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Super League 2019

This year we are trying a Super League, Results from BS World; Area, Gold, Silver and Bronze Patronage will count, Young Birds in all Sections 1st to 4th will be recorded and points awarded via a matrix depending on the number of exhibitors in the section.

Last updated 23rd December 2019

N Bird441Novice1
G Morgan423Novice2
The Terheege Partnership349Champion3
J Burns297Intermediate4
J Ginge294Junior5
F C & J McGovern268Champion6
J Scammell253Intermediate7
S Rich228Champion8
G & J Al-Nasser226Champion9
A & D Woan210Champion10
I Weeks207Champion11
D Tutty168Champion12
J Wrighton164Novice13
J Benn156Champion14
Z & H Johnson155Junior15
A Lovack144Intermediate16
S Geary130Novice17
S Platts126Novice18
T Kinninmonth-Wicks117Junior19
J Buick112Intermediate20
J Folly110Intermediate21
K Lewis110Intermediate21
Shepherdson & Adamson109Champion23
P Barber108Champion24
A Perks105Novice25
Newall & Black102Champion26
Fisher, McCrindle & Campbell99Champion27
Tuplin & Edwards99Champion27
B Reese98Champion29
R Ford96Novice30
K Cocks93Novice31
M Bannister89Intermediate32
R Marston82Intermediate33
R Nicholls82Intermediate33
A Fraser78Novice35
C Thorne77Champion36
R Staig76Champion37
D Harrison74Novice38
F Clemens74Intermediate38
P Merritt73Champion40
A Piper72Champion41
A Sutherland71Novice42
R Redden71Novice42
A Moreton70Novice44
G Carter70Champion44
K Felvus70Junior44
K Tart69Champion47
A Thorpe66Champion48
Smith & Price66Champion48
Briggs & Williams65Novice50
J & D Lindsey65Intermediate50
R Sutton64Junior52
J Gambles61Novice53
P Robinson61Intermediate53
W Thorogood59Novice55
J & D Faram57Novice56
J Ashby57Novice56
D Norman56Novice58
C & K Bellows55Novice59
P & S Stevens55Intermediate59
J & T Ross54Champion61
J Moir54Novice61
I & S Ainley52Champion63
T & S Haywood49Champion64
B Smith47Intermediate65
A & G Adams46Champion66
G Pringle46Novice66
Heptinstall & Wheeler46Intermediate66
A Young45Intermediate69
M Tariq45Novice69
M Gray44Intermediate71
T & A Luke44Champion71
D Walton42Novice73
J Gillan42Intermediate73
K Lambourne42Novice73
D Hart40Intermediate76
G Paine40Novice76
I Cooper40Novice76
S McFayden39Novice79
S & S Cowling38Novice80
G Ball37Intermediate81
B Sweeting36Champion82
Brettell & Atkinson36Intermediate82
E Olbison36Novice82
K & T Walker35Novice85
S & J Gillan35Intermediate85
T Barron35Novice85
T & P Leedham34Novice88
J Johnson33Novice89
J Moore33Champion89
J Mould33Novice89
Julien & Yule33Novice89
R White33Champion89
P Reaney32Champion94
T Buckett32Intermediate94
B Close31Champion96
E Anwar31Novice96
G T Williams31Champion96
F Wright30Champion99
G Whittington30Novice99
J Purvis30Novice99
I Thorogood29Champion102
P White29Champion102
R Warrender29Champion102
J Clark28Junior105
J Griffiths27Intermediate106
J Davis26Champion107
J Davis26Intermediate107
M Bingham26Intermediate107
P Harden26Intermediate107
G Kane25Novice111
J Dixon25Novice111
M Cooper25Novice111
D & V Avo24Champion114
E Currie24Junior114
J Wesson24Novice114
D Whitehead23Intermediate117
N Cawley23Intermediate117
R Richardson23Novice117
R Watkins23Champion117
G Hawthorn22Novice121
