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B S National 2021

Show Date3rd October 2021
Show Name /StatusB S National Platinum Patronage
Birds Benched233
JudgesG Bowley; J Lees; M Holland; S Holland
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in ShowN/A
Best Young Bird in Show109-4MW500R WarrenderMW500-34-215
Best Any Age in ShowN/A
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show12-2H2568H & M Hough
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show134-1WOAN1A & D Woan
Best Champion Any AgeNA
Best Champion Young Bird109-4MW500R Warrender
Best Intermediate Aqny Age219-1M5990R Maddy
Best Intermediate Young Bird331-1S5182S Smith
Best Novice Any Age435-1L3215T & P Leedham
Best Novice Young Bird535-1GJ05G Jones
Best Junior Any Age605-1S7097R Sutton
Best Junior Young Bird718-1S7097R Sutton
Best First Year Novice Exhibit539-1GJ05G Jones


AgeClassExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors CodeEntered
AALight GreenT & A LukeTL1 95 20TL17
AADark or Olive GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 221 19TA15
AASkyBlueG JonesGJ05 22 20GJ056
AACobalt, Mauve or VioletT & P LeedhamL3215 58 20L32156
AAGrey GreenA & D WoanWOAN1 142 20WOAN16
AAGreyA & D WoanWOAN1 245 19WOAN18
AAOpaline GreenG TillsonT2585 74 20T25852
AAOpaline BlueG TillsonT2585 85 20T25853
AACinnamon GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 263 19ADAM57
AACinnamon BlueA & G AdamsADAM5 146 20ADAM58
AAOpaline Cinnamon#N/A
AALutinoJ Mitchell (A Kelly)LK286 71 20JIM57
AAAlbinoJones & Hughes (F C & J McGovern)FCJM1 374 18H53752
AAYellow-wingA & D WoanWOAN1 37 21WOAN14
AAWhitewingD ParryPE370 38 20PE3706
AACrest or TuftG FindlayFA 75 12 20FA757
AASF Spangle GreenW & M HoughH2568 50 20H25684
AASF Spangle BlueA & D WoanWOAN1 175 20WOAN110
AADF SpangleW & M HoughH2568 65 20H25683
AADominant PiedA & D WoanWOAN1 92 20WOAN16
AARecessive PiedA & G AdamsADAM5 304 20ADAM52
AAYellow FaceA & G AdamsADAM5 93 18ADAM58
AARare Variety#N/A
AAClearbodyW & M HoughH2568 105 20H25686
AAAny Other ColourA & D WoanWOAN1 79 20WOAN15
AAColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC5099 100 19C50996
AANovice AA COMT & P LeedhamL3215 37 17L3215
AAJunior AA COMR SuttonS7097 39 20S7097
AAFirst Year Novice Exhibit COMG JonesGJ05 30 21GJ05
YBLight GreenK LeedhamL1833 14 21L18332
YBDark or Olive GreenTerheege PartnershipTA1 7 21TA12
YBSkyBlueW & M HoughH2568 22 21H25684
YBCobalt, Mauve or VioletG FindlayFA75 2 21FA755
YBGrey GreenR WarrenderMW500 34 21MW5004
YBGreyW & M HoughH2568 7 21H25686
YBOpaline GreenTerheege PartnershipEMM4 29 21EMM42
YBOpaline BlueG SuttonS5939 2 21S59393
YBCinnamon GreenA & G AdamsADAM5 50 21ADAM54
YBCinnamon BlueT & A LukeTL1 303 21TL15
YBOpaline CinnamonTerheege PartnershipTA1 85 21TA13
YBLutinoJ MitchellJIM5 11 21JIM57
YBAlbinoTerheege PartnershipTA1 265 21TA12
YBYellow-wingD ParryPE370 9 21PE3703
YBWhitewingD ParryPE370 23 21PE3704
YBCrest or TuftS SmithS5182 17 21S51825
YBSF Spangle GreenA & D WoanWOAN1 22 21WOAN14
YBSF Spangle BlueG JonesGJ05 3 21GJ055
YBDF Spangle#N/A
YBDominant PiedG SuttonS5939 7 21S59392
YBRecessive Pied#N/A1
YBYellow FaceR WarrenderMW500 14 21MW5007
YBRare Variety#N/A1
YBClearbodyW & M HoughH2568 56 21H25684
YBAny Other ColourT & A LukeTL1 230 21TL13
YBColour BudgerigarJ CosbyC3099 62 21C50995
YBNovice YB COMJ JulienJ3034 18 21J3034
YBJunior YB COMR SuttonS7097 5 21S7097


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