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The Budgerigar

The Society publishes a bi-monthly magazine which is posted to all members. The magazine contains articles on all aspects of our fancy, written by fanciers in this country, and world-wide.

In fact we have many members throughout the world, who write for us, and these articles are enhanced by photographs.   The society is indeed fortunate in being able to call on excellent photographers who are able to bring their skills to the magazine for the benefit of all members.

Additionally there are reports and results from area and specialist societies throughout the country.

All members, whatever their length of membership and time in the fancy are invited to submit articles about their experiences, letters and photographs to be considered for publication.

The Official Rules & Membership List

This publication is published periodically to confirm the General Rules and reflect any changes that have been made. It also encompasses the current Show Rules, including specifications for the various show cages and the Guidelines for Judges and exhibitors, culminating in a directory of members and judges who are members of the Society’s Judges panel.

Introductory Leaflet

The Introductory Leaflet is exactly what this publication is. It introduces the reader to the budgerigar together with an overview of the hobby in general. It is available to anyone on request.

Colour Standards

Since the society was formed (in 1925) it has taken responsibility for defining and describing the various features which make up the ever-expanding number of new varieties of budgerigars that have been bred since this species was first  introduced from its native habitat. Particularly in the last few years, increasing efforts have been made to re-establish the true integrity of each of the mutations that have appeared and been fixed. In 2012 the Colour Standards booklet was published which gives a comprehensive collection of accurate colour illustrations and descriptions.


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