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Land O’Burns BS Silver Show 22

Show Date23rd July 2022
Show Name /StatusLand O Burns
Birds Benched511
JudgesG Bowley;  J Lees ;  S Wildes
Best in Show9-7ROY1R WilsonROY1-27-216
Best Young Bird in Show340-1S6915J ScammellS6915-34-223
Best Any Age in Show9-7ROY1R Wilson
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show26-2B6452J Benn
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show339-1S6915J Scammell
Best Champion Any Age9-7ROY1R Wilson
Best Champion Young Bird107-7N1708J Newall
Best Intermediate Aqny Age243-3RHF4R H Ford
Best Intermediate Young Bird340-1S6915J Scammell
Best Novice Any Age443-1H6068G Hawthorn
Best Novice Young Bird518-3H6068G Hawthorn
Best Junior Any Age
Best Junior Young Bird
ExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors Code
AALight GreenJ ScammellS6915 63 19S6915
AADark or Olive GreenA ThomasT3310 27 21T3340
AASkyBlueJ NewallN1708 118 21N1708
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletR Nawarauckas (T Popis)WP98 28 21RN1
AAGrey GreenR WilsonROY1 27 21ROY1
AAGreyJ ScammellS6915 120 20S6915
AAOpaline GreenR WilsonROY1 70 21ROY1
AAOpaline BlueD BlackB6084 23 21B6084
AACinnamon GreenJ NewallN1708 67 22N1708
AACinnamon BlueJ ScammellS6916 59 21S6915
AAOpaline CinnamonR WilsonROY1 50 21ROY1
AALutinoJ ScammellS6915 34 22S6915
AAAlbinoJ BennB5647 69 21B6452
AAYellow-wingG PringlePE387 126 21PE387
AAWhitewingG PringlePE387 15 21PE387
AACrest or TuftG FindlayFA75 4 20FA75
AASF Spangle GreenJ ScammellS6915 59 21S6915
AASF Spangle BlueR NawarauckasRN1 77 21RN1
AADF SpangleJ ScammellS6415 84 22S6915
AADominant PiedJ ScammellS6915 36 22S6915
AARecessive PiedD MathieDHM1 15 22DHM1
AAYellow FaceR H FordRHF4 104 20RHF4
AARare VarietyG HawthornH6068 55 20H6068
AAClearbodyFMCTMC1 15 22TMC1
AAAny Other ColourJ JulienJ3034 42 21J3034
AAPairR WilsonROY1
AAColour BudgerigarG FindlaySF110 17 21FA75
AACBPairG FindlayFA75
AANovice YB COMG HawthornH6068 22 22H6068
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMJ YoungY441 6 21Y441


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