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North Walsham AS Bronze Show 2023

Show Date15th October 2023
Show Name /StatusNorth Walsham AS
Birds Benched101
JudgesG Barton;  C Snell
Best in Show17-1K1650M KiffK1650-17-224
Best Young Bird in Show120-1D4013P & T DyeD4013-19-232
Best Any Age in Show17-1K1650M Kiff
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show440-1DEN1D Collins
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show539-1W6260J Wrighton
Best Champion Any Age17-1K1650M Kiff
Best Champion Young Bird120-1D4013P & T Dye
Best Intermediate Any Age244-1C4525K Campion
Best Intermediate Young BirdN/A
Best Novice Any Age419-1W6260J Wrighton
Best Novice Young Bird539-1W6260J Wrighton
Best Junior Any AgeN/A
Best Junior Young BirdN/A
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenM Kiff  ( G Jesson )GJ1 77 19K16504
AADark or Olive GreenM KiffK1650 14 22K16502
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletJ WrightonW6260 121 20W62604
AAGrey GreenJ WrightonW6260 15 23W62603
AAGreyP & T DyeD4013 72 23D40133
AAOpaline GreenHumby- Whitaker & Wright ( S Bristol)B5773 13 22H57292
AAOpaline BlueD CollinsDEN1 7 20DEN12
AACinnamon GreenM KiffK1650 17 22K16507
AACinnamon BlueJ WrightonW6260 10 21W62607
AAOpaline Cinnamon
AALutinoJ MitchellJIM5 11 21JIM54
AAAlbinoJ WrightonW6260 31 21W62603
AAYellow-wingD HarrisH4975 19 22H49757
AAWhitewingD HarrisH4975 31 22H49753
AACrest or Tuft1
AASF Spangle GreenJ MitchellJIM5 137 21JIM53
AASF Spangle Blue1
AADF SpangleP & T DyeD4013 110 21D40134
AADominant PiedD CollinsDEN1 34 22DEN1
AARecessive Pied1
AAYellow FaceD CollinsDEN1 27 20DEN17
AARare Variety
AAClearbodyJ WrightonW6260 26 23W62606
AAAny Other ColourD BrownMRSB21 38 22MRSB216
AAColour BudgerigarP & T DyeD4013 15 23D40136
AACBPairP & T DyeD40134
AACBTeamP & T DyeD40138

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