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North Staffs B S Silver Show 2023

Show Date20th August 2023
Show Name /StatusNorth Staffs B S
Birds Benched293
JudgesG Corser;  P Hutchinson;  G Williams
Best in Show17-3ADAM5A & G AdamsADAM5-68-226
Best Young Bird in Show110-2H3889C HuxleyH3889-34-233
Best Any Age in Show17-3ADAM5A & G Adams
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show36-1FCJM1F C & J McGovern
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show135-1FCJM1F C & J McGovern
Best Champion Any Age17-3ADAM5A & G Adams
Best Champion Young Bird110-2H3889C Huxley
Best Intermediate Any Age211-1Y411A Young
Best Intermediate Young Bird319-2Y411A Young
Best Novice Any Age46-2H6068G Hawthorn
Best Novice Young Bird521-1STU2R & S Roberts
Best Junior Any Age601-1CAL1C Terheege
Best Junior Young Bird735-1CAL1C Terheege
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenG BowleyB2688 6020B268815
AADark or Olive GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 9 23TA19
AASkyBlueC HuxleyH3889 73 19H388913
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletF C & J McGovernFCJM1 316 23FCJM15
AAGrey GreenG BowleyB2688 56 21B268815
AAGreyF C & J McGovernFCJM1 137 23FCJM117
AAOpaline GreenTerheege PartnershipEMM4 29 21EMM47
AAOpaline BlueF C & J McGovernFCJM1 299 19FCJM110
AACinnamon GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 68 22ADAM513
AACinnamon BlueG BowleyB2688 55 22B268824
AAOpaline CinnamonF C & J McGovernFCJM1 142 20FCJM17
AALutinoF C & J McGovernFCJM1 60 22FCJM16
AAAlbinoF C & J McGovernFCJM1 156 22FCJM121
AAYellow-wingJ LeesLEE5 49 19LEE58
AAWhitewingA & G AdamsADAM5 345 21ADAM54
AACrest or Tuft1
AASF Spangle GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 148 21ADAM514
AASF Spangle BlueF C & J McGovernFCJM1 116 22FCJM120
AADF SpangleF C & J McGovernFCJM1 214 22FCJM18
AADominant PiedC HuxleyH3889 86 19H38896
AARecessive PiedR J & W BowkerBOWK5 240 22BOWK57
AAYellow FaceR WarrenderMW500 14 21MW50017
AARare VarietyG HawthornH6068 14 23H60682
AAClearbodyG BowleyB2688 6 21B26885
AAAny Other ColourG BowleyB2688 17 22B26888
AAPairG HawthornH60686
AAColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC099 2022C509923
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
AAJunior YB COMC TerheegeCAL1 3 23CAL1
AANovice YB COMR & S RobertsSTU2 134 23STU2

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