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The Birdcare Company

The BirdCare Company are already sponsoring the Society to the extent of £1,000 which the Society is extremely grateful for. On top of this all orders made by BS members via the BirdCare link on the BS Website will attract a further commission to the Society. All members are encouraged to click on the BirdCare banner on the BS Website when ordering BirdCare products.

The Birdcare Company started selling products in the UK in October 1994. The first show that we attended was the EMBBA show at Newark, where we had a very warm welcome at a very chilly show! We attended the Budgerigar Society show the following year – held at Doncaster Racecourse. We grew very rapidly during our early years, gaining many new customers and I think this was mainly due to the club talks that Malcolm used to do around the country. Talking directly to customers helped us to understand what problems the bird keepers were going through and how we could help them.

Our main approach in our early years was to supply our liquid calcium supplement Calcivet to bird keepers to help improve clutch sizes, hatchability, behaviour, and less nutritional stress. A lot of bird keepers have found our informative leaflets on calcium and how it improves bird health and breeding extremely useful. Calcivet is so important that every month of every year Calcivet is the biggest selling product in our range and it has formed the basis of our rapidly growing horse business where our research is highlighting a huge range of new benefits in health and welfare.

Over the years we have scoured the globe to find innovative ingredients that we can use in our products which we feel would benefit birds and bird keepers. The next prominent product that we were able to develop was Guardian Angel – a product that enables a birds’ immune system to work a lot better than antibiotics. As a very well respected avian vet once said “Not all birds are Baytrill deficient”. Guardian Angel has helped many birds over the years, with outstanding results. Many of you who are reading this will be testament to this.

We know that our supplements system (Calcivet, Daily Essentials3, ProBoost SuperMax and Potent Brew) works to help breeding birds, but we thought to ourselves can we help the busy bird keeper by combining our products into one easy to use product. We found a way of turning our liquid Calcivet into a powder and that is when our EasyBird products were born. We supply it in 2 versions – one for non-breeding: EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show to help with general health and vitality and the other: EasyBird Super Breeder to help boost breeding results and rear young.

With all this new technology we are able to go into the international markets, with many renowned breeders using our products. Not only do we sell our products to bird keepers in the UK, but all over the world. From local European countries, to far flung countries like Singapore, Japan, and Pakistan and even to our friends in America and Canada. More than a million birds have benefited from having our products available in their country.

We have recently become The Budgerigar Society’s supplement sponsor, which we are very excited about. We have supported the BS over many years attending the Club Show in Doncaster; virtually since the company was started. So, it was a great honour when they asked us to be a sponsor. We are hoping to help many budgerigar keepers with any problems they may be experiencing in their flock – whether it is to do with breeding birds, rearing chicks or just general health of their birds. So, contact us through the BS website to tap into our vast knowledge of bird keeping and nutrition.


Tel. 01453 835330