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YBS Area Show 2022

Show Date31st July 2022
Show Name /StatusYorkshire B S Area Show
Birds Benched334
J S Cooke; K Brockwell; G Tuplin; M Widdowson
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show19-3TL1T & A LukeTL1-303-218
Best Young Bird in Show112-2S5842D SturzakerS5842-23-224
Best Any Age in Show19-3TL1T & A Luke
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show212-1PLAT1S Platts
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show309-2WRP4White Rose Partnership
Best Champion Any Age19-3TL1T & A Luke
Best Champion Young Bird112-2S5842D Sturzaker
Best Intermediate Any Age212-1PLAT1S Platts
Best Intermediate Young Bird309-2WRP4White Rose Partnership
Best Novice Any Age417-1S7112M Strong
Best Novice Young Bird512-1VASEY1C Vasey
Best Junior Any Age601-1YM724H McKeown
Best Junior Young Bird725-1EMILY1Miss E Vasey
Best First Year Novice ExhibitN/A
ClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors Code
Light GreenJ & D LindseyL2448 83 21L2448
Dark or Olive GreenD McKeown ( M Jarrold)J2547 61 20SKY5
SkyBlueI & S AinleyISA1 1 18ISA1
Cobalt, Mauve or VioletI & S AinleyISA1 96 20ISA1
Grey GreenI & S AinleyISA1 69 20ISA1
GreyI & S AinleyISA1 174 20ISA1
Opaline GreenG N TurnerGNT1 219 19GNT1
Opaline BlueT & A LukeTL1 161 21TL1
Cinnamon GreenM StrongS7112 5 21S7112
Cinnamon BlueT & A LukeTL1 303 21TL1
Opaline CinnamonT & A LukeTL1 59 20TL1
LutinoI & S AinleyISA1 121 21ISA1
AlbinoI & S AinleyISA2 125 20ISA2
Yellow-wingG PringlePE387 126 21PE387
WhitewingG PringlePE387 15 21PE387
Crest or TuftK & V ShorthouseS6954 140 20S6954
SF Spangle GreenWhite Rose PartnershipM6102 53 19M6102
SF Spangle BlueJ & D LindseyL2448 76 21L2448
DF SpangleJ & D LindseyL2448 21 21L2448
Dominant PiedI & S AinleyISA1 66 21ISA1
Recessive PiedWhite Rose Partnership (M Ramshaw)RAM1 73 21WRP4
Yellow FaceT & A LukeTL1 89 20TL1
Rare Variety
Any Other ColourT & A LukeTL1 295 20TL1
PairWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4
TeamC VaseyVASEY1
Colour BudgerigarM JarroldJ2547 25 20J2547
Novice AA COMM StrongS7112 35 21S7112
Junior AA COMJ C ClarkJCC1 ??   22JCC1
First Year Novice Exhibit COM
Light GreenR ClementsC4638 39 22C4638
Dark or Olive GreenA J HigginsH5514 4 22H5514
SkyBlueR ClementsH4638 24 22C4638
Cobalt, Mauve or VioletM JarroldLSJ345 29 22LSJ345
Grey GreenWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 23 22WRP4
GreyD SturzakerS5842 23 22S5842
Opaline GreenWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 17 22WRP4
Opaline BlueA J HigginsH5514 1 22H5514
Cinnamon GreenT & A LukeTL1 35 22TL1
Cinnamon BlueM JarroldLSJ345 75 22LSJ345
Opaline CinnamonWhite Rose PartnershipWRP4 11 22WRP4
LutinoM JarroldLS345 5 22LSJ345
AlbinoM JarroldLSJ345 45 22LSJ345
Yellow-wingG PringlePE387 47 22PE387
WhitewingG PringlePE387 88 22PE387
Crest or Tuft
SF Spangle GreenWhite Rose PartnershipM6102 16 22M6102
SF Spangle BlueM JarroldLSJ345 96 22LSJ345
DF Spangle
Dominant PiedS PlattsPLAT1 44 22PLAT1
Recessive PiedWhite Rose PartnershipIGH1 7 22IDH1
Yellow FaceJ BullymentB6333 26 22B6333
Rare Variety
Any Other ColourC VaseyVASEY1 64 22VASEY1
Colour BudgerigarM JarroldLSJ345 141 22LSJ345
Novice YB COMC VaseyVASEY1 76 22VASEY1
Junior YB COME VaseyEMILY1 20 22EMILY1


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