L Rochester22Junior121
P & G Pidd22Novice121
T Newson22Junior121
Ellis & Purdue21Champion125
G Bird21Intermediate125
G Mellor21Intermediate125
L McIntosh21Junior125
S West21Intermediate125
S Wilson21Champion125
T Ross21Novice125
A Thomson20Novice132
D Bruce20Novice132
J Le Marquand20Intermediate132
R Clements20Intermediate132
C Vernall19Intermediate136
D Black19Novice136
J McLeman19Champion136
R J & W Bowker19Champion136
G Stones18Novice140
Horton & James18Intermediate140
I Voce18Intermediate140
P & T Dye18Champion140
R Watts18Champion140
S Adams18Novice140
Flintham, Clay & Crow17Intermediate146
J Davies17Intermediate146
A Wilkinson16Intermediate148
C Harvey16Novice148
M & K Spencer16Intermediate148
M Hemingway16Intermediate148
R Stancliffe16Champion148
The Holland Stud16Champion148
Barton & Mann15Champion154
D Page15Champion154
L Cooper15Junior154
L Thompson15Intermediate154
R C Ward15Champion154
S & L Roberts15Champion154
T Gee15Champion154
C & M Snell14Champion161
C Little14Intermediate161
D Evans14Novice161
D Randell14Champion161
G & P Norris14Champion161
G Williams14Champion161
J Lawrie14Champion161
M & N Arrowsmith14Champion161
S & N Wildes14Champion161
S Lambert14Champion161
D Snell13Intermediate171
R Tickle13Champion171
S McGrath13Intermediate171
C & T O’Connor12Novice174
C Matthews12Novice174
D Foulstone12Novice174
H Wind12Champion174
J Bowey12Champion174
J Lund12Champion174
K Fewlass12Intermediate174
N McMillan12Novice174
S Bailey12Champion174
A Andrews11Intermediate183
A Harris11Novice183
A Haynes11Champion183
C Vernell11Intermediate183
D & P Herring11Champion183
D Sturzaker11Champion183
E Edwards11Junior183
G Gormley11Novice183
G Smith11Champion183
J R Jarvis11Intermediate183
K Barnes11Novice183
K Eckersall11Novice183
O Staples11Junior183
P Redford11Champion183
P Tiller11Intermediate183
R & M Miller11Champion183
W Bailey11Champion183
C Hickman10Champion200
C Potter10Champion200
D Leadbetter10Champion200
D Swann10Champion200
Findlay & Flavell10Champion200
G & A Moore10Champion200
G Jackson10Novice200
J & D Buchan10Novice200
L Pennick10Champion200
R Maddy10Novice200
S Levitt10Novice200
A Hardy9Novice211
A Stevens9Champion211
D Burnett9Champion211
D Dyson9Intermediate211
D Horton9Novice211
D Hurford9Novice211
D Martin9Novice211
G Capes9Champion211
G Carr9Champion211
G Knowles9Novice211
G Warren9Champion211
J Fordham9Novice211
J Robinson9Novice211
K Palmer9Novice211
K Struth9Novice211
M & B Roberts9Junior211
M Casson9Novice211
M Rothlisberger9Champion211
M Small9Intermediate211
M Thomson9Champion211
N Johnson9Intermediate211
N Wind9Champion211
R Buck9Intermediate211
R Ramplin9Novice211
Rogerson Brothers9Champion211
S Clements9Novice211
S Kinninmonth9Intermediate211
Swain & Ford9Intermediate211
D McRoberts7Junior239
K White7Intermediate239
C Gibson6Junior241
D Forbes6Intermediate241
D Scott6Novice241
Jones Hughes & Ackers6Champion241
C & L Newson5Intermediate245
D Jukes5Intermediate245
D Staples5Junior245
I Hawthorn5Junior245
L Davis5Intermediate245
R Brokenshire5Intermediate245
A Varcoe4Junior251
J Hamilton4Junior251
N R Porter4Intermediate251
W Smith4Junior251


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