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The Club Show Greats

In 2013, the Budgerigar Society’s Club Show committee introduced a novel idea called, “Where history is made”. This was reflected with two types of pop up banners – one to reflect photographs of the exhibits that have won Best in Show at The Club Show since 2005 and the other of fanciers who are no longer with us and who contributed towards The Club Show, either as exhibitors or workers. This second banner is called, “Club Show Greats”. The banners are added to each year and are on display at The Club Show.

The Club Show Greats are:

2013    Alf Ormerod, Havenhand & Ruthven, Eric Lane, Harry Bryan, Peter Sanderson and Derrick Bowley

2014    Arthur Dexter

2015    Frank Punchard

2016    George Booth, Dennis Brown, Ray Brown

2017    Eddie Geary

2018    John Alcock

2019    None

2020/2021     Due to Coronavirus and there being no Club Show, there was no new banners

2022 Will Addey & Willie Watmough

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