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Show Official’s Information

To All show Secretaries of Bronze; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Area Patronage shows
Please remember to send to the BS Patronage Administrator a list of Junior, Novice and Intermediate Exhibitors including Benched Birds (excluding Sales Birds) with your returns

Important NOTE:  Could all show secretaries when taking entries please record when a Partnership enters the partneship names not just the member who calls in the entry.

Patronage Application Form 2024

Final Classifications 2023 Spreadsheets

{Note changes to Colour Budgerigar Pairs and Team Classes Pairs 784 and Team 785} this will also affect S & RV Show Sales Class Numbers.}

Patronage Wording for Schedules

Classification for those show awarded additional Colour Budgerigar Patronages

LABS Patronage

ASBS Patronage 

BS Patronages- Schedule Wording

Guidelines For Best Practice

Patronage Details 2023

Week Numbers

Bio Security Guidance

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