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Summarised report of the Budgerigar Society General Council Meeting held on Thursday, 12th January 2023 commencing at 7.15pm via Zoom.

January 26, 2023

The Budgerigar Society

Summarised report of the Budgerigar Society General Council Meeting held on Thursday, 12th January 2023 commencing at 7.15pm via Zoom. There were no absentees.

CHAIRMAN’S WELCOME – The Chairman began the meeting by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hoped the Society and members of the General Council a successful year ahead. He further expressed his sadness at the many reported deaths of members recently and our thoughts are with the members families.

JUDGES ANNUAL RETURN – The Chair advised that the 31st January annual deadline was fast approaching, and returns have been coming into the office for some time. There have been appeals from some judges that for reasons, such as illness and show cancellations, they could not meet the criteria. Following discussion, it was unanimously agreed to announce a blanket approval and all judges will remain on the panel for the forthcoming year, unless they have requested removal.

JUDGES HANDBOOK – The judges handbook is being updated by the Magazine Designer, who will produce 150 copies, to be distributed to all BS panel judges. It was also agreed to include 5 blank judges returns forms in with the Judges Handbook for future use.

COLOUR STANDARDS PUBLICATION REVIEW – The members of the sub-group were confirmed with the Society Vice Chairman as lead.

PATRONAGE – After a detailed discussion it was agreed by a majority decision 13 for, and 1 against to keep patronage levels the same as 2019, unless clubs had raised their patronage status. This is for clubs that have not been awarded special anniversary status, as these should revert to their 2019 levels.

It was agreed to leave the issue of classifications including the Hastings BS suggestions until a future meeting.

PATRONAGE ADMINISTRATOR UPDATE – The Patronage Administrator confirmed that all aspects of patronage was up to date. The Editor confirmed that the 2022 league tables will be published in the January 2023 edition of The Budgerigar

CONVENTION 2025, 6th – 8thJune 2025, Grand Hotel, Seafront, Blackpool – It was confirmed that the cost of the hotel is similar to the Club Show hotel and includes breakfast as well as Wi-Fi and parking, at a rate of £80.00 for a single room per night and £120.00 for a double room per night.

120 rooms have been provisionally booked for the Friday and Saturday, with a further 40 for overseas WBO attendees. Plus, a further 40 rooms for members and guests who wish to stay on Thursday night, 5th June and Sunday night 8th June. Information of cost and how to book with the hotel will be available soon.

CLUB SHOW MINUTES – Proposals had been made by the Club Show Committee that were unanimously approved by the General Council. An official Press Release will be issued in due course.

RINGS – The Society Administrator advised that comments on social media in respect to the new rings had been very positive. It was also agreed to send samples of the 2024 rings to our ring inspector early for checking.


The first change is to bring the rules in line with current Novice, Intermediate and Champions section requirements and to remove the judge’s registration fee in line with current practice. This was unanimously agreed.

The second change is to encourage Novices to become full panel judges earlier in their career as budgerigar fanciers. This proposed change is in response to novice members and if successful, will have the effect of allowing a last year Novice exhibitor to commence the Judges Training Scheme and sit the test at the end of their first year as an Intermediate exhibitor. If the candidate is successful, they will only be allowed to judge Rosette and Bronze level BS patronage shows only until they complete their first year as a Champion exhibitor after which they will be allowed to judge all types of BS Patronage shows. This proposal was passed on a majority of 11 for and 3 against

RING ISSUE DATE – Aidan Yule (JY1), had suggested that the Society consider a rule change with regards to changing to a 1st October ring issue date. This was debated and it was unanimously agreed to advise the member that the General Council does not support this date change as it could impact on Club Show and other show entries. However, he will be advised that he can put this rule change forward himself at the next Rule Change year.

ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION GRACE PERIOD –A reducing in the annual subscription late payment period from 4 months to 1 month – 31st January – was proposed. Many members pay their next year subscription from July for the coming year. The rules also allow members to renew by the end of April of the membership year. So annual subs are collected over a 9-month period. The change will tighten the subscription payment period for administration purposes.

After discussion it was unanimously agreed that this will be the subject of a rule change put to members in 2023.

BS AGM ARRANGEMENTS – The AGM is scheduled for the 23rd April 2023 at Lincoln. Details will be published in The Budgerigar.

QUARTER 4 OF 2022 METRICS REVIEW – Key points from the report showed that the BS Stand being at various event has led to more members being enrolled. However, the retention of members is where the Society need to focus.

It was noted that at present we have a perfect storm, with covid, cost of living increases and the conflict overseas affecting seed prices, all of which have had a significant cost impact over the past year.

BUDGERIGAR CLUB – It was proposed and unanimously agreed that we accept Wayne Greenings’ offer to manage the Budgerigar Club on a commission only basis.

ENGAGEMENT SURVEY SUB GROUP REPORTS – All sub groups had been busy over the festive period and each had produced reports with recommendations. These will be summarised in the March edition of The Budgerigar.

The various action points from the sub groups will be included as future agenda items, to allow the GC to discuss in detail.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING –March 9th 2023 at 1915hrs via zoom


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