Press Release 23/10/20

The Budgerigar Society General Council held its regular virtual meetings on 24th September and 8th October via Zoom since the Lockdown in March, due to the Coronavirus. The following were discussed:

Role Review

Role Reviews – A full review of the Society Administrator, Promotion Administrator and Patronage Administrator Roles were held with the following decisions made

Society Administrator

The GC has agreed to advertise the Society Administrator role as it is currently being undertaken. A salary band width of £12k to £15k has been agreed. Working hours are 6 hours per day over a 4 day week and an advert will be placed in “The Budgerigar”, “Cage & Aviary Birds”, “Parrot Society magazine”, “Fur & Feather”, BS Facebook and the BS Website. Closing date for applicants will be 30th December 2020. The role will commence fully, after training, on 1st June 2021.

Promotion Administrator

The Promotion Administrator (PA) role to be retained and that the current role holder (Mat Ackers)

will be updating the GC on his thoughts regarding the job description and role priorities for their approval. The PA role is to start moving from attending events and refocus on Facebook, Website and the Pet side of the hobby and to embrace new technology to reach existing and potential new members. He will still attend the two events at Stafford, Newark and the BS Club Show with the BS stand.

Patronage Administrator

The current role holder Ronnie Simpson carries out the role well beyond what is expected and has taken the role to a new level. The role will be retained without change.

Editor & Publicity Officer

These two roles will be discussed at a future GC meeting.

BS Club Show Date – 2021

Due to a date clash with the National, who have moved from week 40 to week 39 (first Sunday in October), the Club Show is to move to week 38 in 2021 (25th and 26th September 2021). This change of week number is a one-off to avoid exhibitors, trade stands and visitors being faced with having two major bird shows on the one weekend. Discussions will be held with the Parrot Society to avoid clashes in future years. The Society Administrator to contact Dartford Kent BS as the new date clashes with their show date and with the members of the BS Club Show Committee.

K Eatwell Pet Budgerigar Research Project

K Eatwell to be invited to give a 15 minute zoom presentation to the GC, on his request for funding a research project, plus time for Q&A at the end.

The Budgerigar Editorial

K Eatwell had written to the GC demanding the Editor make an apology for part of his editorial in the September edition, in the next edition. Terry Tuxford explained that all he was saying in his editorial was about the hobby getting back together after lockdown to the face to face and personal contacts as it has been for decades. He voiced a concern that the current situation could be the new norm. Kevin in his view has taken it the wrong way and thought he was criticising the online events that were successfully taking place in lieu of face to face events. He was also surprised to see in his letter that Kevin says the, “hobby is dead in the water”. The GC agreed that the Editor has not attacked anyone and should not be apologising.

Certificate of Merit for Best First Year Novice

A suggestion by Andy Thorpe for a Certificate of Merit to be awarded to Best First Year Novice at Gold and Silver shows, received broad GC agreement and it was agreed to also add in the Bronze, Platinum and Area Shows as well. The subject to be referred to the Shows Sub-group to develop the detail of implementing this proposal and then come back to the GC with their deliberations.

New BS Website Update

An assessment of nearness to completion is to be undertaken and will be reported back to the next GC meeting. Since the meeting it has been confirmed that the content of the new BS website is complete with exception of the Shop and the News section. The database conversion must be undertaken by the web design company before launching.

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