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NBS Area Show 2022

Show Date18th September 2022
Show Name /StatusNorthern BS Area Show 22
Birds Benched271
JudgesG Tuplin;  G Moore;  K Brockwell
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show19-4B3960K & B BateyB3960-68-2010
Best Young Bird in Show109-2B3960K & B BateyB3960-69-225
Best Any Age in Show19-4B3960K & B Batey
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show2-1J2547M Jarrold
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show118-5B3960K & B Batey
Best Champion Any Age19-4B3960K & B Batey
Best Champion Young Bird109-2B3960K & B Batey
Best Intermediate Any Age243-2RHF4R H Ford
Best Intermediate Young Bird311-2RHF4R H Ford
Best Novice Any Age419-2TEMOR1K & T Smith
Best Novice Young Bird517-1VASEY1C Vasey
Best Junior Any Age605-1JCC1J C Clark
Best Junior Young Bird717-1JCC1J C Clark
Best First Year Novice Exhibit


AALight GreenT & A LukeTL1 95 20TL16
AADark or Olive Green
AASkyBlueI Cooper ( A Young)Y411 67 21C53315
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR RogersonR1800 1 21R1800
AAGrey GreenR H Ford (K Sykes)KS11 9 21RHF46
AAGreyCook & Powell  (H Wind)WIND1 72 16JMC16
AAOpaline GreenCook & Powell  (A & D Woan)WOAN1 16 19JMC13
AAOpaline BlueB ToonT3233 88 19T32335
AACinnamon GreenT & A LukeTL1 22 19TL13
AACinnamon BlueK & B BateyB3960 68 20B396012
AAOpaline CinnamonT & A LukeTL1 251 20TL12
AALutinoJ LundL2757 18 20L27577
AAAlbinoT & A LukeTL1 122 21TL12
AAYellow-wingN McMillanM5048 30 20M60482
AACrest or TuftS SmithS5182 17 21S51826
AASF Spangle GreenM JarroldJ2547 13 21J25475
AASF Spangle BlueT & A LukeTL1 88 19TL115
AADF SpangleT & A LukeTL1 134 20TL19
AADominant PiedE VaseyW6106 3 21EMILY110
AARecessive PiedJ ProtheroPD525 30 21PD5258
AAYellow FaceR H FordRHF4 104 20RHF48
AARare Variety
AAAny Other ColourT & A LukeTL1 299 22TL12
AAPairK & B BateyB39608
AAColour BudgerigarM JarroldJ2547 1 21J25472
YBLight GreenR ClementsC4638 39 27C46384
YBDark or Olive GreenT & A LukeTL1 280 22TL14
YBSkyBlueT & A LukeTL1 166 22TL17
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletT & A LukeTL1 223 22TL111
YBGrey GreenK & B BateyB3960 68 22B39608
YBGreyR H FordRHF4 2 22RHF48
YBOpaline GreenK & B BateyB3960 57 22B39605
YBOpaline BlueJ ProtheroPD525 40 22PD5254
YBCinnamon GreenK & B BateyB3960 68 22B39607
YBCinnamon BlueR ClementsC4638 41 22C463816
YBOpaline CinnamonK & B BateyB3960 58 22B39604
YBLutinoM JarroldLSJ345 26 22LSJ3458
YBAlbinoT & A LukeTL1 277 22TL12
YBCrest or TuftS SmithS5182 28 22S51823
YBSF Spangle GreenA OliverO956 45 22O9563
YBSF Spangle BlueM JarroldLSJ345 96 22LSJ34512
YBDF Spangle
YBDominant PiedR ClementsC4638 9 22C463810
YBRecessive PiedJ ProtheroPD525 60 22PD5259
YBYellow FaceT & A LukeTL1 301 22TL15
YBRare Variety
YBAny Other ColourT & A LukeTL1 29 22TL12
YBColour BudgerigarM JarroldLSJ345 145 22LSJ3452


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