Press Release 1/12/20

Summarised report of General Council Meetings held on 19th and 26th November 2020 via Zoom.

Jeff Attwood and his wife have been suffering with Covid 19 and Jeff has recently left hospital and is recovering at home. We wish them both a speedy recovery – a get-well card has been sent on behalf of the Society.

Kevin Eatwell Research Project

Kevin Eatwell had been invited to attend the GC zoom meeting but was unable to due to illness. Kevin had briefed Richard Miller who gave a short presentation on his behalf. He advised that Kevin urged the BS to get involved in three projects and the BS name and logo can be in each of the research papers, articles etc.

It was agreed that the BS would donate an initial £1000 and is happy to assist with research into Research Into Antibiotic Usage in Budgerigars, Tuberculosis and Vitamin D Research and we look forward to building a long term relationship in providing solid evidence to improve the health and welfare of budgerigars.

G Turner Correspondence and the GC Terms Of Reference (TOR)

The BS have written to G Turner and await his written reply.

For information: The document entitled Budgerigar Society Terms of Reference and Society Policies has been in existence since May 2003. It is a standard business tool which describes all the important aspects of the Society so that every participant is clear on the purpose and operation of a General Council (GC) meeting. It also defines the key roles of the Society and the collective responsibilities of GC meeting attendees. This ensures each attendee and others know what is expected of them.

The Terms of Reference document is owned by the GC and is provided to every councillor for review and refinement at the commencement of each term of office. At the first meeting, one of the agenda items is the formal review and sign-off of the Terms of Reference. At this point the GC members can either accept, reject and/or refine the Terms of Reference. Once accepted GC members and others are expected to abide by them. The sign-off is recorded in the minutes. The new Council, when elected, can accept or change the TOR as they wish.

Nomination For The 2021 GC Elections

The GC confirmed that in accordance with Rule 12 (g) the 150 word submission may only be published in The March edition of the Budgerigar. In the interests of fairness, electioneering is not encouraged.

BS Facebook Page

Due to the volume of postings, response times may be affected.

Editor/Publicity Officer Role Review

The role of Editor and Publicity Officer is to be combined with immediate effect. The Editor’s role as Club Show Catalogue Advertising Manager will transfer to the Promotions Administrator.

Website Update

The original concept for the new website was for a two-part site – one part for members and the other for non-members. It would require members to log-in, much like the current website shop does. We recognised that a future development would be the integration of a member’s database. The current database is a very old dBase system that has never – to our knowledge – been updated from a software point of view. DBase was one of the very first database management systems for microcomputers, and the most successful in its day. The dBase system includes the core database engine, a query system, a forms engine, and a programming language that ties all of these components together. Updating this came into the “all too difficult” category and we agreed it would be a future development activity.

However, our selected web design team convinced us that this would not be as difficult as envisaged and they would do the work as a part of the web design activity. This means that we would no longer require a two-part site as we could manage access through the integrated member’s database.

The Website contract was let in August 2019 and the target launch date was set at August 2020. The designer provided a competitively priced quotation (£10860 including the database update and excluding content transfer and training) and we also had the benefit of the experience The Parrot Society had gained, as they used the same design company. To save around £7000 it was decided that the transfer of the existing website content would be undertaken by members of the GC.

The target date was missed as a direct result of the pandemic and we did not want to be trialling a new system in the middle of the prime ring ordering period, so we delayed the database conversion until December 2020. The design and content of the new BS website is complete, and the database conversion is currently (December 2020) being undertaken by the web design company.

Once the new database software is up and running it will also provide the necessary infrastructure to automate show administration and other such aspects of the Society.

G Turner – Child Protection Officer

An email received from Graham Turner refers to a member asking if the Society has a Child Protection Officer and suggests that each Area Society should appoint one. This subject has been discussed before and Open Show Patronage Conditions (number 21) was introduced in 2019. It is considered that the current rule is sufficient for our purposes. A letter thanking Graham Turner for bringing this matter to the attention of the GC will be sent.

M Freakley – Membership

An email from Mick Freakley requesting the GC to consider free membership for all in 2021. Following discussion, it was noted that as most members have already paid for 2021, the opportunity had probably passed. However, the GC unanimously agreed to wait until the 2020 Balance Sheet is available and then take the idea back to the Budget Sub-group for discussion. Their findings will then be taken to the GC to enable an informed decision to be made.

Date of next GC meeting – To be arranged and will include a review of the Promotion Administrator role.

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