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Summarised Report of the Minutes of the BS General Council meetings held on Thursday, 29th February 2024 and Continued of Monday, 11th March 2024

March 25, 2024

Summarised Report of the Minutes of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 29th February 2024

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone, explaining that this meeting has been set aside to discuss financial matters.

Apologies for Absence – President Chris Snell – on holiday, Richard Miller – work commitment.

Annual Accounts 2023 – The Chairman thanked the BS Board plus others who had met twice recently to consider the BS financial situation. He explained, they have a number of recommendations to address the current situation in the short and medium term. The Board used the draft Annual Accounts for 2023 and these have been sent to all Councillors. Any further questions/comments will be put to the Society Accountant.

It was asked why we still show the provisions as we do, as having a value when there is no physical cash can be misleading. It was explained that this was raised with the Society Accountant who had confirmed that this is custom and practice for the Society and for continuity advised it was best to continue. However, it was agreed that this may confuse a member into thinking that we actually have the cash.

It was agreed to ask the accountant to make this clearer by stating that the provisions figure (£45001) was made up of the Society Assets including the property valuation (£140,919) at cost. It was also noted that the Club Show Trophies amount (£1274) for 2022 which had been invoiced late, should be placed at the end of the accounts, then showing the true loss on the 2023 Club Show as £7,835.

GC Board Minutes, 8th February 2024 – The Chairman explained we have to be bold to get the Society onto a much better financial footing and may have to make decisions none of us want but we need strong decisive steps put in place for the future viability of the Society. He continued – we must increase our income and reduce our expenditure where we can, if we want to continue to offer anything like the current services we provide our members. The following were discussed and agreed by the GC.

Stafford Spring 2024 Show – to staff the stand at Stafford on a voluntary basis. Saving £600.

First GC Meeting of New Council – not to meet face to face prior to the AGM but via Zoom. Saving of £2,000 to £3,000.

Area Society Joint Membership £5 payment – suspend from 1st April 2024. Saving £750 – £1,000.

Area Society Annual Allocation – reduced to twice the adult membership rate tied in with leaving the Area Society Annual Affiliation at the rate of twice the adult membership rate. Saving £1,560.

The Budgerigar Magazine – An alternative more cost-effective printer has been identified This will take effect from the March/April 2024 magazine. Saving £3,000.

Members loans and donations – appeal to members for interest free loans and donations via the Budgerigar.

Seed Agent Incentives – reduce the incentive to 10% of what was paid in 2023 – Saving £1,296

Club Show Venue – The venue was discussed and the GC await the outcome of a CS meeting which is planned for 21 March before any final decision is made. It was agreed that the Club Show should not continue to be run at a financial loss to the Society which, based on the 2023 Account, would save the Society £7.835.

HLM Continuous Membership – After discussion it was unanimously agreed on a proposal that the HLM free membership which is currently accrued after 40 years of continuous service should be extended to 50 years, taking effect from 2025. This will form the basis of a rule change with a potential savings of £300.

Summarised Report of the BS General Council meeting held on Monday, 11th March 2024

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone, explaining this meeting was a continuation of the meeting held on the 29th February 2024.

Apologies for Absence – Jim Muir – on Holiday, Richard Miller – work commitment.

Promised Loans – After discussion it was unanimously agreed that any loans generously donated by members should be repaid in instalments at the end of the financial year and that this would be over no more than a five-year period. It was also agreed that loans would remain anonymous unless requested otherwise.

GC Board Minutes of 26th February 2024 – The following were discussed and agreed by the GC.

New Members Pay For One Year and Get One Free – To end immediately. Potential gain of £2,000 if 50% rejoin.

Honorariums and Allowances – apart from the President’s Annual Allowance of £355, these will be suspended. Saving £5,525

Paid Officials – the Society Administrator, Editor and Patronage Administrator – a wage freeze for 2024.

Credit Card Charges – An alternative payment card has been agreed, which will reduce Bank Charges. Saving £750.

The Chairman advised this concluded the business from the minutes of the Board meeting 26th February.

100 Club –Adrian Richards has suggested the Society runs a 100 Club to raise funds. This was unanimously agreed. The plan is to attract 100 members who each pay £5 a month, which will generate income of £500 per month. The share will be on a 50/50 basis, with four monthly prizes of £100, £75, £50 and £25. This will be launched at this year’s AGM. Potential gain of £3000.

AGM Arrangements – The GC were advised that the online raffle is live and so far has raised £700 in the first 10 days. An email has been sent to members who have a registered email address with the BS and this has boosted sales and would be repeated. All other arrangements are on schedule and published in The Budgerigar, on the website and on Facebook.

Judges Training Scheme – An annual report was presented by the Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator. Norma Phillips has requested to be placed on the retired judge’s panel. Mick Freeborn has fulfilled the judge’s criteria for the past year and his name will be added back onto the BS Judges Main Panel list. There were 7 judges who advised they could not meet the showing criteria during 2023 – mainly for health or family reasons. It was agreed that these judges should be advised of the GC decision to allow them to remain on the Main Panel for 2024.

New entrants to the Scheme – This year for the first time, the Society is allowing novice members to join the scheme and out of the eight candidates applying, four are novices. Of these, five have followed up after being sent letters summarising the training details. The Judges Training Scheme Co-ordinator requested approval to allow trainee judges to travel with the official Judges in order that they keep personal costs down and allow them to attend the required shows as Subsidiary Judges. This was agreed.

Joint Judges Training Day – a GC initiative requested neighbouring Area Societies to organise joint judges training days and London & SCBS joined with South Midlands Association to run one in 2023, which was very successful. Other Area Societies are encouraged to do the same.

Patronage –the Patronage Administrator advised that patronage applications for 2024 were 86 – similar to 2023.

After discussion it was confirmed that the description of Pairs, the Classification should be read as “two cocks, two hens or a cock and hen”. Teams are unchanged.

Mike Berry of Moor Pets had once again kindly agreed to sponsor the cage labels for 2024.

New legislation and regulations for bird keepers in Scotland – a link to the new regulations which it is believed have taken effect in Scotland from 5th February 2024 has been provided and Robert Nawarauckas the SBS Chairman has written asking what action the BS is taking on this matter.

After discussion it was agreed that NCA Secretary, Ghalib Al-Nasser would keep the GC informed of any actions taken by the NCA and would forward a letter from the Chairman of the NCA on this subject after their AGM.

It was unanimously agreed that the Administrator inform Robert Nawarauckas that the Society will monitor the situation while further consultation is being conducted.

Date of next meeting – 4th April 2024

Table of Savings

Stafford Spring 2024 Show£600
First GC Meeting of New Council£2,000 – £3,000
Area Society Joint Membership £5 payment£750 – £1,000
Area Society Annual Allocation£1,650
The Budgerigar Magazine£3,000
Seed Agent Incentives£1,296
New Members Pay For One Year and Get One Free£2,000
Honorariums and Allowances£5,525
Credit Card Charges£750
Club Show Break Even£7835
100 Club£3,000
AGM and Event£3,000
Total£31,406 – £32,656


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