Summarised Report Of The Budgerigar Society Council Meeting

The Budgerigar Society General Council (GC) held its latest zoom meeting on 28th January 2021.The Chairman, Maurice Roberts, welcomed all councillors to the meeting, saying it gave him no pleasure to call a meeting of the Budgerigar Society GC to discuss a breach in confidentiality of General Council business by Trevor Terheege.

This was in connection with a one to one conversation early in 2020, which was eventually published on Facebook by a third party and was in connection with the General Council Away Day and the recent EGM.

The Chairman advised that a written response had been received from Trevor on this subject. In this response he admitted he was involved with a secret group called PBS on Facebook. He realised he had made a mistake in getting involved and fully regretted being part of the group and for the comments he had made at that time. Trevor confirmed that he was fully committed to the GC Terms of Reference and apologised for his error of judgement.

A full discussion took place, taking into account the similar issue recently experienced with a GC Member, and it was unanimously agreed that Mr. Terheege will be advised in writing that should there be any further breach of confidentiality it will result in disciplinary action.

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