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Bristol B S Gold show 2023

Show Date6th August 2023
Show Name /StatusBristol B S
Birds Benched390
JudgesM Bagnall;  G Carter;  A Thorpe;  G Tillson;  R Watts
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show120-5WEEK5I WeeksWEEK5-38-238
Best Young Bird in Show120-5WEEK5I WeeksWEEK5-38-230
Best Any Age in Show35-3W4927R Watkins
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show406-1L3300I Ladd
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show119-3L2822J Lawrie
Best Champion Any Age35-3W4927R Watkins
Best Champion Young Bird120-5WEEK5I Weeks
Best Intermediate Any Age209-5J2849T Jackson
Best Intermediate Young Bird340-1GAR1G Morgan
Best Novice Any Age406-1L3300I Ladd
Best Novice Young Bird511-2H6069K Hulbert
Best Junior Any Age611-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best Junior Young Bird720-1HARRY1H Johnson
Best First Year Novice Exhibit523-2M6117P Mundy
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenB BlackmoreBGB1 17 21BGB113
AADark or Olive GreenP SmithS6508 1 22S65083
AASkyBlueI LaddL3300 14 22L330017
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletJ BishopBISH1 85 18BISH111
AAGrey GreenT JacksonJ2849 4 22J284912
AAGreyJ BishopBISH1 28 22BISH123
AAOpaline GreenJ SweetS6661 25 21S66614
AAOpaline BlueC RandallR2008 16 22R20083
AACinnamon GreenB Taylor (R Payne)PD176 51 21T29939
AACinnamon BlueThomas & WallTW1 18 22TW121
AAOpaline CinnamonJ LawrieL2822 4 21L28226
AALutinoR RamplinR3922 124 21R392211
AAAlbinoS RichR3671 81 21R36718
AAYellow-wingC Brickell ( M & P Freemantal)FA767 19 19B71454
AAWhitewingT JacksonJ2849 13 22J28497
AACrest or TuftB TaylorT2993 127 21T29934
AASF Spangle GreenJ LawrieL2822 64 21L28228
AASF Spangle BlueR WatkinsW427 112 21W492723
AADF SpangleG MorganGAR1 36 22GAR16
AADominant PiedJ LawrieL2822 46 22L28227
AARecessive PiedT JacksonJ2849 9 22J284910
AAYellow FaceC & K BellowsB7027 96 20B70275
AARare Variety1
AAClearbodyS RichR3671 110 20R36714
AAAny Other ColourI WeeksWEEK5 24 23WEEK514
AAPairI LaddL33006
AATeamR RamplinR392216
AAColour BudgerigarS CoxC3564 120 22C35645
AANovice AA COMS AdamsA972 43 21A972
AAJunior AA COMH Johnson (S Jackson)J3067 15 22HARRY1
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMP MundyM6117 11 23M6117
YBLight Green1
YBDark or Olive GreenR HooperRH1 26 23RH14
YBSkyBlueA FrettenAEF1 11 23AEF17
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletB BlackmoreBGB1 14 23BGB12
YBGrey GreenI WeeksWEEK5 22 23WEEK56
YBGreyT JacksonJ2849 2 23J28496
YBOpaline GreenR HooperRH1 37 23RH17
YBOpaline BlueR HooperRH1 63 23RH13
YBCinnamon GreenB BlackmoreBGB1 11 23BGB15
YBCinnamon BlueI WeeksWEEK5 38 23WEEK511
YBOpaline CinnamonR FernFS1 12 23FS13
YBLutinoK HulbertH6069 9 23H606914
YBAlbinoS RichR3671 6 23R36718
YBYellow-wingT JacksonJ2849 4 23J28494
YBWhitewingGuppy & BarnesDD2 25 23DD26
YBCrest or TuftH JohnsonHARRY1 7 23HARRY12
YBSF Spangle Green
YBSF Spangle BlueI LaddL3300 2 23L33009
YBDF SpangleI LaddL3300 10 23L33003
YBDominant PiedG MorganGAR1 1 23GAR17
YBRecessive PiedG HawkinsH4077 1 23H40773
YBYellow FaceR FernFS1 10 23FS15
YBRare Variety
YBAny Other ColourI WeeksWEEK5 34 23WEEK55
YBColour BudgerigarS CoxC3564 5 23C35648
YBNovice YB COMK HulbertH6069 39 23H6069
YBJunior YB COMH JohnsonHARRY1 3 23HARRY1

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