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Social Media Photographs of Budgerigars

August 13, 2022

Social Media Photographs of Budgerigars

The GC were advised that exhibitors were posting pictures of their birds on the run up to shows with such quotes as, “hope this one does OK at the weekend” etc. It was proposed that the GC ask members to be mindful of putting themselves and the judges in a compromising position, as it may not be long before we see birds in their respective show cages with the cage label on them.

After discussion it was unanimously agreed that members be gently reminded that this could compromise themselves and the judges and there should be a 5-day limit prior to a show for posting such images. This is advisory only and the GC are aware that winning birds from previous shows, that weekend or the week previous are quite rightly published on social media and, that these images remain for a long time. However, the guidance is made because this should not be considered the norm for fanciers to publicise the birds, they are going to show the week ahead. This does not reflect on the integrity of our judges but purely an effort to limit this practice which has been increasing recently.

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