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Best Young Bird Winners 2023

Last Up-Dated 21st September 2023

Best Young Bird in Show in Show Winners
NameCodeRing NoPoints Value
White Rose PartnershipWRP4WRP4 98 234Leeds BSGOLD02/07/2023
Thomas & WallTW1TW1 20 234Lliw Valley BSGOLD01/07/2023
C VaseyVASEY1VASEY1 48 233Edinburgh BSSilver08/07/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1 31 235Northern B SArea02/07/2023
Terheege PartnershipTA1TA1-90-233West Norfolk BCSilver09/07/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1-31-233Doncaster BSSilver16/08/2023
Terheege PartnershipTA1TA1 90 235South Midlands BSArea16/08/2023
J ScammellS6915S6915-8-234Land O BurnsGold22/07/2023
M WiddowsonW3553W3553 47 235LEA BSArea23/07/2023
I WeeksWEEK5WEEK5-38-233Heads of the Valley BSSilver22/07/2023
B BlackmoreBGB1BGB1 42 233Plymouth & Torbay BSSilver23/07/2023
R WilsonROY1ROY1 17 230Tayside BSGold30/07/2023
M StrongS7112S7112-10-235YBSArea30/07/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1-40-230South Durham & Tees Valley BSSilver23/07/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4WRP4-17-233Castleford BSSilver06/08/2023
F C & J McGoverFCJM1FCJM1-12-234South West Lancs BSGOLD06/08/2023
A & D WoanWOAN1WOAN1-28-234Worcestershire BSGold15/07/2023
V CroudC4375C4375-1-233Southend & District BSSilver06/08/2023
P & A PartnershipA973A973-59-233Ipswich BSSilver30/07/2023
P MerrittM5818M5818-5-233Dorset & District BSSilver16/07/2023
G SimpsonGSB1GSB1-28-233N W Leicester BSSilver06/08/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1-142-234South Cheshire B SGold13/08/2023
J LawrieL2822L2822-76-234Somerset BSGold30/07/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4WRP4-69-233Sheffield BSSilver20/08/2023
J LawrieL2822L2822-76-230South Hampshire B SGold13/08/2023
P BarberB5744B5744-6-233Norwich & Norfolk B SSilver13/08/2023
Terheege PartnershipTA1TA1-21-233Northamptonshire B SSilver20/08/2023
C HuxleyH3889H3889-34-233North Staffs B SSilver20/08/2023
I WeeksWEEK5WEEK5-38-238Bristol B SGold06/08/2023
I StandleyS5409S5409-19-233Hastings B SSilver20/08/2023
White Rose PartnershipWRP4WRP4-69-233York & District B SSilver27/08/2023
Benn & NewallN1708N1708-2-233West Lothian & District B SSilver20/08/2023
T & A LukeTL1TL1-16-234North East National B SGold20/08/2023
G ChadwickC5955C5955-9-233Dunbartonshire B SSilver26/08/2023
C HuxleyH3889H3889 34 235Trent Valley B SPlatinum26/08/2023
D SnellS6146S6146-25-233Cornwall B SSilver20/08/2023
Terheege PartnershipTA1TA1-21-234Birmingham B SGold12/08/2023
G & A Al-NasserAA1088AA1088-16-233Cambridge B SSilver27/08/2023
P MerrittM5818M5818-5-233Southern ClassicSilver27/08/2023
White Rose Partnership WRP4WRP4-17-233Gateshead & NewcastleSilver02/09/2023
S & R RobertsSTU2STU2-134-235Gwynedd BSPlatinum03/09/2023
S & R RobertsSTU2STU2-134-235Welsh B SArea27/08/2023

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