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Projected Savings Introduced By The GC

April 5, 2024

Table of Savings (Updated 5th April 2024)

Stafford Spring 2024 Show£600
First GC Meeting of New Council£2,000 – £3,000
Area Society Joint Membership £5 payment£750 – £1,000
Area Society Annual Allocation£1,650
The Budgerigar Magazine£3,000
Seed Agent Incentives£1,296
Patronage Fees£850
New Members Pay For One Year and Get One Free£2,000
Honorariums and Allowances£5,525
Credit Card Charges£750
Club Show Break Even£7835
100 Club£3,000
AGM and Event£3,000
Increase in Property Rates-£540
Total£31,716  – £32,966


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