Society Subscriptions and Ring Prices 2021

Budgerigar Society Press Release – 19th June 2020

In recognition of the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic is having on the hobby, The Budgerigar Society General Council have agreed that subscriptions and ring prices will remain unchanged for 2021.

Base costs from the ring manufacturer Avian ID are remaining the same for 2021. The BS will continue to review ring prices on an annual basis to reflect any changes to the cost of production.

Budgerigar Society Roles

The roles of Budgerigar Society (BS) Administrator and BS Promotions Administrator has been largely unchanged over the past 7 years. In preparation for the recruitment of the new BS Administrator, the BS General Council will be taking the opportunity to review the scope of work undertaken within these roles to ensure that it is correctly allocated. They will also consider future requirements of the Society in both areas to ensure they are fit for purpose.

The review will include the output from the Budgerigar Society Development Workshop held in September 2018.

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