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Swindon BS Gold Show 2022

Show Date21st August 2022
Show Name /StatusSwinton BS Gold Patronage Show
Birds Benched498
JudgesR Carson;  C Snell;  M Holland;  S Holland
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show411-1B7027C & K Bellows8
Best Young Bird in Show335-3L3166K Lewis4
Best Any Age in Show411-1B7027C & K Bellows
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show412-1B7027C & K Bellows
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show120-5R3671S Rich
Best Champion Any Age47-2R3671S Rich
Best Champion Young Bird123-1S5451T Sadler
Best Intermediate Any Age211-5L3166K Lewis
Best Intermediate Young Bird335-1L3166K Lewis
Best Novice Any Age411-1B7027C & K Bellows
Best Novice Young Bird537-1L3300I Ladd
Best Junior Any Age611-1PE783L Pitcher
Best Junior Young Bird712-1ZOE1Z & H Johnson
Best First Year Novice Exhibit
AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenA PricePE392 135 21PE39217
AADark or Olive GreenS RichR3671 47 20R367110
AASkyBlueS Cox (K Bore)KJB1 37 19C356420
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletJ BishopBISH1 65 18BISH123
AAGrey GreenG TillsonT2585 98 21T25859
AAGreyC & K BellowsB7027 124 21B702724
AAOpaline GreenG TillsonT2585 74 20T25855
AAOpaline BlueG TillsonT2585 125 20T25858
AACinnamon GreenA PricePE392 11 21PE39216
AACinnamon BlueR McCabeM3976 21 22M397628
AAOpaline CinnamonA PricePE392 57 20PE3929
AALutinoR RamplinR3922 124 21R392218
AAAlbinoC MayersM5802 46 21M580212
AAYellow-wingR CozensC3579 74 21C35792
AAWhitewingR CozensC3579 26 21C35796
AACrest or TuftZ & H JohnsonHARRY1 37 21HARRY12
AASF Spangle GreenC MayersM5802 39 19M58029
AASF Spangle BlueGuppy & BarnesBA338 32 20BA33820
AADF SpangleR CozensC3579 52 21C35797
AADominant PiedS RichR3671 23 20R367113
AARecessive PiedF WrightW2738 277 20W273811
AAYellow FaceS CoxC3564 73 21C356413
AARare VarietyZ & H JohnsonZOE1 97 19ZOE16
AAClearbodyS RichR3671 110 20R36714
AAAny Other ColourD HussellH2235 13 19H22357
AAPairP SmithS650830
AATeamForbes & BarrettFB152
AAColour BudgerigarS CoxC3564 61 21C35642
AANovice AA COMC & K BellowsB7027 63 21B7027
AAJunior AA COML PitcherPE783 5 21PE783
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM
YBLight GreenS RichR3671 31 22R36715
YBDark or Olive GreenA PricePE392 78 22PE3924
YBSkyBlueS CoxC3564 56 22C356411
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletA PricePE392 15 22PE3923
YBGrey GreenT JacksonJ2849 4 22J28495
YBGreyR McCabeM3976 35 22M39767
YBOpaline GreenA PricePE392 65 22PE3922
YBOpaline BlueR McCabeM3976 5 22M39763
YBCinnamon GreenI LaddL3300 19 22L33007
YBCinnamon BlueS RichR3671 25 22R367111
YBOpaline CinnamonJ SweetS6661 12 22S66614
YBLutinoT SadlerS5451 5 22S54517
YBAlbinoR RamplinR3922 8 22R39224
YBWhitewingT JacksonJ2849 13 22J28492
YBCrest or Tuft
YBSF Spangle Green
YBSF Spangle BlueK LewisL3166 6 22L316610
YBDF SpangleI LaddL3300 28 22L33003
YBDominant PiedA PitcherPE782 4 22PE7826
YBRecessive PiedT JacksonJ2849 9 22J28493
YBYellow FaceJ BishopBISH1 2 22BISH17
YBRare VarietyR AllenRJA1 38 22RJA15
YBClearbodyS RichR3671 44 22R36713
YBAny Other ColourJ SweetS6661 8 22S66612
YBColour Budgerigar1


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