West Midlands Cage Bird Sale

West Midlands Cage Bird Sale


Sunday the 1st of September once again saw the promotions stand heading south on the M6, this time to Warwick, for the west midlands cage bird sale. 

When we arrived at the venue there was already a buzz in the air with many people queuing for when the doors opened to the general public.  As we walked into the hall laden with the Society stand, products and birds for our display we were met with a large number of breeders and birds spread out across the spacious hall.  Whilst setting up, the familiar calls of budgies could be heard mixed in with a plethora of birds including Macaws, canaries, ducks, chickens, pigeons, a variety of finches and many of the parakeet species. 

Within seconds of the hall opening the stand was extremely busy with members of the general public wanting to talk budgies! From our previous reports you will be well aware that we like to talk budgies but the difference on this occasion we did not speak to people who had once owned a bird but rather people who already kept budgerigars! The interest in the society stand continued through the day with people seeking out our advice on their birds and looking for further information on the society. 

Many people including garden aviary colony breeders who came from a ‘pet’ background didn’t realise that the society existed or the exhibition side of the fancy was a viable option to them.  After long discussion with several of these pet breeders many went away with a view to moving on from the pet side of the fancy to the exhibition side.   We also managed to speak to several current members of the society who had come to the event specifically to see the society stand in action. Junior BS member Oliver Williams was in attendance with Nuneaton CBS but he spent much of the day assisting us in promoting The Budgerigar Society. Thanks Oliver you were a great help!

Whilst speaking too many of those people who were interested or kept budgerigars we were able to hand out large numbers of the new society literature and membership forms. We are highly hopeful that several of those we gave information to will join the society in the coming months. 
In addition to these prospective new members we also managed to secure 2 new members to the society this weekend.  This gives us much hope for the upcoming events such as ‘The National’ where we will be able to talk to a much larger number of bird keepers and prospective new members. 

A really nice finish to the day was had when we received a call informing us that the partnership of Hughes & Jones had won best opposite sex in show at the South Cheshire BS Gold patronage show.  Rob Hughes had dropped the birds in at the show en route to event.  Dedication it seems is usually rewarded, no less with our promotion efforts!  Bring on the next one!

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