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Summarised Report of the General Council meeting held on Thursday 04 August 2022 via Zoom.

August 16, 2022

Apologies Richard Miller (prior work commitment), Ronnie Simpson (Covid), and Adrian Terheege (holiday).

Chairman’s Welcome – The Chairman began by welcoming all and particularly new member Simon Devaney who has replaced Mat Ackers following his resignation. He wished Simon well and hoped he enjoys his time on the Council. The Chair asked Simon to confirm he had read, understood and signed the Terms of Reference document and also to confirm that he understood the consequences of not following them.

Simon stated he had signed and understood the document.

At this point Simon was asked if he was aware of the section regarding a conflict of interest in the Terms of Reference document as there were concerns about Simon being a founding and committee member of UKBC as this would be a conflict of interests. Also, Simon is a founder member and senior moderator of the EBF which has been used as a platform to attack the BS and in the past, he was very rude towards the editor of The Budgerigar, referring to the magazine as being only fit to be used in the toilet.

Simon stated first that he reads The Budgerigar in the toilet, and this is not a slur on the magazine but a statement of fact and that he has resigned his position with the UKBC and has nothing more to do with their running.

This was accepted and Simon was welcomed to the council.

Judges Handbook – The Judge’s Handbook is in the design stage, with an aim of being ready for the BS Club Show, where it will be issued to attending judges.

Judges List On The Website – It was unanimously agreed to add subsidiary judges to the judges list on the BS website

Wrong Classing – S Wildes 28.06.22 – A communication from Sam Wildes had been received on the wrong classing of birds particularly in the Pairs class, which also ties in with correspondence received from Mike Jarrold re judge’s decisions on social media.

After a detailed discussion it was unanimously agreed that a letter should be sent to the judge in question pointing out his error and a letter also be sent to Mr Jarrold thanking him for bringing this to the attention of the GC and explaining that in the new judge’s handbook there is a section on “ethics” and that hopefully this will better inform judges and exhibitors alike.

Social Media – the GC were advised that exhibitors were posting pictures of their birds on the run up to shows with such quotes as, “hope this one does OK at the weekend” etc. It was proposed that the GC ask members to be mindful of putting themselves and the judges in a compromising position, as it may not be long before we see birds in their respective show cages with the cage label on them.

After discussion it was unanimously agreed that members be gently reminded that this could compromise themselves and the judges and there should be a 5-day limit prior to a show for posting such images. This is advisory only and the GC are aware that winning birds from previous shows, that weekend or the week previous are quite rightly published on social media and, that these images remain for a long time. However, the guidance is made because this should not be considered the norm for fanciers to publicise the birds, they are going to show the week ahead. This does not reflect on the integrity of our judges but purely an effort to limit this practice which has been increasing recently.

Area Society Joint Judges Training – It was suggested that it would be helpful if the BS decided upon which Areas should work together to deliver Area Society Joint Judges Training.

It was unanimously agreed that the following pairings be made – Scottish BS with Northern BS; Western Counties B&FBS with Welsh BS, London & Southern Counties BS with South Midlands BS, Midland BA and Lancs & Cheshire BS, Yorkshire BS and LEABS.

Withholding Patronage On Key BS Dates A proposal was made to withhold patronage from all societies who plan to hold a show on BS key dates i.e. National Specialist & Rares Show, the Society AGM, BS Club Show, Spring Events and Convention Dates.  This was unanimously agreed.

Show Classification – Hastings BS 04.07.22 – Hasting BS wishes the GC to consider the reduction of the current classifications and they have laid out their suggested amendments in detail. They also wish the CC points system to be reviewed. It was unanimously agreed to examine this subject after the current show season when the full extent of show results and numbers are known. A letter to be written to Hastings BS thanking them for their suggestion informing them of the GC’s decision.

Spring Event DVD – Part 1 of the DVD of Daniel Lutolf at the Spring Event is on the Society’s new YouTube channel (link on the Web Site under News). This is not the full DVD and Part 2 can be purchased at the Club Show for £10.

Show Cage Trademark labels – Concern has been expressed about non-approved show cages being imported into the UK. After a detailed discussion it was unanimously agreed to put an item in the Budgerigar, Facebook and website reminding members that new show cages should only be purchased from authorised show cage manufacturers.

Joint BS/Area Society membership – Area Society responses –All Area Societies have replied and accepted the proposal for joint membership for new members to the BS. The aim will be to start this in 2023.

Members Engagement Survey – Members of the GC have been split into three groups of four councillors each to meet via zoom to work on the suggestions from the members engagement survey.

Spring Gardens Property Matters – There has been a 10% increase to the rent made and there will be a property evaluation undertaken.

AGM Location 2023 – On a vote of 10 for and one against it was agreed that the 2023 AGM will be held at Lincoln. It will be preceded by a GC meeting and followed by a Sales Show – if the practicalities of running such an event can be met.

National Colour Budgerigar Show – Held in conjunction with the National Specialist and Rare Variety Show at Bugbrooke this was a resounding success. It was unanimously agreed that this becomes an annual event.

Chairman/Administrator referrals – The Chairman said he would like to put on record the fantastic coverage of the recent Spring Event in the last issue of “The Budgerigar” and the super job done by our Editor Terry Tuxford in producing such a wonderful record of a great occasion.

Date of the next GC meeting –13th October 2022.

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