Southport Town and County Fair.

Southport Town and County Fair.

We have once again been out and about spreading the news and creating fresh awareness of the Budgerigar Society. The bank holiday weekend of 24-26 August saw us at the Southport Town and County fair. 

Overall the show was perhaps best described as a smaller agricultural event which unfortunately seemed to have a lower attendance than the predicted 10,000 per day.  We feel the good old British inclement weather may have played a part in this, especially on the Saturday.  That said once again we happily spread the word and spoke to many individuals about the society.  The recurring theme across the weekend was once again one where virtually everyone we spoke to had either owned or their parents had owned at least one budgie or several at some point in their lives. We spoke to a larger than average number of people who currently keep budgerigars for pleasure within an ornamental aviary in the garden.  Several individuals came to see us who had previously been members of the society but had given up the birds due to a number of reasons.  After speaking at length to one of these former fanciers we could see that he was becoming more enthused about the hobby and said that he would be giving serious consideration to re-joining and starting to keep birds once more.  His final statement to us before he went to sample the ample delights and attractions on offer was that he would be measuring his garden to see if he had space for a new birdroom!

Current BS member Daniel Maddocks came down from Manchester to visit the show and made a direct line for the society stand.  Having spent some time talking to us, Daniel also purchased several society products that he needed.

Although the show was much smaller than those we have previously attended we feel that on balance it was still relatively successful despite not receiving the footfall of previous events. The numbers did not deter us and we still spoke to many individuals, offering them advice on their birds and letting them know about the hobby and the society.


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