagement with the fancy is key to securing sustainable development of the Society. However, such engagement must be approached constructively with respect being granted to all those who share our affection towards budgerigars.

Jim MuirLarkhall, Lanarkshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1992
BS General Council: 2018-2021 then September 2023
BS Club Show Treasurer, Scottish Budgerigar Society Treasurer.

I believe that all members of the Budgerigar Society irrespective of their status should be represented by strong open-minded councillors that are willing to listen to members ideas and concerns. Councillors that will thoroughly assess all avenues and opportunities which may help to promote and rejuvenate the hobby. Councillors that will embrace today’s readily available technology to help promote expansion and growth, which in turn will hopefully facilitate and encourage members to participate in all aspects of the day-to-day activities of the Society.

Those of you that know me know I am not afraid to speak my mind and I possess the attributes and ethics needed to represent the diverse range of members within our Society. Should I be fortunate enough to be re-elected I will work diligently on your behalf, moving with the times respecting our standards and traditions to ensure that our Society flourishes for generations to come.

Adrian Richards
Ferryhill, Co Durham
Joined Budgerigar Society 1984
Elected to General Council 2021
BS Social Secretary
07946 529456

I abided by the BS letter, no electioneering prior to election; I would like to see this changed for the next candidates, nomination letters to the BS office, confirmation letter returned, Media and any publication to promote themselves.

1) I would like to see all members’ questions discussed and published in the BS magazine.
2) I would like to see the BS rings slightly larger, with an option for next day delivery.
3) Show Promoting societies to be able to contact a WBO judge directly to judge their show anywhere in the world and not have to go through the BS office, just inform the BS Patronage secretary.

I’ve worked for the NBS, in the roles of, President, Chairman and Year-book Editor, Show Manager, Website, Publicity and Social Secretary and the Budgerigar Society, Social secretary. On the committee for the Budgerigar Society Spring Events at Seaton Burn and the Scotch corner.

Maurice Roberts
Redruth, Cornwall
Joined Budgerigar Society 1973
Elected to General Council 1998
BS Chairman
01209 718188

I have been honoured and privileged to serve on the Council for 23 years – 9 as Chairman. I consider that I am a custodian of this wonderful small livestock society, maintaining the great work of our forefathers, as well as progressing and modernising in a fair/reasonable way to the new challenges of the 21st Century.

Having been captured by the cult of the Budgerigar for 52 years, a vote for me is a vote for a “safe pair of hands” with a common-sense approach. A true fancier with the interests of true fanciers at heart. A Cornish man giving loyal representation to the Western Counties area. Ensuring stability and continuity to the society in these difficult times. I would like to thank you for your previous support, especially in the recent EGM vote.

Enjoy Budgerigars, enjoy life and thank you for your vote.

Ronnie Simpson
Leeds, Yorkshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1975
Elected to General Council 2015
BS President 2019-2021
BS Patronage Administrator
BS Club Show, Show Secretary
Yorkshire BS Secretary/Treasurer
07484 326984

To all members, once again I have applied to be a member of the General Council for the next three years in which I will continue to work on the administrative side of the hobby by means of Patronage Administration and Show Secretary for 2021. I have enjoyed being your President for the last two years and once this position has been passed to Phil Reaney, I will continue to help the Society progress.

I am not a supporter of the BS Progression Group, but I do believe in change where needed but done in the correct manner and not by ridiculing individuals on social media. I believe local areas should be involved in the Budgerigar Society to this end the delegates for each area should be approved by the local area.

Looking forward to a future where we all enjoy the hobby and continue to improve our budgerigars.

Chris Snell
Louth, Lincolnshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1966
Elected to General Council 2021
BS Vice President
07884 430874

I firmly believe that existing members and new members should have their opinions listened too. I would like to see a BS organised raffle similar the Mid-Essex raffle. To encourage top fanciers to supply birds. With 50% of the proceeds to the fanciers and 50% to be divided to UK societies. This will help all members to have a chance of a top bird for £1.

I think ring issue date should be looked at again, Club Show to return to November and two year breeder classes. (This would encourage fanciers to pair up when the birds are breeding fit not when the rings are available.) Our birds wellbeing and health is extremely important.

If elected I will endeavour to put the Budgerigar Society interests first.

Adrian Terheege
Oakley, Bedfordshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1994
Elected General Council 2021
07984 430053
I have been a part of the hobby for 27 years where I continue to be an active exhibitor and judge supporting dozens of shows around the country each year. I am the website administrator of the Trent Valley BS and have been a part of the BS’ Judges Training Scheme for the past 4 years. In my personal life I have set up and run a successful business consultancy company and now am responsible for the delivery of £300M of hardware to our Government.
If elected my initial focus shall be:
1) The obvious need to embrace modern technology with the expectation to see more engagement with our membership through social media.
2) I strongly believe an improved infrastructure is needed in particular the role of the Area Societies. I believe a change is needed whereby every society member gets benefits that are relevant to them within the hobby.

Trevor Terheege
Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1993
Elected General Council 2015
BS Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator.
Midland Budgerigar Association Vice Chairman & Publicity Editor
01455 212953

I first joined the Budgerigar Society as a Junior in the late 1950’s and moved to beginner in 1966. I was a keen exhibitor during that time but left the fancy in 1971. I ran my own business for 40 years using latest technology.

I have completed 6 years on the B.S General Council with 100% attendance record and was part of the sub-group researching the quality of our rings. My aim on the General Council is to represent the views of the membership with an active part with its development and progression.

I have always tried to support and help local clubs as I believe they are important to our development. I am the Chairman and Show secretary of Trent Valley B.S ensuring we maintain a good social balance. I feel this is essential as not everyone is keen to exhibit. This can also offer something to family members.

Terry Tuxford
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Joined Budgerigar Society 1980
Elected to General Council 2015
BS Editor
BS Publicity Officer
BS Representative to NCA
London & Southern Counties BS General Secretary
07836 723082

I am seeking your support for re-election to the General Council as part of a team committed to representing the interests of our entire membership.

I care passionately about our hobby and have been a part of it for more than forty years. If re-elected, I will:
1) Listen to members wishes and work to implement them.
2) Strive for continuous improvement in the BS.
3) Encourage members to be not just active but pro-active to make the hobby stronger.
4) Seek investment opportunities for the BS to benefit our members.
5) Promote the modernisation of the BS, while at the same time respecting its long history.

I am forward looking and “think outside of the box”, aided by a business background at senior level, good academic qualifications, and broad hobby experience. Tempered by common sense, I find it easy to be neutral and assess the benefits, whether they suit me personally or not.


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