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Affiliated Societies

The Budgerigar Society is affiliated to both the National Council For Aviculture (NCA) and the World Budgerigar Organisation (WBO).


The Objectives of the NCA are:

(i) To promote the welfare, study, breeding, development and exhibition of birds within a managed environment.

(ii) To represent the hobby of aviculture within the U.K.

(iii) To liaise with Government Departments in forming legislation relating to all aspects of aviculture.

(iv) To promote and protect the interest of breeders and exhibitors

(v) To stimulate and encourage greater public interest in the objectives of the NCA.

(vi) To assist the progress of scientific knowledge.

(vii) To promote education and awareness of aviculture.

(viii) To serve as a parent body in a closely knit affiliation of like minded groups.

(ix) To establish common codes of conduct within aviculture.

(x) To facilitate the exchange of research information.

(xi) To reward work of outstanding merit with awards or other marks of recognition.

NCA Web Site


The Objectives of the WBO are:

(i) To bring together representatives of member societies and to encourage unification within the country if more than one society exists.

(ii) To serve as a unified international advisory organisation in promoting common standards for the budgerigar fancy throughout the world.

(iii) To support and encourage the free movement of budgerigar breeders and budgerigars across international borders in order to improve the breeding, exhibiting and judging of budgerigars.

(iv) To assist in the protection of the interests of members of the organisation.

(v) To assist in the progress of scientific knowledge by the accumulation of data and literature and the distribution thereof amongst members of the organisation.

(vi) To reward any work of outstanding merit with prizes or other marks of recognition.

WBO Web Site

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