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Summarised Report of the Minutes of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 9th May 2024

June 28, 2024

Summarised Report of the Minutes of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 9th May 2024

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman began the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their attendance.

Apologies for Absence –Trevor Terheege – prior engagement.

Minutes of previous meeting held on 11th April 2024 where unanimously approved. Matters arising, there were none.

AGM Debrief – The Chairman expressed that he felt that the recent AGM had been a success.  He thanked Adrian Terheege and all the team of helpers that made the day a very enjoyable occasion. Harry also apologised for the meeting running over the allotted time, but felt it warranted being a tad longer due to the exceptional situation the BS is in at this moment.

Final Online Raffle Update – Adrian Terheege advised the AGM’s final totals were:-

Income – £4,348, Expenditure – £377.20, Total Profit – £3,970.80

(Note – excludes £100 deposit for hall).

Terms of Reference Document(s) (ToR’s)

It was agreed to leave the current ToR’s as they are for the moment, as all GC members are in agreement with the current format for the time being, and their review will be scheduled in for a later meeting.  It was further agreed that the ToR for the Club Show should also be left until the matter of a Club Show Committee is discussed and decided. These suggestions were accepted unanimously.

Inter Area Society Show – Weekend of 22/09/2024

Adrian Terheege advised that he has been planning an Inter Area Society show to be held on the vacated BS Club Show date of 21st/22nd September.  He explained that this will now be on the same day as a UKBC show and this he was at pains to explain was not a deliberate clash. He has been working on this concept for some months and has only just received confirmation of the hall booking and has in the last few days written to all Area Society Secretaries with an invite to participate. The event will not be a cost to the BS as it shall be the sole responsibility of the Area Societies to hold. It was unanimously agreed that the BS should support the proposed event by granting it Gold Patronage.

Letter Regarding Local Club Dispute Matter

The Chairman brought to the attention an email received from a BS member partnership.   This related to a local club incident.  Following a lengthy discussion, it was agreed by a vote of 11 in favour and 2 abstentions that the GC do not involve themselves in this matter for reason this is an internal one for the specific club to deal with.  The Administrator requested to advise the members of the GC decision.

BS Finances

Current financial position – The Society Administrator supplied an up to date financial statement  in advance of the meeting, including details of projected income and expected outgoings.  He expressed his concern over the current cash flow position of the Society.

The GC were informed that at the present time the Society has in its Bank Account £3,882 plus a further £13,098 in the Building Society Account. This makes a total of £16,980. This includes the loans and donations from members received in recent months and the AGM event incomes.

Grant Findlay advised further that the tenants within the Society building pay part of the insurance for the Northampton property.

To improve the Society cash flow year on year, going forwards, it would be considered next year whether the subscription renewal forms went out earlier.  At this time magazine printing dates are already agreed and cannot be changed.

A discussion took place about why are we using next year’s subs in our calculations for this year.  It was explained to the new GC member asking that this has always been common practice and until recently with the depletion of funds from the account it was never an issue.

Officials Budget Forecast/Requests – All departments were thanked by the Vice Chair  for submitting their forecasts in a timely fashion:-

Patronage – The idea of increasing the patronage fee to clubs was discussed. A suggestion that the patronage fee should be on a tiered level and that clubs should be given the ability to pay for whatever patronage level they wish was made.  The GC agreed with the Patronage Administrator’s spend in line with their forecasted submission. This subject will be fully discussed at a later date.

Editor – No extra monies required beyond that already agreed.

Judges Training Coordinator – No extra monies required

Publicity – No extra monies required

WBO Representative – WBO budget will be a similar sum to previous years, but below £500.

Accountant offer of help – The Chairman advised that Grant Findlay had spoken to a BS member who was a Chartered Accountant, over the phone and they had also met at the recent AGM. He went on to state that he had raised some great ideas such as : looking at the subs on a 0% tax bracket, he also advised this if granted could possibly be back dated 4 years. He also touched on looking into charitable status as well as special status regarding Cooperation tax.

It was proposed and unanimously agreed that the member be asked if he would be willing to do the end of the year audit/accounts too as well as contact the appropriate authorities to investigate the subs at 0% VAT and to obtain a quote for the audit work.

Members Zoom Meeting Attendance – Adrian Terheege advised he had had a good response from members on this topic.  After discussion, it was agreed that up to 6 members of the GC would attend these meetings also and if a topic could be agreed in advance Councillors could come with information etc on this topic.  Harry Hockaday, Grant Findlay, Jon Ashby and Pete Smith all agreed to be on the first meeting in support of Adrian. It was agreed the first subject would be on improving BS Finances.

It was agreed that Adrian Terheege should contact those members who had expressed an interest in attending to acknowledge this, advise them of the subject and also ask for questions on this subject prior to the zoom meeting invite being sent.

100 club update – It was suggested that the members email list should be used to advertise the 100 Club and that this should be sent out on or around the 15th and 30th of the month.  This will give all of our members an opportunity to support this ongoing fund raiser.  The 100Club administrator, Adrian Richards, was thanked specifically by the Chair and Vice Chair for all of his hard work on this project.

Phil Reaney Letter ref one off membership levy – After discussion of this positive idea, it was agreed after it was necessary to impress upon the membership at the recent AGM that the only solution to the current financial situation is to raise more funds, this mainly being achieved via an increase in the annual subscriptions, a resolution which only narrowly passed at the AGM, despite everyone in the room agreeing the Society needed more money; therefore, this suggestion which although on paper sounds good, it is not appropriate at this time to request an additional £20 for one year only from all paying members.  Members who wish to support the Society with additional funds can do so by way of the donation box on their renewal form when it arrives in the next edition of the Budgerigar. Alternatively, members can support the new 100 Club.  The Administrator to advise Phil Reaney of the GC’s decision and thank him for his continued support of the Society.

Club Show/Convention

Feedback from Blackpool Visit – The GC were advised that we are still awaiting the final proposal from the event staff at Blackpool, following a visit by a number of GC members in recent days, including the Chairman. However, it is felt that the venue can meet our needs for the Show and a ball park figure not exceeding £5k, a significant saving against the Dome prices. It was agreed that on the basis of these figures quoted the Blackpool venue would be booked.

The new event would now become the 100 year anniversary Club Show Celebrating 100 years of the Budgerigar Society, The show for 2024 is cancelled and this is the 2025 show.

It was also discussed that to save the Society additional funds the 2025 AGM should be held on the 8th June 2025 during the Blackpool event.  This would also save members and officials having to travel to two separate events. While this would be a slight infringement of the rules (as the AGM has to be held in April or May annually) he felt that when explained to members the vast majority would accept the logic in this. The suggestion was unanimously agreed by the GC.

It was debated whether with the breeder of the year points and the postponement of the 2024 Club Show, would the points from the Centenary 100 year anniversary Show count toward it or not.  It was agreed they would not and any points at the Centenary Clubs Show in 2025 would count only towards the 2025 final standings.

The Chairman advised that due to the space issues it is unlikely that the 2025 Club Show can be benched by colour on this occasion.

Future Sub Group/Committee for 2025 Blackpool event – It was agreed to raise this at a future meeting.

Structure and frequency of future GC meetings – It was agreed to leave the finer details of this for the moment.

Date(s) and subject(s) of next meeting –This shall be advised by the office at a later date.

Close of Meeting – 21:51hrs

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