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Mid Essex Gold Show 2023

Show Date10th September 2023
Show Name /StatusMid Essex Gold Show
Birds Benched398
JudgesB Reese;  R Hooper;  S Rich;  M Gulley; B Taylor
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show239-3JDA1J AshbyNot BS0
Best Young Bird in Show120-1B5744P BarberB5744-39-234
Best Any Age in Show239-3JDA1J Ashby
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show6-3C4375V Croud
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show119-1B5744P Barber
Best Champion Any Age19-2PEL4P Henson
Best Champion Young Bird120-1B5744P Barber
Best Intermediate Any Age239-3JDA1J Ashby
Best Intermediate Young Bird344-3PE731P & A Partnership
Best Novice Any Age417-5BLOND1S Andrews
Best Novice Young Bird522-1BLOND1S Andrews
Best Junior Any Age643-1GINGE1Junior Ginge
Best Junior Young Bird711-2GINGE1Junior Ginge
Best First Year Novice Exhibit407-3FIT2P Fitzgerald
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenG Griffiths(??????)R2248 121 20G396816
AADark or Olive GreenUlyatt & WarmanU185 15 21U1854
AASkyBlueP & A PartnershipA973 95 21A97318
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletP Fitzgerald ( N Bird )NICKY1 105-21FIT26
AAGrey GreenP Barber ( A Marchant)POTT5 298 21B574415
AAGreyP & A PartnershipA973 106 22A97315
AAOpaline GreenUlyatt & WarmanU185 65 22U1858
AAOpaline BlueS AndrewBLOND1 5 21BLOND18
AACinnamon GreenP HensonPEL4 28 21PEL412
AACinnamon BlueP HensonPEL4 20 21PEL422
AAOpaline CinnamonS AndrewBLOND1 8 23BLOND18
AALutinoA BrooksB7512 67 22B75128
AAAlbinoP BarberB5744 7 22B57446
AAYellow-wingH JohnsonHARRY1 9 20HARRY12
AACrest or TuftJunior GingeGINGE1 83 22GINGE13
AASF Spangle GreenP & A PartnershipPE731 96 21PE7315
AASF Spangle BlueJunior GingeGINGE1 142 22GINGE112
AADF SpangleA BrooksB7512 36 2B75123
AADominant PiedJunior GingeGINGE1 88 22GINGE18
AARecessive PiedP & A PartnershipA973 85 22A9736
AAYellow Face10
AARare VarietyJ FollyFOLL1 1 21FOLL12
AAClearbodyD & L RafisR3697 16 22R36974
AAAny Other ColourA BrooksB7512 52 22B75127
AAPairH JohnsonHARRY120
AATeamP & A PartnershipA97328
AAColour BudgerigarJ GibbonsG3897 48 23G389713
AANovice AA COMS AndrewBLOND1 4 22BLOND1
AAJunior AA COMJunior Ginge (P & A Partnership )A973 43 23GINGE1
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMP Fitzgerald ( N Bird )NICKY1 105-21FIT1
YBLight GreenP & A PartnershipA973 59 23A9736
YBDark or Olive GreenS GageSGS1 25 23SGS15
YBSkyBlueJ GibbensG3897 156 23G38978
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletA BrooksB7512 2 23B75126
YBGrey GreenP BarberB5744 52 23B574412
YBGreyJunior GingeGINGE1 11 23GINGE19
YBOpaline GreenV CroudC4375 1 23C43754
YBOpaline BlueR FordRHF4 26 23RHF44
YBCinnamon GreenS AndrewBLOND1 22 23BLOND112
YBCinnamon BlueP BarberB5744 39 23B574418
YBOpaline CinnamonS AndrewBLOND1 111 23BLOND16
YBCrest or TuftD & L RafisB3697 7 23R36974
YBSF Spangle GreenD & L RafisDetail MissingR3697
YBSF Spangle BlueP & A PartnershipPE731 33 23PE731
YBDF SpangleP & A PartnershipPE731 46 23PE7312
YBDominant PiedUlyatt & WarmanW5940 11 23W59405
YBRecessive PiedP & A PartnershipA973 55 23A9736
YBYellow FaceP & A PartnershipPE731 34 23PE7314
YBRare VarietyD & L RafisR3697 51 23R36973
YBAny Other Colour1
YBColour BudgerigarA & L PitcherPE783 82 23PE7836
YBJunior YB COMJunior GingeGINGE1 80 23GINGE1

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