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Dunbartonshire B S Silver Show 2023

Show Date26th August 2023
Show Name /StatusDunbartonshire B S
Birds Benched370
JudgesR Campbell;  T Mc Crindle
Best in Show9-4ROY1R WilsonROY1-27-226
Best Young Bird in Show309-1C5955G ChadwickC5955-9-233
Best Any Age in Show9-4ROY1R Wilson
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show14-2ROY1R Wilson
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show114-1B3960K & B Batey
Best Champion Any Age9-4ROY1R Wilson
Best Champion Young Bird118-1N1708Benn & Newall
Best Intermediate Any Age209-1C5955G Chadwick
Best Intermediate Young Bird309-1C5955G Chadwick
Best Novice Any Age407-1M6142M McClelland
Best Novice Young Bird520-3T3108S Toole
Best Junior Any Age635-1C6189O C Walker
Best Junior Young Bird711-1N1789A Newall
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
AALight GreenR WilsonROY1 18 23ROY113
AADark or Olive GreenR WilsonROY1 104 21ROY111
AASkyBlueR WilsonROY1 5 2ROY119
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletM McClelland ( S Wilson )STEF1 43 22M614213
AAGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 27 22ROY124
AAGreySCOT2BBN51 4 23BN5125
AAOpaline GreenR wilsonROY1 70 21ROY111
AAOpaline BlueM McClelland ( I Clarke)IC1 71 20M614216
AACinnamon GreenBenn & NewallBEN1 60 23BEN116
AACinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6915 73 20S691521
AAOpaline CinnamonR WilsonROY1 50 21ROY110
AALutinoR WilsonROY1 29 23ROY112
AAAlbinoBenn & Newall ( D Bruton )B5647 68 21N17086
AAYellow-wingB MacLean ( S Summerville )S7025 6 20M491713
AAWhitewingB MacLean ( G Gormley )GG3 21 22M491710
AACrest or TuftM McClellandM6142 8 23M61423
AASF Spangle GreenJ ScammellS6915 15 21S691516
AASF Spangle BlueD Walton ( A Ellison )AE1 114 0DW219
AADF SpangleJ ScammellS6915 86 22S691515
AADominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 65 22S691514
AARecessive PiedJulien & YuleJY1 30 22JY118
AAYellow FaceJ ScammellS6915 124 22S691525
AARare VarietyG KaneK2136 203 22K21363
AAAny Other ColourBenn & NewallBEN1 39 23BEN19
AAPairR WilsonROY110
AATeamG KaneK213616
AAColour BudgerigarJ & T BairdB7521 93 22B75212
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
AAJunior YB COMA NewallN1789 2 23N1789
AANovice YB COMS TooleT3108 26 23T3108

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