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Show Official’s Information

To All show Secretaries of Bronze; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Area Patronage shows
Please remember to send to the BS Patronage Administrator a list of Junior, Novice and Intermediate Exhibitors including Benched Birds (excluding Sales Birds) with your returns

Important NOTE:  Could all show secretaries when taking entries please record when a Partnership enters the partneship names not just the member who calls in the entry.

Patronage Application Form 2024

This year Pair Classes in both standard or Colour Budgerigars can consist of the following:-

2 x Cocks or 2 x Hens or 1x Cock and 1 x Hen same colour and Variety

{Note changes to Colour Budgerigar Pairs and Team Classes Pairs 784 and Team 785} this will also affect S & RV Show Sales Class Numbers.}

Patronage Wording for S & R V Shows 2024  NEW
Patronage Wording for Schedules NEW

Final Classifications 2024 Spreadsheets BS S & RV Show updated

Classification for all Patronages with CB Add-on Except S & RV Shows New
Spreadsheet    PDF
Classification for  Area and Gold S & R V Patronage New

LABS Patronage

ASBS Patronage 

Countrywide-Advert-April2024  NEW

BS 100 Club Advert 2024 NEW Please add to Schedules

Guidelines For Best PracticeCountrywide-Advert-2024  NEW

2024 Patronage Details  NEW

Bio Security Guidance

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