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Novice / Junior Members Show results (BS AGM)

April 23, 2024

Date Added    23rd April 2024

The Budgerigar Society
Novice / Junior Members Show Results 21st April 2024

Judges Engaged:  Geoff Bowley and John Lees

Benched Entry 106 Birds 70 – Novice  36 – Junior

AwardExhibitorColourCage NumberRing NumberBenched Entry
Best in ShowJunior GingeSPANGLE GREY GREEN106-1Ginge1-98-23 
Green Series including OpalineA & L PitcherLight Green Cock1-4DD2-32-219 CC Pts 1
Blue Series including OpalineA & L PitcherSkyblue Cock2-7PE783-54-2310 CC Pts 1
Grey Green including OpalineA & L PitcherOpaline Grey Green Cock3-7PE782-22-238 CC Pts 1
Grey including OpalineJunior GingeNormal Grey Cock104-2PE783-5-2114 CC pts 2
Cinnamon/Opaline CinnamonMrs S AndrewCinnamon Grey Cock5-2BLONDE1-25-2215 CC Pts 2
A V SpangleJunior GingeSpangle Grey Green Cock106-1GINGE1-98-2312 CC Pts 2
A V PiedJunior GingeDominant Pied Grey Cock107-1GINGE1-88-227 CC Pts 1
A V YellowfaceJunior GingeYellowface Grey Cock108-1GINGE1-73-236 CC Pts 1
Any Other ColourMrs D BrownLacewing Yellow Hen9-3MRSB21-33-23

14 CC Pts 2


Colour BudgerigarC ParkerBlack wing Cobalt Hen10-4PE840-54-2411 CC Pts 2


Section AwardsClass NumberExhibitor
Best Novice Any Age2-7A & L Pitcher
2nd Best Novice Any Age5-2Mrs S Andrew
3rd Best Novice Any Age4-10A & L Pitcher
4th Best Novice Any Age6-7A & L Pitcher
Best Junior Any Age106-1Junior Ginge
2nd Best Junior Any Age108-1Junior Ginge
3rd Best Junior Any Age107-1Junior Ginge
4th Best Junior Any Age109-1Junior Ginge


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