Society Update

The BS Annual General Meeting was cancelled following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the legal requirement for social distancing. Consequently, the ballot for rule changes planned for 2020 has been delayed. The most significant of the changes that will have an immediate effect on the Society is the ring issue date that, if successful, will come into effect for the 2021 rings. Our solicitor’s advice is to continue with the ballot and to make it a postal vote only with a closing date of first post Monday 15th June 2020. This change to the existing instruction will be announced in the May edition of “The Budgerigar” and on Social Media. Members attending the AGM, when it is held, will be asked to retrospectively approve any rule changes.
With regard to the 2019 Annual Audited Accounts, and following advice from the Society’s Solicitor, the 2019 Accounts will be presented at the re-arranged AGM for retrospective approval. In accordance with the rules of the Society, any member requiring a copy of the Accounts in advance of the AGM can request this 10 days prior to the new date.

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