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Colour Budgerigars

July 9, 2022

As the popularity of Colour Budgerigars gain momentum it may be useful to revisit the following.

The complete Colour Standards for this breed is the same as the mainstream birds and this can be found on the and important details of the breed can also be found on the BS website under “Pictorial Ideal Budgerigars”. The Scale of Points for this breed differs from the mainstream birds and is as follows:

Colour                               25 points

Variety Markings             15 points

Mask & Spots                  10 points

Condition                         20 points

Size & Length                   20 points

Position & Shape             10 points

45 Degrees On The Perch

From the Colour Budgerigar Pictorial Standard, you will notice that the position of the bird on the perch is 45 degrees and the Ideal length is between 17 – 18 cm. Spots are evenly spaced and about 2mm in diameter. Condition is absolutely essential, and the colour should be uniform throughout.

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