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Summarised Report of the General Council meeting held on Thursday, 13 January 2022

January 27, 2022

There was one apology for absence due to a work commitment.

Chairman’s Welcome – the Chairman, welcomed all to the first meeting of 2022. He thanked those GC members who had recently contributed to the Facebook videos project prior to Christmas.

Potential Rule Changes/New Rules – the Chairman advised that the GC agreed to discuss any potential rule changes or new rules in readiness for the March magazine. There were several potential rule changes / additions discussed, with topics covering shows rules, a new team cage, membership conditions, the Society Objects and open show patronage conditions. These will be sent to the Society Solicitor to review before putting to the members to vote upon.


Club Show Minutes – 9th November 2021, Convention Sub Committee Minutes – 30th November 2021 and Tech/Society Sub-Group Minutes – 22nd November 2021 had been supplied to the GC and were approved. Any proposals coming from these minutes would be discussed at a future GC meeting.

Shows Sub-group Minutes – 16th December 2021 – the council were reminded that Ronnie Simpson, the Club Show Secretary and Dave Hislop the Club Show Director were retiring from their posts at the end of 2022 and that the Club Show Committee have already split the old Show Manager role into three, in preparation for Dave Hislop’s retirement and both retirements are a Club Show Committee matter.

For the Novice/Junior incentive it was proposed that the benched figure be increased from 4 to 5 to make this consistent with the benched figure for Premier status. This was unanimously accepted.

It was also proposed that the Novice / Junior incentive be changed from a free annual membership to a voucher worth £25. The existing free membership incentive was discussed, particularly with it being much easier to administer. The counter argument was that with the two-year membership deal, successful members may have to wait well over a year to get their reward. After discussion it was proposed to retain the existing free membership incentive. This was defeated with 5 in favour, 6 against and 2 not voting.

CorrespondenceR Fox 17 November 2021 – on the subject of “AI – Rule 23 c (iv)” – Mr Fox thinks should be removed to protect member’s human rights. He also stated, “there are several BS General rules that may now conflict with UK law”? It was unanimously agreed that the Society will write to Mr Fox advising him that he can place a rule change before the membership in 2024 which must be in the hands of the Society Administrator by 30th September 2023. It was noted that the Society Solicitor had reviewed the Society Rules in recent years, but Mr Fox will also be invited to expand upon his statement about other rules that do not comply with UK law.

S Holland 20 December 2021 – on the subject of “Declaration of Interests”. Mr Holland stated that anyone involved in decision making or in a position of influence with the BS should declare any prejudicial interest they may have.

After a full discussion it was unanimously agreed to advise Mr Holland that the GC will not be putting his suggested rule change to the membership, as it is already included in the GC Terms of Reference, but he has the right to put this forward himself in the future should he wish to do so.

Tracy Murrell re BS engaging with Junior members – Tracy Murrell suggested that the GC form a sub-group with GC and 10 junior members nominated from Area Societies. After discussion it was proposed that we write to all junior members and invite them to a one-off listening group to be held via Zoom.  This was unanimously agreed.

Sam Wildes – 17 December 2021 – correspondence in 3 parts covering Judges Training Day, Avian ID ring delivery service and a National Colour Budgerigar Open Show.

Judges Training Day – Mr Wildes suggested this could be held in the Midlands – maybe by Trent Valley BS. Following discussion and with the knowledge that there are low numbers, with 4 judges taking the test in 2022 and with a further 4 members commencing their training this year. We have also lost several judges in recent years through death, health and leaving the hobby. Following discussion, it was proposed to write to the Area Societies to see how the BS could support them running such training days and to suggest that they combine with their neighbouring area and run a total of 5 events on an annual basis. This was agreed 12 for and 1 against.

Avian ID ring delivery arrangements – Mr Wildes suggested that we use a next day Courier to deliver the rings in place of the Royal Mail. It was agreed that we ask Avian ID for their thoughts on this suggestion, with 12 in favour and 1 against.

National Colour Budgerigar Open Show – Mr Wildes’ final suggestion was that as colour budgerigars are becoming increasingly popular there is a need for a National Show and suggests Trent Valley BS as the venue with backing from the BS.

During discussion, it was suggested that the ideal home for this show would be the National Specialist and Rare Variety Show held in the Midlands. A full debate followed which considered alternatives, including the Club Show or trialled at the 2022 Spring Event. A vote of 9 in favour of the National Specialist and Rare Show and 4 for the Spring Event was held. Discussions also covered the classification which covered the existing few classes to a full classification. G Al-Nasser organiser of the National S&RV show agreed to speak to his committee and come back to the GC with their proposals.

Society Administrator –The GC were reminded that Grant Findlay had agreed to work in conjunction with Jason Julien for the first six months of his term in office. That time has now been reached and Jason is performing well in his role. However, due to a combination of events such as a new computer/website system, new phone system and many other challenges including relocation and the impact of Covid, Grant has not been able to train Jason on certain aspects, including the finance side. It was proposed and agreed by 12 votes, that this be extended for a further 6-months. (Grant Findlay did not vote)

Date and venue of next meeting –The next meeting will be the face to face on Saturday 19th March 2022 in Northampton.

Close of Meeting – the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.50.

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