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The New Budgerigar Society Website

October 5, 2021

To give a better understanding of the security aspects of the BS website the following should be noted:

  • Existing members must be logged in before you can renew your subscription or purchase rings.
  • This is a new web site and the log-in details used prior to July 2021 will not work and you will need to create a new password by clicking on log in and requesting a password reset.
  • There are three unique identifiers used on the site to log you in. These are your ring number and your email address, and either can be used as your User Name, and your password.
  • Without an email address you will be unable to create a password and log in.
  • There can be only one unique email on one account – the same email address cannot be used more than once.
  • Once again, you cannot renew your membership or buy rings online without first logging in.
  • Once logged in, the system will know which membership category you are i.e. junior, full, senior, life member etc.
  • If you are in partnership, once you are logged in, you can buy rings with either or both partnership ring numbers.
  • To maintain security, requests to add email addresses to members accounts or reset passwords is undertaken manually and so relies on someone at the other end to do this for you.
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