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Summarised report – Thursday, January 11th 2024

February 6, 2024

Summarised report of the Minutes of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday, January 11th 2024 at 7.15pm via Zoom.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman began the meeting by wishing the attendees a Happy New Year and hoping everyone was enjoying a good start to their breeding season.

Apologies for Absence –Janice Al-Nasser due to illness.

Minutes of previous meeting held on 09 November 2023 – The minutes were approved by a majority with one non-attendee abstaining.

Matters arising from the previous minutes

Richard Miller had written to the GC with various comments on the autonomy of the Club Show Committee (CSC).

It was acknowledged that the CSC structure has changed significantly over the years and now would be a good time to revisit their Terms Of Reference. It was agreed that these would be reviewed, considering both GC and CSC responsibilities and submitted to the GC for final approval.

This was agreed by a majority with 1 abstention.

Patronage – The Patronage Administrator had a number of recommendations for the 2024 show season.

Classification – It was unanimously agreed that Classification remains the same for season 2024 and the number of CC’s.

Colour Budgerigars (CB) – It was unanimously agreed that Clubs get the choice of putting on 20 classes for CBs with 10 CCs or selecting the mandatory 4 classes with one CC. This is apart from the Club Show and the National Specialist & Rare Show which will get 20 CCs (10 A/A & 10 Y/B). Additionally, to offer a Best CB in show certificate with points value and year-end Achievement Awards for the highest number of CB BIS wins over the whole show season, for the first, second and third placed BIS winners. If there is a tie, the outcome to be decided by the greatest number of benched entries at the shows.

Exhibition Budgerigar Achievement Awards – It was also unanimously agreed that future achievement awards would be based on the first, second and third placed BIS winners rather than a predetermined number of wins. If there is a tie, the outcome to be decided by the greatest number of benched entries at the shows.

Patronage – It was unanimously agreed that the GC give a further year’s grace and keep the shows at the same level as 2023 unless they qualify for promotion, are celebrating an anniversary year or request demotion.

Colour Ribbons – The Patronage Secretary advised that most of the colour ribbons for blue spot winners at Silver and Bronze Patronage shows were being returned and recommended these ribbons be withdrawn saving the Society £700.

This was unanimously agreed after the current stock is used up.

Judges Show Forms – The Patronage Secretary expressed ongoing concern on the number of returns from shows whereby the judge had not completed the details correctly, which can result in the ring sequence number and date being misinterpreted.

It was agreed that the Patronage Secretary would write to any judge who continually made these errors, to advise them of the correct format as shown in the Judges Handbook.

Dave Cottrell – Hogoroma A letter was received asking for clarification of if we can recognise the variety and where they are to be shown? The GC were advised that these were recognised by the BS in 2018 and it was agreed at the time that they are to be shown in the Any Other Colour classes.

Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 1st February 2024.

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