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Summarised report of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 3rd August 2023 at 7.15pm via Zoom

August 22, 2023

Summarised report of the BS General Council meeting held on Thursday 3rd August 2023 at 7.15pm via Zoom

Maurice Roberts and Simon Devaney were unable to attend due to ill health.

Chairman’s Welcome – The Vice Chairman began the meeting by advising that the Chairman is unwell and he will be taking charge of this evening’s meeting. He went on to welcome the attendees to the meeting and wished Maurice Roberts and Simon Devaney a speedy recovery.

Matters arising from the previous meeting – Colour Budgerigar Patronage – it was confirmed that the additional Colour Budgerigar Patronage is optional for society’s who wish to include extra Colour Budgerigars CCs in their show schedule.

Club Show Alternative Venue – The Vice Chairman advised that the Club Show Alternative Venue Sub Group had visited a possible new venue but no conclusion has yet been reached.

2024 Rings – the annual ring report from the Society’s ring inspector found that there were minor blemishes on some of the sample rings from our current supplier.

Quotes and samples had been requested from an alternative UK ring maker and these have been inspected and they meet the specification. After discussion in was agreed to use the new ring manufacturer for our 2024 rings. These rings are at the higher end of the tolerance specifications in respect to their inner diameter.

Letter re ring sizes – a letter was received asking for clarification about whether a change in ring size would require ratification by the WBO. The Chairman advised that the BS has followed the WBO specifications however, it is within the GC’s remit to make ring size changes as appropriate.

Richard Miller advised the GC that he had been talking to a vet about having to cut the rings off some birds, and in the vet’s professional opinion it is rarely the ring size where the fault lies but the lack of exercise that the bird’s feet get through uniform perching.

Patronage Update – The Patronage Administrator said this was a very busy time with 22 shows being held in August. He advised that there were still some results to be added to the website, but a delay had been caused by judges not correctly completing the ring number sequence on the show paperwork i.e., the year and sequence numbers being reversed showing 23 of 2022 instead of 22 of 2023.

Judges Training Scheme – The Judges Training Co-ordinator advised that three judges are taking their final tests at the 2023 Club Show. With the show’s change in timing, he may need to bring certain mutations of budgerigar for the trainee’s to be examined on, he asked if there could be a provision for this. The Vice-chairman assured him that this will not be a problem and he would advise the Club Show Committee accordingly.

Show Sub-Group – It had been previously suggested that the BS award CCs for both Young Birds and Any Age at all patronage shows. The GC was advised that not all clubs would want this additional workload on show day, and it was therefore the Sub-groups’ recommendation that the ‘status quo’ remain. This was unanimously agreed.

Northampton Property Letting Options – The Vice-chairman advised that the current tenant had been approached about renting the ground floor but had advised that it is not suitable for their use. It was unanimously agreed to instruct the property agent to place this space on the lettings market.

Date of next meeting – Thursday, 14th September 2023 via zoom.

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