Open Show Patronage Conditions

1. Budgerigar Society open show patronage is available at the discretion of the General Council to any club, society, association or organisation promoting an open show within the United Kingdom, provided that they comply with the rules, judges’ panel conditions and show procedure of the Budgerigar Society and the following general patronage conditions.
2. Application for B.S. Patronage can only be accepted on the official application form obtainable from the Patronage Administrator, and must be returned, fully completed, to the Patronage Administrator not later than 28th February in the respective year. Although B.S. Patronage may have been granted, failure to comply, in total, with the BS Patronage Conditions shall give the BS the right to withdraw patronage at any time
3. The following wording must be printed at the head of the Budgerigar section in the schedule of any show held under the Budgerigar Society’s patronage:
4. Any Age and Young Bird classes must be scheduled in each section. Birds entered in Young Bird classes must wear the closed coded ring of the actual exhibitor(s) purchased from the Budgerigar Society through the Society Administrator.
5. The following wording must be printed in a prominent position in the schedule adjacent to the young bird classes: ‘any bird competing in Young Bird Classes must wear the official current year closed coded ring of the actual exhibitor(s). The rings to be purchased from The Budgerigar Society through the Society Administrator.
6. All show promoting clubs, societies, associations or organisations are granted the privilege of deleting the intermediate or the novice section(s) from the classification at shows up to and including rosette patronage without prejudice to their application.
7. All clubs, societies, associations and organisation granted patronage must adhere to the Budgerigar Society’s definitions governing junior, novice, intermediate and champion exhibitors.
8. Judges engaged for shows receiving Budgerigar Society patronage of Bronze Championship level and above must be members of the relevant section of the Budgerigar Society’s panel of judges or overseas judges approved by the Society prior to being invited to judge. Members of the main panel are eligible to judge all shows subject to Judges’ Panel Condition A8, whereas members of the subsidiary panel are only eligible to judge shows up to and including rosette patronage.
9. The schedule must contain all the relevant and correct information regarding Budgerigar Society Patronage and must be sent, together with a copy of the entry form, to the Patronage Administrator of the Budgerigar Society immediately after printing or duplicating but before general circulation otherwise patronage may be withdrawn.
10. A printed or duplicated catalogue and award sheet containing the names and addresses and/or B.S. code number of all exhibitors (in the event of non BS members affiliated society codes may be used) must be available to the public at all shows receiving Budgerigar Society patronage with the exception of Rosette patronage where they are optional.
11. Budgerigar Society awards shall be awarded only to members who have nominated B.S. and indicated their membership number on their entry forms except for The Best In Show rosette and all awards at Rosette patronage shows which are open to all exhibitors.
12. The letters B.S. must be printed or duplicated against the names of exhibitors who mark their entry form in such a manner. A single letter code can be used instead of The Society’s initial if desired (e.g. A for B.S.) in which case the code should be clearly stated at the head of the Budgerigar section in the schedule and catalogue.
13. Entries received too late for inclusion in the printed or duplicated catalogue are debarred from being staged and taking Society awards. Late entries shall not be accepted. Catalogue entries only shall be staged.
14. Only first prize winners are eligible for Budgerigar Society awards.
15. A copy of the catalogue and award sheet, together with the lists of the winners of the Budgerigar Society awards must be sent to the Patronage Administrator of the Budgerigar Society within 21 days of the show.
16. B.S. Challenge Certificates, Certificates of Merit and Rosettes must be displayed on or near the relevant cages whilst the show is open to the public.
17. At any show where B.S. patronage has been granted, permission must be obtained from the Patronage Administrator for any additional or replacement Judge.
18. The handling of birds for queries or complaints shall be the responsibility of the show officials.
19. Any show granted any form of championship patronage will be required to permit the assessment of subsidiary judges by the main panel judges during the course of judging. Notification of any subsidiary judges will be sent by the B.S. Office.
20. At any show held under B.S. patronage, the photographing of birds is permitted only with the approval of the show promoting society. No bird shall be removed from the staging for such purpose, without the permission of the owner and the show promoting society.
21. It is strongly recommended that anyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian when attending a BS Patronage Show and the Show Manager informed of their attendance.
22. Conditions relating to all forms of championship show
(i) Not more than one judge may adjudicate on any one Challenge Certificate.
(ii) The mandatory classification for the relevant type of Championship show must be used save that with the prior consent of the Society any class may be sub-divided, any extension to the classification must be done with a Cock and Hen class.
(iii) The ring numbers of Challenge Certificate, Certificate of Merit and Diploma winners must be checked by the judges placing the awards immediately upon completion of the judging and must be inserted on the certificate, diploma and patronage return form before they are signed.
(iv) The officiating judges are solely responsible for handling the birds whilst checking the ring numbers.
(v) The recording of ring numbers on both the Certificate and patronage forms shall be as follows: Code number, serial number, year, i.e. A1234-56-17.
(vi) The schedule must contain a full list of all the judges and the colours they are to judge.
(vii) The Best in Show certificate is to be issued in addition to the colour certificate and must be signed only by the judge placing the colour award. The combined value of both certificates is the Best in Show value indicated on the types of BS patronage chart on page 17. Where the best in show bird is not eligible to be the certificate
winner, the best in show certificate must be withheld and returned to the Patronage Administrator.
(viii) Value of Challenge Certificates
(a) 1 point to be awarded for every 10 birds benched up to a maximum of 10 points. i.e. benched between 2 & 10 birds 1 point. 11 & 20 birds 2 points. 91 and over 10 points.
(b) At all shows where Challenge Certificates are awarded there must be a minimum of two correctly benched exhibits for each certificate to be awarded. All birds to be of the correct colour and variety, wrong classed birds do not count towards the numbers for the awarding of Challenge Certificates.
(c) Certificate for Best Young Bird in Show worth nil points to be signed only by the Judge placing the colour award.
(d) Certificate of Merit worth nil points. Allocated to the highest placed Any Age and Young Bird that has not won a challenge certificate in the Novice and Junior sections.
e) Challenge Certificate for Pairs and Teams (worth nil points) & Colour Budgerigars to be signed by the judge placing the award.
(f) At the discretion of the General Council conditions 22 (viii) (a), (b) and (c) may be suspended for any show in favour of pre-graded challenge certificates.
(ix) Colour Champion Bird Certificates – 6 Challenge Certificates or 21 points gained with a minimum of 3 Challenge Certificates.
(x) Grand Champion Bird Certificates – 21 points from a minimum of 3 Best in Show Certificates.
(xi) Supreme Champion Bird Certificates – 21 points from a minimum of 3 Best in Show Certificates with a young bird.
23. The prejudging of major awards is not allowed. Judging of major awards shall not commence until all the judges who have been selected to place those awards are present.
24. Show promoting officials shall ensure that all exhibits eligible for consideration for major award line-ups shall be staged and the cages not moved until all participating judges are ready to adjudicate. Only judges engaged in placing the awards should handle the cages after they have been staged.
25. Where the winner of the best in show award is a B.O.C. winner, the runner up for that B.O.C. should be considered for second best in show if such a special is scheduled.
26. At shows not judged on the colour system, the exhibits placed
second in the section of the best in show should then be considered
for second best in show if such a special is scheduled.
27. Exhibits scheduled in sales classes cannot be re-scheduled
in competition classes.
28. Various types of patronage are currently available at the discretion of the General Council of the Budgerigar Society.

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