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Summarised report the BS General Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th October 2023

November 8, 2023

Summarised report the BS General Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th October 2023 commencing at 7.15pm via Zoom.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone, saying since our last meeting the Society has enjoyed a successful Club Show and he thanked all involved in the event.

Apologies for Absence –Richard Miller had sent his apologies, due to work commitments.

Potential Change to Judging Procedure at Double CC Shows.

A suggestion from Neil Johnson re the judging procedure at Double CC shows. Neil suggests that instead of the separate Any Age and Young Bird CC judging that the judging is combined, and the spots allocated accordingly from within the joint CC. He also adds that if a single young bird (or adult for that matter) wins then they should be awarded the CC despite there being no competition in the young bird section for that colour.

After discussion the proposal failed – 2 in Favour, 1 Abstention and 10 Against.

The Chairman advised that Jason should write to Neil Johnson to explain the Councils thinking on why they had not supported his proposal.

Potential Increase to Judges Fee – A proposal had also been received from Wayne Greening and Gavin Carter regarding the payments to judges, they had asked for the rule be amended and have an increase in the fee.

The Chair advised, Jason should write to both members to make them aware that this is not a rule but just guidance. Having asked previously on this matter Mr Carter, and also Mr Wayne are to be informed once again that terms between judges and clubs is a private matter. However, the GC has made an increase to the Judges fee from £10 to £20 earlier in the year commencing from the 2024 Show Season which has been published in The Budgerigar magazine.

As many clubs invite judges well in advance of their show (in some cases one or two years in advance) Clubs are encouraged and recommended to put the terms they have offered a judge in writing so there are no surprises when the judge makes an expense claim at the show.

Open Show Patronage Conditions – Pairs

It was agreed to replace the name Pairs with the name “Team of Two” to allow an entry for the Team of Two class to consist of either two cocks or two hens or a cock and a hen.

Club Show venue sub group update

The Manager at the Dome has been contacted to get a quote for 2024 and beyond however he is unable and unwilling to do this in the current economic climate. He has however advised that if the BS was registered as a charity, we would be able to hire the venue for £2k less over the weekend. We are currently looking into how and if we can get charitable status.

Since the show in September, we have had a very kind offer of Sponsorship towards the show remaining at the Dome from the McGovern family for £1k. There are also other offers of sponsorship which will be announced when firmed up.

The Club Show Chairman said, “Taking all this into consideration I am of the strong opinion that we should attempt to stay at the Dome and to make this recommendation to the General Council and Club Show Committee in time for their forthcoming meetings.”

“This would also give us the opportunity to firm up the hotel room bookings as the hotel we currently use is also used by the Game Fair which is on the same weekend.”

It was agreed to book the Dome for 2024 Show.

Main Panel Judge retirement – Geoff Corser has advised that he wishes to retire from the Main Panel and be added to the Retired Judges List. A letter of thanks will be sent to Geoff to acknowledge his long service as a Main panel judge.

Date of next GC meetings – Thursday, 9 November 2023 & Thursday, 14 December 2023.

The Chair thanked everyone for their time and closed the meeting at 21:19hrs

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