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Summarised Report of the General Council meeting held on Thursday, 04 November 2021 via Zoom.

November 10, 2021

There was a full attendance of the GC.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman opened the meeting and apologised for having to cancel the original meeting planned for 21 October at such short notice due to illness and other commitments of several GC members. He had made the decision to be fair to all and maintain the democratic decision making process.

Sub-group updates
Engage sub-group – The membership engagement survey will be included with the November issue of “The Budgerigar”. The second set of Q&A from Members will also appear in the same issue, as will the Chris Snell article on Rosettes.

Pathway sub-group – The new Budgerigar Club website is almost complete and ready to launch. The only missing items are the seed and associated products details.

Shows sub-group – Exhibitor incentives are still to be discussed and the Judges Handbook is now complete and will be distributed to the GC for review. The updated Rule Book will also be printed by the Office and sent to the GC. (Note- the rule book has been updated and is on the BS Web Site)

Patronage update – The Patronage Administrator advised that the Welsh BS 2020 show had been cancelled due to illness. This means that only two Area Society 2020 shows will take place this year – MBA and London & SCBS. The £250 BS sponsorship for each show will now be paid. There are two further CBS Rosette shows to be held before the end of the year, following which, the stock of rosettes and CC’s will be audited ready for the accounts.

The National – the Chairman thanked the GC for making the decision that the BS stand attends the National. It was reported that the stand had been well received by members and non-members who took the opportunity to renew subs, order rings and purchase products. Over 10 new members joined on the day and contacts were made with potential advertisers and supporters. The event overall had been a success despite a number of stands, exhibitors and attendees being unable to attend due to Covid and the fuel shortage.

Organiser of the National Budgerigar Show, John Cosby, reported that the show had been a success with over 300 birds benched despite a limit of 8 being set on the number of cages per exhibitor. At least 5 exhibitors did not attend due to the fuel situation. It is planned to run the show again in 2022 but without any restrictions.

BS Attendance at Future Events – It was discussed and agreed that the Society will attend three events each year plus the Club Show. The events are the National at Stafford in October – the Stafford March event and the Newark event in late October. These are all important events in the bird calendar. The Society Administrator and Vice-Chairman Grant Findlay offered to attend on behalf of the Society.

Junior Subs – Aiden Bird’s communication on the cost of membership for Juniors. A full discussion on this matter ensued when various views were raised including raising the junior age limit to either 18 or 21 or for members in full time education; free membership for juniors; ask the juniors what they would like from the BS to justify the existing subs; how expensive the cost of joining and paying subs and ordering rings are for juniors; how good value the current subs and two year deal is for juniors joining; the steep jump from the current £18.50 junior sub to the adult sub of £28.50 that juniors experience when they get to the age of 16. Following the discussion, it was agreed to ask Juniors via the magazine what they would like from the BS. The Finance sub-group will also review the subscriptions for this membership category next Spring and report back to the GC.

Rings – Bob Allen – requested we re-look at the posting date for rings. Various views were expressed, and it was explained that the posting date of the first posting day after 30th November was only introduced by the members this year and this would be the second year. The express delivery service at an additional £10 has been offered for the 2022 rings and has been taken up by some members. Any alterations to these arrangements would be subject to a rule change. The GC decided to leave the dates as they are.

Website update – The main website is now fully functional despite a few members experiencing problems when renewing subs and ordering rings. This was down mainly to members not fully understanding what they needed to do to gain access to the site.

Social Media – Over the years the Society had experienced challenges dealing with social media. Our website design company Paragon manages social media for other clients and has offered to manage both our Facebook and Twitter sites for a cost of £30 per month. This would be on an input only basis and would take the pressure off the Administrator, who will still monitor the site for adverse comments etc. If the GC agreed this would increase our presence on Facebook and while we would still have to supply Paragon with the content this will be done via the Editor. It was unanimously agreed to trial this over a 6-month period.

T Terheege Concerns – A letter expressing various concerns has been received. The Society non-attendance at the National had been addressed but others including lack of action on the 2018 Development Day opportunities; the need to revitalise the Club Show and an annual National BS Spring Show, which could include a Sales Day and taken around the country and to include the Society AGM still existed.

After discussion it was agreed that the three outstanding items should be discussed when we next meet face to face.

Club Show Referral re a Budget for the Spring Event – the Chairman advised that the Club Show Committee are seeking a budget for the forthcoming Spring Event at which their main expenses will be hall hire, judge’s expenses, speaker expenses and one off trophies. After discussion it was unanimously agreed to give the Club Show Committee the same principal as they have been applying to the Club Show for the Spring Event that while the event will not make a profit, we do not expect any tremendous losses either.

Date, Venue and Subject(s) of the next GC meeting – Following a discussion it was agreed to hold a zoom meeting on 13th January 2022 when a discussion on potential rule changes from earlier discussions during since the formation of this Council will be carried out. It was further agreed that the first planned face to face meeting will take place on Saturday, 19th March 2022 – subject to any restrictions in place at that time.

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