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  • Calendar of Events

    The Budgerigar Society Annual General Meeting plus Novice & Junior Members Show and Member’s Sales Day.

    Bugbrooke Community Centre, Northampton, NN7 3RW on 21st April 2024.


    21/22 September 2024 – The BS World Show (Club Show) – Postponed

    The BS General Council, in conjunction with the BS Club Show Committee, has taken the decision to postpone the 2024 BS Club Show. This decision has been made in view of the current Society finances and following losses on the Club Show over the last two years totalling over £16k. This despite the kind donations and offers of donations to keep the show at the Dome in 2024.
    It is intended to combine the next Club Show with the 100th Anniversary event in 2025. Further details, including date and venue, will follow once the arrangements have been made.

    Budgerigar Society 100 Years Anniversary Convention 2025 – Details to come.

  • Promotional Events

    The Budgerigar Society Stand will be at the following events and we welcome members to come and introduce themselves to us and to pay subs, order rings and purchase products.

    2023 Events

    5th March 2023 – Stafford

    23rd April 2023 – BS AGM

    23rd / 24th September 2023 – BS Club Show

    2nd October 2023 – Stafford

    29th October 2023 – Newark

  • Conventions

    The Budgerigar Society is renowned for organising super World Conventions of which there has been ten. Looking back at the history of the society there has been Conventions organised in 1954, 1959, 1975 (all at Harrogate), 1985 (Birmingham), 1990, 1995 (both at Scarborough), the Millennium Convention (Eastbourne), 2006, 2010 (both at Southport) and the 2015 Convention (Stoke). We must also remember that the American B.S. organised the second World Convention in 1956 in Chesterfield, Indiana.

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  • Spring Events

    The Budgerigar Society Spring Event held in 2018 was organised by a joint committee of the Budgerigar Society and the Northern Budgerigar Society and held in Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire. Events prior to this were 2004 in Doncaster following the Reovirus, 2011 in Woking, Surrey and 2012 in Seaton Burn, Newcastle.

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