Society Press Release 11/11/20


By Ghalib Al-Nasser, Publicity Officer

The Budgerigar Society General Council held its regular zoom meeting on 5th November 2020. This was the 14th zoom meeting since the Coronavirus lockdown commenced in March 2020.

The Chairman, Maurice Roberts, welcomed all councillors to the meeting, saying it gave him no pleasure to call a meeting of the Budgerigar Society Board last month to discuss a breach in confidentiality of General Council business by Graham Turner. This was in connection with a discussion at a previous council meeting regarding the website update. The Board at its meeting decided to table a vote of no confidence in Mr. Turner for this breach. The Council, by a substantial majority, supported the GC Board’s motion and warned Mr. Turner that should there be any further breach of confidentiality it will result in disciplinary action. Mr. Turner offered no defence for his action. A further vote by the Council to remove Mr. Turner from the meeting was successful. Mr. Turner will be advised in writing that if he agrees to adhere to the confidentiality of future GC meetings he will be invited to attend until April 2021 – the end of the current 3-year term of the Council.

Other items from the GC Board meeting discussed were:

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) – The Board had previously agreed to accept the EGM requisition signed by 107 members calling for the Chairman to be removed from office as they have lost faith and confidence in his ability to carry out the wishes of the membership. In view of the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions, it was agreed that the EGM can be carried out by postal vote. The Board agreed that the EGM requisition with relevant papers will be included with the November edition of The Budgerigar. The ballot form is to be returned to the usual independent scrutineer by 15th December 2020. The results will be published in the January 2021 edition of The Budgerigar.

2019 Society Accounts – The 2019 Annual Accounts, which have been approved by the General Council, would have normally been available for members’ approval at the 2020 AGM. However, the AGM was cancelled due to Coronavirus meeting restrictions. It was agreed that they will now be included in the November 2020 edition of The Budgerigar. Members are invited to send any questions on the accounts to the Society Administrator by 15th December 2020. These accounts together with the 2020 accounts will be put to the membership for approval at the 2021 AGM.

Other items from the General Council agenda discussed at this meeting were:

Accredited Studs – a letter was received from Phil Reaney suggesting an accreditation scheme where members’ aviaries can be swabbed or dropping samples taken annually or bi-annually and tested for various diseases and a certificate be issued. The Council discussed the idea but found it difficult to identify a reason for doing this as a Society, although individual members can go ahead themselves. One challenge would be finding avian vets throughout the country to do the tests and such certificates would only be valid at the time the tests are undertaken.

BS Face Mask – Phil Reaney suggested that the society obtain facemasks with the BS logo on them and provide them free of charge to all BS members via the magazine. The Council discussed this idea, with one Councillor who has experience of custom facemasks explaining that the only cost effective option would be for a single use mask, which would not deliver the promotional objectives. The Council agreed not to pursue this idea further.

BS Press Release – A letter was received from Mike Simpson in respect to the society’s September press release highlighting concerns expressed by a Face Book group on elements of its’ content. The society will reply to Mr. Simpson acknowledging his letter.

Next Meeting – The next meeting of the General Council is scheduled for 19th November 2020. Kevin Eatwell will be invited to attend to give a presentation to the Council on his proposed research project on Vitamin D in Pet Budgerigars.

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