Think Parrots Show, Surrey

With the budgerigar being classified as one of the smallest of the parrot like species of birds we really did not know what to expect during our promotional stint at the think parrots show held at kempton park racecourse. Weimagined that the show was geared towards keepers and owners of the larger parrot species such as greys and macaws. 

As we arrived at the show it was evident that our expectations were misplaced. The show certainly did cater for all parrot like species including cockatiels, parrotlets and of course the wonderful budgerigar.

The event as a whole was geared 
towards education, enabling the general public to learn about their favourite birds in a variety of ways including management, breeding and general husbandry for both 
the pet owner and more serious aviculteralist.
Not only was there many highly respected individuals such as Rosemary Lowe and Eric Peake on hand to give advice there was also several seminars that the visitors to the show could attend.

The wide variety of stalls; including numerous trade stands, certainly allowed for the several thousand visitors to have lots of things to see and do.

The budgerigar society promotional stand was once again kept extremely busy during the day as we offered our usual advice and high praise of the bird we all love. Rob has been hand taming a young budgerigar for several weeks and this bird when presented to the general public was certainly a crowd pleaser. Young Eric (Named in honour if our future president) sat on the hands of 100’s of people. He quite literally stole the show. Also attracting many people to the stand to talk budgies. 
This proved highly productive as it enabling us to engage the general public, talk budgies and promote the society.
We had one young girl who visited us so many times that her mother considering paying us babysitting fees she spent that long with us and young Eric. 

Many of these individuals wanted to know if they could be put in touch with local breeders and as such we gave them the contact details of Tony Cash of the London and Southern counties area society. 

Gaining several new members was another bonus for the trip. Within the days following the event we received a call from the organisers thanking us for our attendance and to let us know that they had received high praise of the promotional team due to letters they had received and from the comments forms they had asked visitors to complete in relation to their visit.
This proved to us that our trip had been highly successful and once more added to the societies reputation.

During the event we posted live to Facebook a number of photographs and as it happened descriptions of what was happened. This saw a massive spike in the awareness of the societies present on social media. 
After the event future BS president Eric Peake sent us the following on behalf of his position as an organiser of the event and as a budgerigar society member; 
“It was a pleasure to see the Budgerigar Society stand represented at the ‘Think Parrots’ event at Kempton Park on June 22nd. On behalf of the organizers of ‘Think Parrots’, we were delighted to see the Budgerigar Society and Fancy represented at such a prestigious event. The feedback from the general public was extremely positive and congratulations go to the stand members who presented their information in such a friendly and informative manner. The on hand approach shown by the tame bird helped the general public to understand the budgerigar in a better light. We hope that the Budgerigar Society will make a return to the ‘Think Parrots’ event in 2015.
My personal thanks go to Mat, Rob and Ben for being excellent ambassadors for the fancy.”



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