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Summarised Minutes of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 11 th April 2024

June 8, 2024

Summarised Minutes of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 11th April 2024

All GC members were present, along with Jason M Julien (Society Administrator).

  1. Chairman’s Welcome – The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting, congratulating the three new Councillors on joining the Council. All three candidates thanked the Chair and gave a short address to Council.

The Chair expressed his commiserations to the two unsuccessful candidates, Terry Tuxford & Jim Muir.

Ghalib Al-Nasser questioned newly elected Councillor Jon Ashby regarding his association with the UK Budgerigar Club and his role of Treasurer/Moderator, “A rival organisation, and surely a conflict of interests”.  Jon Ashby explained he was proud of his association with the UKBC, which he explained was founded after the previous BS GC Elections; he feels that they (UKBC) have cornered the market with regards to people keeping single pet type budgies and those keeping stock within garden aviaries. Jon stated he did not foresee there being any conflict of interests either now or in the future.

The Chair then drew the Councils attention to a letter jointly submitted by the current Chairman (Maurice Roberts) and Vice Chairman (Grant Findlay), regarding their intention to not seek reelection to their current posts.

Maurice also wished it minuted that, despite what was being said on social media and in certain quarters, he and Grant had not resigned from their positions but were simply not standing for the office of Chairman or Vice Chairman.

Maurice Roberts and Grant Findlay were both thanked for their hard work as Chairman  over the past 12 years, and 3 years as Vice Chairman and as former Administrator.  The other roles they had held, including sub group involvement, were also acknowledged.

  1. Apologies for Absence – None
  2. Terms of Reference Document (ToR’s) – It was suggested and unanimously agreed that rather than get into a debate about the contents of the TOR during this first meeting, when many other items required agreement, the Council would work with the current TOR’s and then discuss any proposed alterations, additions etc at a future meeting.
  3. Election of Officers – After nominations were received prior to this first General Council meeting and any necessary voting completed, the following were elected to serve the Society for the forthcoming three year term, 2024 to 2027.


Position                                      Names

Chairman                                     Harry Hockaday

Vice Chairman                             Adrian Terheege

Patronage Administrator               Ronnie Simpson

Judges Training Co-ordinator        Trevor Terheege

Publicity Officer                            Jon Ashby

NCA Delegates (3)                       Maurice Roberts, Chris Snell, Ghalib Al-Nasser. Reserve NCA Delegate John Cosby

WBO Delegate                             Grant Findlay.   Reserve WBO Delegate               Maurice Roberts

GC Board (C + VC + 3)                (C) Harry Hockaday, (VC) Adrian Terheege, Grant Findlay, Ghalib Al-Nasser, Trevor Terheege.  Reserve Board Member  Maurice Roberts

GC Budget Sub-Group (C + VC + 3)    (C) Harry Hockaday, (VC) Adrian Terheege, Bob Francis, Maurice Roberts, Grant Findlay. Reserve Budget Member  Ronnie Simpson

Social Secretary                           Adrian Richards

Show Cage Inspector                   Adrian Richards

Ring Inspector                             Jim Muir

Contract/HR Manager               Adrian Terheege

Official Historian                        Ghalib Al-Nasser

Rules Administrator                 Ghalib Al-Nasser

Society Trustees                         Janice Al-Nasser, Grant Findlay, Dave Hislop, Maurice Roberts

Disciplinary Panel                        20 Members (2 From each Area) – Current names as per BS Website. (TBC subject to updated nominations from Area Societies)

Club Show Committee                  To be determined at a later date

The Society Administrator was also tasked to confirm with the Area Societies secretaries around the composition of the members nominated to be on the Disciplinary Panel.  The Area Societies will be given until the end June 2024 to confirm any changes to the existing names. If an Area doesn’t respond by the closing date then it was agreed to continue with the existing named persons from each Area.

  1. Club Show 2024 – The cancellation/postponement of the 2024 Club show and planned combined event for the 100th anniversary Convention was discussed. John Cosby advised that the Parrot Society General Secretary, Les Rance, had been in touch re holding the show in conjunction with them and the National.

The Chairman, Harry Hockaday, advised that having made the announcement to the membership regarding the postponement/cancellation of the Club Show 2024, it would be unfair to revisit this issue, as members needed continuity and the fact that most would have cancelled or made other arrangements for that weekend meant it would be unfair to advise them of a further change for this year.

  1. Society Accountants – Grant Findlay advised the meeting about the existing wording of Rule at 19(g), in which it makes ref to “Auditors”. Audited Accounts is terminology of years gone by and Grant advised he had spoken to the accountants on several occasion on this issue. The accountants had explained that they do most of what an Auditor would have done years ago. The terminology is rarely used now. To that end, Grant suggested at the next opportunity available the Rules should be adjusted in order that this outdated term is amended in the Rules. This was unanimously agreed.

Grant also advised, that during previous GC discussions, the type of software that is used by the Society office for accounting purposes was raised, and so he had therefore asked the accountant about the various operating systems for this task and which they recommended.  The accountant’s immediate response was that the Society are using the best on the market in the form of “Xero”.

Grant also reminded General Council that at the forthcoming AGM, the Council are meant to address the question of appointing Auditor’s, suggesting that we explain to members that we are still looking for a cheaper alternative at the moment and the details of which, when chosen by the GC, would be advised to members via the Budgerigar magazine.  This was agreed.

  1. Silver Bird Award – After discussion it was agreed by a Majority that Fred Wright shall be the recipient of this year’s Silver Bird Award. Maurice thanked Council for supporting his nomination and agreed to call Fred with the good news.

Additionally, it was suggested and agreed that nominees that were unsuccessful this year should be considered next year.

Vice President – After reviewing the 4 nominations and voting, it was agreed that Pete & Sue Smith of Yorkshire Shall be the nomination(s) of the Council at the AGM for this Role.

It was agreed that the names of both the Silver Bird winner and the GC Vice President nomination to the AGM should be kept totally confidential.

  1. Request to speak at AGM – Letters had been received from P Leedham, K Leedham, B Greenway & S Holland to speak at the forthcoming AGM. The first two letters were deemed not to be AGM business, while the Greenway letter did not contain any questions but simply a request to speak on numerous general topics. For these reasons the requests from the first three mentioned members were all unanimously declined. The Administrator was instructed to respond to all three in time for the AGM. The S Holland letter was accepted.

G Findlay advised the new members of the GC that the last GC had recently discussed a letter from Sean Garbett which contained some excellent ideas and observations and they had agreed that as there may be other members such as Mr Garbett within our midst that we should hold an open Zoom meeting for members to come forward with ideas etc. it was agreed that this should be included in the response to the three members and to also mention that the new GC will meet and listen to members at the forthcoming AGM. The S Holland letter was accepted for him to speak at the AGM and the Administrator was requested to advise him accordingly.

  1. Date(s) and subject(s) of next meeting – It was agreed the next meeting of the GC will be held on 9th May 2024, online through the Zoom application.
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