London Pet Show 2014

A Capital Event 

The BS outward promotion train was rolling once again, this time our destination was the big smoke and the 2014 London Pet show whereby we would again cast our net to a wider audience.  The London pet show saw us once again working alongside our friends from the NCA and with fellow fanciers from other branches of the bird keeping fancy such as the Zebra Finch Society and the Canary Council.

This collaboration certainly proved to be fruitful and highlighted the fancy at large. It was really refreshing to work alongside the tireless guys from other parts of the bird keeping hobby which in turn made for a much larger and more inviting display for the general public.  We enjoyed the promotional collaboration between the different societies present and believe that this can be built upon for a better future for everyone.

The event was extremely successful for the Budgerigar society not only because of the collaboration and partnerships with other branches of the fancy but due to the surge in interest that the society gained. 
As is often the case we spent vast amounts of time discussing the husbandry, management and keeping of budgerigars with members of the public with varying degrees of experience with budgerigars. We spoke with individuals who owned budgerigars as pets, bred them in aviaries and those looking at purchasing budgerigars at some point within the future. 

Over 20 individuals asked if we could assist in their search of a budgerigar as a pet. To facilitate this we put these individuals (all of whom were local to the London area) in touch with London & Southern Counties Budgerigar Society general secretary Tony Cash.  At this event and future events we will be assisting local individuals to access one of the 10 area societies if they require contact with breeders from closer to home. This not only helps the Budgerigar Society but also the area and local societies through association. 

Over the course of the 2 day event we were kept extremely busy! We gave out large amounts of society literature in the form of the new promotional leaflets, copies of the society magazine from previous months and of course the 2014 Budgerigar Society calendar. The prospective members that received the free items all gave a good indication of their enthusiasm for the hobby and many showed a real interest in joining the society at some point in the future.
We truly believe that the pet ownership and breeding side of the fancy has great potential and as such the promotional work already carried out alongside new forthcoming initiatives will hopefully help to secure more members into the society from this area.

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