Bio-Security Guidelines

These guidelines are in place for the foreseeable future, however they are continually under review and are subject to change.


Guidelines for newly purchased Stock

Quarantine ALL new birds in a building well away from the main birdroom for at least 30 days. To prevent cross contamination tend to all new birds separately. Wear different clothes when tending the quarantined birds.


Any birds that have been unwell or look unwell at the end of the quarantine period should NOT be released into the main birdroom.

It is important to watch your birds carefully, be aware of any problems and be prepared to use the services of the Veterinary and Diagnostic Service through the BS Office. All consultations are in total confidence but it is really important to seek help when it is needed.


Guidelines for Show Promoters, Exhibitors and Judges (revised February 2018)

Guidelines for Shows & Exhibiting to Exhibitors & Show Promoters All show promoting societies to appoint an officer who is a Budgerigar Society member to take responsibility for the bio-security of the exhibits and the show environment at the show as detailed below and will remain in place for the duration of the event. This officer should be notified to the BS office as part of the Patronage application and named in the Show Schedule. Failure to appoint an officer will result in the withdrawal of Patronage.

•          A health statement should be included on all entry forms and signed by the exhibitor, confirming that their stud is free of disease at time of entry and benching and that all Exhibitors will abide by the Budgerigar Society Guidelines.

•          Exhibitors and visitors to the show are asked to wear clean clothing not previously worn in the bird room.

•          Exhibitors must ensure all their exhibits are in clean cages. Failure to comply will result in the cage being rejected.

•          Prior to admitting any birds, all staging, judging stands, cage trolleys and checking in tables should be treated with a suitable viral disinfectant.

•          All stewards, judges and show personnel should apply a suitable viral hand steriliser to their hands before starting to handle cages.

•          Cage covers can be removed at the booking in point, covers must not be taken beyond the booking in point into the main show hall.

•          Birds must be removed from travelling boxes at the booking in point, boxes must not be taken beyond the booking in point into the main show hall.

•          Cage covers and travelling boxes will not be allowed beyond the booking in point. .

•          All exhibitors should be channelled to walk over a disinfected entrance mat followed by a dust control mat to dry exhibitors shoes and eliminate any chance of people slipping. These mats should be placed at all entrances to the show hall and comply with Health & Safety regulations.

•          As birds are being checked in, the bottom, external top and slope of the show cages should be treated with disinfectant and the checking in tables should be treated and wiped between each batch of exhibitors’ birds.

•          To avoid cross contamination, show cages should not be stacked on top of each other or cage front to cage front. Ideally show cages should not be placed on the floor at any time unless the floor has previously been treated with disinfectant.

•          A suitable procedure should be adopted that ensures the minimum movement of all exhibits.

•          When handling birds at Shows (ring checking and catching Sales birds) it is recommended that this task should be carried out with hands treated with a hand sterilizer. After every bird the hands should be washed and then re-treated with sterilizer before the next bird is caught .

•          All judges should bring to the show at least three judging sticks and a facility should be provided by the show promoters for the disinfection with a suitable viral wipe of all judging sticks throughout the judging process.

•          Judging sticks must be disinfected between each exhibit.

•          To minimise any possibility of cross infection – Photography of exhibits at shows should only be executed through the cage front.

•         Birds offered for sale in either Sales Classes or Exhibition Classes must be closed rung for traceability.

•          Handling of Sales Bird exhibits should follow the same procedure as for ring checking.

•          When it comes to checking out, cage covers should only be put on the show cages once they are beyond the checking out point.

•          Exhibitors, upon returning home, should change their clothes before entering the birdroom.

•          Any sick birds should be removed from the Show area and be placed in a separate disinfected room.

•          Any Display Aviaries set up at the show should only contain birds from the same Fanciers aviary and be returned to the same Fanciers aviary. All birds should comply with the above procedures Trading of Birds in the vicinity of the Show hall is not permitted.

Future Confirmed Outbreaks including possible Exclusion Zones

•          In the interests of the Budgerigar fancy, any keeper of Budgerigars who experiences a problem that could be attributed to the virus must contact the BS Office on 01828 633030 . All outbreaks need to be recorded at the BS Office so the spread of disease can be monitored, restrictions in that area will need to be introduced. All outbreaks will be recorded in the strictest confidence, but the location must be known.

•          The broad geographical location of all further confirmed outbreaks will be shown on the society web-site, so it is important that fanciers check the site regularly at . A notice will be placed in the first available issue of “The Budgerigar” and the fancy press.

•          The Society will impose such measures as they deem necessary to restrict the transfer and exhibition of birds within local, regional or national exclusion zones.

•         The Society will withdraw patronage from any show promoting society falling within an established zone as outlined above.

•          There should be no movement/sale of birds within an exclusion area.

•          As a condition of patronage to show promoting societies, entries from within any imposed exclusion zone must be refused.

•          Societies within an imposed exclusion zone should not stage meetings, shows, aviary visits or other activities during an exclusion period.

•          No judge will be allowed to officiate at a show who is resident within an imposed exclusion zone. The same applies to a Judge whose partner lives within the exclusion zone.

Notification of Show/Bird Gathering.

Show promoting Society  holding a Show/ Bird Gathering must notify DEFRA/Animal Plant Health Agency.

This should be done via email (at least 7 days before the bird gathering/show) to the email address below. This address deals with all the bird gatherings held throughout the UK.

The information required is the Date of the Show; Location of the Show (address and postcode); Contact Name, Address, Phone Number & email address; type and approx. number of birds expected at the show. Purpose of the gathering eg. Show, Sale.

This is required so that DEFRA has this information in case of an outbreak of any illness that could affect birds (such as bird flu) in that immediate area.

Email address:- and mark in the heading the words Bird Gatherings.

This will ensure that your email is directed to the team dealing with this matter and they then advise the Local Council of the bird gathering.

We would further advise that DEFRA have now removed the need for a “risk assessment carried out by a vet” to hold a bird gathering/show.

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