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Summarised Report of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 9th November 2023

December 13, 2023

Summarised Report of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 9th November 2023 at 7.15pm via Zoom.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and said that he hoped everyone was having a successful start to the breeding season. He said, we have an extensive agenda and hoped with everyone’s cooperation we can get through it in the allocated time.

Apologies For Absence – Richard Miller sent apologies as he was on holiday.

Minutes Of Previous Meeting – The minutes of the meeting held on 12 October 2023 – were unanimously approved.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes – The Chairman advised that one item remains outstanding on the Spring Gardens property.

The rental of the downstairs portion of the Spring Gardens property in Northampton continues to be reviewed after the initial property agent did not wish to be involved. It was agreed on a vote of 12 for and 1 abstention that the Society look to engage another property agent who is willing to market the property on behalf of the Society.

Club Show 2023

Club Show Director’s Thanks – These will be published in the November edition of the Budgerigar.

J Willis Thanks – A super letter from Julie Willis the overseas judge from USA has ben received who had expressed how she had enjoyed her time at the show. This will also be published in the November edition of the Budgerigar.

Club Show Committee meeting 02 November 2023 –The Club Show Director gave the following verbal report.

The CS held their first meeting since the show, this took the form of a reflections and improvements meeting.

The unanimous feeling was that Rob Hughes had done a great job adding a totally different dimension with the pre and post-show publicity. The other addition to the Committee Pat Fielding was also congratulated on her first show. Everything went smoothly with the new timing of judging on the Saturday. The Auction had been a great success financially and thanks go to Adrian Richards for his efforts in this regard.

The Show Committee have come up with a number of suggested improvements that are being considered and the Committee welcome further suggestions on how the show can be improved. These should be sent to the Society Administrator by mid-February in time for their next meeting in March 2024.

There was a water leak in the show office on Saturday night which resulted in a damaged printer which delayed printing the result sheets etc on Sunday morning.

The Club Show Committee reported £1,830 in sponsorship promises for the show to remain at the Dome.

World Budgerigar Organisation – The WBO have accepted a colour standard for the Blackface and Blackwing varieties.

These were discussed by a specialised WBO sub group and then at the WBO meeting in August, various parts of the standards were fine-tuned and the final standards agreed.

After discussion it was unanimously agreed that the BS adopt these standards.

Additional information:

  • These varieties to be shown in the AOC classes. The GC will review this at the end of the 2024 Show Season to see if there is numerical evidence for them to be shown in their own class.
  • The standards are for both exhibition and colour budgerigars.

Rings posting date 2023 – The Chairman advised the 2024 rings are due to be posted on Thursday 30 November this year.

It was reported that both the BS Administrator and the ring manufacturer had been made aware that Royal Mail were facing a national recruitment problem, and that mail is being delayed. It was therefore proposed to post the rings early on the 16th November, this being the maximum length of delay being reported.

This was unanimously agreed, together with a press release being issued on the 16th November on Facebook and the BS Website.

Patronage Update – The Patronage Administrator advised that he was still waiting for some returns, however, we have had 85 shows of which 8 received the enhanced Colour Budgerigar patronage.

He advised that the Best in Show Gold Trophy winner for 2024 would be John Scammell with 6 Best in Show wins, while 3 exhibitors tied for Silver with 4 wins, namely A & G Adams, G Bowley and the White Rose Stud and winning Bronze with 3 wins was Jeff Burns.

Our rosette supplier will keep prices at the current levels for 2024.

D Cottrell – Gold Patronage 2024 – The Chair advised that Dave Cottrell had written in with his views suggesting that the GC be lenient when we look at the benched figures for patronage shows and in particular Gold shows.

It was agreed to leave this issue until the end of the Show season as agreed at the Bomber Command meeting, when Council will be asked to consider all things patronage.

R Elrofi – Young Person Initiative –Rayhan Elrofi has come up with lots of ideas and shows great enthusiasm and this needs to be encouraged.

The Chairman suggested that as this is such a huge subject and Rayhan wishes to start this January, perhaps a sub group in which Rayhan is invited to join would be a great start to this long term project.

After discussion it was agreed on a vote of 12 for and 1 abstention to form a sub group of 5, which will include Rayhan Elrofi.

General Council Election 2024 – The Chairman advised that all current 14 members of the GC will be standing for election in 2024 together with a further 3 members.

Close of Meeting – The Chairman expressed his thanks for everyone’s co-operation in getting through tonight’s business and looked forward to the next meeting.

The Meeting closed at 21:37pm.

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