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Plymouth & Torbay Combind BS

Show Date24th July 2022
Show Name /StatusPlymouth & Torbay Combind BS
Birds Benched253
JudgesR Pearce; M Chapman; T Gee
AwardCage No.CodeExhibitorRing No.Certificate Points Value
Best in Show111-3R3671S Rich6
Best Young Bird in Show111-3R3671S Rich0
Best Any Age in Show47-1R3671S Rich
Best Opposite Sex Any Age in Show444-2MAD3A Moreton
Best Opposite sex Young Bird in Show104-1PC607A Piper
Best Champion Any Age47-1R3671S Rich
Best Champion Young Bird111-3R3671S Rich
Best Intermediate Aqny Age205-2W5331K White
Best Intermediate Young Bird339-1W6100S West
Best Novice Any Age411-4H6069K Hulbert
Best Novice Young Bird505-1R2978G Radford
Best Junior Any Age611-1PE783L Pitcher
Best Junior Young Bird712-1ZOE1Z & H Johnson
ExhibitorBreeder Ring NumberExhibitors Code
Light GreenA PiperPC607 99 21PC607
Dark or Olive GreenR PaynePD176 4 22PD176
SkyBlueS RichR3671 75 20R3671
Cobalt, Mauve or VioletA PiperPC607 44 22PC607
Grey GreenR HooperRH1 14 21RH1
GreyS RichR3671 23 22R3671
Opaline GreenK HulbertH6069 28 22H6069
Opaline BlueL PitcherPE783 32 21PE783
Cinnamon GreenA Piper (G Taylor)T3316 6 19PC607
Cinnamon BlueS WestW6100 62 21W6100
Opaline CinnamonL PitcherPE783 35 21PE783
LutinoA PiperPC607 106 19PC607
AlbinoA PiperPC607 92 21PC607
Yellow-wingZ & H JohnsonZOE1 99 19ZOE1
Crest or TuftR HooperRH1 189 19RH1
SF Spangle GreenR HooperRH1 155 19RH1
SF Spangle BlueA PiperPC607 79 20PC607
DF SpangleD Duke (C Cobbledick)CC1 111 19D4460
Dominant PiedS RichR3671 23 20R3671
Recessive PiedN JohnsonJ1 29 19J1
Yellow FaceA MoretonMAD3 12 21MAD3
Rare VarietyZ & H JohnsonZOE1 97 19ZOE1
ClearbodyS RichR3671 110 20R3671
Any Other Colour
PairGulley & CocksMK1
Colour BudgerigarG & A AllenALLEN5 27 22ALLEN5
CBPairG & A AllenALLEN5
CBTeamG & A AllenALLEN5
Novice YB COMG RadfordR2978 40 22R2978
Junior YB COMZ & H JohnsonHARRY1 21 22HARRY1
First Year Novice Exhibit COMG RadfordR2978 40 22R2978

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