Bedfordshire BS Silver Show 22

Show Date17th July 2022
Show Name /StatusBedfordshire B S
Birds Benched196
JudgesR Pearce; M Chapman; T Gee
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show19-1AA1088G & J Al-NasserAA1088-151-206
Best Young Bird in Show111-1H3843A HaynesH3843-20-223
Best Any Age in Show19-1AA1088G & J Al-Nasser
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show22-1TL1T & A Luke
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show106-1H3843A Haynes
Best Champion Any Age19-1AA1088G & J Al-Nasser
Best Champion Young Bird111-1H3843A Haynes
Best Intermediate Aqny Age209-2JDA1J Ashby
Best Intermediate Young Bird305-2V444R Villis
Best Novice Any Age409-1E2234K Eckersall
Best Novice Young BirdN/A
Best Junior Any AgeN/A
Best Junior Young BirdN/A
AALight GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 93 22TA17
AADark or Olive GreenTerheege PartnershipTA12 22TA19
AASkyBlueTerheege PartnershipTA1 271 21TA116
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletTerheege PartnershipTA1 279 21TA17
AAGrey GreenT & A LukeTL1 16 20TL17
AAGreyT & A LukeTL1 296 20TL14
AAOpaline GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 3 22TA14
AAOpaline BlueG & J Al-NasserAA1088 10 18AA10884
AACinnamon GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 39 22TA16
AACinnamon BlueG & J Al-NasserAA1088 151 20AA10889
AAOpaline CinnamonT & A LukeTL1 154 21TL14
AALutinoS GageSGS1 1 21SGS112
AAAlbinoG & J Al-NasserAA1088 64 19AA10884
AAYellow-wingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 99 20AA10882
AAWhitewingG & J Al-NasserAA1088 45 21AA10882
AACrest or TuftS & R ClarkeSRC1 56 21SRC16
AASF Spangle GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 228 20TA19
AASF Spangle BlueTerheege PartnershipTA1 167 21TA110
AADF SpangleC PotterPE400 30 20PE4006
AADominant PiedTerheege PartnershipTA1 245 21TA114
AARecessive PiedC PotterPE400 25 21PE40010
AAYellow FaceT & A LukeTL1 488 21TL16
AARare VarietyG & J Al-Nasser`AA1088 96 20AA10889
AAClearbodyG & J Al-NasserAA1088 66 21AA10884
AAAny Other ColourTerheege PartnershipEMM4 76 21EMM48
AAPairA HaynesH38436
AAColour BudgerigarG & J Al-NasserAA1088 105 22AA10883
AACBPairS & R ClarkeSRC14
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COM#N/A


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